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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: I Told You He Wasn't a Real Ball
AN: This is seriously a drabble, drabble. I'm writing it straight into my LJ and I don't have a copy of it anywhere else... Let's see how we go.

Jaejoong is humming to himself as he walks through the house. He has just put the stew on and it will simmer happily on the stove for the next three hours while he amuses himself with his children. He hasn't seen them much this week because of his responsibilities as a PHD student, being a Teaching Assistant for one of the third year undergraduate psych courses and he misses them a lot. They still use the creche near the university and he sees them every moment he can spare, but it really isn't enough. 

He walks into the large playroom, eavesdropping on his three year old twin sons who are having a rather serious conversation. A conversation that just about make him apoplectic.

"Su! Hurry! Just kick him."

"Are you sure it's okay?"

"Mama called him a ball yesterday, so he must be a ball."

"I really don't think Mama meant an actual ball, Chunnie."

"But look! He's wearing black and white and looks just like the ball Daddy bought for you. And you heard JJ earlier! She said look at the cute ball! so he must be a ball."

"But won't Mama be mad if we kick him?"

"He'll just bounce."

"I really don't think we should kick him."

Before Jaejoong can say a word, stupefied into silence, Yoochun draws a foot back and kicks his younger brother squarely in the bottom.

Changmin, the youngest, immediately starts squawking, thoroughly displeased at being kicked. He rolls over and curls up, head between his hands, and his poor little sore butt in the air as he starts to whimper.

"See? I told you he would roll."

"You said, bounce! He didn't bounce!"

Junsu crouches over to check on the sniffling toddler, unaware that their Mama is about to unleash hell on their little heads.


Three heads jerk up. Changmin, upon seeing Jaejoong, immediately stands and waddles over, wailing loudly, more noise than anything else since he now has a captive audience and he knows his brother is in trouble. 

Jaejoong crouches down, opening his arms for the crying boy, squeezing him tight before standing, lifting him as well, grunting at the exertion. Alright, so the toddler is a little chubby. He rearranges his youngest son comfortably in his arms before pinning his twins with a glare.

"Both of you stay here till the long hand of the clock hits six. That's fifteen minutes. Think about your behaviour."

"But, Mama..."

"You can explain later. I love you."


"Yes, Su?"

"I'm sorry."

"I know you are, sweetheart. But I still want you to think about it. When you're done, both of you come down and tell me how you're going to make it up to Minnie. And then after dinner, you can tell Daddy what happened."

"Not daddy!" Identical, horrified, twin voices chirp in utter dismay.

"Yes, daddy. Now scoot."

Without any further protest, their heads hanging, the twins shuffle to their little yellow chairs, sitting quietly in it and staring out the window at the sight of their older sisters playing on the swing. They are unaware of their mama shaking their head at them, as he pulls the door shut quietly behind him. 

"I told you he wasn't a real ball."

AN: Did I pass drabble school? :O


Jaeyoung (JJ), YooSu and Changmin :PPP

And yes, i'm still writhing from laughter. Help. I'm way too amused by this. I feel bad for Changmin lol. First what I did to him yesterday and now today. I'm just glad the man doesn't know me cos he would totally kill me hahahaha.



XDD .. oh my god Chunneh..

This is so cute! I feel bad for Changmin though. I bet the twins misunderstood what adult Jaejoong said about their brother in the way only little kids can which caused them to kick Changmin. And woh! All the school Jae's doing. It's great that he can do all that and raise a family with Yunho. Kudos to them. I'm sure their kids will grow up to be fine adults.

They're still pretty far from "fine adults" right now lmao. I am still laughing over this omg. First, what I did to Changmin in my drabble yesterday, and now what I did to Changmin in my drabble today. If the man knew me IRL he's totally be out for my blood OTL

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! i could totally see this happening... yoochunnie gets our susu in trouble.... awwwwww.... poor maknae... i just want to squish all of them!

i cant wait to see how minnie will retaliate to the twins. too bad for junsu though ^^

yes you pass drabble school with flying colours!!!!!!

The twins are really cute and wait till Minnie is older. Their butts will really be pwned by the youngest. They really have no idea how badly.

Moar from this au.

Yes, passed with flying colours. Read this while waiting for lunch n my colleagues are looking at me funny now since I just burst out laughing

Hahaha oh Yoochun xD.

/huggles Changmin

Poor maknae has to suffer the wrath of his hyungs and noonas. They're such a big family now~~ It feels so perfect :D.

Somehow I can't imagine Yunho to be the strict parent haha. He's always full of cuddles and hearts for his children. He'd be spoiling his children to Mars before he's scolding them in any way.

Congrats on finally writing a drabble! Haha maybe you're not so wordy after all ^^.

Omg...LOLOLOL oh Yoochun, you would. :))))) I love this little drabble~

yeah . welcomes min is finally here.

That was so cute and fluffy :)

And somehow amazingly in character.

And I'd love to see Minnie grow up and order around the twins instead *grin*

kwkwkw what Minnie wants he will get it? XD

omG omG another drabbles ... love it ^^ i love oneshot though since its longer hahahha. wait for more of your either drabbles or oneshots. i can imagine lil min with that lips that chubby cheeks indeed he just like fluffy cuuuute ball. hoho what will daddy Yun do to punish his twins?