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Drabble: Good Morning, Jungs!

Title: Sleeping Beauty Drabble: Good Morning, Jungs!

AN: Long ass drabble… I needed this after yesterday.

The blissful silence of the early morning is pierced by the hitching sound of a young infant crying. The strangely broken sound is almost inhuman, staccato mewling that tells of the baby girl’s hunger.

Yunho stretches in the semi-darkness. The curtains are drawn, and a sliver of watery morning light is slipping through. There is enough illumination for him to see the features of the man next to him. The man whose luminous doe eyes are practically glowing as he stares at him. The cries of the infant continue. She is just hungry, and both her parents know this. Question is, who is getting up?

“Your turn.”

“I got up last time.”

“Last time? She slept through the night.”

“No, she didn’t. She woke up at about 2:30am. See that empty bottle there?”

“How did I sleep through that?”

“You were tired.”

The baby’s cries get more insistent, and in the next breath, the baby monitor crackles to life and a childish voice is heard.

“Mama! Daddy! Please, daddy!”

Jaejoong smiles ruefully, sitting up and moving to scoot out of bed. However before he reaches the edge, a strong hand captures his wrist, tugging him backwards and he simply lies back, looking odd as he stretches out across the width of the bed. He sees a dark head loom over his, upside down, mirroring the smile on his own face. The head descends, capturing his mouth in an upside down kiss, licking and nibbling gently, teasingly, and chuckling against his mouth when a heartfelt groan is ripped from his throat. The head moves away then, and Jaejoong sits up, turning to take in the rosy lips of his amused husband.


“You love it.”

“I love you, but you are a scheming wretch.”

“Go get our baby.”

“Bossy wretch.”

Yunho merely quirks an eyebrow, his eyes drinking in Jaejoong’s slim form appreciatively as the younger man finally stands. He is wearing loose pajama bottoms, naked from waist up as he takes three steps towards the crib next to their bed, picking up the tiny baby girl with a set of pipes that she has clearly inherited from the 20 year old. That’s not all she’s inherited though. Her large doe eyes are identical to Jaejoong’s, and when they first get a glimpse of them, blinking blindly up at both of them in the operation theatre barely three months ago, Yunho knew that she will need to have “Jae” in her name.

Meet Jung Jaeyoung, better known as JJ.

Yunho slips out of bed himself, eyes still on his wife and infant as he makes his way to the attached nursery where Jiyool is. Jaejoong is in the corner of the room by the custom-built counter top, getting a bottle of milk from the warmer, and as Yunho is about to cross the threshold to head down the short hallway to the nursery, Jaejoong speaks.

“No juice, Yunnie-ah.”

The larger man pauses in the doorway, as Jaejoong turns toward him, arm full of baby and trying to get the cap off the bottle of milk he is holding. He is amused to see the younger man using his mouth, wrapping those pillowy lips, still a little moist from being kissed earlier around the domed head of the bottle. He ignores the prickle of desire tickling his senses as Jaejoong manages to get the cap off easily that way, bending over to leave cap on the counter, before popping the teat into a waiting mouth. The silence is immediate, and Jaejoong’s attention is once again on Yunho.

“It’s too early. No juice.”

“What do you mean?”

Yunho feigns innocence as his wife wrinkles his nose at him and shakes his head.

“I know you’ve been sneaking juice to Jiyool. She has enough sugar as it is. It’s too early for juice. Get her some milk.”

“What if she doesn’t want milk?”

“Who’s the father here, Yunnie-ah? Aish. Remember how her first word was no? You need to learn it again.”

Yunho chuckles, not answering as he leaves the room to retrieve their older daughter.

Left alone, Jaejoong turns his attention back to the tiny form in his arms. JJ is not yet three months old, and till now, Jaejoong is still marveling at the fact that she came from him. Her large eyes are staring at him as she sucks hungrily on her bottle. Like her sister, she is on the small side, barely ten pounds but perfectly healthy and most importantly, happy. He uses his thumb to rub away at the tear streaks on her cheek, humming a familiar song to her as he makes his way back to the large bed in the centre of the room. He sits on Yunho’s side, lowering her gently in the middle of the bed before stretching out next to her, holding her bottle in place. He sticks his pinky out, and she grabs onto it almost instantly, making him giggle as he bends down to nuzzle against a tiny eyebrow, nosing his way down her cheek, inhaling her, before moving back up to her temple.

The baby girl is used to him doing this, so she pays him no mind. Content to hold onto him, her fist tightening briefly around his little finger, she drinks her milk happily.

They lie there for awhile, the only sound in the room being his humming, when the peacefulness is broken by a screeching toddler who comes running into the bedroom at top speed. She doesn’t pause, running headlong into the side of Jaejoong’s side bed, bouncing off it and landing on her bottom. Her screeching does not cease though as she stands and tries to claw her way up the side of the high bed.

“Mama! Mama, help! Daddy is going to tickle me! Mama!”

JJ wrenches her mouth from the teat, turning towards the source of the sound, her perfect cupid bow is parted in surprise at being rudely interrupted from her feeding.

Jaejoong laughs, sitting up and coaxing the nipple of the bottle back into JJ’s mouth, though her head is still turned towards her sister, as he leans over, offering his hand to the toddler currently trying unsuccessfully to jump onto the bed.

Jiyool grabs his wrist with both hands, holding on tight as Jaejoong heaves her onto the bed with a grunt. Immediately she clambers towards him, mindful of her sister, somehow managing to sneak in between the baby and Jaejoong, face pressed against his chest as she spreads her arm and tries to hug him.

“Save me, Mama. Don’t let him get me.”

Her muffled voice tickles him, and he looks down to see apprehensive almond eyes staring back up at him. He looks over her head to JJ who is watching the goings on curiously, but her hunger outweighs her fascination, and her mouth continues to work industriously over the teat as she blinks at him.

Yunho finally enters the room, a sippy cup of milk, and two steaming mugs of something on a small tray.

“Room service!”

At the sound of her father’s cheerful voice, Jiyool squeaks and tries to burrow further into Jaejoong’s chest. She squirms and in all the sudden movement, accidentally knees him in the balls, causing him to squeak as well, his eyes watering almost immediately. He chokes on his exclamation, not wanting to scare either of his daughters, turning a baleful glare on his husband who has just placed the tray on the large bedside table.


Jaejoong merely shakes his head, gritting his teeth as he switches hands, holding the bottle with his left hand now as he lies on his side, rearranging Jiyool with his right hand and then pulling her close, stroking her back soothingly.

Yunho grabs his phone and snaps a photo. The clicking sound causes Jaejoong to look up, a scowl marring his beautiful face as he catches the phone aimed at him.

“Yah! Put that away! I look like a scarecrow.”

He stops stroking Jiyool briefly to card his hands though his now-dark hair, shaking it out, and as he does so, Yunho takes another photo.

Before Jaejoong can make another protest though, JJ makes a sound, and he looks down to see that she’s finished her bottle. He pulls it out and leaves it next to the pillow as he sits up again. Jiyool is still latched onto his front, not wanting to look around. Used to this, he simply moves her slightly to the side and under his arm. He picks up JJ and places her over his shoulder, and starts rubbing her back. He feels her body being tugged downwards slightly and he looks down to see Jiyool with a hand wrapped around her sister’s ankle and nuzzling at it.

“JJ smells like powder.”

“Is that good or bad?”


And as Jaejoong watches, Jiyool sticks out her tongue and licks her baby sister’s heel. He is amused to see her scrunch her nose, and then takes another lick.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m hungry.”

“Yah! Jiyoolie.”

The cheeky toddler simply grins and sits back up, crawling into his lap, leaning her head against JJ’s bottom, and turning towards her father who has been watching the entire thing in silence.

“Daddy, where’s my juice?”

“No juice, young lady. Your mama says you can only have milk.”

“But I want juice!”

“You’re getting milk.”

Jiyool tilts her head up towards Jaejoong, eyes imploring. However, she is honestly barking up the wrong tree with this one, and she knows it, as Jaejoong shakes his head at her.

Yunho watches as a pout forms about the toddler’s mouth.

“Jiyool is a little brat. I feel a little sorry for the man who marries her.”

Jaejoong cannot help but laugh at the wild look that suddenly enters Yunho’s eyes.

Tags: drabble, fic:sleeping beauty

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