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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Happy Birthday JJ
Title: Sleeping Beauty Drabble: Happy Birthday JJ

AN: Thank you to everyone who's participated in my poll. The number of answers I received is pretty crazy considering how I didn't even put this up in the comms. Sleeping Beauty won by a mile which was kinda understandable I guess lol. But don't worry, I do have Trophy Wife and Jejuko drabble/side-shots playing around in my head. Anyway, this is a little something that I wrote in the half an hour that my husband and friends have given me to breathe!

Mama! Mama! We bought two cakes!Collapse )

Fluffy :D, so...so...so cute! I love how Jiyool called Jae fat and love their big family :)
Thank you for this!

Lol. tis is funny ahahhah. yunho and toys and mama your getting a little fat.

this is really funny.. hormonal pregnant jae


Edited at 2012-10-23 02:30 am (UTC)

ohhh lovely yunjae fluff ff and i really love yunjae family
yahhh i love reading it when jae's fat, opps
i mean pregnant *grin*

Aaaaaawww!!!!! So cute!!!! *rolls around in fluff*

Omo is this the future of the story kyahaha i hope so hihi <3

omg! too cute >w<
sure, they will have a big family :D

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It's so beautiful together ;A; Omg, Yunho and his daughter's toys! KEKEKE So cuuuuute!

so utterly fluffy i'm bouncing about on a sugar high! i so KNEW jae was pregnant from the time you mentioned his mood swings..haha..

he IS taking on Mama Kim's genes after all. one baby in the nursery AND twins on the way! XD i do hope there will be boys to go with Jiyool & the baby.

the playing with toys part was so cute. yunho is such a kid in RL, i'm glad he gets to be the same way in your ficcu too.

hope you are doing well & having fun with the guests. since i know that jae won't be killed off, i can wait till the weekend for your updates again..ty!

Sooooooo cute!!!! I do love a childish!Jae :P

You're still not forgiven for that cliffhanger

awww i like how they are mirroring the kim's parents reproductive patterns. i also like how you incorporated Jae's hate for mosquitoes.

LoL expecting the twins? While a new daughter is still a baby. Wow they must have sent a lot of time in bed or that isn't necessary where? Hahaha

U succeeded in distracting from the cliffhanger though. It helps my Sleeping Beauty craving xD

and twins?

omg sun!!
their family is expanding !!!!
i love family!preggy!jae!!!