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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Naughty Mama
Title: Sleeping Beauty one-shot: Naughty Mama
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: One-shot
Genre: Smut, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

AN: Ok giving up calling them drabbles… This is over 5,000 words. No way I can call this a drabble OTL

Naughty MamaCollapse )

damn that was hot! minnie ball? XD

you've done great, girl.... I love this Naughty Mama... My baby boy, Micky, ignored me once, when he got his immunes shots on his 18 months. But kids will be kids, he was good to me again when he needed a nap.... Hahahaha..... Just hope my baby girl won't get mad at me......

Oh the connotations haha. Poor YunJae though being cockblocked for a week by their own children xD.

And Jae's reaction was rather slow wasn't it? xD His poor kitchen has been tainted! And his children would definitely be the first people on his mind after that. /nodnod

Jae is forever precious in this ♥. And Yunho forever adored ♥. I applaud Jaejoong though for taking Changmin's tantrums and screaming without losing his cool. A perfect Mama indeed.

Oh my gosh.. how could a very cute "naughty mama" from uri Minnie ball become a veryyyyy naughtyyy words when it came from our horny couple??? LOL daebakkk hahaha ha yunjae Will always be pervy, like me... Hihihihihi
Another great job authorshi hehehe *hugss

I love this pair of naughty Mama and Daddy ^.~ Thank you so much for keeping the Sleeping Beauty's drabbble/ off shots coming♥

I love this one shot...
its too lovely~~ and i love it~~

LAWL!!! This was soo awesome! I loved it!!!

Jshxbsiwidjdjwjishxhsjshx holy mother of god jae said daddy and naughty mama, he should be illegal D8<
Seeing this yunjae family makes me wanna have my own family and kids too :3
Thanks for sharing this <3

You never added me, bb .___.??

And lolz. This fic is such a slice of life for me >.<
My son acts like Minnie

And... I call my husband "daddy" in bed and he calls me "mama"
Omg did u video tape us!!!!!??? XD

Keep it up ^_^ /showers u with confetti/

Was I supposed to add you? I don't add people since my fics are public and I didn't see the need for it. Did you want me to add you for a particular reason? You are more than welcome to friend me.

LOL I sure hope I didn't videotape you. I figure a lot of couples actually do this, though the idea of my parents doing this is making my skin crawl lmaooo! YunJae are the sexiest parents in the whole wide world... XD

Btw, first chapter of that Nurse fic will be up when I finish SB. I've written most of the first chapter but I really think I should finish SB first lol. Hope that's ok.

lucky jae to have his hubby to kiss everything better.. :)

if my son tells me to go, i'll be fairly upset too .. ==
mybe silent treatment for a day or two ;_;

smex! kitchen smex!! >

oh my God!... i don't know what to say... ha ha ha ... from cooing and pacifying their son to a HOT scene in one story... a bit dizzy...

I was sad for jae and tgen it turned NAUGHTY and you made me laugh again XD

Oh a lil devil minnie..yet at the same time was so really damn cute >.<, the minnie I know never refuse foods! This is the hottest yunjae fic I've ever read! Damn...I think someone should translate it to hangul and send this fic to Yunho and Jaejoong to read hahaha. You're good making NC like this, keep writing! I should add you, would u please add me back? Thanks for sharing. Ohohohoho~

Naughty mama and daddy just went to another level.

They should be well happy that they had changmin the one that follows his own routine on that day.

Yunho came home early or are they on the top floor of the Jung building?

After so many years they are still going strong.

Lol. Why is changmin still referring himself as a Minnie ball? I wonder how he would react to this when he's older. XD