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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[Poll] Curiosity killed this Cassie!

What do you read of mine?

I only read your YunJae
I only read your HoMin
I read the other pairings you write
I ship YunJae but read your HoMin too
I ship HoMin but read your YunJae too
Trophy Wife series
Sleeping Beauty

So i'm just curious about the make up of my readers because the page views and reader views for yesterday was 3,500+ which is even higher than the day I posted the final chapter of Jejuko so i'm a little awed. Awed and also wondering who y'all are because I posted HoMin yesterday lmao. It's hilarious because whenever I post HoMin, the views go through the roof but not the comments. It's pretty consistent though. If I post HoMin, I always get more than any chapter ever of Sleeping Beauty.

So yeah... i'm curious about all of you lol.

PS: I'm sick and was going to post something today but I have no energy to finish the rest of it so apologies for that.

I was a silent reader, actually , i made an account just to say to you your Homin is amazing. I only read your Homin. >< I love the way you portray them. And also, many Homin shippers are silent readers of your fics, i know because on twitter i see my fellow HM shippers talking about the Trophy Wife but they don't really comment here .>< Again, thank you for the HM fics, you write really well. ^_^

HoMin shipper but reads your YunJae/Everything ^__~v

Well...the plan is to read everything during winter break. :3

Totally miss reading your updates though. I have actually read a few of them and between trying to catch up on school work and trying to pen coherent comments, my brain just spontaneously combusts so I'm sorry if I haven't been leaving you some love lately. :*

Read yunjae and yunjae only
so i go for first & sleeping beauty ^^v

i read most of your yunjae stuffs..but i read your homin too only if i'm in the mood to read them. :)

I have never been able to stomach HoMin, JaeMin and JaeSu OTL Somehow stans only look at my hatred towards HoMin and ignorantly concluded that I'm JYJ-biased (when I'm not). <.<

So no, I can't read trophy wife OTL I just want to BREAK something when I think of any one of those OTPs being a couple. HAHAHAHAHAH /lame

For me, JaeMin is slightly less worse than the other two. The only time I stomach JaeMin is when Jaejoong gets DP-ed by the two dongsaengs. OTL

So yeah, when I see a HoMin update, I just click on it and go like, 'This is going to be awesome but I can't read it because I cringe at the mere thought of HoMin.'

Hopefully, one day, I'll get over my JaeMin/HoMin thing.

May be the HoMin fans are just too shy to leave a comment kekeke I personally think that TVXQ as a duo probably has newer fans who don't know them as five membered group, so I think the new ones are quite shy to comment kekeke

I put everything cause I'm usually open on different types of pairings. It depends on my mood for which pairing I want to read about.

It's weird that I don't like minjae pairing unless it's a threesome with yunho or when it's a mom and son relationship-like with minjae. And soulmate pairing is a couple for a short time and then they stay as friends or are friends already. Am I weird for thinking so?

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