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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[Poll] Curiosity killed this Cassie!

What do you read of mine?

I only read your YunJae
I only read your HoMin
I read the other pairings you write
I ship YunJae but read your HoMin too
I ship HoMin but read your YunJae too
Trophy Wife series
Sleeping Beauty

So i'm just curious about the make up of my readers because the page views and reader views for yesterday was 3,500+ which is even higher than the day I posted the final chapter of Jejuko so i'm a little awed. Awed and also wondering who y'all are because I posted HoMin yesterday lmao. It's hilarious because whenever I post HoMin, the views go through the roof but not the comments. It's pretty consistent though. If I post HoMin, I always get more than any chapter ever of Sleeping Beauty.

So yeah... i'm curious about all of you lol.

PS: I'm sick and was going to post something today but I have no energy to finish the rest of it so apologies for that.

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My guess is that HoMin shippers don't like the way I write HoMin...Min in particular especially in my Trophy Wife series. I cannot cannot cannot see past him being that snooty, cold, aloof, intelligent, gorgeous and horny as heck wife lmao. And I absolutely ADORE him that way.

Funny you haven't read my first fic lol cos a few people tell me it's still their favourite out of all my fics. My twin in particular reckons it's perfect hahaha. Which is high praise since it was my first fic ever. My favourite fic is actually the Shade of YunJae oneshot followed by the Untitled drabble I wrote for the Detox Anon Meme. But I have a love hate relationship with Untitled... I hate it because I want it to be true and ugh. I hate it but ugh.

See? I can't even formulate the words lol.

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