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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Culture clash?
This is not a fic post...

I got invited to dinner by a grateful client today. They invited both my husband and I, and I usually try and beg off these things but I spent over five hours in a mediation today and I guess I wasn't at 100% so I found myself agreeing. However, clearly we had a bit of a culture clash thing going. They're Indian and because we're not, they wanted to cook "Western" food for us.

And so they roasted a lamb...

They don't know how to roast a lamb... So OH spent most of the time in the kitchen trying to fix their roast lamb, and I spent about two hours in their house chatting while this nice leg of meat cooked. Which was fine! I guess I should also add that the smell of cooking lamb makes me want to throw up... but it was fine. I survived. It's weird that I live in NZ because I really don't like lamb. 

They served the lamb with rice (hehehe) and salad and potatoes and carrots.

They don't know how to roast potatoes and carrots either...

The carrots tasted very odd but they were nice and it's no big deal and the potatoes still had jackets which I love so that was fine. Halfway through the meal, I realised everyone but OH and I were picking at their plates. Now, watching them you would think they're the ones with a problem with lamb and not me. I asked one of them if they didn't like lamb and she replied that she doesn't like the pink bits. Well, they like their meat well done apparently. And ALL of them were peeling the potato skins off.......

I felt so bad you wouldn't believe it. I would have been more than happy to eat pilau and curry. They made Western food because we're "Western". Well, that's what two of their daughters told me when I asked if they normally ate roasts.

So yeah, spent the last four hours with a client... and now I stink of lamb and want to burn my clothes but I also feel super bad that they clearly didn't enjoy their meal and they made it for us. And that was a hella expensive leg of lamb...

Lesson for today - don't agree to have dinner with clients!!! Sigh...

In other news, i've started and stopped two HoMin fics... one I started this morning because some interns came in early to help a colleague, and since it was before the office opened at 8, they were blasting music and the song got stuck in my head and I kinda wrote a fic to it and then abandoned it because it's non-AU HoMin but it feels too OOC that I couldn't figure out how to make it work OTL

And one I started yesterday and it's from the Trophy Wife !verse... but it's gone in a weird direction and IDK what to do with it anymore OTL

And I've also tweaked Sleeping Beauty and finally decided to discard a particular part of the original plot. I'm still going to do it, but not fully (it'll be clear when it happens) because I think everyone's had enough drama to last a lifetime... I know I have. IDEK how the fic worked out this way... First half was all fluff and the second half all drama lol. I blame Jae tbh. But really, the first YEAR of marriage is probably filled with the most drama ever while a couple gets to know each other. Mine was drama filled for the first three years at least lol.

Ok ok done... I'm so sleepy but I think I might revisit either of the HoMins and see if I can salvage it...

Btw the weird thing about HoMin is that it seriously brings in the readers... I had THE MOST number of unique readers for "Hyung" than i've ever had on any fic oneshots or chapters and I posted that fic pretty late too which means the reader count was only for 14 hours. In a 14hr period, it blew every other fic out of the water in terms of views... but where were the comments? LOL I should just give up writing HoMin. Clearly I can't seem to figure out the right balance to satisfy whoever it is that's been looking at my journal.

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I was getting ready to give you advice on the dinner but then your last comment totally got me into a panic! I'm really sorry you didn't get that many reviews and I think it totally sucks and is completely unfair because you are one of the best writers in fanfiction period. It doesn't matter what pairing you do, you are amazing! I love your HoMin so much because you keep Changmin so in character and I love it!

I know it's not a good enough excuse, but the HoMin fandom isn't as active as YunJae and thus there will never be as many reviews for your HoMin stories compared to your YunJae. That on top of the fact that there are silent readers everywhere really means that there won't be as much reviews. I've also noticed that one shots generally do not get many reviews anyway, at least from what I've seen at the homin comm - on top of that I am willing to bet a lot of *your* fans are yunjae biased and check out your things only to back out when they realize it's homin not yunjae. I know these all just end up being excuses in the long run, but I really want to make it a point that it isn't your fault as an author, it's just readers.

I'll be devastated if you ever stopped writing HoMin. I know one person doesn't compensate for others but know at least one reader will genuinely and truly miss your HoMin.

Anyways on that note, your story is hilarious despite the horrible time you must have had! I'm Canadian-Indian so I can absolutely imagine what must have happened! Lol curry indeed! I've told my mom a thousand times that plain 'white' people food is not what my friends are interested in, they've already had it a bajillion times so I always say traditional food is the best way to go. And even if the food was miss, even I can recognize your heart was in the right place. So don't sweat it, if anything you have learned a life lesson - don't go over for dinner to clients houses ;)

Edited at 2012-11-04 04:43 am (UTC)

Awwwww you made my eyes feel hot with this comment. I was just curious as to what people wanted. But then I realised that I write for myself so it doesn't matter in the end. But I have a feeling you're dead right about the YunJae thing, and them clicking only to realise that it's HoMin and run for the hills :P

Though it looks like i've converted a few to at least read my HoMin :P

I enjoy my Trophy Wife series too much to stop but pregnant!Min is becoming hard to write lol. We'll see. I've got over 5,000 words between two different TW one shots and no clue which one i'll be posting first. Min just wants sex hahahaha.

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