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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Happy Birthday JJ
Title: Sleeping Beauty Drabble: Happy Birthday JJ

AN: Thank you to everyone who's participated in my poll. The number of answers I received is pretty crazy considering how I didn't even put this up in the comms. Sleeping Beauty won by a mile which was kinda understandable I guess lol. But don't worry, I do have Trophy Wife and Jejuko drabble/side-shots playing around in my head. Anyway, this is a little something that I wrote in the half an hour that my husband and friends have given me to breathe!

Mama! Mama! We bought two cakes!Collapse )

Ha!! Pregnant and moody Jae, love it! New baby, twins on the way, toddler Jiyool, wow they are really trying to make up for lost time.

Babies!!! Gah! Babies always make fics even more exciting! Does this mean that that last chapter shall turn out to be ok, afterall? Please? Pretty please? =)

yunho sure is a healthy strong man,having two daughters and made jae preagnant again with twins....


*smiling like an idiot*

so sweet ^^
i just cant stop from smiling as i also can feel the warm ^^

yunho is one healthy man!!wow i thought they only have two but now a twin!!man yunho is an expert when it come to this!hahahaha!jae is good at receiving!!!hahahaha

It's so adorable!
It seemed they're planning on having as much children as Jaejoong's parents have judging by how they're not really wasting their time... : D

OH this is so sweet, You've made my day <3<3<3<3

oh fuck mpreg! ;_;

omg i love mpreg.. \O/

so much fluff =3
i love it~

The kind of drabble to calm our hearts after the last chapter! Thank You!

Ugh, I swear, it's because of you that I'm dying and writing family!YunJae lately. Hahaha. This was totally adorable, and I loved seeing Jiyool more grown up. :3 I was so happy to see Yunho having made such wonderful progress too. :DDD


aww~ i knew it.. he must be pregnant from all the cute gloomy mood ~ kekekeke

“Daddy said the cakes were so good he was going to eat them all. I said he couldn’t because it’s not for him and now he’s eaten them! I’m sorry, Mama. I should have watched him. Daddy is naughty.”

too cuuuuute ~<3

okeyyy...am not mad anymore for the cliffhanger...soooo..this is YH twin baby???

Wow, this was really interesting oneshot to read. Well, Yunho may have been hesitant to make Jaejoong pregnant at first in the main story, but in this oneshot it doesn't look like it.

Ha! I knew JJ's bitching was because he's pregnant :D
I love this fluff and damn Yunho, are you trying to kill JJ? Lol. I think he's trying to raise a police squad. Their weapon: pouts. :))