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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[Poll] Curiosity killed this Cassie!

What do you read of mine?

I only read your YunJae
I only read your HoMin
I read the other pairings you write
I ship YunJae but read your HoMin too
I ship HoMin but read your YunJae too
Trophy Wife series
Sleeping Beauty

So i'm just curious about the make up of my readers because the page views and reader views for yesterday was 3,500+ which is even higher than the day I posted the final chapter of Jejuko so i'm a little awed. Awed and also wondering who y'all are because I posted HoMin yesterday lmao. It's hilarious because whenever I post HoMin, the views go through the roof but not the comments. It's pretty consistent though. If I post HoMin, I always get more than any chapter ever of Sleeping Beauty.

So yeah... i'm curious about all of you lol.

PS: I'm sick and was going to post something today but I have no energy to finish the rest of it so apologies for that.

/o/ GO EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

everything juseyo (◠‿◠✿)

I only read your YunJae... but I have read your YunJaeMin also.

I used to read only Yunjae (and Jaemin if I come across it) but started reading Homin because of you. Still feels a bit odd because of the pairing but I love your plots and writing style so I must read everything you write. Several times.

i only read your yunjae but i think your homin gets read a lot because of the quality of writing. if i could stomach imagining homin together i'm sure i'd have a go for your stuff. i just can't wrap my head around them together... makes me sad to miss out on good fan fiction... oh well :)

Same OMG!!! Also I can only see HoMin as father and son or just really good friends!! BROTP--
YUNJAE my ultimate OTP

since ive started to read trophy wife, EVERYTHING!!!

Homin only. I think the reason (or part of it) why your Homin fic is getting so much traffic is because there is a severe lack of well written Homin right now.

Mainly here for your YunJae fics, but I also liked your YunJaeMin as well. =)

I stalk everything u write hehe

i only read your yunjae, but god knows i'm tempted by your homin XD you should give us that option in the poll, too XD

LOL! The YunJae friends I know who have wanted to try that HoMin were aided by some visual help from me so if you do ever want to give it a go... drop me a line and maybe I can help you out lol.

Hmmm I don't know if I can say everything...

I haven't read your first fic. Though I know I should OTL.

And my situation doesn't really match any of the categories haha.

As a YunJae and HoMin shipper, I have been reading all your updates ^^. As of late. Starting from Jejuko until now. If I missed something, it was probably because I didn't check my flist for a few days ;~; (so sorry about that!). And sometimes I leave your fic open because I fail at comments so I can go back and comment when I get inspiration to (sometimes never OTL). But I do try... so I hope you don't dislike me for that ;~;.

As a YunJae & HoMin shipper, I have noticed some interesting things. Not taking into consideration the quality of the fic, YunJae stories seem to have more comments than the HoMin ones. Not sure why... but that seems to be the case. I can't really put a reason on why this happens though. But I love both couples and I have read nearly everything you wrote lately~ Hopefully this answers your question since I didn't answer the poll xD.

Anyway~ I dropped by to add you (finally!) hope you don't mind ♥

My guess is that HoMin shippers don't like the way I write HoMin...Min in particular especially in my Trophy Wife series. I cannot cannot cannot see past him being that snooty, cold, aloof, intelligent, gorgeous and horny as heck wife lmao. And I absolutely ADORE him that way.

Funny you haven't read my first fic lol cos a few people tell me it's still their favourite out of all my fics. My twin in particular reckons it's perfect hahaha. Which is high praise since it was my first fic ever. My favourite fic is actually the Shade of YunJae oneshot followed by the Untitled drabble I wrote for the Detox Anon Meme. But I have a love hate relationship with Untitled... I hate it because I want it to be true and ugh. I hate it but ugh.

See? I can't even formulate the words lol.

I feel guilty about being one of your silent readers. I generally do enjoy everything that you write. I tend to favor your stories with a plot (it doesn't matter whether it is angst or fluff, Yunjae or Homin - you write both exceptionally well) over something that is mostly smut, like the 50 shades series.

Then again, it would be a lie to say that Slept So Long is not among my all time favorite Yunjae fics.

Maybe I'm not so certain about what I like after all. lol.

I feel as if my thoughts are mostly incoherent and disorganized after reading, so I tend to comment nothing rather than spazzing or leaving an emoticon like :) or :O or :'(

You are busy enough with your life as it is, so I do not want to bother you with something not worth reading.

Awww it's alright. I seem to have a lot of silent readers so i'm grateful you came out to talk to me.

Mmmmm I hate reading smut and writing it is also not a favourite thing of mine to do so you might find it surprising to know that One Shade of YunJae is my favourite fic lol.

SSL seems to resound with many people XD My twin reckons I should just stick to writing demon!porn hahahaha! Talk about pigeon-holing me!

I'm busy but I do enjoy reading even spazzy random disjointed and incoherent thoughts :P

I've just been reading Sleeping Beauty and your YunJae... xD I just can never see HoMin together... so its just hard for me to read HoMin fanfics