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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Daddy
AN: Yet again, just writing this straight in here... continued from the last Sleeping Beauty drabble so do read that first otherwise this might be a little confusing. Also, chapter 19 is pretty much done and will be posted tomorrow if nothing catastrophic happens...

DaddyCollapse )


Crazy family moments! And I'm really enjoying them!

As you mentioned that this day was an exception and usually Yunho is the one who stays with the kids at home lately because Jae's currently busy with his studies I just wanted to see so much how Yunho could manage keeping everything under control without Jae's help! : D

I just adore them all, every single one, way too much xD

One person's failure is another person's gain! ;D I personally love the fact that you can't seem to stay true to drabble, and I'm sure a number of your fans are with me on this lol!

Gosh this was just so bloody *cute*. Out of all the drabbles written so far, I would say this one channeled 'family' the best. And I nearly squealed at Changmin's cuteness at the end! :') And the constant imagery of Minnie being a round toddler makes me want to hug a baby right now lol.

BTW could I ask you two things?
1. What is NaNoWriMo? I've seen a few authors mention it and it seems like it's a challenge to write a chaptered story?
2. Have you gotten my other two comments? They were marked as spam when I entered them but I guess that's because they had pics/gifs in them?

“We should not kick Minnie because he is not a ball.”

omg. this. cant.

Drop out of drabble school...it's not worth it if I get this as your failing.

What is there not to love in this? Jae is just pure ♥. He is totally the guiding hand in that family. Yunho tried so hard but really with kids like Su how can you stay mad.

My favorite part:

“Daddy is not happy that you kicked Minnie. What have you learned from this?”
“Minnie is not a ball.”
“Minnie doesn’t bounce.”
“Doesn’t bounce—“ Yunho almost chokes, trying not to laugh. His children stare at him, mild confusion across their faces, and he schools his features. God knows trying to keep a straight face with his children is much harder than keeping a straight face at work.
“We should not kick Minnie because he is not a ball.”
“Chunnie!” Junsu whispers, already coached by their oldest sister. “Because he’s our brother not because he’s not a ball!”
“Oh, right. Minnie is our brother and not a ball.”

I just love Chun's thought process it amuses me so.

Love this, love it, love it, love it!

Edited at 2012-11-11 07:51 pm (UTC)

omg, i just died from the cuteness XD
and changmin at the end made me melt.
i just love how everyone takes cues from jaejoong, that's the cutest thing ever XD
and omg, i seriously dont know either how they manage with 5 kids, i have a 6 years old nephew and meal time makes you want to hide under the stairs XDD
thank you so much for the drabbles ^^ i'll be waiting for the next chapter ^^(even though i dont want the fic to end TTTWTTT)

I always get so excited when I see you post!

it`s freakin hilarious. I know that feelin. dinner with under age children is a mess. Now it makes me wonder what will happen if they are older the kids i mean. and `but Dora` ahh this part make me confuse before jiyool said `mama will record it.` i just wondering wether they still live in the top of the Jung building? anyway is it only me who enjoy Nicky's failure for making drabble? hehehe im a long oneshot lover ^^ and i bet it will be more and more drabbles in the future which i cant wait to read.

LOL, I still find it pretty ridiculous that Yoochun thought Changmin was a ball. :)) But ah well, it all led to this humorous bit. XD I can only imagine parents' thoughts when their children tell them the most ridiculous thing, and in the end, all they can really do is just laugh to themselves.

And ugh, I admire the way you characterize the children so well. Thank yooooooooou once again, for all the lovely drabbles and this whole universe in general. :3

OMG, THE CUTE! THE CUUUUUUUTE! *Melts into a pile of goo*

Ash I shouldn't have read this until I had read the latest chapters of Sleeping Beauty... but I couldn't resist...

hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaa Minnie Ball!!! I too lost it when I read that xD

Aigoo...they are so cute, This is so priceless......and Yunho as Captain Von Trapp....it does appear like it.

Aww, this family is so sweeeeet~
I feel extremely bad for Yunho though since he had to hold in his laughter after finding out the truth behind the twins' behavior xD.

Jiyool and JJ are so sweet ♥. I adore how JJ is so levelheaded. And I find it absolutely adorable that Jiyool took after Jaejoong ^^. Despite Yunho being her blood related father, she still manages to "inherit" something from her Mama ^^.

Yoochun and Junsu can be so different yet so similar in so many ways. Despite their mischief and tendency to destroy Jiyool's belongings, they still hold a very important place in Jiyool's heart and I adore that about them. There are no such things like holding grudges against each other in this family and that really shines through in this drabble~

Changmin's "Minnie ball!" at the end has to take the prize though for making me laugh. Despite smiling throughout reading this, Changmin's solo line really hit the bulls eye.

All hail Mama Jae for being the superior of the family~ /bows

Yunho's love for his family is very much evident in this. I was very happy with the fact that he would spend most of his time at home to do work. A dedicated father is very much loved~ It's great to see that he puts his heart into watching his children grow~ Some fathers never get this opportunity, despite their efforts. So, I really admire Yunho for taking full advantage of this.

Reading these drabbles really do re-enforce my adoration for this family. I'm positive that Jiyool, JJ, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin will grow up to be amazing people. Thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Yunho and Jae will be so proud T__T♥