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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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We can't take the Jungs out anywhere
Title: We can't take the Jungs out anywhere
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

Summary: Getting between a man and his husband is one thing, getting between a man and his children is another story altogether. Yunho and Jaejoong are patient, but even patience has a limit.

AN1: So…this started off as a drabble (honest to god) about Minnie ball and his daddy…and then it morphed and morphed and I’m not sure what happened lol. Excuse the title cos I’ve spent almost over 15 hours over two days in a mediation that turned into a negotiation, and I have no more brain cells left to think about a suitable title…or summary for that matter OTL

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. If you like YunJae and you like kids, that should be enough lol. Though even my readers who don't like/want kids like the SB verse so IDK... it's up to you XD You can find the other drabbles/oneshots from this verse here



Yunho drums his fingers on the steering wheel of the Audi, an eye on the clock on the dash, fidgeting uncharacteristically in his seat. He was at charity dinner, and had just been about to partake in the second course when a phone call from Chaerin cut short his night. His niece has been babysitting his five children by herself, but apparently Krystal has fallen into some kind of trouble at the youth camp she’s at and with both her parents being overseas for the weekend with Jessica, it is up to her oldest sister to rescue her. In all honesty, Yunho would much rather spend the Saturday night with his children and even though Chaerin had suggested that she ask one of her myriad of aunts to come and watch the kids, Yunho had pounced on the excuse to leave the dinner. Without Jaejoong by his side, the night has been excruciatingly dull.

Jaejoong is at some faculty mixer that night, neither of them able to get out of their commitments, and therefore neither able to bring the other to their own events. It is an informal get-together of the top students of his university, as well as an excuse to impress a visiting delegation from Kyoto University. One of the requirements for any future PHD candidate is fluency in Japanese because the university is in the process of cementing a twinning program with Kyoto. While strictly not from the faculty of the visiting delegation, nor has he completed his requirements to finish his Honours degree just yet, Jaejoong had been asked to attend as he is among the most proficient in the language, able to converse both formally and informally, although sometimes his choice of words will cause people to laugh. Yunho smiles at a memory of Jaejoong telling one of his friends about being caught naked in a hot bath, but instead of saying naked, his wife had said “butt naked”, causing the whole group to laugh. His wife’s filter is still broken, but Yunho will have it no other way.

He finally arrives at the gate to his home, keying in the code into the keypad and waiting for the wrought iron gates to swing open, as he goes up the long curving driveway. He still remembers the heart attack he almost had earlier that week when his twin sons had taken off down the driveway towards the open gate. He not only saw their brief lives flash by his eyes in those few seconds, but also his own. His boys had just turned two a few weeks ago, and the fright they had given both him and Jaejoong will live in his memory for years to come.

He doesn’t bother parking the car in the garage, simply stopping behind Chaerin’s sleek convertible, a 21st present from her parents, before getting out of the car. His tuxedo is perfectly fitted to his over six foot one frame, meticulously tailored under the exacting specifications of his wife. It is not too snug across the shoulders, yet it hugs it enough that you can see the breadth of them, and the quiet strength that lies underneath all those layers. He feels like an overdressed penguin, but he would never say that to Jaejoong who is always more than happy to accept any and all invitations on his or their behalf where the dress code is formal because the younger man loves seeing him dressed up. In fact, he enjoys it so much he had the same tailor make matching tuxedo for their sons. Yes, including Changmin who is barely seven months old.

He grins at the memory of Jaejoong pouting earlier that evening as they both get dressed. His wife had grumpily put on a long-sleeved thermal top, over which he pulls on a very casual V-necked short-sleeved tee shirt, coupling it with artfully torn jeans that are so snug he had to literally lie on the bed and wriggle into them. Yunho had been doing some pouting of his own, knowing that Jaejoong was dressing like that on purpose. His now black hair was just randomly styled upwards, looking more like a messy rat’s nest to Yunho, but he is 13 years older than his wife, so who is he to question the younger man’s style sense? And besides, he is supposedly playing the part of some geeky student. Jaejoong had finished his look with a huge pair of plastic “ulzzang” glasses, and a pretty pink pout.

The second he opens the front door, he is greeted by an explosion of noise. Apparently Chaerin and all his kids had been sitting in the foyer awaiting his arrival, and he suddenly finds himself with a twin sitting on each foot, clinging to his calves and giggling, while their older sisters are only marginally more diginified, plastering themselves to his thighs instead, their arms around his waist as they greet him merrily. A laughing Chaerin hands him his youngest, all dressed up to match him in his baby tuxedo. Even his hair has been styled in as close to a match as possible, his fringe swept to the side, though far up on his forehead unlike Yunho’s whose fringe skims his eyes. He’s been wanting to cut his hair for awhile, not really thinking soft floppy hair is a great look for a 36 year old. However, unbeknownst to the entire business world in which he dwells, Yunho is well and truly, uh, “in love”, for want of a better term. Within the Kim family, the term is “whipped” but Yunho would rather not think about that word for obvious reasons…

However this 36 year old looks at least a decade younger, surrounded by his children. Out of the arms of his cousin, Changmin plants a huge wet one straight onto Yunho’s mouth in greeting, before he starts to suck on his bottom lip. It is a strange habit the baby has developed, and Jaejoong reasons that the little round infant loves eating so much that his mouth has to be constantly working on something. Jaejoong’s mouth and chin is usually Changmin’s food of choice, using his mama like a pacifier, and there has been several awkward times when the man has had to go to school with a hickey on his chin. The explanation that the mark is from his son rather than his husband does not actually improve the awkwardness.

“Oppa, Joongie called me about five minutes before you got home asking me to bring the kids to school and rescue him. I told him you were on your way home, and he said to tell you to pick him up as soon as possible.”

Yunho looks over the head of his son, tilting his head down to look at his vertically challenged niece. Her younger sisters are both taller than her, Krystal actually the tallest of them all which is a little strange since she is the youngest. He nods at her, unable to speak since Changmin is still determinedly sucking on his bottom lip. He can only thank god his children seem to teeth a lot later than usual.

Chaerin shakes her head fondly at the little monster in Yunho’s arms, before looking back up at the man, and continuing. “He also said to tell you not to change, and to put Minnie in his baby tuxedo, which I have as you can see. Before you ask, I just fed the boy about half an hour ago so I have no idea why he’s chewing on your mouth.”

“He chewed on my finger, Daddy!” Jiyool pipes up.

“And my nose!” JJ, not wanting to be outdone.

“Minnie ate my dinner, Daddy!” Yoochun’s voice is a tad whiny, still seated squarely on his father’s gleaming black italian leather shoes, leaning as far back as he can to look up at his father, his hands wrapped securely around Yunho’s calf so as not to fall backwards.

“I didn’t let him have mine!” Junsu speaks up, his voice proud as he is a little chuffed at being able to fend off the youngest.

Yunho is finally able to pull himself away from Changmin’s hungry mouth, looking down at the rest of his four pouty children, all feeling a little hard done by because of their baby brother, and he laughs.

Changmin giggles at his father’s laughter, not realising that he is the butt of the joke. He is distracted when Chaerin leans up to kiss him on the cheek in farewell, a quick hand reaching out to pull her glasses off her nose. He then turns, and almost pokes Yunho’s eye out trying to put the glasses on him. They are yet another pair of “ulzzang” glasses, and Yunho wonders at the strange fashion accessory. They are usually over-sized plastic frames, with or without glass, worn primarily to attract attention to the eyes and face and not much else. Like Jaejoong’s these have no glass in them, and he maneuvers his face into them, his son gurgling happily when they are finally perched on his nose.

Chaerin laughs at the sight, waving her hand as she walks backwards towards the still open front door. “You look good, oppa. Keep the glasses. I’ll see you at the mansion for lunch tomorrow. Say hi to Joongie for me.”

All four children, realising that she is about to leave, finally let go of their father and rush to her to say their goodbyes. Yunho looks around, seeing the diaper bag already sitting ready on a side table. He looks through it, finding four sippy cups, all filled with warm milk, and the bottle warmer, its two compartments taken up by two bottles of Changmin’s milk. The usual assortment of diapers and a change of clothes for all five children, several colouring books and crayons, plus a pacifier are also in it. He almost laughs at all that, immensely thankful for their nieces. He could never have asked for better baby sitters.

The older children all finally turn back to him, after waving Chaerin off, and Jiyool speaks up first after shutting the door loudly.

“Are we going to get Mama?”

“Mama!” Changmin echoes, looking around, his head whipping from left to right. It is the only word he knows, much to Yunho’s chagrin because all the other four had figured out “daddy” first before “mama”, though Jiyool discovered both at about the same time. His boys in particular were calling him daddy for weeks before they figured out what they should be calling Jaejoong, though his wife hadn’t minded one bit.

“Yes, we’re going to go get Mama now. Yoochun and Junsu, go and wee.”

“But daddy,” Yoochun whines, “we just went.”

“Well, you can be a big boy and go again.”


“Chunnie, go to the bathroom, otherwise I’m leaving you here.” Yunho’s tone is quiet but it brooks no opposition because the twins, although recently toilet trained, are susceptible to mishaps, and with that giant sippy cup of milk waiting for them in the diaper bag, Yunho is taking no chances.

The little boy, believing his father’s words, squeaks and heads to the closest bathroom, his twin brother behind him. There are little potties in every bathroom in the house, and the twins both go in them, as Jaejoong is not quite ready for them to stand and wee just yet. It is safe enough, as all the toilet bowls have child locks on them. Yunho has no intention at all of leaving him behind of course, and he would most definitely get scolded by Jaejoong for giving them an ultimatum he has no intention of following through with, but hey, his wife isn’t here.

“Do we have to go too, Daddy?” JJ looks up at him, all wide doe eyes, the picture of her mama.

“Did you go just before too?”

“We all did.” Jiyool nods, her eyes darting to the open bathroom door where the twins are chattering loudly to each other as they do what they were told to do. “Unnie put them in pull-ups too.”

Yunho nods, acknowledging his daughter’s words. “Put on your shoes and jackets and sit on the stairs and wait for me. Don’t move.”

Jiyool grabs hold of JJ’s hand, and they both walk off to find a suitable pair of shoes. She definitely has no intention of moving, having witnessed the twins being spanked for running off down the driveway, and she has no wish for that to happen to her or her younger sister.

Once satisfied that his girls will be alright, Yunho heads to the bathroom to check on his boys, chuckling at the trail of discarded jackets, pants, and teeshirts along the way. He finds them both sitting on their potties as naked as the day they were born, their pulls ups discarded just inside the door to the bathroom, giggling over a yellow rubber duck that Junsu had found. They both hush when they see their father in the doorway. The memory of the little spanking is still fresh in their minds, and they are not too inclined to disobey their father again any time soon.

“Are you done?”

Both nod, standing up and pulling on the roll of toilet paper. They both pull far more than they need, as they pat themselves dry, before putting their pull-ups back on. Junsu immediately heads out of the bathroom, when Yoochun calls out to him.

“Susu! Wash hands!”

“Oh!” the younger twin quickly scuttles back into the bathroom where he waits for his brother to put the step stool in front of the sink, before climbing up to wash his hands.

By now, Changmin is drowsing against Yunho’s chin, sucking languidly, not minding the slight scratchiness of the starting of stubble on his father. It is almost eight, and way past his bedtime. Jaejoong is much stricter about bed time than Yunho is, and since the man had asked Chaerin to bring the children, Yunho figures that tonight will be an exception. Only Jiyool and Changmin tend to get grumpy when they are tired, the other three not so much, simply drooping like a wilting blooms.

Yunho crouches down by the closest pair of pants, dislodging Changmin from his hold of his chin, causing the baby to squawk his protest. But a few words and a quick kiss to his forehead seem to soothe the baby easily enough as Yunho helps his twins put their clothes back on. Off appears to be a much easier concept for them than on, and he does hope they will outgrow the tendency to strip naked whenever they have to go to the bathroom as it makes for rather awkward visits to anyone’s home and even the creche.

In what feels like forever, Yunho finally manages to get all five children in the black Chrysler Voyager; Jiyool in her booster seat in between the car seats of the twins in the back seat, and JJ and Changmin strapped into their car seats in the middle row. The diaper bag is sitting in the gap between JJ and Changmin, and all five children are sucking down their milk. Yunho takes a last look at all five, before he presses the button to open the garage door, driving out into the cold yet still, autumn night, on the ten minute trip to Jaejoong’s university.


Annoyed might be an understatement.

Jaejoong is feeling extremely put upon. Maybe dressing the way he has wasn’t such a good idea after all. What started off as him punishing Yunho for looking so delicious and going to a dinner without him, appears to have backfired rather spectacularly on him. For whatever strange reason, the Kyoto delegation is made up almost entirely of senior students, and a very small handful of professors. And it is the senior students that are giving him a hard time.

He smiles politely at Matsuura who has once again managed to slip his arm about his waist, before ducking out from the unwanted embrace, making an excuse to the go the bathroom. He knows Japanese men can be quite handsy but this is getting ridiculous. He barely knows anyone in the room, simply being told by his faculty head that he has to attend. He is the top student of his faculty, and the youngest in this room of men and a smattering of women who all seem to be plus ones of the Kyoto group. The misogyny of his culture, though watered down in recent years, appears to still be practiced in this large room. Not a single one of the invited students are female. It stands to reason that all the men have zeroed in on him. Yunho is not going to like this one bit. In fact, Jaejoong is not too pleased about it either, and the so-called informal mixer is yet another reason confirming his decision to do his PHD elsewhere.

He goes into the bathroom, pleased to see that it is empty. He checks his phone and smiles when he sees the message from Yunho telling him that he is on his way. He asks for directions to the building he is in, and Jaejoong texts back quickly, giving clear instructions. He cannot wait to see his husband and of course, his children. He knows it is past their bedtime but he has been having a hard time convincing the people he’s met tonight that he is very married, and very very very happy with five kids. Fukutaro, the other handsy bastard in particular, made an off-colour joke about how it is impossible for Jaejoong to have had five kids since he doesn’t even look old enough to know about sex. And then the man subsequently offered to teach him.

Jaejoong splashes his face with water at the memory, as if trying to wash away the revolting words, scowling at his reflection. He hates name dropping, and he has managed to move under the radar at the university relatively well. Very few people know who he is, and even fewer know he is married to “the Jung magnate”. This is despite the brouhaha over his alleged death several years ago. He gets the second and third glances, but most people choose to believe that he isn’t that Jung Jaejoong because really, why does the wife of one of the richest men in East Asia need to study? He lets them go with their assumptions, not caring too much about it since he’s never cared about what people think of him anyway. His pregnancies in quick succession has also kept him out of the public eye, with him taking the option of distance-learning. This happens to be one of the few universities in the country offering that option, and so Jung Jaejoong has managed to avoid special treatment of any sort except that accorded to him because of his intelligence. Though really, most people are still quite taken by the way he looks, and it takes quite a lot of talking on his part for them to realise that he happens to have a quick mind to go with the gorgeous face.

He stares at himself, taking in the pale, almost white skin, his high cheekbones and pouty lips. He doesn’t think he looks any different physically from when he did when Jiyool had crawled into his lap that fateful day so many years ago. However his eyes hold a knowledge that belies his years, a knowledge that has given him the strength to endure against what seems to be incredible odds, all for the love of one man. There is wisdom in his gaze, and a maturity that is quite unexpected because he sometimes behaves his age, or even younger. This is a young man who has seen a lot more than any of his peers. He chose psychology, specialising in young children up to pre-teens in particular, because of that. He wants to help. Not everyone is lucky enough to be touched by his capacity to love and to be loved as completely as he is, and he wants to seek out the alternatives.

Jaejoong cards his hand through his hair, still a little stiff from the hair product he had put in it, his eyes narrowing slightly. It really is his own fault really if no one takes him seriously. He looks like one of those ulzzangs who take pouty selcas of themselves and put them on various social media sites. He scrunches up his nose, exhaling noisily and a little grumpily. He was told that this was going to be an informal get-together, yet the dress code for everyone seems to be smart casual. He admits to himself that is probably accurate, but he was distracted by Yunho looking absolutely edible in his tuxedo earlier that evening that he hadn’t put too much thought into his own outfit.

Jaejoong is still able to bounce back from the strange looks sent his way, working the room, his personality is like a light, but in the last hour or so, it has been dimmed somewhat by the unwanted advances from the Kyoto group. That is the one thing Jaejoong doesn’t stand for. He is alright with people flirting with him, thoroughly used to it and he treats everyone with a polite and friendly courtesy. However when people start infiltrating into his personal space without his permission is when he gets his back up. He has always been affectionate, but that affection is always on his terms. Call him a hypocrite, but he hates being touched randomly, even though he does it himself on occasion. That compulsion has been cut down somewhat since his marriage, and the last incident that he can actually remember is when he hugged the young clerk from Yunho’s hotel over four years ago.

He turns, finally ready to face the room once again, only to find the exit blocked by one of the professors from the Kyoto delegation. This man is here with his wife, and has actually been one of the kinder ones today.

“I know you.”

“Pardon me?”

“You’re Jung Yunho’s wife, aren’t you?”

Jaejoong pauses, head cocked as he stares at the old man with the stern face. Yet that face is etched by what looks like laugh lines, and he gives the man the benefit of the doubt.

“Yes, I am. Does it matter?”

“Oh, no. Certainly not. I wanted to apologise for the students we brought along. I’ve seen them harassing you, but short of embarrassing them, I cannot do much.”

“How much do you want this relationship with my university?”

“We are just sending out feelers at the moment. We have not really made any decisions, simply visiting the various universities although I think your university is viewing this trip as something more.”

“Yes, they are. I’d like to apologise in advance if I somehow inadvertently cause this relationship to fail before it even begins.”

The old man lifts an eyebrow quizzically, his eyes bright as he looks at the beautiful young man in front of him whose expression is rather serious, at odds with his rather casual attire. “What do you mean?”

“My husband is on his way here right now.”

“Ah.” The professor understands immediately. He met Jung Yunho a couple of years ago, at a social function back in Tokyo. He had brought his wife and two young daughters with him, the only man in the room who had done so. He had not been formally introduced to the then twenty year old, but he had been quite taken by the way the Jung tycoon acted around his wife. Yes, indeed, the man will not be impressed by the way the men have been pawing at his wife. His eyes gleam though, as he thinks of the possible fireworks. If anything happens, his delegation will write it off as the typical behaviour of rude Koreans, but once they find out who Jung Yunho is, he can almost guarantee the silence of everyone in the room.

“I’m really sorry.” Jaejoong smiles at the old man, who for a few brief seconds is enchanted by the transformation. The young man is stunning even when his countenance is cold, but when he smiles, an old atheist like him is almost ready to believe in angels.

That familiar flummoxed expression is on the older man face, and Jaejoong knows he should probably stop smiling, but he is just a tad amused that even an old man like the professor is affected by him. He tones down his expression till only a tiny smirk playing about his lips is evident, as he slips past the other man, and back out into the room. Fukutaro and Matsuura pounce on him almost immediately, not daring to follow into the bathroom earlier when they saw their professor head them off, but now that Jaejoong is back out, he is fair game.

Jaejoong is too busy fending them off as politely as he can, even though the urge to accidentally give them a knuckle sandwich somehow is what he’d prefer, to notice the commotion at the entrance to the room.

Yunho stands at the doorway, his expression is blank, and cold as he surveys the room almost arrogantly, acknowledging nobody until he finds his wife. And find him he does, the view that he has bringing forth a frown that makes a few of the occupants of the room shift on their feet uncomfortably. It is not that the newcomer exudes malevolence, because really, he cannot with five children clinging to him, but the look in Yunho’s eye when he finds his wife being tag teamed by two short Japanese men who don’t seem to understand the concept of personal space causes the intelligent to step back, and conversations to peter out until they die completely. The man’s presence is overwhelming, and in his tuxedo, despite the young children practically dangling off him, he is certainly a sight to behold.

Many people recognise him, especially the locals, and most of those that do are belatedly realising that the young Honours student Jung Jaejoong, is most definitely the wife of this man who is currently staring in his direction. There have been many rumours and whispers over the years, but due to one reason or other, most end up dismissing the possibility that Jaejoong is Yunho’s wife. Perhaps most choose not to believe it, or others simply do not think about it because the young man is just so unassuming, and completely unlike the man’s first wife.

Yunho feels someone tugging his shirt, and he finally drops his eyes from Jaejoong who has his back to him, to his oldest daughter who is looking up at him with huge eyes, probably wanting to know if she needs to go look for Jaejoong in this crowd of people. She is the image of her mama in personality and behaviour, almost nothing fazing her.

“Mama?” she queries softly, completely unaffected by the crowd of people gawking at her, and her siblings. JJ is trying to hid behind her, while the twins are clinging to the backs of their father’s legs, peering out shyly at everyone staring at them.

Changmin, upon hearing his sister, echoes her immediately, his voice loud and shrill, cutting across the silence of the room, and reaching the object of his call.

“Mama! Mama!”

Jaejoong whips around immediately, letting out a relieved breath, unaware of Matsuura taking the opportunity to slip his arm around his waist for the umpteenth time.

Yunho takes a step forward, and almost comically, the crowd parts instantly. He looks down at his children, nodding to Jiyool who smiles, and immediately takes off down the newly formed path to her mama.

JJ pauses briefly, looking apprehensively at the wall of people on either side of the path, turning her doe eyes up to her father who also nods towards her. One nod, and her security is set. Her father is here, and nothing bad will happen to her, and so she too takes off, following her sister who is now standing in front of Jaejoong, frowning slightly. JJ reaches her side, vocalising the wrongness immediately, unable to keep it in as she is only three and a half and a filter is a foreign concept.

“Why are you touching my Mama?”

Matsuura stares at the small girl who is so tiny, she barely looks two. Her expression is fierce, a scowl marring it as she stares at his hand. The older girl has a similar expression, her dark eyes on his face instead. He can definitely see Jaejoong in the girl that just spoke for their eyes are identical but the older girl does not quite resemble him, although that spark in her eye is one he has seen several times that night from the man next to him.

JJ has never seen another man touch her mama, and she is not happy about it at all. It just feels wrong, and her mama too does not look happy. She turns around, looking towards her father, noting that he is not too pleased either, and this prompts her to move, a daring that is beyond her usual behaviour and out of her comfort zone, but she doesn’t pause to think about it over much. The young girl steps forward, tiptoeing to push the man’s hand from her mama’s waist, and then wrapping both her small hands around her mama’s wrist and tugging him forward.

By now, the twin boys have also left their father, running towards their mama, stopping short on either side of JJ. They are both slightly taller than her, and they look up at the two strange men flanking their mama.

“Who are you?” Junsu asks, confused as to why the men are standing so close to his mama. Only his daddy stands that close to his mama and daddy is behind him. These people are weird.

Fukutaro acts first, completely disconcerted from suddenly finding themselves surrounded by four children. One of them just called the beautiful man he was trying to get to know, “mama”. The words are there, Jaejoong himself telling them that he is married with five children. The proof of that is now standing in front of him, and yet, perhaps in his panic, his mind blanks out and nothing computes. Instead of moving away, he slips an arm around Jaejoong’s waist, and smiles almost condescendingly down at the young boy.

“I’m Fuku. Aren’t you a little young to be out of bed?” And then he makes the fatal mistake of nudging Junsu, causing the boy to lose his balance, falling backwards squarely on his butt. Before anyone can react, Yoochun howls in rage, stepping forward and punching the man right in the groin.

The chaos is immediate, Jaejoong elbowing Matsuura in the chest, stepping forward from the man’s loose embrace to scoop up his surprised son who is not hurt, but a tad stunned and very bewildered. Fukutaro is rolling on the ground, Yoochun’s punch had been dead on, but no one cares about the silly man as his equally silly friend puts a heavy hand on Jaejoong’s shoulder to try and get his attention. This time, as one, Jiyool and JJ step forward and push at him.

Matsuura drops his hand and makes to push Jiyool away, but a cold and deadly voice reaches his ears before he can touch her.

“Put one finger on my daughter and you will wish you had never been born.”

Matsuura turns, and the transformation in Jaejoong causes him to take a step back. Gone is the beautiful smiling man, and in his place is a furious avenging angel, holding a confused toddler no less. But his attention is diverted by movement in his peripheral vision, and if he thinks Jaejoong is an avenging angel, then surely the man striding towards them is the devil himself in all his glory. Power practically radiates from the man, the cut of his tuxedo enhances the muscles underneath the layers of clothes, not to mention his height, and the way he walks is firm and with purpose. Matsuura can only dream about having the kind of presence that this man has. The crowd parts even more, letting him through easily, and he shivers at the look in his eyes. He takes yet another step back when the man halts in front of him, his glare is utterly baleful. Even the young infant in his arms, dressed to match him is scowling. In reality, the matching father and son ought to be viewed as cute, especially since the father is sporting ulzzang frames, but the word cute is as far from Matsuura’s mind right then as is humanly possible.

Unlike his friend who is still writhing pathetically on the floor, Matsuura still has some wit about him, and he backs away quickly, before disappearing into the edges of the crowd, melding in, trying to get away. Jaejoong might be beautiful but no matter how beautiful, no one is worth the pain that the devil is promising with that glance.

Now that the two annoyances have been dealt with, Yunho finally turns to his wife who is gazing at him with a mildly amused look on his face. A quick glance at Junsu satisfies Yunho that his son is alright, because if he isn’t, that man on the floor will be paying with far more than his balls.

“If looks could kill, Yunnie-ah…” Jaejoong’s voice is soft, almost teasing, as he steps forward, squashing their sons briefly between them, Junsu remaining silent but Changmin squawking in protest, to press a quick kiss to his husband’s mouth.

“I recall a similar look in your eyes,” Yunho murmurs against Jaejoong’s mouth, before sneaking a quick lick of that pink pout and stepping back.

Suddenly reminded as to why he had that look in the first place, Jaejoong immediately crouches down, and his daughters and remaining son all throw their arms around him. JJ has tears in her eyes, confused and frightened by all the chaos. Jiyool has an arm around her sister, keeping her close as Jaejoong kisses them both in greeting. Next, Jaejoong turns to Yoochun who is crying quietly, big fat tears rolling down his cheeks.

Uncaring about their audience, Jaejoong sits on the floor, pulling Yoochun into his lap and kissing away his tears.

“Don’t cry, Yoochun-ah.”

Junsu reaches for his twin, hugging him as they both curl into their mama’s chest. JJ and Jiyool sit next to their mama, patting a twin each on their backs, trying to soothe them too.

“Mama!” Changmin’s voice is indignant and loud at being left out as he looks down at the dark heads of his mama and siblings from his lofty perch.

Yunho’s mouth quirks in amusement as Jaejoong looks up. He can see the consternation on his wife’s face as the younger man cannot decide what to do, and so he makes his decision for him.


One word, and the beaming smile Jaejoong sends him is brilliant. He watches as his wife whispers something into the twins ears, both his boys immediately looking up at him. Junsu is smiling, but Yoochun is looking apprehensive, clinging to his mama even as Junsu gets out of Jaejoong’s lap. With a lap free, Yunho drops Changmin into his wife’s waiting arms, before he crouches down and pulls Junsu into his arms. After a little coaxing, Yoochun comes too and Yunho is finally able to understand why his son is still upset.


Yunho stands up, his twin boys in his arms. He glances down at the still moaning man on the floor, rolling his eyes at the theatrics, and then dismissing the man completely from his mind as he turns his attention to Yoochun. He hears the quaver in his son’s voice and he wants to soothe it.

“No, Chunnie. No trouble.”

“B-b-but I hit…”

“It’s ok baby. He pushed Junsu and you wanted to protect your brother. It’s ok.”


“It’s not ok to hit, but today you were just trying to protect. Do you know what protect means?”


“You don’t want anyone to hurt Junsu, right? So you were protecting him.”

Yoochun immediately nods fiercely, “No one hurt my Susu. No.”

“You’re a good big brother, Chunnie.”

“Chunnie is good?”

Yunho chuckles at the light that suddenly enters his son’s eyes. The two boys are so mischievous, always getting into all sorts of trouble, and they probably don’t hear that they are good often enough. Yunho and Jaejoong never use the word “bad” on their kids, but “naughty” comes up often enough.

“Chunnie is very good.”

“Susu good too?” Junsu finally speaks up, not wanting to be left out. If his twin is naughty, then he is naughty, so in his mind, if Chunnie is good then he is good too, right?

“Su is good! Su did not hit.” Yoochun pipes up on his twin’s behalf, now secure in his father’s love and the fact that he is not in trouble for hitting someone.

Yunho cannot help but laugh, kissing both twins on their foreheads and making them giggle as he nods and agrees with them.

Jaejoong has found his feet by now, Changmin sucking on his chin contentedly, one hand on JJ’s head and Jiyool with her fingers in the waistband of his jeans. He looks around and is suddenly aware of the numerous eyes on them, him in particular. He wrinkles his nose cutely, before breaking into a smile, unleashing his charms suddenly, dazzling everyone as he quickly ushers his family out. That was an absolutely calculated move on his part, and he has to hide his laugh as everyone steps back even more to let them all go through without protest. Oh well, he only has his finals before he is done with this university anyway. Hopefully, being the wife of Jung Yunho outweighs any disastrous outcome he and his family may have inadvertently cost his school. His professors better grade him fairly at least.

Once free of the room, he turns to his husband, remarking, “We can’t take the Jungs out anywhere.”

“Chaos does seem to follow us.”

“I’d have it no other way though.”


The not-so-little family stroll through the relatively empty hallways of his school in silence. The twins are drowsing against their father’s neck, and the two girls are walking slowly, finally starting to droop after all the excitement. Changmin however, doesn’t seem too inclined to sleep just yet.

Jaejoong extricates his chin from the gummy clutches of his son, drool dripping down both their necks, to the amusement of Yunho.

“He gave you another hickey.”

Jaejoong merely cocks an eyebrow, and retorts, “He gave you one too.”

“What? Really?” Yunho tries to rub his chin on the head of a sleepy Yoochun who straightens and stares at his father who quickly asks for his observation since there are no mirrors handy. “Chunnie-ah, does Daddy have something on his chin?”

Everyone has stopped walking by now as both Yoochun and Junsu peer closely and seriously at their father’s chin, before they both nod enthusiastically, giggling when their father groans. Jaejoong hitches Changmin higher in his arms, hiding his face behind his baby’s back as the infant twists in his arms trying to watch the interesting goings-on. He wants to be with his brothers. His father definitely looks more exciting right now although his mama tastes better.


Jiyool and JJ burst out laughing at Changmin’s shout because their brother is not looking at their mama.

“That’s not mama, Minnie. That’s daddy.” JJ tries to teach her brother.


“Daddy! Dada!” Jiyool tries to find something easier for him to follow. “Dada! Dada! Come on Minnie, you’re smart.”

“Mama!” Changmin resolutely ignores his noisy sisters, and leans out of Jaejoong’s arms to try and get to his father and brothers.

The twins look at each other and then back at their brother, and Junsu makes a decision. “Susu wants Mama. Chunnie stay with Daddy.”

However, Yoochun is still feeling a little vulnerable and a smidgen of upset from that awful man pushing his brother is still in the back of his mind and so he shakes his head. “No! Chunnie go with Susu.”

“Sometimes I wish we had eight arms or something.”

“Minnie wreaks havoc wherever he goes.”

“I think he definitely takes after you there and not me.”


Jaejoong laughs as Changmin bounces in his arms, trying to push his way out. “Minnie-ah, you are a fat little wriggly caterpillar. Your daddy just needs to find some space in his arms.”

“Down, daddy.” Yoochun pipes up, eying his squirming brother, a little worried his mama is going to accidentally drop him. “Quick! Down!”

Yunho laughingly complies, lowering his twins to the ground where they hold hands and cling to his legs because their sisters are still clinging to their mama and there is no room for them.

Jaejoong steps forward to hand Changmin over, but before he can, the baby turns to look at him, giggling as he grabs his ulzzang frames, pulling them off his nose just as Yunho takes him. Jaejoong grins and tugs the frames from Changmin’s hands who protests briefly, but stops when his mama pops them over his nose.

“You two are so cute. Prettier than any ulzzangs I’ve ever seen.”

“Mama take a photo!” Jiyool urges, watching her daddy and brother. Her mama is right. They look very cute with the big spectacles.

Jaejoong fumbles in his pockets for his phone, finally managing to extract the device from his tight jeans.

“Look at mama, Min-ah. Aren’t you a little cutie.” Yunho points to Jaejoong whose brow is furrowed as he tries to get the right shot with his phone. “Jae, don’t you think he looks a bit like me now?”

Jaejoong looks through his phone at the father and son and chuckles. “Ahhh…my ulzzangs. He does look like you. Ok, both of you look here. Aish, Minnie!” And he snaps the photo quickly just as Changmin pulls the overlarge frames from his nose. There’s no opportunity for another shot because Changmin pops one of the arms of the glasses into his mouth and starts to chew.

“Jiyool-ah, you used to do that all the time to my sunglasses.”

“I ate your glasses too, Mama?”

“Yes, you most definitely did.”

“Did I?”

“All of you did actually, but our Yoolie and Minnie ate it the most. Maybe it tasted good.”

“Daddy, can I taste yours?” JJ asks, quite seriously, prompting laughter from her parents and older sister. She watches her daddy crouch down so she can grab the glasses off his nose, and then she looks at what her baby brother is doing and mimics him, scrunching up her nose, pulling it immediately back out of her mouth. “Yuck! It’s salty.”

Junsu moves as laughter and giggles roll all around him, urging his brother along as he wants a taste too. “Me, JJ? Me?”

His sister hands over the frames quite readily, her little pink tongue darting in and out of her mouth, unconsciously imitating her mama’s habit as she tries to get the taste off her tongue.

Junsu pops one arm into his mouth and starts to chew. In fact, he chews rather thoughtfully which is quite hilarious to watch. His brother tugs on his arm, wanting a taste too, and Junsu offers the other arm. And so the twins stand, heads close together, chewing on a pair of ulzzang frames.

“Anyone watching would think we don’t feed our kids or something.”

Jaejoong merely shrugs as he captures a couple of shots of the twins, before turning to smile up at his husband. “We know we feed them, and that’s all that matters.”

“So? What does it taste like?” JJ asks her brothers a tad impatiently, since they don’t seem to find it as yuck as she did. Maybe it’s a boy thing.

Yoochun pops his mouth off first, turning to her and shrugging. “It tastes like plastic.”

“Like nothing.”

“I like Mama’s cooking better.”

“Mama, I’m hungry.”

“I’m hungry too.”

“I want chicken.”

“I want beef.”

“I want dinner.”

“Mama!” Changmin pops the glasses out of his mouth, eyes wide as he hears the magic word. “Mama! Mama!” And so the little chubby baby starts dancing and wriggling in his daddy’s arms, wanting to go back to his mama because dinner means mama and he’s a little hungry.

“I left the diaper bag in the car because I didn’t think we’d be long.”

“Then we should probably get going because people will definitely think we don’t feed our kids now.” Jaejoong laughs gaily, herding his brood out ahead of him, all four children trying to out do each other in terms of how loud they are in demanding to be fed.

And across all that noise, is Changmin’s cry for his mama. Or really, his milk.

“We really can’t take the Jungs out anywhere now can we?”

AN: Yunho-yah… god that man is absolutely stunning in a tuxedo…….. I foresee a few fics with him in a tux… Lol and that little HoMin bit… I cracked up writing it. Also, bloody hell this was long…don’t tell anyone but it’s almost 8,000 words of god-only-knows-what-I-should-be-calling-this… OTL

PS: I know the spectacles Jaejoong is wearing is not the same as the one that baby is holding, but let’s pretend they are :P

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