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Sleeping Beauty [20a/20]

Title: Sleeping Beauty (20a/20)
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

AN1: This is the end folks… You can find the drabbles and oneshots for this ‘verse here

AN2: Unbeta-ed and I haven’t re-read it because if I do, it will delay posting even more than it already has because I really don’t want to let it go so yeah. Please be kind in relation to mistakes.


“You want a hot chocolate?”

“How did you know?”

“I can tell by the quality of your whine.”

Jaejoong chuckles at the epic pout the older man sends him, bursting into all out giggles when he notices their baby girl looking back and forth them and then mimicking her father. The two Jungs are now sending identical cupid bow pouts in his direction, and who is he to resist? He puts the kettle on, and then walks around the large granite island in the middle of his parents’ kitchen to his family, and sits squarely in Yunho’s lap, kissing that delectable mouth, before turning to Jiyool who is still pouting. He reaches out and strokes her smooth cheek gently with the back of his finger, the caress is so delicate that it tickles the baby, and she breaks into a grin, snatching his finger and promptly chomping down on the tip.

“Owww! Little miss, you have teeth now!”

The pouting Jungs now turn into the laughing Jungs as father and daughter both start laughing at Jaejoong’s exclamation. Jiyool thinks it is a game, and so her grip tightens around his finger and she chomps down again, her mouth in a wide grin as the little hints of teeth make their presence felt, causing Jaejoong to squeak, and her father to laugh again.

Into this loving atmosphere walks his oldest sister, rifling through her briefcase, a smile playing about her lips as she watches her baby brother and his little family. She has been told enough to know that they no longer have anything to worry about regarding what the Chois might have over Yunho. She is still in two minds about the direction Yunho wants to go with this, feeling that all his machinations and meticulous planning around bringing about the downfall of the Chois is a bit of an overkill for a simple custody battle that the maternal grandparents had no hope of winning anyway. But everything has been done absolutely above board, with nothing Yunho has orchestrated being the slightest bit illegal. It is through the Chois own mismanagement that will be their doom, and Yunho is doing nothing but hastening the inevitable, and so she lets it go. She senses there is a lot more going on, but she is here to deal with a potential court battle for Jiyool and nothing else. After the meeting yesterday with Jaejoong present, she knows that whatever it is, has her baby brother’s full support and she has never had any reason to question him. In all honesty, seeing the Chois fall is no big loss for society in general, and she is still filled with disgust at dealing with the couple because it is extremely evident that all they want from Yunho is money, and from what she has ascertained, this is not the first time they have claimed some sort of right over her brother-in-law’s wealth. They have absolutely no interest in Jiyool. She is just a means to their end. Well, they are certainly getting an end alright.

She is startled from her thoughts by the loud whistling kettle on the stove.

“Joongie, can you make me one of whatever it is you’re making Jung?”

“Yah, noona, why do you still call him Jung?”

“It’s an endearment.”


“Yes, indeed. I see him at work, in a work environment, and trust me when I say that people cower in front of the Jung and since I’m his noona now, I don’t find him scary but it’s amusing. And hence, I call him Jung.”

“Yunnie isn’t scary.”

She lets out a sharp bark of laughter, shaking her head at the teenager who is currently spooning generous helpings of hot chocolate powder into two mugs and a baby bottle, his mouth in a pout as he concentrates on what he is doing. It is one of his many endearing qualities, and although she has never thought anyone can possibly deserve Jaejoong, Yunho is doing an excellent job of living up to expectations.

“Not to you maybe. But to the rest of the world, he is plenty scary.”

She settles in on Jiyool’s other side, correctly guessing that when Yunho is around, a chair is never going to be required for Jaejoong unless insisted upon by their parents, and their parents are not here. In fact, they are alone in the Kim mansion.

“Is everything ready?”

“I still think you’re pushing things a little far,” she stops, seeing Yunho’s eyes harden, but it is only for a few seconds, his countenance relaxing almost immediately when Jaejoong starts to sing quietly. She looks up and sees her brother staring at Yunho’s profile as he sings, the hot chocolate he is preparing forgotten briefly. His eyes finally turn towards her, meeting her eyes, and he gives her an imperceptible shake of his head, before looking down and continuing with his preparation.

She drops the subject, as the occupants at the table all smile when Jiyool grabs the discarded spoon from her breakfast earlier and starts banging it on the table of her high chair, bellowing for her father again. Every time Jaejoong sings this song, Jiyool starts calling for Yunho, and she has to assume there is a positive association there, especially since it seems to calm Yunho as well.

No further words are exchanged as they sit and watch the pretty baby waving her spoon excitedly in the early morning sunlight, while Jaejoong continues to hum and sing as he makes their drinks.

In a couple of minutes, there are three steaming mugs of hot chocolate on the table, and a lukewarm bottle of chocolate milk for Jiyool. She watches as Jaejoong unbuckles Jiyool from her seat, carrying her as he sits sideways in Yunho’s lap. She cannot help but chuckle as Yunho grunts, rearranging her brother and baby on his lap. Jaejoong turns a questioning gaze towards her but she just shrugs him off, as he moves Jiyool into Yunho’s free arm. They both rearrange the baby girl so that she is lying comfortably, her head resting in the crook of Yunho’s arm, her body resting across Jaejoong’s lap as he pops her bottle into her mouth. With Yunho’s arms and lap full, Jaejoong uses his free hand to hold Yunho’s mug of chocolate for him, a fond smile on his face as his husband takes sips of the warm drink.

“Your baby girl really needs to learn how to hold her own bottle.”

“Oh she knows, but I don’t feel like letting her. She’s growing so fast. She has teeth now!”

“Joongie…all kids will have teeth and grow up eventually. Even you cannot stop time.”

And here comes the pout. She shakes her head, laughing at the teenager whose mouth is a perfect moue of discontent as he glares at her. She will not put it past him to throw a mini tantrum though, despite his age, because he has a very indulgent husband who would move the world for him. She has absolutely no doubt that if Yunho could, he would probably stop time for Jaejoong. She figures she should probably distract him before he starts to flail.

“Are you all set for this morning?”

Jaejoong simply wrinkles his nose in reply, refusing to answer as he takes a sip of their shared hot chocolate. Jiyool is playing with his fingers, tugging at his wedding ring as she sucks down her milky morning treat. Jaejoong rarely lets her have anything too sweet, but today is special and so she’s benefiting.

Yunho watches his wife, trying to suppress a chuckle. He wants nothing more than to kiss that pout into submission, but they have a full morning and afternoon ahead of them, and he cannot indulge just yet. He looks up and catches their sister’s eye and replies for Jaejoong.

“Everyone who is helping are already at the apartment supervising the moving. They probably won’t get to the house for another hour so Jae will meet them there with Jiyool. Do you think we’ll be able to wrap up this meeting by noon? The furniture is supposed to arrive then and I don’t want Jaejoong doing that by himself.”

“Half the family will be there. He won’t be alone.”

“I know—“

“—but it’s not the same, I know how you feel.” She interrupts, smiling gently. “It’s a good thing they called to ask for an earlier meeting. I think we can wrap it up within a couple of hours so we should be done by 11:30am. Though it’s strange. Why do you think they asked for an earlier meeting? Do they think they’d catch us unprepared or something?”

“Who knows? I choose not to think about their motives, simply assuming the worst and going with it. I’m never disappointed.”

Yunho’s words are cold, and Jaejoong ducks his face to nuzzle against his ear, whispering something that she cannot make out. Her eyes drop to Jiyool, and the baby is staring wide-eyed up at her parents, mouth working industriously over the teat but otherwise she is unperturbed by the sudden drop in temperature in the room.

Jaejoong still has his mouth against Yunho’s ear when the older man speaks again.

“We should probably head out soon. I need to check on a couple of things before the meeting.” He turns and catches Jaejoong full on the mouth, kissing the teenager, whispering against his mouth. “I love you.”

“Oh to be newlyweds again.”

She chuckles as Jaejoong turns pink, Yunho doesn’t even bat an eyelid, but his mouth forms a wry smile.

“Let Jiyool finish her bottle first.” Jaejoong suggests.

Yunho looks down into familiar almond eyes staring right back up at him. Jiyool breaks into a wide smile, grinning around the rubber nipple in her mouth from getting her father’s attention. She lets go of Jaejoong’s fingers and reaches up, trying to touch her father, who complies to the silent request, bending his head and letting her clutch at his nose.

He winces slightly as her nails dig into him. “Jae, you need to cut her nails.”

“Oh yeah, I meant to do it yesterday because she scratched me too the other night. I’ll do it after this.”

Jiyool finishes her bottle just then, and Jaejoong pops it out of her mouth, placing it on the table, picking her up and giving her to her father to hug before he leaves for the office to make sure that the Chois never get within spitting distance of Jiyool. He downs the rest of Yunho’s hot chocolate, hopping up off his lap and gathering all the dishes from that morning. He can feel his sister’s eyes on him, and his head is ducked. They have not told anyone about the good news yet, wanting to wait till that evening when they will all be having dinner in their new home. He is a little worried about Yunho’s meeting with the Chois, but he trusts his husband and he knows he is in capable hands if his noona will be there too. Yunho has explained his plans in detail and Jaejoong does not try to talk him out of his course of action. He knows the Chois deserve everything of what’s coming to them, but it is he who convinced Yunho of the need to not take it the total extreme, and his husband agreed. He cannot ask more from the man who suffered for over a decade under their hands, whether directly or indirectly.


“Yunnie! The furniture is here! Why is it here so early?”

“I don’t know. Will you be ok?”

“Everyone just arrived as well. The driveway is utter chaos oh my god. Why did we buy so much stuff?”

“Fifteen rooms ring a bell?”

“Why did we buy such a big house!”

“Big? You said it was perfect.”

“It is perfect, but oh my god Yun-ah. There are three freaking gigantic trucks in the driveway and an army of men carrying stuff. I can’t remember where anything goes!” Jaejoong wails, his voice is getting higher in his panic.

“Calm down, Jae. It doesn’t matter where anything else goes. As long as you know what goes into our bedroom, Jiyool’s room, and the living areas will be fine. Tell them to leave the other pieces of furniture wherever you want as long as it is out of the way.

“But then we’ll have to move it and I don’t want you to have to carry stuff when we paid these people to do it.”

“Are you saying I’m not strong enough?” Yunho’s voice is playful, and he smothers a laugh when his sister-in-law rolls her eyes at him.

“Aish! For goodness sake I am trying to panic properly here and there you are being all teasing and smirky.”

“Is smirky even a word?”

“It is now!” Jaejoong starts shouting at someone in the background. He must have put his hand over the receiver because Yunho cannot make it out. He comes back in a minute, out of breath, his voice exasperated yet at the same time, whiny. “Yunnie, I have to go. I don’t want to go. I want to talk to you but they are putting the couch from the playroom into the freaking dining room and I think I need to watch this closely.”

“See? You’ll be alright. I have faith in you.”

“Yunnie-ah,” the teenager’s voice is suddenly serious. “I have faith in you too. Promise to keep our daughter safe. I love you.”

“I promise. I love you too.”

Yunho leans back in his chair as he hangs up. They are sitting at the small board table in his office, and his face is perfectly blank, wiped of all the earlier emotions he showed his wife. However, the more bland his expression, the angrier he really is. It is almost 10am, and the Chois have not turned up. They were the ones who requested the meeting to be changed to 9:30am and for them to be late without explanation is just typical of their arrogance and rude behaviour.

Jaejoong’s oldest sister is seated on his left next to him, perusing an agreement she has drafted. It is a basic, yet ironclad document that once signed, will essentially mean that the Chois will relinquish any custody claims and even visiting rights towards their granddaughter. She can play hardball if necessary, knowing full well that no family court in the country will give the Chois custody over Yunho. While his position may have been slightly tenuous a month ago, what with the scandals and rumour mongering going on, his marriage to Jaejoong and the subsequent endorsement by a majority of the movers and shakers in their elite society is like one of several nails in the Chois’ coffin. In all her verbal negotiations with their lawyer thus far, Jiyool has barely been a topic. It is always about money, about how much Yunho will give for the “visitation rights”, about the funds required for the “maintenance” of Jiyool, about how a trust should be set up in her name with the Chois as trustees till she reaches the age of 25, and so on and so forth. Their lawyer is an incompetent fool, having never practiced in family law before, but from what she’s gathered, the Chois have no choice but to use him because he is on retainer. Their wealth has taken an alarming dip recently, and they are about to find out just how alarming it really is.

The intercom next to Yunho buzzes loudly.

“Sir? They are here.”

“Send them in.”

“Very well.”

Yunho and his lawyer, for that is what she is now, not his sister-in-law, exchange glances. Both are poker faced, and Yunho’s facial expression gives nothing away as he feels her hand on his knee, squeezing it reassuringly for a couple of seconds before letting go, and standing as the Chois and their lawyer sweep into the room in a cloud of self-importance.

Yunho does not budge, simply staring all three newcomers down. He is unsurprised at the sneer that forms around Mr. Choi’s mouth but he returns it with a glacial expression, not intimidated in the slightest.

“No bow, Yunho? How typically rude of you.”

Yunho acts like he doesn’t even hear the man, his eyes are flinty as he looks at his former father-in-law. The man has aged recently, looking a lot more haggard than usual. His wife is no better, her gaze poisonous as she looks at him. Sun Ye was the image of her mother, and time has not been kind to the woman. They say your inner nature will ultimately reflect on your face, and this instance that adage is true. Mrs Choi may have been beautiful, but there is dark pall that taints her features. It is as if the darkness has crept into her face. Although Sun Ye was an aberration of nature, the apple really does not fall far from the tree.

The lawyers may as well have been invisible, as Yunho and the older couple glare at each other. Well, not so much a glare on Yunho’s part. His gaze betrays none of his feelings, giving the Chois nothing, and this infuriates them. Their lack of control over their emotions is a weakness, letting their anger and avarice rule their actions. Two of the deadly sins. Yunho is the exact opposite, fully in command of his emotions, his actions, and his mind. The Chois will pay for their sins.

The three newcomers take their seat on the other side of the table, their lawyer sitting directly opposite Yunho, not giving his sister-in-law the respect she deserves as his legal representative. The Chois sit on his left, making the distance worse. Yunho notices, as does his noona, but neither comment. Let them have their petty and pitiful attempts at power playing.

Jaejoong’s noona opens the discussion, fully aware that her words may be falling on deaf ears. The Chois, Mr. Choi and his lawyer in particular seem to have a great disdain for women in general. Apart from his wife, and probably his deceased daughter, women appear to fall into the seen and not heard category for him. The filth he spewed at both Yunho and herself at the first meeting had her back up instantly, and she knows there is absolutely no way, none at all, that she will let Jiyool come within a bargepole of the man.

“Our negotiations have not been successful so far, and it looks like we may have to take it to court.”

“Hasn’t Yunho-ssi looked over the documents we sent?”

“We have looked them over and they are not acceptable. We—”

“What? Is Yunho too cheap to provide for his daughter?” Mr Choi’s tone is scornful as he rudely interrupts Song Jihyo, Yunho’s lawyer and oldest sister-in-law.

She levels a withering gaze onto the rude man, and then casually dismisses him, turning back to the lawyer. She can practically feel the man’s fury rolling off him in waves. Really, how the Chois function in every day life is a mystery to her. They are accepted in society because of their money and the status that accords them. If it not were for the fact that the upper echelons of society are in each other’s pockets when it comes to business, she reckons the Chois would have been cast out ages ago. She does not know about their daughter’s former hold over part of that very society though.

“We have drafted our own terms.” Jihyo pushes three copies of the document she was perusing earlier over to the lawyer who passes two copies to the Chois. It speaks volumes when all three don’t even bother to look at it. “We expect signed copies to be sent to this office by the end of business on Monday.”

At those words, the lawyer finally looks down at the pages in front of him. He frowns as he reads silently. The Chois however, are far from silent.

“How dare you! We will never relinquish our rights. We deserve the money.”

Yunho’s lips twitch, itching to respond but he does not give in, his features remain impassive as Mr and Mrs Choi start hurling words at him.

“You owe us you bastard. Sun Ye gave you Jiyool. You got what you wanted now give us what is owed to us.”

Jihyo’s expression hardens, as the older couple continue talking. Jiyool’s name is only mentioned once, the Chois far more interested in the potential loss of the funds they imagine they will control with their granddaughter in their custody.

“We will take this to court. See if we don’t, you bastard. ”

At those words, Yunho finally speaks.

“Go ahead.”

Two simple words, but it silences the room in an instant.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Watch me.”

“You filthy bastard.”

“Watch your language. Did you really think I would let you have Jiyool? I’m calling your bluff right now. What exactly is it that you think you have, that will turn the case in your favour? Because right now, I am prepared to do a deal.”

“We’re not going to deal, you fool. You will do exactly as we want. Sun Ye made sure of it.”

“Did she? I doubt it. I knew your daughter, possibly better than you did. She would not have relinquished control. She may have talked to you about it, but she did not give you anything. She liked the power she had over people too much, and that includes you.”

“We will go to the press! Tell them about you, you depraved son of a bitch.”

Yunho chooses the ignore the foul words, a hand on Jihyo’s wrist when she opens her mouth to speak. He can see that she is furious, and struggling to contain it. Her care for him as her brother-in-law is outweighing her role as his lawyer at the moment, and he will not allow her to show weakness in front of these foul people.

“And what proof do you have?”

“Sun Ye told us everything!”

“Sun Ye is dead.”

Mrs Choi surges out of her chair, spitting in his direction. It falls far short, but the sentiment behind it is heard loud and clear by all the occupants in the room.

Their lawyer is horrified, pushing his chair back slightly. He did not sign up for this. He is here because his office told him he has to represent these people. He knows of Jung Yunho, far more familiar with the man’s business dealings than with his family issues, and the man is, in a word, intimidating. He went into this feeling cocky because Yunho had hired some woman to represent him and in his view, women have no place in the legal fraternity. His self-assurance increases when he finds out who she is, because he figures the only reason he hired her is because she is family. Now, however, after reading that document, he is starting to feel a little worried. It takes skill to write something so clear and concise, with no room for maneuvering. He has seen legal agreements of this calibre drafted in acquisition settlements, where the livelihood of hundreds of people are at stake, not for a mere child. He is from the mergers and acquisitions department of his law firm, and someone must have figured getting custody of a child is the same thing. He is finally realising that he is way out of his league here, and wonders if it will reflect on his performance review. This surely isn’t his fault? Why didn’t the Chois hire an actual family lawyer?

The answer to that will come soon enough.

Yunho simply drums his fingers on the table, expression perfectly blank. He turns to face the lawyer who is looking a little unsure of himself, and addresses the unfortunate man.

“Have you read the document?”


“I expect you to talk your clients into the wisdom of signing it.”

“We are not signing that!”

“Oh, yes you will. You don’t have a choice. Since you will find out soon enough, I might as well be the one telling you. As of today, you two are bankrupt. Your company is now my company. I know you two have never had an interest in the business side of things, too busy letting your dead daughter blackmail half your associates. That negligence has cost you.” He turns to the lawyer. “This is why they didn’t hire a proper family lawyer. They’re too cheap to pay for one.” Yunho sits back, as he sees the shock in the older couple’s eyes.

“Everybody, out.”

“But, sir.”

“Get out. This is between me and this bastard. Get out.”

“I’d like to have this on record that I do not approve of this course of action. I register my —“

“Shut the hell up, you goddamn lawyer. Get out.” And as if remembering what has just been said, Mr Choi turns on his lawyer. “And if you say a word about anything you’ve seen or heard today, I promise you will pay.”

“I see some things haven’t changed.”


Yunho’s face is grim, as he turns to Jihyo, offering her what he hopes is a reassuring smile.

“It’s ok, noona. I can deal with this.”

“Do you want me to stay? I can wait outside.”

“It’s ok. There won’t be much to say. I’ll see you at home. I think Joongie needs help with the furniture though so maybe you can help with that.”

“If he’s anything like Umma, he’ll be fine.”

The sound of papers being shuffled and briefcases opening and shutting is the only noise in the room, as Jung Yunho stares down his former parents-in-law. The Chois’ expressions are stony, waiting till the legal representatives leave the room, before exploding in a tirade of vitriol.

Yunho says nothing, sitting back and steepling his fingers. Jaejoong was right. They have nothing and now they are panicking. He lets their filthy words pour over him and past him, like water off a duck’s back. Instead, he spends the time in pleasurable contemplation of debauching his beautiful wife in their new bedroom, who is probably at this very moment directing everyone like a drill sergeant. The furniture had been delivered far earlier than expected and the teenager has his hands full. He lets them go on, keeping an eye on the clock, his patience wearing thin when, after ten minutes, they still show no sign of slowing down. He doesn’t know to what extent they are aware of Sun Ye’s depravity, but he knows for a fact they are aware of her blackmailing, probably still using that knowledge even after her death.


“Oh look, it’s Mr. High-and-Mighty lording it over us again.”

Yunho doesn’t rise to the bait, continuing on, as if he hadn’t been so rudely interrupted.

“I am not interested in whatever it is you have to say. You have nothing.”

“You will pay for this! We have people who will vouch for the things you did to Sun Ye.”

“Seeing as I did nothing to her, I wish you the best of luck with that.”

“She told us she had footage of you hitting her. How are you going to explain that? Wouldn’t your lovely new wife like to know that his husband is a foul wife-beater.”

Yunho simply hums, his expression growing even colder at the mention of Jaejoong.

“She’s dead.”

“What does that have got to do with anything?”


Mr Choi sits back down, finally realising what Yunho is implying. “I’m sure we will find it among her things. She left a lot of stuff.”

Yunho merely shrugs uninterestedly, which only serves to make the couple even angrier.

“Clearly, you have nothing. If you did, you’d be putting it on the table right now. I’m calling your bluff. I think you were under the mistaken impression that your daughter still controls me, even from the grave. She doesn’t. Not anymore. I don’t know if this salient fact has registered in your minds since you two seem to be more interested in trying to blackmail me. You have nothing. Your assets are nil. I’ve left you your home, because unlike your dead daughter, I do have a heart and my current wife is rather persuasive, and would be a little unhappy with me if I left you homeless because his heart is bigger than it should be for the likes of you. But you might want to consider leaving the country because no one here will do business with you. And I’m sure your friends will want absolutely nothing to do with you seeing as how you treated them.”

He pauses as he watches Mr Choi almost turn purple with fury, before saying calmly and coldly, “if anyone even tries to do business with you, I will make sure they know that they will never do business with me or my associates. You know how large my corporation is? My hand reaches very far and wide. You can thank your dead daughter for that. To escape her, I focused on my company, and it was a very good distraction indeed. Remember your project on Jeju Island? Please have your lawyers explain exactly what happened there to you. I promise I will replicate it every single time you try to do anything in this part of the world. Please get out of my office.”

The Chois are practically frothing at the mouth in their rage, screaming and hurling abuse at him. He doesn’t bat an eyelid, simply picking up the phone and calling for security.

“You can either leave quietly, or be thrown out. I’m sure you know who my father-in-law is. His papers would be very happy to publish photographs of the two of you being thrown out of this building.”

“You killed our daughter you fucking bastard.” Mrs Choi is absolutely beside herself.

“You mean I cut off the source of your funding.” Yunho voice is cold and utterly devoid of emotion. Mrs Choi may genuinely care for her daughter, but he no longer gives a damn about the Chois.

“You’ll be hearing from us again. Mark my words, this will not be the last of it.”

“Oh, I’m sure it is because as of right now, you can barely afford to pay your power bill. You might want to consider downsizing. Selling that ostentious home of yours should fetch you enough money to live of for a few years if you manage it well. Didn’t I pay for that monstrosity? I did, didn’t I? Please enjoy it while it lasts. Goodbye.”


Yunho doesn’t bother replying as security arrive, escorting the fuming couple out of his office.

He stares after them, his mind ticking, his brain is playing a million different scenarios, and finally after over twenty minutes of ruminating, he acts. He picks up the phone, dialing a number from memory.

“Han Geng? Are you with my wife?

“Yes, sir. I just dropped him off at the supermarket now.”

“Why is he at the supermarket? Couldn’t he have just ordered lunch?”

“My understanding is that he realised that everyone is moving furniture in the hot sun and he felt bad that he had no cold drinks to offer anyone and so he decided to go to the supermarket.”

“Why didn’t he send someone else?”

“I did not question him, sir.”

“Of course you didn’t…ok that’s fine. Just make sure he isn’t left alone.”

“Are you expecting trouble?”

“I don’t think so. You’re in a public place anyway so it’ll be alright. Just keep an eye on him.”

“Will do, sir.”

Yunho hangs up, staring at the flecks of spit, and the rather bigger glob thanks to Mrs Choi, in the middle of his table. His eyes narrow, and he presses the intercom.


“Please arrange for the board table in my office to be removed and destroyed. I don’t want to see it when I come in on Monday morning.”

“Very well, sir. Shall I organise a replacement as well?”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll get my wife to pick something out.”

“Very good, sir.”

He cuts the connection, and then stands. He moves to gather his things and his jacket, his mind a whirl. He keeps wondering if he could have handled the meeting better. He has no doubt that the Chois will sign the document because while he did leave them the house, it would only be left to them upon signing the agreement. He will tell Jaejoong about that white lie later tonight, or possibly tomorrow. He still thinks his wife is being too kind, but he will not have the teenager any other way, so he will acquiesce on this point, although it is still on his own terms.

The plotting and planning to undermine the Chois’ business has been going on for awhile, even before he pulled the plug on Sun Ye. He had been extremely appalled at how poorly managed and run the company was, even though in reality, it should be running well in the black. They have several lucrative contracts, but they are not making the most out of their resources. Choi Industries was slowly but surely heading into receivership had it not been for Yunho, who started buying up all their credits. The Chois had used their stocks as guarantees for advancement of various loans, basically mortgaging them, and while this is completely unorthodox in reality, it also makes it easier for Yunho to gain the majority share in their company as he purchases all of those stock options from their creditors who were more than pleased to be rid of the promissory notes on the stocks of a failing company. The Chois still hold options, but the amount, based on the current market value of their shares, is pretty much equivalent to the value of their home.

No matter how the Chois look at it, the only thing they will be given is their home. Yunho will not concede on anything else. It is just coincidental that it happens to be the one request from his wife, and the carrot he is dangling in front of the Chois to sign the agreement. Though even without the home as an incentive, Yunho knows they will sign the document regardless because they will not be able to bear the shame. All in all, everything should be tied up on Monday.

He leaves the office, heading to the garage to get his car. He feels like going for a short drive to clear his head before going back to his family. Since Jaejoong is out anyway, it’ll give him some time to focus his thoughts before he returns home.

Chapter 20b

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