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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Happy Birthday JJ
Title: Sleeping Beauty Drabble: Happy Birthday JJ

AN: Thank you to everyone who's participated in my poll. The number of answers I received is pretty crazy considering how I didn't even put this up in the comms. Sleeping Beauty won by a mile which was kinda understandable I guess lol. But don't worry, I do have Trophy Wife and Jejuko drabble/side-shots playing around in my head. Anyway, this is a little something that I wrote in the half an hour that my husband and friends have given me to breathe!

Mama! Mama! We bought two cakes!Collapse )

Oh, he can get up and fix it
himself but he is feeling extremely petulant
at being forgotten and so he just sits and
pouts, glaring at the open door to their
bedroom and willing his husband to get
home so he can glare at him properly.

am i weird for finding this cute? xD aww jaejae *pinch his cheeks*

yunjae little family! omgee wae they're so cute? :") poor jaejae,teased by yunho and his daughter xD

I wish both Yunho & Jaejoong would be like this in real life too! Just having a happy family even if JJ can't give Yunho kids they still can adopt! <3 Thank U for this cute oneshot~! It really made my heart flutter~! <3

Lol. They're gonna have twins and jae's mood swings swigs twice as much.

It's nice to see that yunho is back to the teenager a long time ago. Enough to tease jae all day everyday.

They have a salt water pool so how does mosquito come to be? Do they have ponds?

Waaaahhhhh sho cute OMG!!! YOOSU ON THEIR WAY!!

Awwww so adorable ^__^ love how Jae just unconsciously goes to Yun's side of the bed XD
Jiyool is such a cutie <3 and yahhhh for more babies hehe
Thank you for sharing~^^

hehehehe this is jae pregnant with twins yoosu babies..
hahaha jae is not fat XDD
aww jiyoolie is so innocent

So cute... I think that soon enough we will read "Children with YunJae". hahahaha!

Jae... FAT??? Precious. I can't imagine Jae really really fat without shedding tears... *laughing like hell*

I would pay top dollar to see pregnant!Jae tbh

Yasssss at everything. I remember when my sister was pregnant she picked a fight with me because I kept the TV volume at 26 but she said I should keep it at 25 and we didn't speak to each other until our brother came home with cake and then she was all hugs and kisses again... and then I had to comment about her eating a little too much cake - the life of being the youngest, really...

And yey, Jiyool has more dongsaengs to take care of! This girl deserves all the love in world, as do everyone else in the Jung family. Go get your 25 kids Yunho!!!