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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Hot Rod
Title: Hot Rod
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: One Shot
Genre: PWP
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: There are times when a man has to choose between his possessions and his lover. This is one of those times.

AN: Not entirely sure what my excuse is for this…one of many half-written one shots that are slowly being resurrected? Blame my bl00d sistur.

Yunho rummages through the bowl of keys on the kitchen counter, whistling a happy little tune as he searches. However as the seconds go by, his tune changes, before dying out completely as he upends the reasonably deep bowl onto the table. Three pairs of eyes stare at him silently as he sorts through the keys, pulling each of them aside till he is faced with eleven sets of keys, but clearly, not the one he is looking for.

He looks up, meeting Yoochun’s amused gaze. His eyes travel from him to Junsu, who is looking a tad uncomfortable, and then to the maknae, who simply smirks back at him. Clearly those three know something.

“Alright, where are my keys?”

“What keys, hyung?” Yoochun replies a little too innocently, blinking hard, practically batting his eyelashes at Yunho.

“You know which keys,” Yunho growls, decidedly unamused. “Where are they?”

“A little bird took them.” Yoochun grins widely as he answers the older man.

“No,” Changmin corrects. “A little angry bird took them.”

Yunho stares at the maknae with a questioning frown. They are hiding out at Jaejoong’s holiday home, away from prying eyes and cameras that would have a field day if they caught the five of them together. There is no one for miles around, and great stretches of empty road which all five are gleefully taking advantage of. They have all brought, through various methods, all the vehicles that they own, and have been spending the weekend doing what boys do with fast cars and good company. Yunho in particular, is completely enamoured by his new car. An Audi R8 that he bought with the money he earned from the Tone Tour in Japan. Hard earned money for sure, and now his keys are missing. Surely Jaejoong wouldn’t dare?

He is distracted by Junsu who is nodding fiercely.

“You upset him, hyung.”


“Well, he hasn’t seen you in weeks, and all you’ve done since we got here is talk about your car, drive your car, wash your car, even detail your car though god knows the car is absolutely pristine already. Not to mention regale us with every single spec of your car.”

“Hyung! You fell asleep in the car last night!”

“I was just testing the sound system and got too tired to move. The seats are very comfortable.” Yunho replies defensively as Junsu shakes his head disapprovingly at him, the younger man’s tear drop eyes holding a hint of disappointment.

“Hyung, you were even going on this morning about how the new car smell is the best smell you have ever smelled in the whole wide world.” Changmin’s tone is lightly mocking, rather amused at his leader’s predicament. When Yunho had left to go to the bathroom, something he always does before he ’takes the car out for a spin’, Jaejoong had gotten up from his seat with the other three, grabbed the keys to the R8 and stormed out. All three of them had witnessed the anger on the man’s face and well, Changmin is not quite sorry for Yunho. A jealous Jaejoong is one thing, but to pick a car over the man? That had to hurt.

“But it is!”

Yoochun chuckles at the poor clueless man. “Hyung, isn’t Jaejoong hyung your whole wide world?”

“He is.” Yunho pauses, head cocked quizzically at his dongsaeng, not quite understanding. The leader is a little slow like that but perhaps that’s what makes him endearing.

“Do you not see the problem with your statement?”

“Not really. The car is just a car. Jaejoong is Jaejoong.”

“Well, I think you might have forgotten to tell him that.”

“Where did he go?”

All three shrug, before Junsu answers. “We didn’t hear the garage open or a car leaving so he’s probably sitting in the garage and sulking?”

“More like he’s scratching his name into the chassis.” Changmin’s tone is gleeful. He misses Jaejoong’s cooking, but he also misses the man’s tantrums.

Yunho’s eyes widen at the younger man’s words, spinning on his heel and running out in the direction of the huge ten car garage, that for the first time in ages, is completely filled.

Yoochun and Changmin start laughing as they watch the leader’s fleeing figure, while Junsu is frowning slightly.

“You don’t think hyung would do that, do you? That’s an expensive car.”

“Well, judging from the colour of his face this morning, which Yunho hyung was completely oblivious to, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.”

“Should we check on them?”

“No!” Yoochun and Changmin both shout simultaneously, shocking the poor man.


“Junsu-yah,” Yoochun’s voice is soft, almost placating, as he speaks very slowly like he’s addressing a child. “I know we haven’t all lived together in awhile, but do you remember exactly how those two fight and make up?”

There is a brief silence, Yoochun gazing expectantly at Junsu, waiting patiently for it to click in his member’s mind, while Changmin merely snorts and picks up his discarded laptop, resuming his browsing.



Meanwhile in the garage, Jaejoong is busy trying to get comfortable in the damnable car. He is completely naked, and currently sitting in the driver’s seat with one leg up, a bare foot propped against the steering wheel. The reason for his discomfort is not the seat though, but rather the fact that he has a rather large vibrator in his ass, set to low, and whirring pleasantly as he fists his hard cock almost lazily. He is a little surprised that it is taking Yunho so long to come looking for him, to see that he hasn’t done his precious car any permanent injury.

Fucking car.

He sweeps his gaze around the interior, noting that it is rather nice. He likes cars well enough, but they are more of a status thing to him. All the details about its acceleration or grip or horsepower just washes completely over him. It looks pretty and it drives fine is basically all he needs to know. For Yunho to bore everyone to tears on their short vacation is just annoying. And to say that this damn new leather stinky car smell is the best smell in the whole wide world? Well then, Jaejoong will certainly show him what he thinks about that.

He lifts his head up to stare at the internal access door to the garage. He shifts slightly, and moans when the vibrator presses against his prostate. His hand tightens around his cock, pumping it a few times, coaxing a slick, clear, drop of liquid from the tip. The initial drop grows, as more drops join it with each pump, his eyes drifting shut as his mouth parts, tiny puffs of breath escaping his lips as he pleasures himself.

He cannot have been doing it for more than a minute when a furious pounding against the window rouses him from his almost trance-like state. He knows who it is, and he takes his time to open his eyes, shifting again and gasping as the vibrator lodges firmly up against that spot within him and his hand trembles slightly over his cock. But he recovers instantly, gritting his teeth at the intense feeling, but refusing to let it overwhelm him. There’ll be plenty of time for that later.

He opens his eyes, slightly amused to see that the windows are already starting to fog up. Yunho hasn’t tinted the glass yet, and he can see his leadershii’s expression as he bangs on the door again, yelling at him to get out. He shakes his head, clicking his tongue disapprovingly at his younger lover.

Yunho prefers his car over Jaejoong does he? Well, Jaejoong is going to find out exactly why the car is so fucking attractive.

He leans forward, biting his bottom lip as he inadvertently pushes the vibrator in a little more with his movement, turning the key in the ignition and starting the car. He turns to Yunho, who has stepped back, expression a little wild. Jaejoong simply smirks at him as he flicks the sound system on, before turning the key again to turn the engine off. A familiar song starts pounding through the speakers, and he turns it up a notch. Well, the sound is definitely good. He won’t be able to hear Yunho yelling at him.

Jaejoong unfolds his leg from the steering wheel, moving so that he is on his knees in the leather bucket seat. The music blasting on the sound system is sending delicious shivers down his body, as the loud music bounces off his skin. He has always know Changmin can sing rock, but Yunho? Well, that was a more than pleasant surprise. Jaejoong has lost count the number of times he has masturbated to fantasies of his lover performing this song just for him in his bedroom. Well, that hasn’t quite come true yet, but this will be close enough.

Yunho cannot believe his eyes. Well, he can believe it, because this is Jaejoong and the man is nothing if not kinky But…what is he doing naked in his car? His eyes widen even more when Jaejoong, currently on his knees in the driver’s seat, licks his bottom lip slowly, and very deliberately, before turning, showing Yunho his back. And if he thinks the older man cannot surprise him anymore, he is in for a shock as Jaejoong bends over, resting his elbows on the console between the seats, his ass up near the window. Not quite against it, but it is enough as Yunho swallows hard at the sight of Jaejoong’s lube-slicked opening, stretched wide to accommodate one of the largest vibrators he has ever seen. He can see the man’s butt muscles clenching, and he feels the responding tug in his pants, as if Jaejoong’s ass has a direct link to his own cock. And suddenly, in that split second, he regrets everything.

He regrets spending time on his car.

He regrets not paying attention to his lover.

He regrets even bringing his fucking car when he has Jaejoong to look forward to.

What was he thinking?

His jaw drops as Jaejoong reaches up between his legs to fondle his own balls lazily. His fingers cupping and caressing those soft sacs gently and it almost sends Yunho to his knees. He is mesmerised, unable to move as his mouth works, tongue licking air, imagining it is his mouth against Jaejoong, licking and sucking at that delicate area. He groans loudly, the sound drowned out by the song coming from the car’s speakers.

Can you believe it? Pogihajima eottae jeulgyeobwa.

Dear god, why?

Can you believe it? Danghwanghajima neodapji anha

No, he is not surprised.

Yunho steps forward, a sweaty palm open against the window, not caring about smears or streaks or whatever. He watches as Jaejoong grips his balls fully in his palm, squeezing, before letting go, his hand disappearing and Yunho moans at the loss. His other hand is working to unbutton his pants, pulling out his already hard cock, desperately wanting to replace that black vibrator staring mockingly back at him.

What has he given up on this short holiday?

Can you believe it? Apahajima niga taekhan got.

Why the fuck did he choose his car?

Can you believe it? Neoreul dorabwa yeogin eodinga.

Yunho is definitely looking, and believing. Believing that he is being punished right now as Jaejoong’s hand appears once again. This time that hand grips the bottom of the vibrator, pulling it out slowly. Yunho can see the drag against the edges of Jaejoong’s stretched out hole, and he almost licks his window trying to get closer. It must be a sight to behold indeed, him practically pressing his face against the car, hand working furiously over his cock, his other hand scrabbling for purchase, to keep him upright.

He watches as the vibrator is pulled out, the length glistening and liberally coated in lube. It is long and thick, and Yunho is finding it very hard to breathe as his hand tightens over his now leaking cock. He calls for Jaejoong, pounding on the roof of his car with a fist, asking, no, begging, the man to open the door.

And then Jaejoong slams the vibrator back into him, screaming as he does, along with Changmin in the song and Yunho drops his forehead against his car, his breath misting against the window. The ring on his right hand, one of their many couple rings drags against the roof of the gleaming black Audi, scratching it very lightly, but Yunho doesn’t notice. His eyes are on the man in his car. The windows are starting to fog up really badly now, and he swipes at the glass, trying to get rid of the film obstructing his view.

He calls to Jaejoong again, but he knows it is falling on deaf ears as the beautiful body he knows so well arches back, even as he watches the man pump the vibrator in and out of his hole. Yunho’s mouth and tongue works over an invisible cock he cannot taste as he stares, wide-eyed, his own hand working furiously over his own needy cock, with the sound of his and Changmin’s voices coming from the speakers of the car. The music is so loud he can feel the vibrations of the bass against whatever part of his body is leaning against his Audi.

The music ends, only to restart again, the same song on repeat, and Yunho knows he is going to have a hell of a time performing it during their upcoming world tour because all he will ever remember is Jaejoong. He groans long and low, when he also belatedly realises that his stage costume for this particular performance is white.

White pants.

Tight white pants.

He is so screwed.

His eyes come back into focus on the sole occupant in the car and he watches slackjawed as Jaejoong pulls out the vibrator from his ass. He can see the glistening pink hole, stretched and gaping slightly, slowly tightening back up. Very slowly. But even as he stares, saliva pooling in his mouth, Jaejoong moves, climbing over the console onto the passenger side.

Yunho stares at Jaejoong’s cock, peeking out proudly between the man’s legs. It is engorged and flushed, a contrast to the milky white paleness of Jaejoong’s legs and torso. He bangs on the door and roof again, looking at Jaejoong’s heavy-lidded eyes and wet mouth, the older man’s plush lips pursed into a pout. Even as he stares, licking his own lips, wanting to taste his lover so badly, Jaejoong’s features twist into a wicked smirk.

The man moves, looking for something under the pile of discarded clothes he is sitting on. His movements are making his cock bob slightly, and Yunho growls in need, banging harder on the roof. He cares nothing for his car anymore, just wanting Jaejoong.

Jaejoong finds what he wants, and Yunho’s cock jumps excitedly at the sight of the man holding a familiar black bottle. He pulls at the door handle, waiting for the lead singer to unlock the doors and let him in. However, instead of unlocking the doors, Jaejoong simply lifts a hand, pointing his middle finger at him, and then rotating just his index finger teasingly, his hot eyes meeting Yunho’s desperate ones, before he pops his finger into his mouth.

Yunho can see the tip of Jaejoong’s pink tongue poke teasingly out as he swirls his tongue around his finger. He is mesmerised as Jaejoong works his mouth over that sole finger the way he works his mouth over his cock. His hand is still wrapped around his cock, but he has stopped pumping, hips jerking instead, mimicking what he thinks he is about to be doing with the man in the car.

Alas, unfortunately for the leader, his pissed off lover has absolutely no intention of letting Yunho into the car with him.

His eyes are drawn suddenly to movement of Jaejoong’s free hand, the one holding the bottle. He watches as Jaejoong uncaps the bottle, and even as the beautiful man continues to suck on his finger, he tips the bottle over, high up, too high, squeezing out clear drops of liquid that fall the big distance to their destination.

Yunho’s eyes follow the drops, as they land…on his gear box.

As always, he is just a little slow, and he stares at the drops decorating his gear box as well as his gear shift. His brow wrinkles as he looks confusedly back and forth between Jaejoong’s lust-filled eyes, that carry with it still, a hint of anger, and then back at the gear stick.

More drops fall, Jaejoong’s hand finally finding the right spot even from that great height. His hands don’t falter or shake. He is determined for the lover to learn his fucking lesson.




Directly onto the bulbous head of the gear shift.

Can you believe it? Apahajima niga taekhan got.

“Oh, Jesus, fuck…no…”

Even over the loud music, Jaejoong hears Yunho’s shocked exclamation. He pulls his finger out of his mouth, tossing the bottle of lube straight at the window where Yunho’s face is, causing the man to step back, startled. He almost laughs at the expression on the poor man’s face. His lover’s almond eyes are absolutely huge, completely wide-eyed, as he stares back and forth between the gear stick and Jaejoong’s face.

He moves then, crawling slowly, sensuously, languidly, as he climbs over the console, straddling it. He uses his body, the cleft in his ass, to smear the silicon lube over the head of the gear box. He checked it out earlier, and the head is just slightly wider than the vibrator he had been prepping himself with. He is definitely not planning on fucking himself completely on the thing, because god knows that’s an accident waiting to happen. But he will fuck it, in a way. Yunho’s gear shift is about to become Jaejoong’s butt plug.

Can you believe it? Danghwanghajima neodapji anha

Yunho cannot believe it. He really cannot believe it. There’s kinky, and then there’s flat out insane. He runs round to the other side of the car because the steering wheel is blocking his view on this side, his cock out, uncaring and completely forgetting that his dongsaengs are not actually that far away and any one of them can walk in at any time. But really, he doesn’t care about anything but what is going on in his car right now as he watches Jaejoong rotates his hips, over his gearbox, his own cock forgotten as he stares, completely dumbfounded. He is gaping like a fish, unable to do anything else as he watches his lover slowly, but surely impale himself on the gear stick.

Fucking hell, the gear shaft is much bigger than Jaejoong thought. He definitely forgot about the fact that it is made of a rather unforgiving material compared to the silicon vibrator or Yunho’s cock. But he is too far gone now, as he feels his body stretch to accommodate the head. He is rather glad he practically drowned the head in lube now, as he feels his walls grip so painfully tightly around the solid head.

He moves gingerly, the filling of fullness is overwhelming. He turns his head, to look at Yunho, and the man’s expression is what stirs him to move, fisting his cock, pumping hard as he rotates and gyrates his hips over the gearbox.

Yunho can do nothing but watch, a precum smeared hand on his formerly pristine window as he watches his lover fuck himself on his car. He can see that Jaejoong is close, from the way the man is fisting himself, and his own hand snakes back down to his neglected cock. The windows are almost too fogged up now, music is still blasting, and he can see a trickle of sweat rolling down between Jaejoong’s shoulder blades as he moves.

Jaejoong’s movements are slow, and in tune with the song playing, head thrown back, his eyes clenched shut, mouth parted, and Yunho imagines he can hear the soft gasping pants the man makes as he gets closer to his release. He bangs on the roof again, a hand flat against it, in a last ditch attempt to get the older man’s attention, but Jaejoong doesn’t even flinch.

His car.

His lover.

He knows which one he cares more about as he tries yet again to open the door, knowing that it is futile, as Jaejoong resolutely ignores him as his hips move sinuously in a figure eight move, riding Yunho’s gearstick the way he rides Yunho. The younger man slams a fist down on his roof, growling in frustration at being unable to get into the car, his own breath hitching as he sees Jaejoong’s hand speed up.

Jaejoong is aware of the song. He is close, already there but holding back, because he wants to time this right. He feels his balls drawing up tight against his body, as he pulls himself off the gearstick completely, with a scream of pleasure and pain that echoes with the song as he comes violently, all over the driver’s side of the car; the seat, as well as the door and window. But the man is not satisfied with just that, as he paints the console with his fluids as well, body jerking as his cock dribbles his cum over Yunho’s expensive new car.

Jageun nalgaetjit geochin padoreul ireukinda

Jaejoong’s scream is even louder than Changmin’s in the song and Yunho can’t stop the low groan that is ripped from his own chest as he watches his lover stake his claim, marking the interior of his car. He watches splashes of cum hit the door and window, moaning in despair at the carnage. He stares as if mesmerised at Jaejoong’s cock as it continues to leak, bobbing as Jaejoong moves.

There is sudden silence as Jaejoong turns the music off, pressing a button for the passenger side window, lowering it. He is sweaty and flushed, and full of anticipation, ready for the fight he knows he will be having with Yunho soon enough. A fight in their bedroom though, if they make it that far. He almost smiles at the completely poleaxed expression on his leadershii, as he quips almost cheekily.

“Now your car does smell like your whole wide world.”

AN: Well, I wrote this some time ago and never finished it. And then Eryn mentioned something about Jaejoong and a gearstick and I remembered I’d written this so…yeah. I think Nicole expressed interest too and well, I did promise her I wasn’t going to ruin anymore songs but since I’ve already ruined this song for her, I figure it’s fair game :P

Oh God... I won't be able to look at a car again> I feel for Yunho.... :/

my mouth went dry idk omg i'm so close to tears rn i must just be extremely sf rn. ;A;

oh shit. oh shit.




Directly onto the bulbous head of the gear shift."

oh shit. I think I'm slower than yunho cos it took me till this part to figure out what jaejoong was doing, and I swear my brain bled out of my ears and oh god. I had to stop reading cos I thought my brain was short-circuiting.

WAYLT you write all sorts of awesome things I can't even ;-; oh shit return me my brain.

lol Jaejoong literally would go fuck Yunho's car to prove his point :')

Yunho, poor oblivious Yunho but wow that's a seriously conniving Jae. And daring.

I think you may have a bit of a fixation with this song, you used it for a Trophy Wife drabble as well didn't you? But it is such a great background for angry sex xD

Yes, indeed it was in the seventh oneshot, very unimaginable titled Can You Believe It? Lmaooo but really, I think I've ruined this song more for my YunJae readers than the HoMin readers. It's far easier to remember Jae fucking himself on the gearshift than a pregnant Changmin stripping to this song. Unfortunately for me, BOTH come to mind when I hear this song hnggggggg!!!

And yes I love this song so much :P

XDD .. ahhh~~ now ..i have a visual inner MV for "getaway"
angry bird jaejoong

if this is part 1 jaejoong and YUNHO'S car.
part 2 would set my brain on fire

Hahahahaa!! That was awesome!!!yunho got burned!!!lol

Should I say I pity Yunho or should I say Yunho deserves it?
But I'm sure yuno will agree that his car smells like the whole wide world...hahaha...from Jaejoong's point of view!!!

that was evil!!!!! Men will always be boys with their toys! and i mean yunho, not jj...le sigh...

The Jung will never make the mistake of choosing a car over his gorgeous Jae again.

Man I had to practically scroll back to see how big was the gear stick and addfhbdsbdgst THAT WAS FUCKING HUGE. I CREY

Edited at 2012-11-22 05:17 am (UTC)

OMG SUN! That was... unexpected xD But haha, that is so Jae; being a kinky bitch and all that :P

Ohmygod... I've been waiting for this my entire life TT
I've always wanted to try this but never will xD
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my eyes ears brain has gone numb! Jae is evil when he is angry..