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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Group Activity
Title: Group Activity
Pairing: YunJae, OT5
Rating: R
Length: One-shot
Genre: Non-AU but AU :P humour
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: Taunted and teased into a bet their oldest member agreed to on their behalf is not something the members of DBSK want to go through with. How are they going to get out of this? Going up against one of their sunbaes is never a good idea. Making a bet with them? An even worse idea. Actually going through with it? The worst idea of all. Or is it?

AN1: Written in celebration of MKMF2008 which was about OT5, but no one can deny that it was YunJae that put DBSK on the map that night. Pretty sure even non-Cassies remember the hug more than anything else. I know for a fact that a B2uty, Shawol and even a VIP associate MKMF2008 with “that hug” lol. Also, I think a lot of people are emoshinki today. I know my twin is. So I hope this cheers y’all up somewhat.

AN2: Remember Yunho’s Bora Bora story? About how they all became men? Yeah… It’s slightly cracky, but I haven’t tagged it as such as I’m not sure if it really qualifies as crack. It is meant to be slightly confusing as to who is saying what, but I found that the fun part on re-reading lol. I hope you enjoy!

AN3: Also, I have NO IDEA what Shinhwa’s characters are like and I tried to keep DBSK in character but because of the nature of the fic, IDT I succeeded completely, so please just suspend your disbelief lol. This fic is meant to be an AU non-AU if that makes any sense lmao! If it helps, I picture Shinhwa as they are today, and DBSK as they were during Bora Bora lmao!

“I can’t believe you agreed to the bet!”

“Why didn’t you back me up? You’re supposed to be the leader!”

“Even I know better than to make a bet with Eric. Come on, he is way out of our league and you know it! I think you got a little star struck back there and it’s messed with your head!”

“It can’t be that hard can it?”

“You don’t even know what it means! I don’t even know what it means! But judging from the slightly surprised look on his face and the evil smirk that came after, I’m guessing it can’t be something good.”

“I’m having no part in this!”

“Yes, you are, dongsaeng. You’re part of this group and I’m the hyung and I say you have to.”

“Hyung, my ass. I leave you alone for a few minutes to get a drink, and return to see you shaking hands with the leader of Shinhwa who seemed mighty pleased with himself. That is never a good thing.”

“What’s going on?”

“Where have you been?”

“The bathroom.”

“Why are you always in the bathroom?”

“I’m not always in the bathroom! Stop picking on me!”


The noise ends abruptly as four shocked pairs of eyes turn towards the youngest member of the group, who is looking rather annoyed. The normally expressionless boy’s forehead is furrowed as he stares down each and every one of his fellow group members. With a sigh, he shakes his head and moves to sit on the couch, his ever present laptop under his arm. He gestures for the other four to join him as he balances his laptop on his knee and flips it open.

“Apologise, Changmin. That was unnecessary.”

“Sorry,” comes the mumbled apology as the maknae shoots their leader a look.

Jaejoong huffs irritably as he sits next to Changmin, jabbing Yunho in the ribs when the leader perches on the arm rest, and crowds him in instead of taking the empty spot on the other side of the maknae.

“Watch your elbows!”

“Make me!”

“You’re going to regret that.”

“Whatever! You’d never follow through.”

“WILL THE TWO OF YOU JUST QUIT IT ALREADY? MY GOD!” Changmin is beyond exasperated as the two oldest members fall into a sullen silence. Those two have been dancing around each other for a good two years now and it’s driving everyone crazy. Although their eyes narrow at his rudeness once again, they surprisingly hold their tongues, and Yoochun takes the opportunity to jump right in.

“What’s going on with Eric? What’s the bet about?”

Jaejoong cocks his head to the side as he tries to recall the conversation. “We were just chatting and he asked if we’d ever done anything crazy. I said not really and he said we should try doing a nude photoshoot ‘cos it’s quite liberating. I then commented that it was years ago and they should do it again. He sort of smirked and nodded and added that a bet would make it more interesting. So we agreed to the terms of the bet and shook on it.”

“Wow, Jaejoongie. You left out the most important part of the story.”

“Before I was so rudely interrupted by our leadershii here, the bet he suggested was that we have a circle jerk session. I agreed because it didn’t sound too difficult especially for Yunho and Yoochun here who are already huge jerks!” Jaejoong’s voice is teasing, but he is a little annoyed.

“OH. MY. GOD.”

“What? Why do you keep shouting, Minnie? Is your hearing causing you problems again? Do you still have a cold?”

“Holy shit….”

“Oh, my dear soulmate slash dongsaeng, I almost forgot you were there, with you being so quiet and all!”

“Why are you such a bitch today, hyung? Did someone not get his usual dose of unnecessary hugging today?”

“Bite me, asshole.”

“No, thanks. You’re in a mood and I don’t want to get rabies.”

“Whatever I have, you’ve got, since we live together and all so yeah, too bad, so sad.”


“What is it with you and bathrooms?”

Yunho interrupts, a hand on Junsu’s shoulder, staying him before he lunges at Yoochun who is smirking at him. “I think we need to clarify this circle jerk thing… It sounds familiar and the context I’ve heard it in is not good.” He frowns as he continues to ignore the still bickering soulmates, as he tries to recall where he's heard the term before.

“Alright, fine! Google it then. What the hell’s a circle jerk?”

Silence descends as Changmin scans his screen, ignoring his sulking hyungs.

“… I’m going to kill you. Yunho hyung is probably gonna help me with this. Hell, even Yoochun and Junsu will help. Jaejoong hyung, you are dead.” The last hyung was said in such a way that they all know that Changmin does not mean it in a respectful manner.

“What is it? God, it can’t be that bad.”

“To kneel in a circle with others and pleasure oneself.”


“Also refers to a pompous, self-congratulatory discussion where little to no progress is made.”

“That sounds like what I thought it was. I don’t get what you said at first though,” Jaejoong cocks his head quizzically at Changmin who growls under his breath, rolling his eyes at the clueless man.

“When a group of males all stand in a circle and everyone jerks off the person on either the right or the left of them.”

“Huh? What? Come again?” Junsu’s tear-drop eyes are wide.

“An act where several individuals, usually male, masturbate in a circle, hence, circle jerk. This group activity was first practiced and invented in Australia.”


“Wait, wait, wait! Are you trying to say that a circle jerk is us standing around and jerking off?”

“Oh, no, my dear hyung. It is us standing around JERKING EACH OTHER OFF, YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!”

“Say something, Yunho-yah! This kid is so rude!”

“What do you want me to say, Jae? I would really love to strangle you right now too.”

“Maybe Eric meant that pompous thing?”


“Ok, Changmin that’s enough. Let’s all just calm down, alright? I don’t have Eric’s number but I know Jaejoong has it. Maybe we can clarify this. He’s got a really weird sense of humour so maybe it’s just a huge joke.”

“I doubt it….”

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” comes the sullen reply from the maknae as he watches Yunho dig into his pocket for Jaejoong’s phone. No one questions why the leader is carrying their lead singer’s belongings, all the three dongsaengs exchanging knowing looks, united as one for a brief moment.

There is a tense silence as the phone rings, the sound echoing off the walls as they wait breathlessly for Eric to answer the phone.

“Hello, sexy.”

“Errrr, hi Eric.” Jaejoong shoots a glance at Yunho whose features are stoic.

“Mmmhmmmm? What can I help you with on this lovely night?”

Even through the phone, Eric’s smirk is evident in his voice as the five boys exchange nervous glances. Changmin lightly punches Jaejoong’s shoulder, urging him to respond.

“Well, it’s about the bet…” Jaejoong starts, but is unable to finish as a loud guffaw is heard as the leader of Shinhwa cracks up quite heartily over the phone.

”What about the bet? Are you forfeiting?”

“What? No! We just wanted to clarify what you meant by an… um… circle jerk.”

”I had a feeling you had no idea what it was about when you agreed so readily. It is too late to back out now, you realise this, yes? I’m not going to let you off.”

“Yes, yes. I know.” Jaejoong scoffs impatiently, hands waving as the other four boys watch silently, all of them frowning deeply. “Just tell me exactly what you mean by it.”


Eric’s smirk is loud and clear over the phone and Jaejoong licks nervously at his bottom lip, the movement not going un-noticed by one particular member of his group.

“Yes, exactly. I don’t want to misunderstand. All my members are here too so we can all hear you.”

Eric starts laughing again at that, and other voices can be heard in the background. The five boys listen as their sunbae briefly explains the situation to the unknown voices, and startle slightly in alarm as the phone seems to reverberate with the laughter of at least ten people. Well, it sounded like ten people to the five boys, and Changmin slumps back against the couch, eyes shut and a fist thumping his forehead, already dreading the answer they will get.

”Sorry about that. Andy and Jun Jin say hi by the way.”

“Hi…” the five boys reply rather half-heartedly, causing Eric to chuckle wickedly. The latter is thoroughly amused and the DBSK boys do not like it one bit.

”Alright, so where were we? Oh right. You wanted to know exactly what a circle jerk is. Didn’t you google it? No, wait, don’t answer that. I’ll just tell you. A circle jerk is when boys, men, males, whatever you want to call yourselves, sit or stand around in a circle and wank. You do know what wanking is right? Choking your chicken? Jerking off? Spanking the monkey, etc?”

The silence is deafening.

”You basically have two choices. You can give yourself a hand job or you get the person next to you off so you form an actual circle. The true meaning of a circle jerk. However, since pretty little Jaejoong decided to say yes without knowing what I meant in the first place, I’m cool with you getting yourselves off instead of each other. But you have to do it together, in the same room, at the same time, in a loose circle if you want to but that doesn’t matter to me. We make it fun sometimes and see who can come the fastest or last the longest, depending on our moods. With you guys, I’d suggest seeing who can come the fastest so you get it over sooner rather than later.”

Eric cracks up again, joined in by the other two group members as Dong Bang Shin Ki, well, Tohoshinki since they are currently in Japan, sit silently in their dorm, three of the members plotting to kill their lead singer, brother or not, friend or not. One member though, is torn.

”Have you guys murdered Jaejoong or something? All I can hear is air.”

“Oh, we’re definitely seriously considering it.”

“So, let me get this straight. To win the bet we have jerk off in front of each other?”

”Oh, well, Jun Jin just pointed out something. How can I tell that you actually carried out the bet?

“At this point I don’t really care….”

”I do. You have to do it over speaker phone.”

“NO! No fucking way. What the fuck?”

”Then you lose.”

“What do we have to do again if we lose?”

”Convince your management that a nude photoshoot is a good idea.”

“You’re joking!”

”Not in the slightest. It’s time you boys became men. I’m just trying to inject a little fun in your lives. Just roll with it and enjoy. I promise, touring will be a hell of a lot more fun. Hell, just existing will be a lot more fun.”

“This is all kinds of fucked up.”

“I’m actually fine with a nude photoshoot. It’s not like anyone’s actually going to see anything.”

“I’m not! Our fans would die and I don’t want them to die.”

“Don’t exaggerate.”

”I’m inclined to agree with Yunho. That was Yunho, right? Your fan base is pretty intense and you boys have a certain image, although your fan service is probably the best I’ve ever seen, which makes me a little curious. I’ve read some stories about you boys and let me tell you, if half the fantasies of your crazy fans are true….”

“You’re just feeding those fantasies now, though!”

”Yes, but it’s between me and you. I’m not going to say anything because it really makes no difference to me”

“What’s in this for you?”

”It’s amusing. I like you and I think you need to know that all work and no play will make DBSK crack. I’ve heard about your crazy schedules and well, this is my gift to you as your sunbae. Let’s just say I’m leading you down the dirty, dirty path of sex and rock and roll. No drugs, kids, cos drugs are bad. Plus I have a feeling at least two of you will be sending me thank you notes. I’m saying you’re welcome in advance.”

“You’re crazy. Why the hell would we thank you?”

“Yoochunnie is debauched enough I’m sure.”

”Really now? I think Yoochun’s all talk.”

“Hey now! I’ve got girls lining up every night. I don’t need to jack off in front of these guys. Hell, I don’t think I’d even be able to get it up! I don’t need this shit!”

”Then you lose. Jaejoong shook on it. If you do wimp out though, I may or may not mention it in an interview…”

“You’re a real bastard, you know that?”

”Oh, I know. But that’s why you love me, isn’t it? Now, are you doing this or not?”

“I’m not joking about not being able to get it up! How the fuck am I meant to jerk off if I can’t even get hard?”

A loud sigh is heard over the phone, followed by a disbelieving chuckle.

”Are you serious? There’s this beautiful thing called porn. Though, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, no cock can resist a blowjob.”

“Alright, let’s not even go there. Porn it is.”

“Are we seriously going through with this? Come on! For real? We should vote on this. I vote to do the photoshoot!”

“I say no.”

“So that’s one yes and one no.”

“No. It’s two nos. I’m the leader and I have two votes. Read my lips right now, WE ARE NOT PARTICIPATING IN A NUDE PHOTOSHOOT.”


“I’m with hyung… I think this might be easier and I want Eric to eat his words.”

”Atta boy, Changmin!”

“I still think you’re a jerk.”

“This is the boy who watches more porn than all of us put together. Of course he’d rather do this!”

”Come and visit me and see all the fucks I don’t give.”


“There’s not much of a choice is there? We’re already 3 votes against 1.”

“Let’s pretend it’s a democracy. Every vote counts.”

“…Then I guess I’m with hyung.”

“Which hyung?”

“The sane one.”

“Which hyung?”



YooSu’s bickering is interrupted by a sharp bark of laughter.

”You kids are really still kids. You need me. You really should feel honoured that I’m bored tonight, and fucking with you is making me very happy.”

“Alright, so how do we do this?”

“What about my vote?”

“You got us into this mess. You don’t get a vote.”

“Hey, wait a minute! What do you mean how do we do this? Are we going to do this now? NOW? As in right fucking now?”

”No time like the present. In fact, we may just join you.”

“W-what? Come again?”

”That’s what she said!”

“What do you mean, ‘join’?”

”Well, we’re all sitting here in my hotel room, bored as fuck, in no mood to join the other guys at the bar cos we’re quite comfortable here. Andy and Jun Jin are both lounging on the bed looking extremely fuckable. I’m getting horny just watching them so maybe we’ll join you in popping your circle jerk cherry.”

“You’re kidding right? How is this not humiliating enough? You want to join us?”

”Strength in numbers. It’ll be fun. Lighten up, Yoochun. This doesn’t mean you’re gay. I know how you think.”

“Damn right, I’m not gay!”

”Be careful, otherwise I may think the lady doth protest too much. And besides, there’s nothing wrong with being gay though really, I prefer the term bisexual.”

“Fuck you.”

”Not gay, eh?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

”You’re a rude little shit aren’t you? Why don’t you make me? Why don’t you take out that pretty little cock of yours and shut me up with it.”

“Shit…” someone groans out.

”Like that, do you? Come on now, lower those zips and bring out the pretty to play.”

“Fuck. I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

There is silence, and the sounds of shuffling comes through the phone on the other side in a luxurious hotel room somewhere in Tokyo. Eric is trying not to laugh as he watches Andy and Jun Jin staring at him with wide amused eyes. He can hear muttered grumblings accompanying the sound of pants being unzipped.

“Holy shit you’re actually already hard!”



“Alright that’s it, no more comments. Nothing. Zip it.”

”Do you like what you see? Go on, have a peek. You know you want to.”

“Eric, I swear, I wish I could gag you right now.”

”Oooh, into bondage are we? I can roll with that. How do you want me? Mmmm Andy is waving handcuffs and his pretty cock at me. Jun Jin is stripping down too and licking his lips. How are you boys doing? Lost your pants yet? You know… taking off your clothes will mean less of a mess. You’d just need to shower after.”

“This is so fucked up. I don’t even know where to begin….”

“Oh my god, you’re hairless! What the fuck?”

“What’s the big deal? We sweat heaps on stage. I don’t like the excess hair.”

“Is it gay if I say your cock is sorta pretty?”


Low moans are suddenly heard through the phone and all five boys freeze, hands on their cocks, eyes wide open staring at the phone. Surprisingly, all five are reasonably hard, Yoochun included, and not trying too hard at not blatantly staring at each other. Most eyes are on Yunho and Jaejoong though…

”Oh, fuck… your fucking mouth. Fuck… Damn it, Yunho what the hell are you boys doing? You better have your hands on your fucking dicks. Close your eyes if you have to. We’ll play who can come the fastest alright? A little side game. I’ll give ¥10,000 to whoever comes first. And another ¥10,000 to the person who touches a dick that’s not his own. Double if you make that person come.”

“We’re really not that hard up for cash….”

“Speak for yourself.”

”Boys! Do you want to stay boys? Grow some fucking nggghhh… balls.”

“How the fuck do the two even relate to each other?”

”Jesus fucking Christ, you’re making me lose my hard-on with all this whining. You know what I really want to do right now? I want to line the five of you up in a row, on your knees and cock whip you till you learn when to shut your mouths. In fact, I may even let Andy give your pretty cocks a lick. He gives fan-fucking-tastic head. Most boys do. Best head I’ve ever gotten were all from men. Think about that….”

“Don’t even look at me. Don’t even fucking look at me,” Yoochun growls out at the other boys.

“You know… I don’t think I’d mind….”

“Don’t even think about completing that sentence, Jae.”

“You know what? Fuck this shit. Easy money and Shinhwa get owned. COME ON GUYS. We need to win this. Just change your attitudes.”

Yunho and Junsu both stare agog at Yoochun, while Jaejoong just smirks to himself, fisting his cock and dragging his hand up and down slowly, occasionally flicking the tip and smearing precum around the head as he watches his dongsaengs. However, his eyes keep straying back to one particular member.

“I always knew you were a closet bisexual. You’d have to be with all the time you spend groping my ass.”

“That’s just cos you do have a rather delicious ass, hmmm? And besides, you’re always tucked against me anyway and since your butt is so big, my hands don’t have anywhere else to go.”

“Pffffft. That’s just fan service.”

“Say what you will, I think that pretty mouth of yours would look good on my cock.”

Junsu and Yunho are staring at Yoochun as if he’s grown an extra head. Which he sort of has…while the maknae is too busy trying not to laugh. Both are studiously avoiding looking at Jaejoong, though they can hear his breathing pattern changing.


“I’m sucking no one’s fucking cock.”

“I would… I like watching blow jobs. I’ve always wanted to lick someone’s cock but didn’t know how to do it without the tabloids all getting hold of it and confirming to the whole world I’m gay or some shit like that. I’m not gay. Well, I like girls, but I am curious….”

“The fuck…”

“YOU’RE NOT LICKING YOOCHUN’S COCK!” Yunho is almost apoplectic.

“Then whose?”

“Fuck… Are we really having this conversation?”

“I’m not really joking. This is probably going to be my only chance. How will I know what I like if I can’t try it?”

“Oh my god….”

“Have you ever wanted to lick a girl’s pussy?”

“Girls are scary. I like looking at them, but pussy? Uh… not yet?”


“Can I please lick someone’s cock?”

”We’re not actually that far away. You can lick my cock all you want, my pretty.”

“Please excuse me for being rude since I’m under duress and all, but stay right the hell where you are. You’re not getting anywhere near my Jaejoongie.”

”Ooooh, possessive are we? Why don’t you let him lick your cock then?”

“You’re sick.”

”So I’ve been told. But think about it. Do you want that sinful mouth of his wrapped around any other cock but yours?”

“Holy fuck, hyung, did your cock just MOVE? I think you just got harder. What the fuck?”


“It’s kinda standing there just waving at me so yeah, whatever, hyung. Actually, I think it’s waving at Jaejoong hyung.”

”I don’t hear Jaejoong protesting… why don’t you give it a try, hmmm? Andy is here and can talk you through it, right my darling? Or maybe I’ll narrate while he does it to me…. Mmmmm I like that idea better….”

“Oh my god, you’re serious. The fuck?”

“I’m feeling very weird about this. You two look really good together.”

“That’s cos we’re…we’re…we’re the oldest!”

“We are going to get into so much trouble…”

”Who’s telling? Cos it sure isn’t going to be me.”

“Holy fuck, Jae! Just… what the fuck! Are you actually going to do this?”

“It’s either gonna be you or Yoochun. Take your pick.”

“What about me?”

“Ok, and Changmin.”

“Jesus, you sick sons of bitches. Have you been wanting Jaejoong’s ass this whole time?”

“Huh? No! But you know, in the interest of helping out a friend and all….”

“Changmin, I’m warning you. STOP LOOKING AT JAEJOONG’S DICK.”

“But it’s really hard to miss. And big… who would’ve thought? Yours was more obvious.”

“I think the lack of hair makes it look bigger. I think mine’s the same as yours.”

“JAEJOONG, STOP LOOKING AT CHANGMIN’S DICK OH MY GOD.” Yunho is almost beside himself, feeling whatever control he thought he had over the situation, slip away. He’s definitely thinking twice about this now. Maybe a nude photoshoot isn’t such a bad idea after all. God knows they’ve already pretty much gone topless. Sort of. See through clothes and unbuttoned shirts count don’t they? But Jaejoong…

”You kids sure do crack me up. Got a ruler? Go and have a measure and close the argument and move on to the fucking already.”

“What?! Who said anything about fucking?!”

”Take it however you want. Fucking can be interpreted rather widely and loosely. For example, Jun Jin over there on the bed is stroking his very pretty cock, licking his lips and fucking me with his eyes. For a little het boy he sure is great and making eyes like a bitch in heat. Andy on the other hand is being mouth fucked right now and he loves it. Don’t you, my pet?”

There are some murmurs of agreement and someone’s breath catches over the speaker phone. Sexy little hums and moans are starting to come across loud and clear and the five boys shift around, hands absentmindedly stroking their cocks and looking slightly dazed.

”I’m gonna add a bit of fun. If one of us comes before one of you, you’re going to have to perform at least one song topless in your next show somehow. If one of you comes before one of us, we’ll guest on your next show for free.”

“Sit the fuck down right this minute, Yunho. I’m not going to lose this one.”

”Ooooh, feisty isn’t he? Bet he’s a real wild cat in bed.”

“And I’m going to make sure you never find… JESUS MARY MOTHER OF CHRIST!”

”Mmmmm, did pretty little Jaejoongie just do what I think he did?”

Silence from the dorm apart from a muffled groan and a whispered “Shit shit shit”.

”Yoochun? Junsu? Changmin? Wanna tell me what’s happening with your leader and gorgeous lead singer over there?”

“They’re… they’re… shit….”

All that can be heard for a few minutes is heavy breathing, and low moans over the phone on both ends when suddenly, the sexy sounds are interrupted by a loud grunt, and a groan is heard followed by shocked laughter.

“Junsu! Oh my god, Junsu just fucking came. Shit, what the hell!”

Peals of laughter echo over the phone as three overgrown kids in a hotel room practically fall apart laughing.

”Looks like you win.”

“Does this mean we can stop?”

”Well, I guess we’ve teased you kids long enough so yeah, you can stop.”

“Jaejoong hyung? Hyung? You can stop now. Hyung?”

Sounds of shuffling can be heard over the phone as bodies move, and then a door slams.

“Oh my…”

”What? What happened?”

“Uh… I think Yunho hyung and Jaejoong hyung weren’t ready to stop….”

The cackles that bounced off the walls of the dorm were unlike no other.

Eric receives a hastily scribbled thank you note left for him at the front desk of the hotel the next morning. When asked who left it, the young hotel clerk simply turns starstruck eyes towards him and responds in a whisper.


AN1: In the middle of writing, I realized I somehow needed to write a smutty-ish scene involving eight hot guys. Dunno if I succeeded haha but I had fun writing this even though it's so far out of my comfort zone it's quite laughable! Hope you enjoy! My sense of humour usually doesn’t translate well when I write XD I hope this wasn’t too bad and y’all are not running away in horror going WHAT THE HELL DID SHE JUST WRITE? :P Dialogue is not my strength as most of you would know by now if you read my fics. I just like describing things to death XD! And yes, I know they’re kinda out of character lmao but it was so much fun to write omg. I was just picturing Yunho in all this and was dying and laughing. He sure has his hands full with Jaejoong :P

AN2: Also reiterating my author’s note from the start of the story before I get comments about it. This fic was deliberately written so that it’s slightly confusing as to whom is saying what. But if you read carefully enough, you should be able to figure out who’s who XD

PS: Nov 15 is also my birthday hahaha so leave me some love cos this is my first attempt at something cracky and ISTG I failed lmaooo.

I need a clarification. Which member did you mean with "his eyes keep straying back to one particular member" because I'm troubled, I guess you meant the member of a member, right? #TROLLING ;D


oh god...that gif...chun is so funny with his chunface and junsu...gosh that pic of junsu before was epic.my god

damn shinhwa and dbsk. it's actually funny ,them falling apart like that and yunjae getting it on.:)

oh my gOD

thanks so much for this :')

fucking changmin wanted some jaemin action *dreams up jaemin scenario*

OMG!!This is hilarious and amusing.
I swear it feels more like Eric prank all 5 of them to get YunJae's relationship started.

I seriously seriously seriously cannot imagine Jaejoong being that dumb to agree to the terms of the bet but then again it so works for this fic.

:'D The crack.

I am not gonna lie, that was a seriously confusing read. I figured out who was who maybe like 40% of the time? But whatever lol.

Of course Jae is a secret cockwhore and Yoochun is in denial :'D And Yunho, he was totally wanting to see some cock action. Psh 'not doing a nude photo shoot' -- why deprive us, Yunho? Why?

tbh the defining moment I remember in MKMF2008 is when Changmin broke down and started crying. I had no idea what you meant by YunJae hug until I watched it again. They hug so much that it didn't really cross my radar lol YunJae is just too obvious.

I think you wrote true to a good Eric :) I think Minwoo would have been more of prankster than Eric but Shinhwa is just one big ball of pranks. I was surprised you wrong Andy instead of Hyesung. RicSung is literally the doppleganger to YunJae except they are a hell of a lot more touchy feely. Hmm or maybe I should say RicSung is closer to HoMin? Both Hyesung and Changmin totally kick the other for getting to close....lol

Edited at 2012-11-15 12:10 am (UTC)

jesus christ eric is a pimp o_o UNF a part of me wanted Jung to go on 4 and everyone jerk off while watching his non existing hairless ass.FUCK MA LIFE NICKI.life = vagina...just saying



This is fucking great, omg. XDDDDDD

I thought it was funny!! Your Eric seems very interesting too.

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Happy Birthday~~~~ :D

And Eric is a huge tease isn't he? xD Poor Jaejoong got lured into his trap xD.

Changmin's reactions were hilarious :D. And Yoochun's denial is just so much fail. Junsu coming first was completely unexpected hahaha.

/flails/ YunJae~~~~ :D

I find it amusing that everyone associates MKMF2008 to the YunJae hug ^^. Cassies aren't the only ones who love the YunJae hugging :D

This was just what I needed for my emoshinki-ness, so thanks! ;_;♥
MKMF2008 was just pure perfection...Y_Y

happy bday dear. lots of love and huhs for you. I do enjoy it ... reading this fic kwwkkw eric is such a teaser here indeed he is just trying to show to his dongsaengs that YunJae are not only fanservice. thank you for writing many sweet yet amusing fics.

Hilarious. Now I run back to watch mkmf2008

Happy birthday:$!!!!!
Thanks for the update...this's so much fun to read.....

Happy birthday bb *.*

And xD I love your Eric <333
I feel emoshinki today :,3

would anyone mind telling me what the hell did i just read??? XDD
all the time i was between laughing to death and wondering what was going on XDD or why it was going on-...that's the question XD
i had tons of fun reading it XDDDD and the end....uwu

ps, happy birthday!!!! -throws confetti- hope you have a great day ^^/