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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: 5 = 1
Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: 5 = 1

AN: Alright so this is a follow-up drabble to Naughty Mama but you don’t have to read that if you don’t want to as this can definitely be read as a stand-alone. This is going to be my LAST drabble because I really need to finish chapter 20 omg.

Five equals oneCollapse )

all the drabbles are lovely, but the most emotionally touch me is this one... lovely so lovely!!!!

uuuuurrrrrggggg.... i wanna bite! each one of them.. *w*

You made Jaejoong sound like absolute perfection at the start. Wait a min. He is.

Omg! Changmin rolling in. Perfect. lol.

Aw, such a sweet ending to the drabbles :)

;A; 5 = 1 waaaaaaaeeeeeeeee?!!!

ahh...reminds me of when tvxq still five...they might be never comeback as five..but please let yunjae married for real, dear God XD. You make me all emoshinki now I want them back! Well, the truth is,,I want yunjae back! wkwkw. Thanks for sharing <3

It's so cute how they tumble in one by one. From the youngest to the oldest.

Lol. Changmin literally rolling in was damn funny. XDD

I had an inkling five is one referred to dbsk. Still glad that that can happen anytime.

/five equals one/ wow okay UGLY SOBBING *emoshinki*
BUT the kids all intruding their parents' room was so ADORABLE

MY POOR OT5 HEART *sobs a very large, long river* DX
Way to put me into waterworks with the last bit...*le sigh*

awwwww baby min is guilty and he's cuteeeeeeee
so fluffy ...
all of then in the bed give me so much feeeels..

Five equals one.


made me emoshinki too but srsly their kids are just so adorbz I really want to have kids like them.
A family of my own, like this. *sighs*

Family stories like this are just so wonderful I can't help but tear up a bit~

GAHHHH! So bittersweet T.T
Baby Changmin sure is a brat, but he still needs his mama :)
Thank you for sharing~^^

They're such a loving family!!!!!

Ps. I really hope that one day five will become one once again... Really really hoping for it!!!!!

Emoshinki it is! I got emotional too and my eyes are very much wet.
They are all so sweet... And the Minnie!genious with his Five... is one is the cherry on top of the Jungs cake. :)

Seeing Jae for the first in a friend's forum signature was an absolute mindfuck for me cause with his body and then that face like HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? (His mom probably sacrificed goats or sth)

I had to skip on the previous fic because I'm sitting in the living room with my auntie and though crying in front of the laptop is nothing she hasn't seen before, being all hot and bothered will be a definite shocker but I'm guessing Changmin did something nasty to Jae? Kicking him away or sth? BUT HERE IT IS THE OT5. OMG FIVE EQUALS ONE IN MY HEART FOREVER. Fak da polis.