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Drabble: What Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets...

Title: Sleeping Beauty Drabble: What Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets...

AN1: Written in my lunch break… I tried writing chapter 19 and I just couldn’t so I just wrote this in the hope that it will dislodge my writer’s block. Though tbh I think it’s more of a DO NOT WANT rather than a writer’s block per se. I don’t want my fic to end and so I’ve placed mental barriers or something.

AN2: And speaking of chapters… Good lord, people! I thought everyone would run screaming from chapter 18 and instead I have four pages of comments o__O I guess when you’ve seen my writing at my worst, everything can only get better right? Maybe…

The buzzing of the intercom breaks the silence of the office, and Yunho answers it without looking away from the screen where he is currently reading the morning’s update from his stockbroker.



“What is it?”

“Your children are here.”

That startles Yunho from his perusal of the figures on the screen. He sleeps the computer even as he stands to make his way to the outer office. He can still hear his secretary talking on the intercom but he is too curious to wait for her to finish. He opens the door to see his daughters seated together in one of the armchairs, holding hands, staring curiously around the office. JJ sees him first, and her shrill cry gains her sister’s attention too.


Jiyool’s head whips round, and Yunho watches as she hops off the high chair, slipping her arms around her sister and helping her off it too. Hand-in-hand, the little girls run towards him, their approach accompanied by the tinkling of silver bells. JJ is Jiyool’s little shadow, following her older sister wherever she goes, which used to give her parents a headache when Jiyool thought it was funny for a few weeks to play hide and seek with Jaejoong. The only problem was, she never told him they were playing hide and seek. And since the two little girls could amuse each other while they hid, a good long while can pass, Jaejoong practically in tears, before the girls are found. That’s when Jaejoong went out and got custom made anklets with bells on them, and fixed them onto their left ankles. They have not lost the girls since, but Yunho is not about to thank his lucky stars yet because his daughters are in his office now, unaccompanied.

Yunho crouches down, arms wide open as his daughters run full tilt into him, both giggling when he stands up quickly. He sends an acknowledging nod to his smiling secretary and turns back into his office. His mind is wondering where Jaejoong is and how his daughters come to be in his office all alone, but knowing Jiyool, he’ll get the story in no time.

Instead of returning to his desk, he goes to the wide leather couch at the other end of his office and settles into it, perching each daughter astride each thigh. JJ immediately leans into him, head against his chest and starts playing with his tie. Jiyool on the other hand, shrugs off her pink Hello Kitty backpack unceremoniously before mimicking her sister, wrapping her short arms around Yunho as best she can, one arm doubling over the back of JJ.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

Even with three children younger than her and at the ripe old age of four, both Yunho and Jaejoong still call Jiyool “baby”, and the young girl does not seem to mind.

“Mama’s upset.”

“Upset? What happened?”

“Yoochunnie puked all over Susu. And then Susu puked all over Yoochunnie. Mama had just given them a bath too and when he came out and saw the mess he sat down on the floor and started crying. I tried to help but he just said to get daddy so here I am.”

Yunho’s brow furrows, even as he stands, both daughters still firmly in place as his long strides take him out of the office. His mind racing, wondering what’s wrong with his twin sons. They were perfectly fine this morning, and so was Jaejoong. With four children, they had finally gutted the apartment in Jung Tower and redecorated it to be a day haven for his family, so that he can be close to them while at work. The master bedroom is the only room with a bed, the other rooms all turned into play rooms. The children all nap together in their bedroom, and although it seems impossible, all six of them can fit on the bed quite comfortably. Yunho’s study is now Jaejoong’s study, the younger man doing his work from it. He did end up dropping law and going with psychology, and he will be starting his four year doctorate program in clinical psychology in the new year. How he manages to juggle it all with the sheer number of children they have is a marvel to Yunho, and so he knows that if Jaejoong is upset enough to cry over puke, that something is really wrong.

“Wait! My bag!”

“We can get it later.”

“But daddy!”

“Your mama is upset, Jiyool. Your bag can wait.”

Jiyool pouts, but she is also a little worried about Jaejoong and so she swallows her urge to be a brat. With three younger siblings in quick succession, she’s had to grow up fairly fast. As they wait for the elevator, Yunho nuzzles the top of JJ’s head before speaking to Jiyool.

“How did you find your way here?”

Jiyool draws back, staring at her father as if he is being a great big silly, a slightly perplexed look on her face.

“We took the lift.”

“You weren’t scared to be alone?”

“I wasn’t alone. JJ was with me.”

“You two weren’t scared?”

Jiyool cocks her head, staring at her father as a soft chime rings out behind her, signalling the arrival of the lift. Yunho steps into it even as she answers.

“Why should we be scared? This is our building.”

Her voice is firm, tinged with confusion, maybe even a little arrogant.

Yunho cannot help but chuckle at the response. He turns to press the button to the top floor, and has to laugh again when he catches sight of the bank of buttons. Instead of the usual numbers, the only lift that leads to the top floor has had a little amendment on it. A word sits next to the button for the apartment instead of a number.


And the floor for his office?


Jaejoong is once again the mastermind behind that, and Yunho had clean forgotten about it because they have never had to use it. Or at least his children haven’t on their own. Till that day that is, and he thanks his wife for his foresight. Our building indeed.

The ride is a short one, and soon, Yunho is striding through the cheery apartment. He can hear his sons crying, and he frowns at the sound. He follows the noise, landing in what was formerly the spare bedroom. Yoochun and Junsu are in the playpen, and from what Yunho can tell, they are no longer covered in vomit, although his wife is a heap on the floor, knees up and hugging them as his body shakes with sobs.

Seriously perturbed now, Yunho backs out of the room to enter the former nursery, dropping off his daughters there.

“Stay here, ok? I’ll look after mama now.”

“What about Yoochunnie and Susu?”

“I’ll watch them. You two just play here for a bit.”

He leaves them, heading quickly back to the other room where Jaejoong hasn’t moved. His sons are in full voice and Yunho is honestly at a loss as to what to deal with first. Crying babies or crying wife? He winces as he thinks about how Jaejoong has to deal with this every day. All four still go to day care and they go to the Kim mansion some afternoons, but Jaejoong likes keeping them close, and so does Yunho, and so the head of Jung Corporation makes no comment when his children end up being home more often than not.

Even as he stares at the scene before him, discomfited by his inability to figure out what to do because he is torn, he hears a familiar tinkling of bells. How does a person prioritise between your wife and kids?

“I think they’re hungry.”

Yunho turns around to find Jiyool and JJ behind him. Jiyool’s expression is solemn while JJ is trying to peek around him to look into the room.


“Mama was going to feed them after their bath. Their bottles are there.”

She lifts a hand and points to the counter in the corner of the room, and true enough, there are two bottles sitting in the warmer.


Yunho shakes his head, his ears are buzzing with the loud crying. One would think he’d be used to it by now, but really, Yunho is thoroughly spoiled. His children are generally well behaved, and Jaejoong runs a very tight ship. Most of the time, it is always fun and laughter with the four, the odd crying every now and then, but nothing major. In fact, Jiyool’s ear infection all those years ago is honestly the worst he has experienced. But then Yunho doesn’t see his children for a large part of the day, and his heart jumps in remorse as he thinks about it, wondering if Jaejoong faces this every day.

“Daddy, bottle! I want to feed Susu.”

JJ’s voice cuts through the commotion as she slips past Yunho, running towards the playpen and sticking her arm through the slats and patting one of the twin’s on his head. Yunho cracks a smile. It is a little unfortunate, but the personality disparity between the two boys is quite palpable. Yoochun is older by three minutes, and the more fretful child. Junsu is the easygoing younger brother, and JJ’s favourite. In fact, most of the squabbles she has with her older sister is over who gets to play with Junsu. Yoochun isn’t neglected at all. Not by far, but he is a rather temperamental baby and for young children, it is easier to deal with the less prickly sibling. Though that being said, Junsu is always able to calm his brother, so they are never far. However this time, neither seems to be calming the other, and Yunho crosses the room to get the bottles of milk. By the time he gets back to the playpen, Jiyool is already halfway over it, teetering precariously over the top, before falling with a soft thump into it, narrowly missing stepping on Yoochun’s foot. JJ is pleading her sister to take her too, and to give the older girl credit, she did try.

Yunho simply shakes his head, holding the warmed bottles to his chest before wrapping an arm around JJ, picking her up and dropping her carefully next to her sister. Both girls move to sit next to their brothers, Jiyool giving in and letting JJ feed Junsu, as she starts to hum to Yoochun. Yunho gives each of them a bottle and in a few seconds, blissful silence. The only sound left is the hitching sobs coming from Jaejoong, and Jiyool’s humming of Love In The Ice. The song has stuck with her and she has passed on her love of it to her siblings. JJ picks up on it too, and the humming of two little girls as they feed their starving baby brothers fills the room as Jaejoong quietens down.

Satisfied his children will stay out of trouble for at least the next ten minutes, Yunho loosens his tie, unbuttoning the top button and takes off the cuff links on his shirt, putting them in his pocket before scooping up his upset wife and leaving the room. Jaejoong immediately wraps his arms around his neck, curling into him, sniffling against his ear as he makes his way to the bedroom. He pushes the door shut with his foot, even as the sound of Jiyool and JJ softly singing now reach his ears, and his eyes search out the baby monitor sitting on the bedside table. He places Jaejoong gently on the bed and follows him down, stretching out next to him.

Jaejoong turns and curls into Yunho, burying his face against his shoulder as he gets snot all over his husband’s expensive shirt.

“Jae…what’s wrong, love?”

Jaejoong simply shakes his head, still sniffling.

“Is it because the boys might be sick?”

More shaking in denial.

“Are they sick?”

Jaejoong shrugs his shoulders, a hand ghosting up the front of Yunho’s chest, as he starts fiddling with his buttons. Before Yunho realises his intentions, three buttons are already off.

Yunho captures the sneaky hand and kisses the back of it, holding tight as he keeps asking.

“Why are you crying?”

Another shrug, as Jaejoong struggles to free his hand. Yunho lets go and the younger man immediately slips his hand in the gap of the shirt, moving to wrap his arm around Yunho, under his shirt. Pulling himself closer.

“Did you get bad news?”

This time Jaejoong’s head shake is fervent, and Yunho is relieved. Playing twenty questions with Jaejoong is a little odd, but he’s not going to force his wife to speak if he doesn’t want to.

“Did you get good news?”

A pause, and then what seems to be a cross between a shrug and a nodding head. The action is confusing and Yunho pulls back slightly, capturing Jaejoong’s chin and tilting his wife’s face up towards him.

Liquid doe eyes, so beautiful that they make his heart start beating faster, stare up at him. Yunho searches his face for sadness, but surprisingly finds none. His eyes sweep across Jaejoong’s features, before landing on his mouth, and Yunho cannot help it. He bends his head, capturing those dewy lips in a soft kiss. A kiss that becomes a little more when Jaejoong mewls and whimpers against his mouth. They kiss for a few minutes, before Jaejoong finally breaks it off, gasping for breath, his lips wet and rosy.

Yunho gazes into those warm brown eyes, always full of love and adoration despite everything they have gone through, especially at the start of their marriage and also following the birth of the twins. How Jaejoong manages to come through that with a smile on his face is a glowing example of the man’s inner strength. He squeezes Jaejoong closer, making the beautiful man squeak and giggle. His eyes are still wet, and Yunho brushes a thumb pad gently across his eye lid, before kissing it and then asking again.

“What’s wrong, love?”

“Nothing’s wrong.”

Jaejoong’s voice is a whisper, his hand slipping out and tightening around the deep V of Yunho’s unbuttoned shirt.

“Then why are you crying?”

“I’m happy.”

“These are happy tears?”

A nod.

“Why are you happy, love?”

A familiar shy look crosses Jaejoong’s face, and Yunho’s heart suddenly lurches in response. He has seen that same look only twice before, but it is not one he will easily forget. In fact, he never thought he would see it again after the complications that came with the twins.


He can see tears collecting again, and in all honesty, Yunho is pretty sure his eyes are welling up as well if the hot prickle tickling his eye balls is anything to go by.

“Remember what I said on Jiyool’s birthday?”

“When she said she likes odd numbers and her favourite number is 5?”


“The universe didn’t fail me.”


“I’m pregnant.”

What Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets…

AN: I honestly had no place in my fic for the other DBSK members so… the cliche happened :P I apologise for my lack of originality XD No prizes for guessing who the last one is lol. And this will definitely be the last drabble because I really need to finish chapter 19 OTL

AN2: Can I even call this a drabble? It’s almost 3k words… I NEED AN INTERVENTION. A TOO-WORDY INTERVENTION. SOMEONE PLEASE ENROL ME IN DRABBLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!

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