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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Daddy
AN: Yet again, just writing this straight in here... continued from the last Sleeping Beauty drabble so do read that first otherwise this might be a little confusing. Also, chapter 19 is pretty much done and will be posted tomorrow if nothing catastrophic happens...

DaddyCollapse )

Not my fandom, but seriously? If you think this is a drabble, man... X-D They are supposed to be no longer then 100 words!

Every single of ur drabbles makes me happy, warm and stuffs lol!

How I wish I can see this drabble in a reality scene D8

kekkekeke now since u've been feeding us with these lovely drabbles, i think u should be responsible that most of ur readers are craving to have babies... LOL

oh dear~
what a happy family!<3

Minnie Ball! can i apply to be their nanny? LMAO!
btw, have i told you that you're awesome?

This fic gives me so much feels about kids! I usually dont like having noisy children around but god... this fic makes me want to visit a kindergarten school and surround myself with toys and cute kids arrrggghhh

Their children are too adorable. I wouldn't of been able to keep a straight face with all this Minnie and ball talk.. lol. I swear the things kids come up with is truly fascinating.

So heart warming.. They so happy.. With YoonHo always laughing along with a Jae and his not so little family.. And Jiyool.. Sneaky Jiyool.. She takes her personality exactly like her mom.. ^^

Minnie ball! Minnie ball!!!! Minnie ah so cuteee

I usually don't read G-Rated drabbles, just cause.......but from you, my friend, I will read anything! This is just so freaking adorable! ^^

Omo~~~ soo funny~~ i love yunjae family!! hehehehe

OMG this is soooo cute and adorable <3 <3 <3 ..
they are sooo cute :) <3 ...
and i really with you all this fis makes me wanna have children soo bad ..
i can't stop laughing every time the children speak with yunho :D .. i love your drabble soo much <3

Awwww...so sweet....After all that happened, the kids stood by each other. So touching.....