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Sleeping Beauty [20b/20]

Title: Sleeping Beauty (20b/20)
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

AN1: This is the end folks… You can find the drabbles and oneshots for this ‘verse here

AN2: Unbeta-ed and I haven’t re-read it because if I do, it will delay posting even more than it already has because I really don’t want to let it go so yeah. Please be kind in relation to mistakes.

Mrs Choi cannot believe her eyes. She elbows her husband who is currently perusing the wine selection, still fuming from earlier. He is handling the bottles roughly, attracting attention from the staff who are watching the couple warily. They are of an older generation, and therefore not as tabloid worthy as Yunho and Jaejoong, and thus, no one recognises them. To the clueless bystander, it is just an angry couple who are on the verge of fulfilling the you break, you pay


“Guess who just walked into the supermarket.”


Mrs Choi’s eyes start to glint with a malicious glee. “You know, I never thought about it that way, but yes, money did just walk in.”

“What the hell are you talking about, woman? Stop speaking in riddles.”

“Jung Jaejoong just walked into the supermarket.”

“The bastard’s new wife?”

“The one and only. He’s alone too, strutting around as if he owns the damn place. Sniveling little prick.”

“Where is he?”


The Chois walk down the aisle, not even bothering to hide their intentions as they make their way towards the unsuspecting teenager who is humming merrily as he walks to the corner of the supermarket where the non-alcoholic drinks are kept. He is pushing an empty shopping cart, skipping even every now again to a song only he can hear in his head.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here.”

Jaejoong turns, the strange inflections in the words being spoken is what draws his attention rather than him thinking that they are addressed to him. He looks around and finds himself alone, with a older couple staring belligerently at him. They look familiar, and he feels like he should know them. Being the sweet boy that he is, he smiles at them, bowing politely and offering a greeting.

Instead of returning his salutation, both of them sneer derisively at him, shocking and confusing the teenager.

“Are you happy playing house with my grandchild with that bastard husband of yours?”

Jaejoong’s confused frown deepens as he feels anger stir within him, masked by an icy cold vestige. He straightens up, shoulders back and head held high as he stares at the Chois off the end of his nose. In the blink of an eye, the smiling, cheerful teenager is transformed into a cold, forbidding man, whose distaste for the couple standing before him is almost palpable. As the patrons of the baby store that he and Yunho had visited all those many weeks ago had witnessed, an angry Jaejoong is definitely not something to be messed with.

“Watch your words.”

“Oh, so the little wife has a spine.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to tell your husband that if he doesn’t give us back what is ours, we will expose him to the world. I’m sure the world would like to know what a charming wife-beater he is.”

Jaejoong takes a step forward, almost bristling with anger as he stands toe to toe with the hideous excuse for a human being that is here before him.

“I am not going to tell you again. Watch your words.”

“Or what? What will you do? I’m not afraid of an entitled teenage brat. You’re just a silly little teenager. There are plenty where you come from.”

“Let’s see,” Jaejoong drawls out his words, pretending to muse, as he fights to contain his anger because to let it take over means to lose control. Yunho taught him that, and it is also from his own observations of the man. Whenever Yunho has lost it, it is because he is either angry or afraid or both. He has to keep his wits about him. “Remember your dead daughter?”

“Don’t you dare mention her. You don’t even deserve to kiss her feet.”

Jaejoong almost laughs at that. Kiss her feet? Are they fucking crazy? “I know a little something about her too.”

“What did your bastard husband tell you? He loved every minute of being married to her. Don’t let him fool you.”

Jaejoong’s patience, already wearing thin thanks to the odious couple, snaps completely. He takes a further step forward, crowding the Chois, forcing them to step back. He doesn’t stop walking though, driving them backwards till they hit a shelf of canned fruit. A lone can gets knocked off, the sound loud but none of the three people in the aisle notice it. The can rolls sedately down the aisle, doing a good impression of perpetuating normalcy despite the extremely tense atmosphere, even as Jaejoong opens his mouth, speaking in a hiss, smiling as he does.

“Your daughter was a monster. You know it and I know it. I don’t know how much you know, but think about this; Lee Soo Man, Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young and Hong Seung Sung. Four names. Do they mean anything to you?”

Both the Chois’ eyes widen in shock, trying to hide their fright. They are more than familiar with the names. They belong to their business associaties. Associates that had stayed with them because of their daughter’s blackmail.

“I see you recognise the names, which means you are more than familiar with your daughter’s choice of recreation.”

“Listen here you wretch—“

“I’m not finished. Don’t you want to know how I know about them?”

“Your bastard hus—“

Jaejoong clicks his tongue disapprovingly, shaking his head, sending the couple a pitying smile as he quickly interrupts Mr Choi, “Watch your mouth because I am just about done with it. Yunho doesn’t even know that I know. I know because your daughter left a trail. A trail of DVDs. A trail of extremely damning DVDs. My husband has told me about his plans for you and I’m sure you now know that you are broke. He did everything legally, ensuring that nothing can get in the way of him crushing you financially. I, on the other hand, am just a silly teenager. A silly teenager whose father owns the largest media empire in East Asia. A silly teenager who is the baby of the family. There is a saying in my family, what Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets and what this silly teenager,” Jaejoong puts strong emphasis on the term, “wants right now, is for you to know that I will make sure the world is made aware of how depraved your daughter was. How depraved you are for letting her run amok the way she did. I will make sure that every single fucking,” he pauses, “please excuse my language, paper and news room shouts this from the rooftops, if you so much as dare to even look at Yunho and Jiyool wrong. If I don’t like the way you look at them, I will end you.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Both Chois are trying not to gape at the teenager smiling down at them. To anyone watching, Jaejoong is simply smiling beatifically, as he gazes down into the eyes of the the older couple. But for someone actually looking into the eyes of the teenager, they will see fire and brimstone within them.

“Don’t I? Do you want to risk that? It’s up to you really.” Jaejoong steps back, breaking eye contact and nonchalantly examining his nails. “I won’t do anything, if you behave. Put one tiny little toe out of line, one mis-step, one word placed wrongly in a sentence, one look in Jiyool’s direction, and this silly teenager will make sure the world knows about your dear darling departed daughter.”

The contrast of the beautiful teenager smiling, and the words coming from his mouth are so stark that the Chois know that he is not playing games. In that moment, Jaejoong reminds them of their daughter. So beautiful, but absolutely lethal.

But they are pushed beyond reason though. Their anger at being thwarted breaking through and consuming them, weakening them. Their fury at being outplayed at their own game by a mere teenager. As is their usual modus operandi, both start hurling verbal abuse at Jaejoong. The teenager merely takes another step back, his face the perfect cold mask, his features haughty, almost disdainful, and this infuriates the couple even more, goading them into recklessness. When an animal is injured, it lashes out, not knowing anything different. The human has intellect to govern their reactions, but in this instance, both the Chois are too far gone to be able to reason their situation out.

Their loud voices are attracting attention, and soon, a small crowd is surrounding the trio. Jaejoong is aware of their audience but the Chois are not, too focused on the teenager and blind in their rage. A familiar figure pushes through the crowd, grabbing Mr Choi by the elbow.

“Bastard! Don’t touch me. Don’t you know who I am?”

The supermarket manager, with uncharacteristic firmness and backbone he never knew he had, retorted, “I know exactly who you are, and I also know who he is.” He nods towards Jaejoong. “You are harassing a valued customer of our shop, and we would not want to lose his patronage. I will have security escort you out.”

“Insolent fool! I’ll have your job for this!”

“No, you won’t.” Jaejoong steps forward in front of the man. “He is just doing his job. And I’m sure my father’s papers will be doing their’s too, reporting on how the Chois are not above bullying people to get through life. I’m sure they will have plenty of eyewitness accounts to fill the front page of the tabloid section.”

Mr. Choi, his face mottled in rage raises a hand as if to strike the teenager, who stands his ground, not flinching in the slightest as he stares the shorter man down. However, before the catastrophic can happen, Mrs. Choi grabs her husband’s arm, knowing that they are lost as she is finally aware of their very tenuous position. They are attracting a huge crowd, and all of them are looking at the couple as if they are worse than the bug underneath their shoes. She drags the furious man away, sending a poisonous glare back at the teenager as the crowd reforms behind them.

Jaejoong exhales shakily, his heart thudding madly. The next few minutes are a cloudy haze of people offering assistance and words of reassurance. Jaejoong barely hears any of it, smiling politely, but only wanting to return home and see his baby and husband.


That was the word screaming in his head as the confrontation went down, giving him the necessary focus he needed and not allowing his anger and fear to take over. He hopes he has done enough.

Outside the supermarket, the Chois are sitting in their car, beyond livid. Mr Choi is screaming into his phone at someone.

“Get here now. I want that foolish brat to regret the day he ever crossed me. I don’t care what the fuck you do to him, just don’t kill him. We can’t ransom a dead body now can we?”

Jaejoong is oblivious to the spur of the moment, and completely half-baked plotting going on outside. He decides to continue with his shopping, seeing that he is already there anyway, and the teenager is nothing if not practical. His pulse has slowed down somewhat, and he is starting to calm down, but he wants his husband. He is now flanked by two helpful security guards, left there by Lee-ssi, the helpful manager. With two extra pairs of hands to assist him in picking out trays of soda for his cart, and a slew of snacks, Jaejoong manages to sneak a call to his husband.


“Yun-ah, can you meet me at the supermarket?”

“Of course. Isn’t Han Geng with you though?”

“Hannie is outside waiting for me, but I want to see you, please?”

Yunho picks up on the strange thread in Jaejoong’s voice, the slight shakiness would have been missed by most people, but this is his wife.

“What happened?”

“The Chois were here.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Stay away from them.”

“With pleasure.”

Yunho hangs up quickly, not wanting his wife to hear his howl of rage as he slams his open palm against his steering wheel. He does an illegal u-turn, tires squealing as he heads back in the direction he had just come from. The Chois will not be getting a single fucking fifty won piece by the time Yunho is through with them. How dare they talk to Jaejoong.

As he drives, Yunho makes a phone call to the local police department, calling in a favour. He knows the Chois have not really done anything, but it helps to make sure that there is absolutely no chance of anything untoward happening to his wife. Once done with that call, he rings Han Geng and tells him to be on alert.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong is done with his purchases, and is currently surrounded by a small group of people, all eager to help him carry his groceries to the car. The two security guards attached to him have already fallen under his easy charm, more than willing to play gofer as they walk ahead with the actual items. The supermarket manager has availed himself to Jaejoong, and they are walking side by side, currently in deep discussion about, what else? The delivery of groceries in a timely manner. Han Geng brings up the rear, half an ear on the conversation, his eyes roaming continuously around the vast car park, body tense and alert, waiting for any sign of trouble.

The little group finally part ways when the groceries are safely deposited into the boot of the car. Jaejoong, a cheerful smile on his face, bowing and expressing his thanks to the three men. Just as he enters the car though, a black van pulls up next to them.

Jaejoong is just about to buckle himself in when Han Geng opens his side door again, face serious, his words clipped.

“Jaejoong-sshi, please stay in the car. No matter what you hear, do not get out of the car. I will lock it. Don’t open the door for anyone, not even me.”

And with those cryptic instructions, he slams the door shut and Jaejoong can hear the lock clicking into place. The windows are heavily tinted, but he can see out reasonably well. What he sees though causes his jaw to drop in shock. Four men spill out of the black van that had pulled up next to the car. Han Geng immediately engages two of them who go on the offensive when they see him. The other two are carrying menacing looking crow bars, and start to hammer at the windows on either side of Jaejoong. To his horror, the glass shatters on the third strike from the man on his left, the other side from where Han Geng is still engaged with now three men! How is this even happening in broad daylight? Are these people insane?

However clearly, the men had not counted on assistance from the general public. Before the man can reach into the car to unlock the door, he is suddenly crash tackled by someone. Jaejoong peers out gingerly, to see one of the security guards from earlier grappling with him on the ground. Everything is happening way too quickly, and Jaejoong is suddenly attacked by a dizzy spell. He bends over, head between his knees as he tries to swallow the urge to vomit. He has no idea how long he is there, but the door on his left is suddenly yanked open and he feels cruel hands pinching and pulling at his body, dragging him out of the car.

Blinking in the bright sunlight, he realises that it is the Chois who have him. Both their faces are so twisted and ugly that it makes Jaejoong sick just looking at them. He bends over to vomit, but is manhandled roughly, someone yanking him by the hair and the pain is making his eyes sting with tears, as he swallows the bile that has raised in his throat. He can vaguely hear sirens in the distance, willing fervently that they are coming for him.

The universe works in very strange ways for this blonde teenager, as unknown to him, these are the police cars sent by his husband. Two squad cars pull into the parking lot, and Jaejoong suddenly feels the hands on him leave, as the Chois dash off, muttering curses and scrambling to get to their car. They were seen though, and as they pull out of the lot to the smell of burning rubber and screeching tires, one of the police cars gives chase.

Out of the four men, two have been knocked out by Han Geng, while the other two are being pinned by not only the two security guards, but also a couple of other bystanders who had witnessed the whole thing. Jaejoong is unaware of all of this as he sinks into a crumpled heap in the middle of the parking lot, shaking madly, silent tears running down his cheeks, calling for Yunho in a broken whisper.

The scene that he beholds upon getting to the supermarket just about gives Yunho a heart attack as he sees men being handcuffed against Jaejoong’s car. Han Geng is bloody and being attended to by the paramedics who arrive just ahead of him. He can see one of those medics as well as a police officer crouching by someone off to the side, and as the officer moves, he sees a flash of blonde hair and he slams on the breaks, not caring that his car is sitting in the middle of nowhere and probably blocking the way. He doesn’t even turn the engine off as he practically flies out, running at top speed towards his wife.

He stops just short of bowling all three of them over, as the medic finishes her initial examination. She glances at him as she straightens up, and sees the look on his face. She shakes her head, telling him that Jaejoong is alright, but Yunho wants to hear it from the teenager. The officer says something to him, and Yunho vaguely registers that the man is telling him that they will probably want to ask him questions, but that he can go home in the meantime. He latches onto the final part of that sentence, uncaring about anyone else but his wife as he scoops the teenager bridal style into his arms.

Jaejoong immediately wraps his arms around Yunho’s neck, curling into the larger man, burying his face against his throat, as Yunho whispers soothingly to him as he walks back to his car with the engine still running idly. He looks over in Han Geng’s direction and the driver slash bodyguard mimes enough for Yunho to understand that the man will handle the questions and will talk to him later when everything is settled. He tries to put Jaejoong in the passenger seat, but his wife is not having any of it, refusing to let go despite Yunho’s coaxing. Unable to do anything else, Yunho walks back to his side of the car.

“Jae, you need to let me go so I can get in the car.”


“Baby, I need to drive us home.”


“I promise, once I’m seated, you can get into my lap.”

Jaejoong lifts his head, tears clinging to his eyelashes, one drop sitting on his cheek bone, his eyes are uncertain and a little fearful and Yunho sees his daughter in his wife right then. Jiyool may not be Jaejoong’s biologically, but the baby girl is Jaejoong’s completely.


“I promise, love. Hurry, before the police officers look in our direction and we get into trouble.”

At those words, a tiny smile breaks out from the younger man as he finally relinquishes his hold. Yunho quickly gets into the car, pushing the bucket seat of the Lamborghini back as far as it goes. His long legs definitely come in handy as his wife climbs into his lap with a small giggle.

The silver car pulls out of the parking lot, keeping within the speed limit, driving almost sedately for such an ostentatious vehicle. The occupants are speaking in whispers, content in their little cocoon, temporarily blocked from everything. And as always, when it comes to these two, three words flow between them, reminding each other, reaffirming their bond vocally, caressing each other in a world where only the two of them exist.

I love you.


A high speed police chase earlier this afternoon ended in disaster for the occupants of the car being chased. Just two minutes prior to the accident, the police car was instructed to pull away, as they were reaching speeds too dangerous for the populated area. The car however, continued as if it was still being pursued, and on a hairpin turn, the driver appears to have lost control of his vehicle, flipping it completely over the guard rail and down a 50 foot drop. Reports from the hospital have confirmed that the couple in the car did not survive the crash. Their identities are being withheld till the next of kin are informed.

Jaejoong stares at the television screen, Jiyool fast asleep and snuggled in his hoodie after her exciting day. He recognises the car as footage of the wreckage is still being shown on the news. He blinks, but his eyes are surprisingly dry. He can hear Yunho murmuring in the background, his voice low as he speaks into his cellphone. He continues to stare blankly at their new 72 inch and completely unnecessary television, his mind a jumble. There is confusion, and perhaps a twinge of sadness, but there is also relief.

He feels the seat sink slightly next to him as Yunho sits down. The older man puts an arm around his shoulders, and he immediately turns into him, careful not to jostle Jiyool too much as she is tucked between them. He presses his face into Yunho’s chest, feeling his husband kissing his forehead repeatedly. They sit there for a few moments, before Yunho whispers against his skin.

“That was the hospital.”

Jaejoong merely nods, letting Yunho knows he hears him. His hold on the precious bundle in his arms tightens reflexively, and he might have squeezed too hard because the baby girl wakes up. Her parents don’t notice though as she stirs, because of Yunho’s next words.

“It’s over.”

Jaejoong lets out a breath he doesn’t realise he is holding, letting go of his grip on Jiyool, to fist the material of Yunho’s teeshirt. He tugs, as he tilts his face upwards, seeing the sadness in Yunho’s face, and he cannot help the love that overflows him for this man. Despite everything the Chois have ever done to him, his husband has enough heart to grieve for them.

Their lips meet, Yunho drawing comfort from his wife, as a sole tear slips out of his eye. No matter how much he hated the Chois, he did not want it to come to this. But like Jaejoong, the relief is there. Relief that he has nothing more to fear, that he can live his life without looking over his shoulder wondering if the past will somehow come back to haunt him. He will be able to watch Jiyool grow up without the worry that someone will come and snatch her from them.

Jiyool, as if knowing she is the subject of his thoughts, calls for him softly, her voice laden with sleep as she blinks up at her parents.


Yunho and Jaejoong pull apart slightly to gaze at the sleepy-eyed toddler who pulls an arm out to touch Jaejoong’s mouth. Although Jiyool resembles him the most, in that instant, Yunho can see Sun Ye in her features. Sun Ye as he remembered her before they were married. The girl he thought loved him back as much as he loved her. And for the first time, the thought of her doesn’t cause him to recoil.

He has forgiven. Now he can forget.


Fucking long ANs up ahead so be warned… and yes, I was deliberately vague about certain things because it had nothing really to do with the storyline. It was just a means to an end and I didn’t want to bog down the fic with too much detail.

AN1: And so this is the end… the kidnapping was the part of the original plot that I decided to do away with. In my original storyline, Jae and Jiyool were both kidnapped and it was a full 24 hours before Yunho found them. In that time, Jae was beaten up trying to protect Jiyool because there was a miscommunication between the kidnappers and the Chois. They had told the hired guns that they only want Jiyool and that they didn’t care what happened to Jae, but somehow the message they got was they didn’t care about both, just to keep them away. Changmin was meant to be a mob boss, and he owed Yunho a favour, and he heard about the kidnapping through his network and was furious when he found out the kidnappers are actually his men moonlighting. And so Yunho and Changmin seek out the kidnappers on their own because Changmin knows the type of men they are, and there’s not much time to lose and when they arrive, they were just about to brutalise Jaejoong… and well, you can see why I decided not to go ahead with this TT_________TT It would’ve been 25 chapters with the kidnapping, but I really couldn’t do that to them. There’s drama, and then there’s too much drama. I still have no idea what was going through my mind when I outlined this fic… It was always meant to end with the death of the Chois, but my original conclusion was that they committed suicide. And then I decided that I did not want any blame to land on the Jungs because enough is enough… so yeah.

AN2: Much love and thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this monster fic and to comment. I started this on 14 August and managed to finish it just over 3 months later. Final word count including the drabbles/oneshots (as of today) is 170,000+ words omg… My muse was jumping and being all spritely for this fic, and I guess it helped that I had a very firm outline and storyline. Sleeping Beauty refers to both Yunho and Jaejoong and I think I made it reasonably obvious in the last couple of chapters. I know the title is vague, but I hope that since you’ve come this far, you get where I was coming from.

AN3: This fic is ultimately about love and forgiveness. Yunho had to let go of Sun Ye before he could heal, and in that letting go is the implication of forgiveness. He also needed some sort of closure on his own terms, and that’s where the Chois came in. There was never going to be an epic court battle showdown. He cannot move on without forgiving her and I know her character was so despicable that you as a reader probably find it hard to forgive. The anger he had towards her was poisoning him, and Jaejoong had to make him see that. IDK if I was clear on that aspect, but Jaejoong’s very nature is meant to counteract everything that Sun Ye was. Good vs Evil if you will. Cliche but it is necessary sometimes. I know a lot of people thought this fic was basically a fluff piece about YunJae and a baby, and many were not prepared for the direction this fic ultimately headed. I’m sorry for giving you a false sense of security, and I hope you accept my apologies in the form of all the fluffy drabbles I’ve been writing. Though I will point out that if you read the start of chapter 1 again, you can see I was rather heavy-handed in the foreshadowing… The Chois main drive in life is money, and Yunho took that away from them and I’ve known some people to go crazy from loss of wealth and are capable of anything. One of my dad’s business partner’s fortune went down from 300 million to almost 50 million during the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the man killed himself. 50 million dollars is still a fuck load of money… I was 10 when he did it and I still don’t understand what happened :-/

AN4: I haven’t fully decided what to do next. I am absolutely loathe to stop writing in this ‘verse because I love the characters so much. It’s probably strange but I consider Jiyool a main character, while most YunJae fics just revolve around the two of them, and I really don’t want to let the three of them go. However, I do need a break from the fluff as I have 3-4 fics lined up that are…not fluffy and I’m finding it hard to write them because my brain is full of babies! So for now, it is farewell, but you know me, and you know how cheeky my muse for this fic is, so don’t worry about never seeing them again because I would put my money on you seeing them when you least expect it. This is not goodbye.


PS: The one MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR part of the plot that got derailed because of Jaejoong in the earlier chapters is the fact that this fic was meant to be YunJae/JaeHo. If you read One Shade of YunJae, you’ll get an indication of where I was heading with this. Don’t try to guess what I was planning for this fic initially because I promise you won’t be able to. The second half of this fic is all in line with the original plot though ;-)


Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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