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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sleeping Beauty [16b/20]
Title: Sleeping Beauty (16b/20)
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

AN: Lol you guys are lucky. My husband forgot something and we had to go home so I can post this before we finally actually leave for the weekend OTL

Chapter 16bCollapse )

You really give the shock to my life with last chapter...
thank goodness jae is alright~ but yunho is really deepened with sadness.,.
cant wait to read the next chapter~

after reading the side shot that you wrote, i think really hard why the car was found out in the han river. i even thought that the chois have something to do with it. so when i read what really happened, i really laughed out loud.

now my poor l'occitane hand cream will always reminds me of yunjae sex!

you've updated!!/dances around

thank you..thank you..thank you..for not killing jae!yun suffered greatly but even though i feel sorry for him,i think jae's sudden so-called accident makes both of them realize just how much they need each other,especially yun..

glad that you could find some time to post this!^^

yunho is so happy to have his jae back again
its a good thing anne was able to bring jae back.
poor yunho suffered alot.

thanks for the update

you cannot comprehend the amount of feels this chapter gave me. your fic is one rollercoaster going from sheer giddy fluff, to heartbreaking amounts of angst to all the passion and romance yunjae share//

now.. any amount i can bribe you with to finish this fic in long 2 part chapters & 3 weeks? ::digs around in pocket::


I hope JJ's pregnant now with all the sex they're having~

What a wonderful story!! I chanced upon this story and already you have sooo many chapters up.

Am relieved to see everything is mending well for the couple.

Off to read again

U perfectly written this chapter... I cried :( and love it :) thanos for writing such a brilliant chapter :)

You just don't know how happy I am to see my email with a notification that you posted an entry in Jaeho_Detox!

This is LOVE!!! Thank you so much for this!

I feel like kissing U right now for bringing Jaejoong & Yunho back! (T_T) OMG! I was going crazy with grief with Yunho on one hand and crazy with sorrow with Jaejoong on the other... And then U made them meet again and I felt like dropping to the floor together with Jae at Yunho's condition! (T_T) And then the love burst out and washed everything else! ( ; _ ; ) U made me go thru real roller-costar of feelings in this update but I will forgive U coz it made Yunho start to behave like himself before years of abuse and cruelty. And Jaejoong finally could see Yunho raw emotions on his face, he wished so badly to see all this time! Thank U for bringing them all back together... Jiyool maybe is too young to notice what is wrong but she definitely felt something was not right... kids are smart like that. So thank U for bringing her parents to her again too.

I'm REALLY PROUD of U for choosing YunJae over HoMin! Recently all my favorite YunJae writers tend to stride to the dark side and write oneshots etc. about HoMin and I feel sad coz I don't ship HoMin (Min is YoonJae love child, it's incest!) so I don't read those stories and also I need to wait longer for the YunJae stories to get updated when those authors get sidetracked by HoMin... *sigh* Anyways thank U for updating this story before going with Ur HoMin muse and winning over snarky baby Min ^^

I love little_passions stories too! She spoiled me so many times with YoonJae that I really got addicted to her writing~! ^^

So so happy that Jae's ok. I wish he didn't worry Yunho and his family so much, but I'm just happy they're together again and safe :D
Thank you for the update

Oh my goooooood !!! Damn Jae I thought.....at list he was at Jung's hotel!!!Yunho told them everything, gosh he should be so afraid!!
Lube for reunion is always the best!!!
Oh dear this was magic!!
Thank u for this!!
Keep Going \^.^/

You know Nicki, since it was posted, I've reread this chapter (both part A & B) 3 times cause it's seriously that amazing. I'm not sure if this is going to be my favourite chapter but this chapter definitely affect me emotionally the most. Really cried buckets and buckets of tears.

The first time I read it was like around midnight Oct 27, 2012 and I really cried a river. Cried so much that my eyes were all swollen and puffy the next day. I cried so much for Yunho cause oh god, the emotion you portray here really went direct to my heart it's that powerful. I could udnerstand poor Yunho's breakdown cause seriouly, the torture he went through Sunye it's terrible but he was more or less mentally prepared for the torture that he experienced. But just when he has found hope in life again, to have that light snuff out of him suddenly and instantly is devastating. If I am him, I wouldn't know how to live on too T__________T

I am glad that he opened up to Mama and Papa Kim and begged for them to take him in. It's the right choice to trust them cause besides Jaejoong, his new parents in law are the most trustworthy, loving and open minded people who would accept him and his past. I love Mama and Papa Kim to death ♥. If it's not because of Jiyool, he would go "fuck the world, I'll just follow my Jaejoong" >.< Thank god he choose to get Mama and Papa Kim's help instead.

Could understand why he thought he went crazy when he heard Jaejoong calling him cause he more or less resigned to the fate that Jaejoong is no more. What truly broke my heart was his willingless to succumb to this madness and state of intoxication just so he could keep hearing Jaejoong's voice and feeling his presence. For a man as cool and level headed as him to say that, truly shows he doesn't give a fuck about anything anymore. Yunho was that broken. Their love making here is truly poignantly romantic♥♥♥♥♥

Sigh, I wanna smack Jaejoong so much for all the hurt he caused Yunho and his family but I udnerstand why he hide himself from the world. He is still a teenager that has been forced to grow up in a short span of time after knowing and falling for Yunho. Of course Yunho gave him happiness and love he never knew but with these, it came a lot of emotional burden and hurt too. Yunho's hurtful words was the last straw. I know Nicki will disagree with me cause she married her husband very soon after they met, but I do feel that they jumped into a relationship a little too fast. Cause in this case, Yunho has too much emotional burden and past demons to kill. They love each other deeply but I guess both of them haven't know each other long enough to adjust themselves totally especially on Yunho's part.

TBH, I think Yunho needed to learn this hard lesson. I know this is cruel but he needed a catalyst to push him to see that by holding onto his past demons, he's only hurting Jaejoong and their future. It was only after losing Jaejoong that he truly understands Jaejoong is his future and Sunye that bitch is gone can't hurt him (physically anyway) much anymore. With Jaejoong and his family's love and backing, there is no adversary he can't fight.

I agree with Jaejoong that Yunho needs professional help and I am so glad that he is not backing down on ths again. Of course, Yunho will open up and tell Jaejoong everything now but still I believes professional help will beneficial to Yunho.

LMAO. Oh Jaejoong, Jaejoong. You must be the only wife that will ask your hubby for permission to redecorate his hotel when both of you just reunite and made love after the terrible misunderstanding of you being dead.

I am soooooooo in love with this story.♥♥♥

Edited at 2012-10-30 05:29 am (UTC)

how can u won over Changmin? O_O
what are u? another voldemort? ;_;

thnx u for this update~♥ =3

i love Jaejoong~ \O/

kyaaaaah this is so cute and mushy and smutty and all that. family yunjae is just so cute. <333 and the series of events did happen fast. xD but overall it's really alaslkhkslagh i cant stop squirming as i read. <333 i know yunho will win the custody! i wish he does. T_T and i hope he's going to clear his name too. T^T poor yunho. and i desperately wish they move out of the house that brings yunho so many bad memories. T^T