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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Random side-shot poll

What would you like a random drabble/side-shot of?

Sleeping Beauty
Shades series (pick one of them and comment below)
Trophy Wife

Ok, as thanks for everyone's support and comments for my fics thus far, i'm thinking of writing a random drabble/side-shot. I'm aiming for it to be 500-1,000 words...but you might get lucky seeing how damn wordy I am lol.

So do pick something, and if you want to provide me with suggestions or prompts of what you'd like to see, feel free to comment below.

I reserve the right to write whatever it is I prefer though especially if a less popular choice has an excellent prompt XD!

This is also a notice to everyone who doesn't already know, that I will be away till Oct 24 so don't look for updates till after that date because i'll be on the road ;-)

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Oh and just a note, i'll write it when I get back and will post it by Halloween!

YAY!!! I would love to read a Sleeping Beauty drabble about Halloween! It would be so cute, I can imagine jae fussing over finding the perfect costume for his precious Jiyool(and yunho getting all frustrated due to Jae's seemingly innocent costume *shot*)!

Another shade of YunJaeMin <3

While I know majority (aka Sleeping Beauty) will win, I hope you would consider writing a sidestory for Trophy Wife? I'm really curious about JaeChun's story!

Prompt: Sleeping Beauty + Jae's infamous "I'll kidnap the person I love if he denies me ::blahblah::

i hope his fans are not stupid enough to take him literally ...

it is excellent fanfic material ^__^

lol i know it if most ppl will vote Sleeping Beauty xD
even i actually planned to choose it too.. that story is so damn cool!
But.. u know..i am mostly a fan of Jejuko..lol.. so i give my heart to choose it instead (^_^)/

hahah i surprised myself by voting for Trophy Wife, even though i really love sleeping beauty. Lilke lolistar73, i am also really curious about jaechun's story too!

grr i have to run back to read

I'd love to read sth from the Jejuko!Universe! :)
But pls nothing where they are together alone and all cozy.
I want sth where the whole group is present and maybe the get teased a lot~ :3

Can I vote for two? LOL

I have chosen Jejuko though. I think it would make the story more complete since it ended so abruptly.
I, however, wanna read Sleeping Beauty too, but I think until the happy ending, it would be wrapped up beautifully ^^

Have a nice trip!

you know i love all your fics right?/smirk

but i vote for 'forsaken' since i miss that fic. :)

OMG YAY! Can we pleaseeee have 2 ^~^ I love JEJUKO AND SLEEPING BEAUTY SO SO MUCH <3

i voted for jejuko, but is this side shot different from the #uknowtime that you mentioned on your A/N?

i love to read Sleeping Beauty!!everytime you update!!i scream on top of my lung!!

all hail to 'Sleeping Beauty'~~~~~ \O/

Ooops, I'm too late, sorry >.

The Sleeping Beauty drabble is up :P if the 60 people who voted for it haven't noticed it yet lol... http://beeswaxing.livejournal.com/27682.html

And now the Trophy Wife drabble is up too... //runs and hides//


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