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Naughty Mama

Title: Sleeping Beauty one-shot: Naughty Mama
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: One-shot
Genre: Smut, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

AN: Ok giving up calling them drabbles… This is over 5,000 words. No way I can call this a drabble OTL



“Mama, naughty! No, no, no!”

The little round tyke glares ferociously at his mama. He is in his high chair and Jaejoong is attempting to feed him, but so far he has spat everything back out or just plain refused to eat. His cute chubby cheeks are smeared in porridge from all his head shaking as Jaejoong tries to push a spoonful of food into a mouth formed into a rather determined pout. He flatly refuses to cooperate, not allowing his mama to feed him at all. And for this particular little baby boy, that is saying something indeed.

“Aish, you sound just like your big sister. Minnie, you had to get your jab.”

“Naughty! Mama, naughty!”

Jaejoong sighs as his son picks up his sippy cup, banging it onto the little tray on his high chair for emphasis, and then flings it at him. It misses by a mile, but the sentiment behind it is loud and clear. He doesn’t even flinch when the lid pops off the cup, spilling water everywhere.

“Mama, naughty!”

“Jung Changmin.”

“No! No, Minnie. Mama, naughty!”

“Minnie you have to eat your lunch. Look? Food. The food train is coming. Come on open wide for the choo choo train.”

“No, food! No! Mama, go!”

The baby’s voice is shrill in his anger and he gives his mama such a disdainful look, as if saying are you kidding me right now? and Jaejoong pops the spoon into his own mouth instead of the baby’s. He wrinkles his nose at the brat staring up at him. Changmin has been utterly displeased for the last hour. It’s not his fault that all the children need to be immunised. The non-stop screaming at the clinic was embarrassing enough, several parents looking at him sympathetically, while the others stare at him like he’s the worst parent in the whole wide world. He knows he’s been recognised, and will be unsurprised if they end up on the front page of the tabloids tomorrow, because he saw a few photographers lurking around. His son is bigger than his other children had been at the same age, not quite fat as his siblings are prone to imply, but he is definitely heftier than them all. Jaejoong is strong, but trying to control a flailing and screaming toddler, while at the same time making sure he doesn’t hurt himself, is actually a lot harder than people think. He had to stick earplugs in his ears in the car, because Changmin’s screaming was just too much in the confined space. The baby had stopped when they got home, but the whole “naughty Mama” thing started up as soon as Jaejoong unbuckled him from his car seat. Why couldn’t he be like JJ or the twins? Those three barely flinched. Jiyool however was another story altogether. His tantrum is almost as bad as hers was all those years ago.

Jaejoong shudders at the memory of Jiyool, crying at the top of her lungs as if her parents had just attempted to murder her or something. Anytime either Yunho or himself tried to pick her up, her screaming got even worse. It got to the point where there was literally a sound barrier. They couldn’t approach because she was just so damn loud. She had only just started walking then too, and had walked off by herself as Jaejoong and Yunho argued about what to do next with her. Yunho had wanted to return to the pediatrician but Jaejoong refused, knowing she will be done with her snit soon enough. By the time they realised their baby girl had toddled off, it was too late as she was long gone. The next half an hour was honestly one of the worst times of his life, barely able to see through his tears as they hunt for the little girl. In their fear, both Yunho and Jaejoong are loose with their tongues, and the words said to each other that afternoon left wounds that took a few days to heal. They finally find her curled up, asleep, in the back of their closet on one of Jaejoong’s many bags.

That was the first real fight he’d ever had with Yunho over their children, and it is actually the first of several. Since that incident with Jiyool though, Yunho has somehow always managed to schedule an “important meeting” on immunisation day. Jaejoong honestly does not care about being abandoned that way. It saves them fighting about it. He gets to deal with the kids his way, and Yunho gets peace. They play good cop bad cop if you will, though it has not been necessary with JJ or the twins. The middle children have given Jaejoong a false sense of security though, and he had gone to the doctor today without even bothering with any form of bribery.

Fat lot of good that would have done anyway. Changmin is easily their most intelligent child, on par with Jiyool, which is saying something. And he was having none of it. The look of betrayal he threw at Jaejoong when the needle went in is not something the young man is going to forget easily. If looks could kill, Jaejoong would definitely be singed. And by a fifteen month old baby no less. The theatrics that follow almost makes Jaejoong thankful that he cannot have any more children.

“Mama, go! Go, go, go!”

Jaejoong sighs as his youngest sends him a ferocious glare, open palm thumping on the tray now that he has nothing to throw.

“Where do you want me to go, huh?”

“Go! Minnie don’t want Mama. Mama, go! Mama, naughty!”

“You’re breaking my heart, kiddo.”

“No! Naughty, naughty! Daddy!”

“Daddy isn’t here, baby boy.”

“Mama, go! Want, daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

Jaejoong drops the bowl of porridge with a loud thump onto the table, and slumps back in his chair staring at his son who is actually looking past him, arms waving in the air as he bounces up and down in his seat. His long legs are thumping as well as he kicks out, and Jaejoong reckons he should probably pull him out of there since he doesn’t want to eat anyway but he is suddenly completely devoid of energy. The twins had been uncharacteristically clingy that morning when he dropped them off at the creche, and he’d almost missed Changmin’s appointment because of it. He has been frazzled ever since. Though really, all his children have been extra clingy this week for some reason, and he has barely had a moment alone with Yunho. The last two nights have been spent with all five children asleep between them. Jaejoong loves his babies dearly, but he needs his husband too and it’s starting to get to him, his temper fraying on the edges.


“Alright, ok? Alright! I’m the naughty one. You want your daddy. But I can’t just magic him here, Minnie-ah. Mama is so tired.”

“Naughty, Mama. Minnie wants daddy.” Changmin ends his sentence in a loud wail as he starts to cry again.

Jaejoong gets up, heading to the cabinet where all the bottles and formula are kept. He makes up a large bottle, bigger than usual since Changmin refuses to eat. He has to go down for his nap soon, and the young man is mentally steeling himself for the fight. He knows why his son is upset, and he cannot blame him. But his words cut deep nonetheless. Jaejoong is his primary caregiver, and to be told to go away hurts just a wee bit. A little more than usual, because he’s also starved of affection from his husband.

Shaking the warm bottle in one hand, he heads over to free Changmin from his high chair, avoiding stepping on the mess on the floor. He can deal with that later. His son is still crying, large gulping sobs, his dark brown eyes are still full of accusation. The kid sure knows how to hold a grudge.

Jaejoong pulls the tray out, ignoring the fact that Changmin is now trying to slap away his hands as he unbuckles him. He puts the bottle down briefly, extricating the flailing baby, pulling him into his arms and holding tight, grabbing the bottle as he fights to keep a hold of Changmin.

“Noooooooooo, Mama, gooooooooo.”

“Hush, baby boy. Mama loves you and mama is very sorry that you’re in pain.”

Jaejoong is almost in tears himself, as he struggles to keep his son in his arms. As Changmin shakes his head violently, trying to get away, he tries to pop the bottle into his mouth, only to have it knocked out of his hands by a flailing arm, and the bottle drops. It doesn’t crack open like the sippy cup earlier, but as the lid is off, droplets of milk spray the floor, and Jaejoong loses it.

“Jung Changmin! That is enough from you.”

Jaejoong’s voice is uncharacteristically harsh, a tone he rarely uses with his children but when he does, they all know to behave. The sobbing stops immediately, as if a switch has been turned off, and in that instant, Jaejoong knows his son is just being a brat. He is silent, chewing his bottom lip as he squats down to pick up the bottle.


Jaejoong turns, seeing Yunho standing in the doorway looking slightly confused and a little worried. He doesn’t help matters as he promptly bursts into tears, walking to his husband who is still holding his briefcase, and forcing him to take the now quiet baby. He knocks the briefcase from Yunho’s hand, replacing it with the bottle and then turns around.



Jaejoong doesn’t turn around as he grits his teeth. “Just go. Put him to bed and then come back down.”

He senses Yunho pausing, and then turning to leave, hearing him speak softly to their son. His tone is chiding, scolding the silent baby boy, but it is soft, and soon Jaejoong can hear no more.

Yunho carries his quiet son up the stairs. He has a fair idea as to what happened, and so he scolds the baby softly, coaxing him to take his bottle which he does without protest, but he just holds it, large eyes blinking at his father. There are unshed tears in his eyes, but he sits silently, just watching. Oddly, out of all their children, Changmin probably resembles the other four children the least, yet he resembles Jaejoong the most.

“You can’t give your mama a hard time like that, Min-ah.

The baby pouts at him, but reminds silent. Really though, the boy’s mouth always seems to be in a perpetual pout, not unlike his mama.

“Your mama loves you, you know that right? I love you too.”


“Yes, baby boy. Love.” Yunho kisses the little boy between his eyes.

“Love, mama.”

“Yes, we love mama.”

Changmin starts waving his bottle, “Love, mama!”

“Somehow, I don’t think you were telling him this earlier, were you?”


“We love mama. Right Minnie?”

“Minnie ball!”

Yunho cracks his first smile of the afternoon since getting home. Taking the bottle from between Changmin’s hands because his shaking of it is causing a couple of drops to spill from the teat. He pops it into the baby’s mouth, and the boy starts sucking hungrily, the sound loud in the empty hallway as they enter the master suite. His eyes don’t leave his father’s face though.

“Yes, you are our Minnie ball. You’ve grown though, so you’re not as round anymore. You’re a big boy aren’t you?”

Changmin pulls his bottle out of his mouth, smiling a toothy smile up at his father, showing off his four front teeth speaking, “Minnie ball, daddy,” before popping the nipple back into his mouth and resuming his lunch.

Yunho walks through the suite, and into an open door that leads him down a short hallway into the nursery. Changmin is still in the cot, and out of all the children, is the most content staying there by himself. However lately he’s been climbing out of it, pulling himself over the top, and dropping down over the side carefully as if he’s escaping Fort Knox or something. He can do it in seconds, and this is why the door leading out into the playroom is always locked. The nursery floor is spotless, anything Changmin height has child locks on them. The kid is actually pretty content playing by himself in the mornings if he gets up before his parents. On the off chance the door to the master suite is left open, he makes the short walk, or crawl, into the room and proceeds to wake his parents. He has walked in on a couple of rather interesting morning rituals, that the door is now securely closed.

He drops the baby into the cot, Changmin lying back immediately, wiggling around and getting comfy. Yunho strokes the boy’s head, his long fingers carding through that soft baby hair, and the boy smiles around his milk bottle.

“Sleep, Minnie.”

The baby simply raises a hand and waves at his father, knowing his ritual and not really having a problem with it. He is fed and sleepy, and so he will sleep.

Yunho stares at the now rather angelic countenance of his son, tweaking his nose gently before turning to check that the video baby monitor is working, before he takes the receiver and leaves the room, shutting the door quietly behind him. Once back in the master suite, he shrugs off his jacket, tossing it over the foot of the bed before hurrying out of the room, almost in a run as he rushes to get back to his wife.

He finds Jaejoong crouched, squatting, hugging his knees as he wipes half-heartedly at the floor.

“Your son just spent most of the morning yelling at me and telling me I’m naughty.”

Yunho eyes his upset wife, Jaejoong looking uncharacteristically disheveled as he cleans up the mess on the floor. He picks up the roll of paper towels from the otherwise empty granite island in their kitchen, replacing it with the baby monitor, and squats on his haunches next to the younger man, tearing off a piece and handing it to him.

“What happened?”

Jaejoong tries to get as much of the porridge that he can. The floor is a creamy white marble, and the flecks of porridge and bits of milk are not very obvious, and so he scrubs the general area as best he can. Taking more of the proffered paper towels from his husband, he sops up the mess from the spilled water, as he replies in a grumpy voice.

“His fifteen month immunisation. Remember that fun event?”

“Oh.” Yunho winces. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”

“Whatever. We both know you scheduled your meeting to clash with the doctor’s appointment.”

“I would have come if you asked me to cancel it.”

“And you know I won’t do that.”

“How bad was it? JJ and the twins were fine weren’t they? Little angels, you called them.”

“Put it this way. Your son is the devil.”

“Minnie ball?”

“Yes, Minnie ball. He is the devil child.”

“Worse than Jiyool?”

Jaejoong actually stops to think about it, which causes Yunho to chuckle, which only earns him a glare for his troubles.

“As bad as Jiyool. Maybe worse. She was just screaming. He was actually talking. He kept saying I was naughty and telling me to go away. That hurt.”

Yunho says nothing in reply as he waits till Jaejoong is finished with cleaning up, before scooping up his wife into his arms, taking the three steps to the granite island, and placing him in the middle of it. He puts a finger underneath his chin, and tilts Jaejoong’s face up to meet his.

“You know he doesn’t mean that.”

“I know but now all I hear is naughty Mama and I feel so awful.”

Jaejoong slips a hand up Yunho’s shirt, fisting the top off his tie as he tugs at it absentmindedly, feeling sorry for himself. He drops his legs on either side of Yunho’s hips, wrapping them around his husband, pouting, as he replays the last hour in his head. His heels stroke at the muscular curve of Yunho’s ass and the backs of his thighs, completely unaware of his actions. His hand is still fisted around the top of Yunho’s tie, while his other hand rubs up and down his side. His thoughts are far away, and so he is just a little startled to feel the press of Yunho’s soft cupid bow mouth against his, a husky whisper falling between them.

“Naughty mama.”

Yunho flicks out his tongue even as he runs his hands up Jaejoong’s body, wrapping them around that delicate neck and pulling him into a deep kiss. Jaejoong’s mouth parts willingly, and Yunho feels his wife’s legs tighten around his waist as they kiss slowly. Jaejoong pulls away first, breath stuttering through his mouth, his eyes downcast. And then even as Yunho watches he lifts his head, looking up coyly through his long eyelashes. Those beautiful eyes promising a world of sin.


“Oh god…” Yunho leans forward again, capturing the mouth of the teasing minx of a wife that he has. He had only wanted to give Jaejoong something else to associate with the hurtful words his son had hurled at the younger man, but in the blink of an eye, he is suddenly so aroused that his eyes sweep the empty space behind Jaejoong, wondering if his wife will protest about sex in the kitchen. His cock is painfully hard in his pants, and he rubs up against Jaejoong, trying to find some relief.

“You are so bad.”

“Bad? Naughty mama…”

“Yes, naughty mama.”

“Your naughty mama?”

“Only mine.”

Their lips graze each other’s, whispering, as their hands scramble at their clothes.


Yunho growls against Jaejoong’s mouth, leaving it for a quick second to pull the man’s tee shirt up over his head before crushing their mouths together again, pushing his wife backwards against the cool granite countertop. He swallows Jaejoong’s squeal of shock as the cold surface meets his back, pulling the man roughly by the hips forward, till his ass is barely hanging on the edge of the counter. His hand grips his waist tightly, as he presses down against Jaejoong’s warm bare skin. His own shirt is unbuttoned, but still fastened at the top because of the tie. He can feel Jaejoong tug at it, and it comes loose, but before his wife drops the silk length to the ground, Yunho grabs it, pulling Jaejoong’s arms up with it, tying the tie securely around the other man’s wrists, but loose enough that it won’t leave marks. His mouth never leaves the other man’s, panting softly against it at the brief exertion.

“Mmmmm what are you doing?”

“Punishing you.”


Yunho nips at Jaejoong’s wet bottom lip, biting hard, eliciting a loud groan from the man squirming beneath him, trying to get away from the cold counter top, and closer to Yunho’s heat. He smirks as he drags his lips from that delectable mouth, following the line of his jaw till he reaches his ear.

Jaejoong moans as he feel his husband’s hot breath against the sensitive skin of his ear.

“Because you’ve been a very naughty mama…”

He brings his arms down, looping his tied wrists around Yunho’s neck, pulling himself up as his ass slips completely off the countertop, into the waiting hands of his husband who squeezes his butt appreciatively, making Jaejoong giggle as he tries to get a better hold of Yunho. Their mouths slant over each other’s, licking, sucking and nipping, their kisses light and playful, despite the fact that Jaejoong is tied up.

Yunho’s hands knead his butt, comfortably holding him up, helped by Jaejoong’s own legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

After a particularly hard and demanding nip from Jaejoong, Yunho pulls his mouth away, chuckling even as his eyes darken even more with lust when he sees the luscious swollen mouth of his wife.

“Impatient aren’t you?”

“No time.”

‘We have a lot of time.”

“Jiyool will be home from school soon.”

“Do you have anything down here?”

“Bag. There’s hand cream in there.”

Yunho hitches Jaejoong up further, carrying him effortlessly towards the breakfast table where Changmin’s diaper bag is sitting. He rummages in it and pulls out a tube of L’Occitane Lavender handcream. He looks at the tube and back at the laughing eyes of his wife.

“I’m getting deja vu.”

“It’s not roses this time.”

“Lavender is not much better, Jae.”

“Mmmmm, I’m back to Jae am I… daddy?”

“Jae… god, that sounds absolutely wrong, yet deliciously so when it comes from you.”

“Yes… daddy.” Jaejoong purrs, rocking against Yunho’s belly, making the older man groan as he hurries back to the counter.

He drops Jaejoong onto it, pulling the younger man’s arms from around his neck and pulls off his pants roughly. His wife starts giggling again when his bare ass meets the cold surface of the table, squirming and wriggling around very cutely, making him look far younger than his 24 years, and Yunho is once again transported to a time not long ago, when his new wife was an eager teenager, always horny, always insatiable. Admittedly, not much has changed, apart from the fact that their five children do a rather good job of cockblocking the both of them at the worst of times. Well, not this afternoon.

Yunho pulls of his own pants, his cock springing free, and Jaejoong’s hands immediately reach for it. He grabs him though, pulling his tied hands up till they’re stretched up over his head as he pulls their bodies flush together. He kisses that beautiful pout, rubbing and frotting their cocks together as he dips his head for another taste of those cherry red lips. A low whine escapes Jaejoong’s throat, moaning and whimpering into Yunho’s mouth as he tries to scoot closer, to get more friction. Their cocks are rubbing together, each contact a tantalising tease of what is yet to come.

His mouth leaves his wife’s as he trails kisses down his pale body, licking at a sharp collarbone, sinking his teeth briefly into it and reveling in the drawn out moan that reverberates from Jaejoong’s chest, before moving on, wet kisses all down his upper body till he reaches that familiar metal stud. He licks delicately at the painfully hard nipple, puckered so much that he can feel the ridges around the tight nub. He swipes his tongue teasingly against it, till he feels Jaejoong’s hands once again loop around his neck and pulling him close. He refuses to open his mouth though, pursed lips against the cold metal, making Jaejoong whine and scrabble, trying to angle his head against that needy pink tip.

Yunho moves his mouth towards the middle of Jaejoong’s chest, the younger man protesting, eyes half lidded as he stares down at him.

“What do you want?”

He doesn’t get an answer, Jaejoong simply tightening his arms and legs around his body, once again trying to coax him back to his nipple.

“Mmmmm…naughty…what do you want? I want to hear it from you.”

Jaejoong leans back, arching so that his body is still in contact with Yunho’s mouth, hands still locked tightly around his neck.

“Daddy…please…lick me. Suck me, please oh daddy, please…”

Yunho’s cock jumps at the throaty words. Jaejoong’s voice is low, husky, breathy moans as his breath coming out in tiny hitching gasps. He loves the way Jaejoong unravels under his touch. It doesn’t take much at all to turn the younger man on, and his body becomes an absolute feast of heightened nerve endings, a simple touch can send him spiralling towards release. After almost five years of marriage, he knows his wife’s body well indeed.

He drops his lips just shy of the puckered nub, licking around it. He does it several times, just licking around, but not actually latching on, blowing hot breath across the wet skin, till Jaejoong is a writhing and moaning mess, his hands fisted in his hair now, his mouth spilling out naughty demanding words.

“So beautiful…”

“Daddy…bad. You’re so bad. Please…”

Yunho groans, the name used by his children sounding absolutely sinful coming from Jaejoong, and he relents, wrapping his wet mouth around the straining nipple, teeth clinking against the piercing and he pulls, licking and sucking hard. Jaejoong arches off the table, screaming at the contact, his cock leaking profusely and wetting the both of them as he rubs insistently and urgently. Yunho grazes his teeth against that sensitive skin, the metal between his teeth as he tugs, and Jaejoong presses further into his mouth, wanting more contact, moaning and writhing.

Jaejoong is pulling at his restraints now, wanting to touch Yunho, but he cannot, and it is driving him crazy. His body is like a tightly coiled spring, ready to explode, but it is just out of reach. His senses are through the roof, every touch sends curls of pleasure rocking through him, pooling in his groin, but it is not enough. His eyes are clenched shut, and he can feel Yunho give his other nipple the same amount of attention, driving him almost mad, and then he moves off, trailing his hot mouth further down his body, dipping teasingly into his belly button, flicking at the jeweled barbell in it. Jaejoong keeps his piercings in despite his pregnancies because he knows how hot it makes his husband, and today is no different as he feels Yunho groan against his belly, the sound vibrating across his skin, making his balls tighten almost painfully. He knows he is very close, maybe too close to coming, and so he pulls a foot round, pushing hard at Yunho’s thigh, silently telling the man to back off a little.

Yunho straightens, once again pulling Jaejoong’s arms from around his neck as he looks for the tube of hand cream. Jaejoong’s cock is so wet, that it leaves strings of precum connected between his belly, to his cock, and then to Yunho’s chest. He wants to dip his head for a taste, but one look up at Jaejoong’s face and he knows he probably cannot. They haven’t had sex in almost a week thanks to their children, and both of them are feeling a little desperate right not to finish. His own cock is weeping, and he actually thinks the slick liquid might be enough lubricant on its own, but he doesn’t want to hurt Jaejoong.

He finds the handcream, slicking up two fingers quickly, and finding Jaejoong’s entrance between their bodies. Jaejoong’s ass is once again half dangling off the counter, his legs tight around Yunho’s waist, keeping him in place. He slips his fingers in, moaning at the heat and the tightness. His wife is so fucking tight, he can barely move his fingers.

Jaejoong clenches hard around Yunho’s long slim fingers, loving the feeling of being penetrated. He can feel him pushing in, and instead of relaxing to allow easier passage, he flexes his muscles and tightens, wanting to feel every single bit of his husband. Yet again, he loops his tied wrists around Yunho’s neck, tugging the man’s head upwards and coaxing it back towards his mouth, and he kisses him fiercely even as he rocks against his hand.

“So tight…” Yunho whispers in between kisses.

“Made for you.”

“Naughty…so naughty.”

“Just for you…”

Yunho scissors his fingers one last time in the tight passage before pulling them out. His wife whines loudly at the loss, as he quickly slicks up his cock. The smell of lavender is very strong between them, almost intoxicating. He associates the smell with Jaejoong though so it’s ok. He lines up their bodies, pushing the tip gently within Jaejoong’s resisting body, but his wife is having none of it as he slips off the counter top completely, arms wrapped around his neck, dropping his body even as he tightens his legs, forcing Yunho’s cock up and into his waiting body.

Jaejoong’s penchance for slightly rough sex has not diminished, and twin moans echo around the large kitchen as their bodies adjust. Yunho presses his mouth against Jaejoong’s as he lifts his ass away slightly, pulling out and then pushing in again. After a few long strokes, he finds a tempo that suits the both of them, bouncing Jaejoong against the granite island. Their mouths are fused together, hot words flowing between them as Yunho pounds into Jaejoong’s pliant body.

“Naughty… you’re so fucking naughty.”

“Mmmmm…your naughty mama.”

“All mine. All fucking mine. Fuck you’re tight.”

“Daddy, fuck me. Harder, baby.”

“Your mouth, fuck. Naughty. So fucking naughty.”

The obscene sound of skin slapping against skin bounce around the large space. A room usually filled with the sound of laughing children is now filled with grunts and moans, and dirty dirty words between two men renewing their bond in the most base way possible.

An unbroken litany falls from Jaejoong’s mouth as he gets closer to orgasm, bound hands tight around Yunho’s neck, lips buried against his throat as he bounces on his husband’s cock, half riding, half being ridden.

“Oh fuck me, daddy. Harder, harder, harder.”

Yunho’s own mouth is pressed against Jaejoong’s temple, eyes clenched shut, sweat dripping down his back as he concentrates on getting them to the end point. His breath is harsh, his own words a jumble, his wife’s words are an aphrodisiac to his ears. His thrusts speed up, their bodies rubbing against Jaejoong’s cock between them as he feels the younger man’s walls tighten, clamping down hard.

Jaejoong bites hard against Yunho’s throat, muffling his shout as he comes hard between their bodies.

Yunho keeps pumping into his clenching body, milking his orgasm, pushing Jaejoong continuously over the edge, as he finally comes, grunting his wife’s name over and over into his hair as his body pulses into his tight passage.

It is a long minute, the only sounds in the kitchen is their heavy panting as they come down from their high, before either move. Yunho doesn’t leave Jaejoong’s body, content where he is as he lays his wife gently back onto the kitchen counter.

“My hands hurt.”

“I’m sorry, baby.”

“Not baby. Naughty mama.”

“Brat. Are you feeling better now?”

“Mmmmm… ask me again in a few minutes. I think I can go again.”

Jaejoong clenches around Yunho’s still hard cock to emphasise his point, making the older man chuckle, as he presses an affectionate kiss to his nose.

“Insatiable minx. Isn’t Jiyool coming home soon?”

Jaejoong makes a noncommittal sound as his eyes slip shut, sated and content. But then he remembers where he is and his eyes fly open, staring at Yunho, expression faintly horrified.

“Damn! My kitchen.”

“Shouldn’t you be saying, damn, our kids?”

“Well, they do sleep in our bed.”

“Good point.”

AN: *COUGH* So I was lamenting on Twitter that I’d lost my smut muse…and my Tumblr followers decided to come to my rescue… and in the middle of writing this, Nicole (my twin) and Eryn (my blood sister) decide to skype me about a whale fic they want me to write involving a missing dead whale and Yunho the sexy zookeeper detective and Jaejoong being some bisexual high schooler who wants to find the dead whale to win a bet of $20 from his friends if he nails it. CAN YOU SEE WHAT I HAD TO GO THROUGH TO GET THIS FIC OUT TO YOU? Please appreciate it. I was dying. Btw, the whale’s name is NAIL THE WHALE… and somehow, they think I can make this fic work. UM NO. Even though they said I’m like Hemingway writing for the National Enquirer… the answer is still no. NO NO NO. And if I do somehow write this? Feel free to lynch me…

Nicole and Eryn, ILU two but… jfc……… this was hard to write especially with that whale fic dancing around in my head plus the horrid rumour about Min acgae fans or whatever black oceaning Yunho. I was definitely ready to shank someone. But I managed to calm down lol.

Lord help me, what have I done here? Because I have no idea… //slinks away in shame//

Naughty mama… Daddy… ODG. WHAT HAVE I DONE? *O*

Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, nc17, pairing:yunjae

  • The Dragons [2/2]

    Title: The Dragons Pairing: YunJae + YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Twoshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s) Disclaimer: I don't own…

  • The Dragons [1/2]

    Title: The Dragons Pairing: YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Twoshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s) Disclaimer: I don't own anything…

  • The Moll [1/1]

    Title: The Moll Pairing: YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Oneshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart…

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  • The Dragons [2/2]

    Title: The Dragons Pairing: YunJae + YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Twoshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s) Disclaimer: I don't own…

  • The Dragons [1/2]

    Title: The Dragons Pairing: YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Twoshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s) Disclaimer: I don't own anything…

  • The Moll [1/1]

    Title: The Moll Pairing: YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Oneshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart…