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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[Poll] Curiosity killed this Cassie!

What do you read of mine?

I only read your YunJae
I only read your HoMin
I read the other pairings you write
I ship YunJae but read your HoMin too
I ship HoMin but read your YunJae too
Trophy Wife series
Sleeping Beauty

So i'm just curious about the make up of my readers because the page views and reader views for yesterday was 3,500+ which is even higher than the day I posted the final chapter of Jejuko so i'm a little awed. Awed and also wondering who y'all are because I posted HoMin yesterday lmao. It's hilarious because whenever I post HoMin, the views go through the roof but not the comments. It's pretty consistent though. If I post HoMin, I always get more than any chapter ever of Sleeping Beauty.

So yeah... i'm curious about all of you lol.

PS: I'm sick and was going to post something today but I have no energy to finish the rest of it so apologies for that.

I love your writing and I don't mind reading other couples but one couple that I have no idea why I'm not comfortable with is Homin/Minho >.< So sorry.

I've read your Trophy Wife a little before but since I'm not comfortable with Homin/Minho, I didn't continue.

I intend to read your Jejuko for a long time but haven't got the time to do this yet >.

To be honest, I only interested in Yunjae. I can't stomach Homin as a pair so I'm sorry but I have to skip if it is them.

PS - it may look like a lot of people but actually they just went in and out of the chapter and not be serious readers...I mean the Homin story.

Hehehe I guess it's people like me who cause that to happen xD Cause I only read your YunJae... But I like, legit open each thing you post in a tab. If it's YunJae, I read it, and if it's HoMin, I just stare at it like "I bet this is so freaking awesome" but then I end up not reading it because... it's HoMin.

Sorry^^; At least I try to leave a comment on everything I read? :3

this is also what i did. lol. sorry

I read yunjae. I don't know maybe its just me I really like that pairing. I see both Yunho and Changmin manly. Shoots did I just imply that Jae is girly! Hope no one shoots me. But yeah I'm a yunjaeshiper.

Everything!! I ship Yunjae but ever since Trophy Wife, I am in love with your homin fic. I think I might be addicted to it...

You and me both OTL I am so addicted to my Trophy Wife 'verse it's not funny. The drabble I wrote yesterday is probably the most re-read thing I have ever written. I read it at least 20x i'm sure of it omg...

so far i only read your sleeping beauty and it's just started yesterday. if you (think that you) failed (but tbh you're not) in drabble dept, i always failed in keeping update dept (i am the one who always locked by the author cause wanna read after 72 hours *sigh). so far, i enjoyed it so much, so i thank you for sharing that lovely story :))

I've loved your writing since SSL. My fav is SB but I can read all your Yunjae fics over and over again. I'm not partial to Homin but I've said this before ... you made me finish reading a couple of Homin fics and that's saying a lot about how good your writing is.

While I couldn't read Homin beyond the first couple of stories in the Trophy Wife verse, I adored your Yunjaemin.

I only read your YunJae. ^___^ ...I think you already know that though, lol. XD

well,... i love tvxq since their debut...we kinda of grew/mature together (same age with me) their with music career n me with study... i will follow any stories/fanfiction about them...
But, nowadays... i feel HoMin is like twin brother that can't be seperated... when i read them as couple i feel weird...very weird..
at the same time i dont mind other people write/read homin...Im very sorry.. its just me... i dont know why...
Most importantly, I will always support TVxQ Forever TVxQ...^___^

I read all of your fics! ^_^ Though, I feel bad because I don't always comment on them, but I'll do so more in the future!!
I noticed that most of your poll-takers only read your yunjae stories; DON'T LET THIS DISSUADE YOU FROM WRITING HOMIN OR OTHER PAIRINGS PLEASE!! They're all good because you write them and make them good. <3 (But then I'll read anything with yunho, so i'm easy) :P

tbh i only read homin, and that includes your fics. huhu
imo, the problem is not because of HoMin shippers don't like the way you write HoMin, because most homin fics that i adore tend to have sensitive!min in their fics, more or less the same as yours. (and i absolutely adore your homin as well)
about your concern, i have my own theory that most homin shippers/readers are lurkers and abit shy/felt inferior to drop comments because most homin fics that i read have average of 20-30+ comments, though its good. of course this is only my own theory, huhu.
i guess, you dont have to worry much bout this thing and keep writing as you wish :)

<3333333333333333 Nicki hoope you're better now!!!! Being sick sucks so take care of yourself and forget about writting for a while, just rest and eat hot soup and get some cuddling!!!

Sleeping Beauty is amazing. It made me want to read your other fics as well.. :)

I usually don't read HoMin fics...
You are actually the first writer whose HoMin fics I've attempted to read.

I skimmed through Trophy Wife, loving JJ and Changmin's friendship and JaeChun's marriage but when the story veers into the romantic parts bet yunho and changmin , I find myself just skipping.

I can't really explain my aversion to reading HoMin fics.. maybe it is that I see Yunho and Changmin as both having very dominant personalities.
They just don't give off that romantic vibe. LOL

I read Sleeping Beauty and all your drabble on this fic (God I love them ALL *0*). And, I love YunJae so, I read all your YunJae fics too. But I just can't read HoMin, sorry ... And it annoys me because you are a REALLY REALLY good writer and I WANT to read all of your fics but I just can't ...

And I am not good at commenting fics, so I do not comment, but I would like you to know that I love the way you write and that I support you in all the things you write. :D


Ran ♥

(PS: Oh and English is not my native language so, yeah, sorry for the mistakes ... :s)