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Drabble: Happy Birthday JJ

Title: Sleeping Beauty Drabble: Happy Birthday JJ

AN: Thank you to everyone who's participated in my poll. The number of answers I received is pretty crazy considering how I didn't even put this up in the comms. Sleeping Beauty won by a mile which was kinda understandable I guess lol. But don't worry, I do have Trophy Wife and Jejuko drabble/side-shots playing around in my head. Anyway, this is a little something that I wrote in the half an hour that my husband and friends have given me to breathe!

Jaejoong stares at the clock, willing the time to move a little faster. He can probably get up and keep himself busy while waiting for his husband to come home but he really doesn’t feel like moving. Jaejoong doesn’t feel up to doing much of anything these days, uncharacteristically cranky and sensitive. He is taking everything personally, crying at the drop of a hat and he knows he is being extremely trying to Yunho. Thank goodness the man seems to have a wealth of patience though, even larger than his bank account and that is one hell of a substantial bank account.

The beautiful man huffs, looking at the clock for the umpteenth time. He finally gives in, grabbing his phone and pressing the speed dial for his husband. However, it goes straight to voicemail and a scowl crosses his face. Yunho never turns off his phone. Where the hell is he? He tosses the phone onto the massive bed, watching it bounce once and then completely off the bed. His phone is a treasured possession, and so for Jaejoong to ignore the thump it makes on the floor is saying something.

He stares glumly at the wall. He hates this apartment. Ok, hate might be too strong a word, but he really doesn’t like being here. However, their home is being fumigated thanks to an outbreak of mosquitoes, and Jaejoong hates mosquitoes even more than anything in the whole world so he’ll live with the inconvenience of the apartment. He sits up, grunting as he stares around the bedroom. The floor is littered with an assortment of toys, some of them even belonging to Jung Yunho. His husband is a little old to claim ownership over toys, but Jaejoong doesn’t mind. The man has come a long way.

His eyes inadvertently stray back to the clock, and he growls in frustration. How long does it take to get a cake for goodness sake? Their daughter will be five by the time Yunho gets back with her birthday cake. He picks up the baby monitor next to him, and smiling softly when he sees the sleeping baby in her crib. They’d installed video monitors in the apartment in anticipation of their brief stay, Jaejoong having gotten used to the one in their house that the idea of not being able to see their daughter freaks him out just a wee bit. Alright, so he’s been freaking out over everything these days but it’s not his fault. It’s never his fault. It’s always Yunho’s fault.

It is also Yunho’s fault that it is summer and Jaejoong is melting because the idiot man forgot to turn the airconditioning down before he left. Oh, he can get up and fix it himself but he is feeling extremely petulant at being forgotten and so he just sits and pouts, glaring at the open door to their bedroom and willing his husband to get home so he can glare at him properly.

The quiet is suddenly broken by a door closing loudly, familiar male laughter trailing down the hallway towards him. His lips tug into a smile before he can stop it, and he has to cough and work hard to rearrange his face into something less welcoming. However, it is a futile exercise as a bolt of bright pink suddenly dashes into the room, throwing itself against the side of the bed he is on, and trying to climb up.

“Mama! Mama! We bought two cakes! Daddy couldn’t pick so he let me pick one and he picked one.”

Jaejoong sits up, leaning over to haul the excited toddler up into the bed. Jiyool’s hair is plastered to her head, an excellent example of hat hair if he ever saw one, and he cards his hand through her thick locks, trying to fluff it up again. He doesn’t notice the tall man leaning in the doorway, watching him with an indulgent smile. Jaejoong listens to the little girl chattering away, not fussing that he is tugging at her hair. When she finally pauses for breath, he looks up, to find himself the subject of close scrutiny and he wrinkles his nose, pouting in protest because he wants to stay mad at Yunho.

Jiyool, noticing that Jaejoong’s attention has diverted from her, turns. Her pout would rival her mother’s as she takes in Yunho’s empty hands.

“Daddy! Where are the cakes? You didn’t eat them, did you? They’re not for you, they’re for JJ and Mama!”

She turns back to Jaejoong, innocent almond eyes on her mother as she reiterates her blameless part in the whole affair.

“Daddy said the cakes were so good he was going to eat them all. I said he couldn’t because it’s not for him and now he’s eaten them! I’m sorry, Mama. I should have watched him. Daddy is naughty.”

Jaejoong can see Jiyool tearing up as she bends over to bury her face against the side of his belly, her muffled apology still coming through. He looks up and meets extremely amused almond eyes and he frowns, glaring at the man.

“Look what you’ve done!”

Jaejoong’s voice comes out as a hiss, as he wraps his arm around his upset daughter, trying to coax her out of his side. She finally turns her face up, still mostly pressed against him, sniffling forlornly. He wipes away the errant tear, knowing she’s not really crying, but she is definitely a little upset.

Yunho pushes away from the doorway, striding towards the bed and sitting on Jaejoong’s side. As usual, when he’s gone, his wife has managed to end up on his side of the bed. He doesn’t know if the man realises what he does, but Yunho has no complaints.

“Jiyool-ah. I left the cakes in the kitchen. But really, I don’t think Mama should be eating so much cake”

Jaejoong splutters in his indignation, the merry twinkle in Yunho’s eye is making him feel warm, even more so than he already is, but his words are definitely a good reason to cause the man injury.

Jiyool sits up, sitting between her parents as she eyes the speechless younger man, and her father chuckling quietly. She looks back and forth between the two, before she nods solemnly, reaching out to pat Jaejoong’s distended belly.

“Mama, maybe you should leave the cakes to us. You’re getting a little fat.”

Jaejoong’s howl is loud enough to wake their other daughter in the nursery, and Yunho leaves the room to retrieve the birthday girl, laughing loudly as he hears his beautiful pregnant wife try and explain to their oldest daughter that he has two babies in his belly and not one and that he’s not fat.

AN: Just something to cheer up all my readers who wanted to kill me after the cliffhanger. I hope this makes you feel better ;-)

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