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All skin and no shame

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Would you be interested in a Choose Your Own Adventure type fic?

What the fuck is that?
Stop procrastinating and finish your on-going fics!
You're crazy

So I was kinda toying with the idea of a Choose Your Own Adventure fic where the readers get to choose what happens next. I'll write the first chapter and give options as to what happens next and readers vote on it. I was thinking maybe an update every 7-10 days... each subsequent chapter will be voted on by the readers and then we just see where it goes. Dunno why it popped into my head randomly but this is what happens when i'm just doing nothing and lazing around XD

Am I nuts? LOL

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Interesting and refreshing concept...I like it...so why not try it. But for your first..just do a short chartered story...like 5 chapters max to see how it goes with the readers.

I kinda like the idea. BUT at the sometime I don't want you to go crazy once you start getting all the suggestions we have.

The first fandom I was ever a part of was a predominantly CYOA fandom, but it involved putting the reader into fics. XD I always wanted to write one, but I was rather intimidated since I was, like, 11? 12? OTL

It's a really good idea, and would be awesome for writer/reader interaction. :D I fully support you all the way :D

I have really fond memories of TSR's Dungeons and Dragons choose your own adventure books. I have such fond memories that I got on Amazon and bought five of them used(they're loooooong out of print)and they weren't nearly as cool as I remember them being when I was like 9 :/ Perhaps it was because I was reading books that were initially written for tween to teens or it may just been that I'd read them all many years ago.

Anyway, I like the concept and the way you're thinking of doing it sounds totally doable. If you tried to write them like the books I'm talking about, you might actually make yourself crazy and we don't want that. You'd seriously have to finish the whole story and make links to different options and it's making my head hurt just thinking about the logistics of the links.

Hahaha, i don't think you are nuts. You are very nice and diplomatic to consider this idea of readers choosing how the story goes actually. It's a refreshing idea.

It's going to be a one-of-a-kind fic. BUT, do you think the readers will be able to take a decision that is good for the storyline? Like in SB how many readers will vote for you to take them down the horrifying events that took place, especially after the giddy fluff in the start? Knowing the angst made the story memorable as a whole. Just athought :)

uhm..i do think it's a good idea but...i dont know, i prefer reading fanfics where the writer is the only one who knows what's gonna happen next and the one who chooses the story line ^^

I like the idea but YOU'RE CRAZY.

Never heard of that type of writing but it sounds interesting so I'm up for it ^^

it's thrilling me... i suppose it will be quite interesting ;D

Sounds interesting. I kind of had something like that in mind, meaning: I haven't seen that type of writing for fics yet and wondering when will someone do that? I thought how some stories, there's got to be more than just one type of ending and the story doesn't feel right with just this one ending or option. But it can give you a headache just thinking of it all. Don't push yourself!!

If you do, I'll look forward to it. :)

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