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Drabble: 5 = 1

Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: 5 = 1

AN: Alright so this is a follow-up drabble to Naughty Mama but you don’t have to read that if you don’t want to as this can definitely be read as a stand-alone. This is going to be my LAST drabble because I really need to finish chapter 20 omg.

Jaejoong stretches out on the bed, arching slightly as his body pops with the unnatural elongation. The man is very flexible, though at first glance you wouldn’t think so. His shoulders are broad, though not as broad as his husband’s. He is also lightly muscled, a six pack evident despite the three pregnancies. His waist is narrow, almost girlish, as are his slim pale legs. He is a juxtaposition; a stunning face that is almost unreal in its beauty, soft pale skin, with a body that is hard, strong, all angular dips and planes that only his husband knows the depth of.

He moans happily, luxuriating in the soft, thousand thread count Egyptian cotton sheets caressing his skin. His body is aching deliciously from the rather thorough lovemaking earlier that afternoon; a quickie in the kitchen, followed by a longer session in the bedroom after a phone call to one of his sisters to pick up Jiyool. Yunho is a patient lover, maybe even too patient sometimes, able to continuously take Jaejoong to the brink and beyond of orgasm without sating himself. By the end of the two hours, Jaejoong is nothing more than a limp noodle, drenched in sweat and extremely satisfied. His husband, used to taking charge of the children when Jaejoong has to go to school, lets him have the rest of the afternoon off to soak his aches away in the tub in the master bathroom. He only emerges to make dinner, all the children oddly subdued. Jaejoong thinks nothing of it, secretly relieved because after Changmin’s tantrum that morning, a quiet evening is extremely welcome.

He turns to look at the time, surprised that it is only a little after nine. He is more than ready for bed. They had put all the children down over an hour ago, Jiyool with the latest bedtime at 8pm, Changmin the earliest at 7pm. Yunho is in the shower, and judging from his laptop and the pile of paperwork sitting atop it on his side of the bed, he is probably planning on working before going to bed. Jaejoong can’t complain though. The man had come home early from work specifically to taste my wife as he put it, a line so cheesy it made Jaejoong laugh for a good minute.

He turns the bedside lamp on his side off just as Yunho emerges from the bathroom, towel slung low on his hips, drying his hair. Jaejoong feels a tug of desire, but he smothers it, because even if he wants to go again, he knows he won’t be able to walk tomorrow if he gives in and he cannot do that because it is Saturday, and he promised to take the children to the park. Though really, with the thunderstorm raging outside, he has a feeling they might be spending the day in the mall or something instead. He raises himself up on his elbows and watches Yunho head into their closet, the man dropping his towel just before he enters, giving Jaejoong a tantalising glimpse of his ass. He knows his husband is aware of his perving because the older man chuckles and flexes his butt just before he disappears into the depth of their massive closet. Jaejoong lies back down, grinning happily at the ceiling, wondering how he got so lucky.

He is pulled from his musings by a loud thump against the door leading to the nursery. He sits up immediately, turning to grab the video monitor to Changmin’s room and is horrified to see that the cot is empty. He is about to slip out of bed when Yunho comes rushing out of the closet, clad in loose drawstring lounging pants, heading straight for the door. When he opens it, a sleepy Changmin comes tumbling into the room.


The toddler must have been leaning against the door, because he comes flying inwards when Yunho opens it, rolling head over heels, coming to a stop with a stunned look on his face.


Yunho scoops up the baby off the floor, who starts to cry, rubbing his eyes and calling for Jaejoong.

This is the very same baby who had almost driven Jaejoong mad that morning. The baby who had spent pretty much the entire time after his nap studiously ignoring his mama, and who had spent his dinner being fed by Yunho because he refused to be fed by Jaejoong. And this little ball of sulk is now calling for his mama.

Yunho sends a questioning look to Jaejoong as he bounces his son in his arms, trying to soothe him. He knows his wife is still a little hurt. Their son has spent the entire day in a pouty sulk, and Jaejoong is the target. His older siblings notice, and at JJ’s instigation which Yunho overhears, all the children put on their best behaviour so as not to aggravate their mama since their baby brother is doing such a wonderful job of it all on his own.

“Mama! Mama!”

“So he’s feeling guilty huh?”

“I think he’s too young for that.”

Jaejoong scoffs quietly at Yunho’s response. “Please, that boy spends almost all his time with me and he has barely acknowledged my existence today. I’m sure he can feel the difference.”

“Do you want him then?”

“Unlike the little monster, I don’t hold a grudge. Come here.”

Jaejoong opens his arms and Yunho drops the wailing baby into them. Changmin immediately snuggles against Jaejoong’s throat, a litany of broken “Mama”s coming from his mouth in between sobs.

“Hush, baby boy. Mama loves you.”

Jaejoong starts rocking back and forth, a hand patting the baby’s bottom and the other hand carding through his hair. Changmin’s temple is sweaty and Jaejoong wipes at it, kissing away the salty drops as he whispers soothingly to the upset boy. After a few minutes, his cries subside, whimpering quietly.

By now Yunho has slipped into his side of the bed, his work forgotten as he watches his wife and child. However as he watches, the silence is once again interrupted by a loud thump on the door. This time it is the main door to their bedroom. He exchanges a quick glance with Jaejoong who shrugs, still kissing and rocking Changmin.

He gets out of bed, and in the time it takes him to reach the door, there are a couple more thumps. He opens the door carefully this time, unsurprised to find his other four children on the other side. Jiyool is in front with JJ next to her, one twin each clinging to their backs. He opens the door wide, and with a nod to Jiyool, all four scramble towards the bed.

Jiyool climbs up first, helping JJ after her, and together with her sister, pull up each of the twins one at a time.

“What brings you lot here?”

Jiyool sits in the middle of the bed, looking at her mama and her brother, hugging her knees to her chest as her siblings all crowd around her. JJ sits behind her, plastering herself to her older sister’s back while Yoochun and Junsu, who are both sniffling quietly, eyes full of unshed tears, hug each other as they sit at her feet.

“Yoochun had a nightmare that you gave Changmin away because he’s so naughty. Junsu woke up to him crying in his sleep and came to get me. JJ woke up then and thought maybe we should ask you.”

“Ask me what, baby girl?”

“Are you going to give him away? I know he’s been awful today…”

Jaejoong shakes his head, dropping a now quiet Changmin into his lap. He looks over the heads of his children to his husband who is back on his side of the bed, seeing his concern mirrored in the other man’s eyes.

“Of course not. I could never give any of you away. Don’t ever think about that. Five of you make up one whole.”

“Even if we’re naughty?” Junsu’s voice is a tiny muffled squeak, his mouth hidden behind his brother’s shoulder as his tear drop eyes, an exaggerated version of Jaejoong’s own eyes, look at his mama.

“Yes, my angel. Even when you are naughty.”

“Though that doesn’t mean you should always be naughty,” Yunho interrupts quickly. Six pairs of eyes turn towards him, one pair belonging to his wife who is shaking his head at him. Yunho decides then to just let Jaejoong deal with this.

“Five of you make one. Remember that. With one part missing, you are not complete.”

“Does this mean we will always be together?” Yoochun’s voice is shaky, but he no longer looks like he’s about to cry.

“You will probably want to be away when you are older, but it means that no matter how far you go, all of you are connected. You will always come back to make the one.”

“Five equals one.”

“Yes, Jiyoolie. In this case, five does indeed equal one.”

“Five equals one,” the younger three echo their older sister.

“Five…is one,” a babyish voice adds, causing everyone to chuckle, making the baby laugh.

Jaejoong squeezes the young brat to his chest, kissing the top of his head. “Yes my love, five is one.” He glances over at Yunho who is smiling softly at him, making him feel warm inside. He looks at his wide-eyed children, and he knows his words are true.

Five equals one.

AN: Wow so I managed to make myself emoshinki… what the hell?

Tags: drabble, fic:sleeping beauty, pg

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