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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Daddy
AN: Yet again, just writing this straight in here... continued from the last Sleeping Beauty drabble so do read that first otherwise this might be a little confusing. Also, chapter 19 is pretty much done and will be posted tomorrow if nothing catastrophic happens...

DaddyCollapse )

omona! i can't stop snorting and laughing. chunnie and junsu are so adorable. i love how even though it was really scary to admit that they did something wrong, they do know how to say sorry. <3 I love this family.

oh god..

die laughing again.. LOL

Awwww, the children here are so cute. :3

So much fluff makes me too happy for my own good lol
They are all so adorable! Minnie the ball!!! ㅋㅋㅋ

So damn cute >.< I love how the sisters protected their little brother and band togethr when the time calls for it. So heart warming.

Probably isn't a good idea for me to read these drabbles (or short fics :P Which I have /no/ problem with btw so by all means, please continue to "fail" drabble school :p) before I've read the actual story but I couldn't help itttt!!

This was beyond adorable. Yoochun is such a little drama queen and I love that to pieces. Well, I wouldn't want my future kids to be drama queens, but it must be very fun to observe haha. I can't even imagine how cute Junsu as a child would beeee. And then you go and add in two little princesses as if my heart hasn't been overfilling with fluffiness anyway~

I think the show stopper was Minnie though. :p A ball. An actual ball!!!! To think that adorable little not-actually-a-ball would grow up into a terrorizing, snarky, little motherfather is so endearing. <3

YunJae....please get married irl and have 5 adorable kidsssss. Pleaseeeeee.

omo...i want to be yunjae kid too!!!hhahaha

Really hilarious chapter. Almost fell from my chair laughing. I really liked the unity among the children and also that they are feeling guilty for what they did. And also realized that Yunho is strict parent and I thought that he would be less strict. You never fail to surprise me. Again its really good chapter. LOL Changmin at end that he is ball.

“Chunnie is sorry for kicking Minnie. Chunnie thought he was a ball because he is so round.”
“Chunnie!” Junsu whispers, already coached by their oldest sister. “Because he’s our brother not because he’s not a ball!”
“Oh, right. Minnie is our brother and not a ball.”
“Minnie ball!”

Xjdkiefjjfkwodjf wae are you so cute, babies, i wanna huggles you so bad :3

This is incredibly cute omg i wanna have babies :")
Thanks for sharing this. Gonna mem it <3

the Jung family theater is absolutely hilarious! I totally love you using Capt Von Trapp as a reference.

Yunho is dead gone most of the time with their cuteness. the yoosu antics are so phresus..

This is probably the most adorable YunJae family drabble I had ever read!! *melts in puddle of goo*
And also probably the most funny one LMAO Poor Minnie! xDDD
Thanks for the hard work once again~! ^^

Cutecutecute and funny! i was laughing at the beginning til end. :)))

ahh this is making me smile so much my cheeks are hurting!

This was my favourite (among many others lol) Though really, give that boy food and he'll be happy regardless. IT MADE ME SMILE OMG. SFM.

Yunho's character is so perfect, I love him as family man Jung.

omgoodness, amazing amazing amazing amazing!!

a happy family - i wish it came truth..hahhahah