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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sleeping Beauty [Epilogue]
Title: Sleeping Beauty (Epilogue)
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17/R21 overall
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.

AN1: This is the end folks… You can find the drabbles and oneshots for this ‘verse here

AN2: Um…surprise? XD! I wrote this in an hour and I’ve had a damn rough day so please excuse any mistakes.

EpilogueCollapse )

that was quite an emotional journey from beginning to end. i just about cried when everyone thought jae was dead, but i was so mad at jae for his irresponsible attitude. really, your car goes into the river, didn't he think it would be the responsible thing to call someone and inform them he was ok?

i have so many emotions throughout the piece, but ultimately i feel satisfied with the ending. i particularly like that you have yunho grow emotionally and seek professional help. too many times we see media propagate that love will solve everything and only one person can be another redemption. it's untrue and certainly does a disservice to the people in the profession to help. while it's true someone can serve as a catalyst for getting help, it certainly is not entirely dependent on only one person.

i really like your portrayal of jaejoong. it's very easy to make him a one-dimensional character whose only goal is to be good. here you've given him complexity. he is relatively sheltered, but he has his flaws and moments of insecurity like the next person. he makes mistakes and can be petulant. however, he does own up to his mistakes and tries to protect what's important to him to the best of his abilities. all in all, he's not the perfect person that most authors would have penned in his position and that's absolutely perfect.

yunho is so strong and yet incredibly vulnerable at the same time. there's so much strength in him to go through a decade of abuse and have no one to turn to. his ways of coping isn't the healthiest, but i'm very impressed he even has his sanity and hasn't developed some other dependent personality that abuse victims often develop. repression definitely isn't healthy either, but i feel like if someone is willing to spend the time to help repression is easier to treat than shattering someone's delusions of their lifestyle.

the entire kim clan is pretty awesome, although i would probably go nuts spending an extended amount of time with them. certainly the number of children alone is incredibly daunting. i have 4 nieces/nephews total and they can drive me nuts on a regular basis.

there are so many thoughts i had on this piece, but i feel like all the issues have been addressed adequately. i look forward to a more angst-free future of this special family. i'm forever amazed at your ability to write so much so quickly and with such quality. you are an amazing author! i'm unable to even capture in words the amount of respect and admiration i have for your work.

I read this in one go, and i really wanted to congratulate you on writing this story. Perhaps im naive or what, i cant seemed to understand the idea of a guy getting raped by a woman....but you opened my eyes..
And yes you need a hella loads of fluff, since this one is too dramatic.
Thanks for writing this gorgeous piece. Youre amazing

From the bottom of my newly YunJae-nized heart, I thank you for this wonderfully written fic. I completely lost myself in this world you created and I'm still trying to reel away from all the emotions - though I doubt that'll be possible because this is the type of fic that stays with you no matter what. This is the first YunJae chaptered fic that I've read and I guess I'll be parking my butt in your masterlist for a while so I could go through everything.

And just in case you haven't heard/seen this enough: I BOW AT YOUR AWESOMENESS!

Oh wow lol! You're gonna have a ball with the insane amount of oneshots I have from this fic then. You might want to check out thejungs.livejournal.com :P How are you finding YunJae? ;-)

I finally got around to reading this wonderful story! Thank you for sharing these awesome characters!

uwaaaa I really love this story
dark yunho and bright jaejoong is soooo love ♥
going to read drabbles again
p.s my twins told me your sb drabble so cute (she didnt have lj account)

wow. I read this in one go. It was in a recommended fics in Asianfanfic and I do agree when she said it was 1 of the best yunjae fanfics out there. I love the angst and the fluff. I love the way you wrote every moment and seriously, the story line, the plot was awesome and you wrote it well. While I usually have issues with Mpreg, I was surprised that with this fic I didn't bat an eye. lol. maybe because you wrote it as if it was something normal. :-) I did enjoy it a lot and the one shots are good. thank you and please continue writing.

Omg I finished reading this fic without stopping I didn't even move an inch. And I skip the drabbles so I didn't read any spoiler. Gonna read the drabbles after this :D

I was shocked when I read Jae's car was drown in Han River (how should the story continue without Jae, but then you said that you considered Jiyool as the main character). Thank you that Jae was okay. And it ends well :)

And umm.. I don't know what else to say. This fic is awesomely beautiful. Thank you for sharing <3

This is wonderful.
This fic really is wonderful!
I love Jaejoong's character so much, he's so shine, bright and contagious.
He seems to shine his light to everyone near him.
I'm glad that they found each other again after their wedding sixteen years ago (:
What Yunho has to go through is really horrify me. Sunye is such a cruel - she's much more than cruel but I can't find the appropriate word for her. (and I'm glad that she died lol)

This gonna be another one of my favourite.
Thank you for the wonderful piece of writing <3

A month down, 8 months and forever to go weeeeeh~ ♥

Poor yunho, he has to subdue his errm a little bit bipolar wife lol. They are a very very lovely family aww :') because of this fic, my dream family consists of 5 or more kids already haha that would surely hurt but I think it would be worth it;____; I wish I am as lucky as this jae and find my own yunho in the future XD

Thank you again for this beautiful fic! I will never get tired of this. ^___^

Edited at 2014-05-19 01:56 am (UTC)

this is the 4th time i'm reading sleeping beauty and i'm still captivated by it.ive also read your other fics and really...you are so good and amazing.i love all your fics and i love yunjae so damn much.pls add me as your friend even if your fics are open for all to read i still want to be added.pls pls and more power.

Hi I really enjoyed this fic you crafted a great story! There used to be a link to the "after" stories but I can't seem to find it can you send it to me? Thanks and I can wait to read more!

a handful pregnant Jaejae <3
i just finish it today and this is awesome :)
thank you for sharing this story :)


I am having no such temper tantrums. And I can present my husband as witness. (Which he better do or else...)

OH AUTHORNIM I just re-read this wonderful fic and loved it just as much the 2nd time around! I tried the link to the oneshots but it says they are deleted...O_o NONONONONONONONONO! Please sat it's not so! Please give me the new link so I finish the series! Thanks!

alskfjslls this is so Jae, yes xD