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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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A call for fic help!
Ok, so I haven't read fic in a million years. Ok, not a million but you know what I mean. I am going to be going away for about a month over Christmas. We're going camping with my in-laws and I need to stock up on fic otherwise I might just go nuts lmao.

So basically, dear readers, I need your help because I assume y'all read way more than I do. I have some criteria though so if you could keep your recommendations limited to that, it would be appreciated XD

Please recommend fics (any pairing within DB5K, i'm really not fussed) with the following attributes
- PG or PG13 or R rating
- Any genre is fine but I prefer fluff and really don't want angst unless well-written and NOT YunJae... i'll read angst of any other pairing
- Chaptered
- Completed
- Well-written (if it's AFF, it's automatically bad. I've yet to meet a good AFF fic)
- No crack (only crack I will read is my bl00d sister's)
- No locked fics because it's just frustrating though I don't mind comms.

Strictly NO NC17 rated fics please because i'm really not interested in reading smut. R is about as far as i'll go. I know i'm weird. I skip my own smut chapters when I re-read so yeah...

Help me, please? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top! XD

i just think trieze's fic maybe suit your taste http://trieze0713.livejournal.com/

The bet. Oh, maybe not.
by yunshi_himura


The art of staying in the dark.
by miss-sanzo

Give It a Try
by beya3x

The Beauty's Cage
by pxahyoo

Bubbly Shotgun
by quirke

Call Me Maybe (I LOVE THIS ONE <3)
by little_passions

by tvfxq

I have more... but they kin of go more into the angst or crack soo... nop xD also I have a lot of rec. list but this one
is the one that I used a lot (even though is old and because of that some fics that say ongoing... are finish... but still is really useful)


Merp. My comment keeps getting spammed but um..

Baby Love by Bailey
neh-sarang . livejournal . com / 43116.html

lol and Quirke's rec list :D
quirke . livejournal . com / 1317 . html


I second. Quirke's fic are amazing and Baby Love is really lovely.

cristalinz's dbsk family verse? it's almost similar with your sleeping beauty drables in term of it's Yunjae Family. I reread them over and over, just like I reread yours:)

I actually found a fic on AFF that's good
I know, shocker!
I had to pinch my self to see if it was true
the author actually owns a tumblog where he posts horrifying sentences from AFF writers and he had mentioned he had a blog there so i just HAD to see if it was any good because AFF...

lol okay so you probably just want the link right ._. definitely check it out it has proper grammar and all that awesomeness that makes reading enjoyable, he's from the states so that's a plus, no dealing with cracked sentences with past, present and future tenses all jumbled, also no terrible metaphors :D
once looooooooong ago(3 years or so ago) AFF actually had decent fics but then hordes of shitty writers took over and now everything is buried under big piles of dung.

my message was marked as spam D:
i dunno if you'll be able to read it now
anywho i found a good author on AFF
check out his story, it's actually good
i know you wanted completed fics but you have to check this out since it's one in a million on AFF
asianfanfics. com/story/view/140022/after-school-activities-jaejoong-junsu-yoochun-yunho-yunjae

Hi there! Big fan of all of your stories! I've actually read all of your work and I absolutely love your writing style<3

So one yunjae story that's I guess one of the more famous ones is the 40+ chaptered story Damaged by aquariuslover and it can be found here: http://aquariuslover.livejournal.com/19983.html#cutid1
There is angst but it's well-written. It was written right after the lawsuit began.

yoliheartsu above me posted about After School Activities, but the story is also posted on lj by gelisi. I enjoy that story as well and it can be found here:
http://gelisi.livejournal.com/1925.html#cutid1 HOWEVER, THE STORY IS NOT COMPLETED!

caleydoscope has a few works that I loved to read. She wrote Clair de Lune, which is romance and has YunJae with MinSu and ChunBoa as the side pairings. If you're into werewolves (I'm not into the whole supernatural thing but she pulled it off), then the story is here: http://caleyedoscope.livejournal.com/20253.html

She also wrote the Law!verse, which has YunJae, YooSu, and Min/OC. I'm particular fond of this verse because it's fluffy and also because Yunho's a hotshot law school professor and Jaejoong is his star student. Link here: http://mearii87.livejournal.com/13338.html#cutid1

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful trip! take care of yourself and happy holidays!!

miss_sanzo fics are mostly good, I think.
worth reading! :D

hello i'm not sure if you've stumbled upon them yet but these are good, IMO..
miss sanzo fics http://miss-sanzo.livejournal.com/
little passion's fics http://little-passions.livejournal.com/
koharu's fics http://koharu-chan.livejournal.com/

wow… this is hard! the awesome beeswaxing, nicki is asking for a recommendation… i always recommend your fic tho :D and since your writing is so good, you need an "A-list" awesome writers as well! *wink*
well here are the list of fic and writers i loved!
-little passions (ik you may already read anne's work, but that kid is really a genius)
-same as others> miss sanzo
-"my best friends boyfriend" by yani (one of the classic and unforgettable fic ive read)
- the echo series by wild terrain (too much angst but so worth it)
- wedspawn's work (god! that girl is prowriter for real)
- na_tammie's okane ja nae
-the comedy queen rui schreient01
-"cockblocking min' series" by sentimentalenvy (guaranteed! so funny!)
-rearview mirror, bedspacer and lets play pretend by smexplicit
-lilmissdreamer3, her lj and aff accnt is gold (especially "the devil wears tie")
-hattukissa's join me in death
- tonight by ayase123
- mixologist by charcoal fire
-and im damn sure youve read the works of the ff writers~ ko bands, sekushiai, jaejoong, yunho, bbe delusionall……

if you need more bb, im just A tweet away! XD
and sorry i dont have a link, im using my phone dear!

i forgot… walinlove's lj is also good and law!verse is fucking awesome!

I found this masterpieces by miracle. Her style of writing is really good...sometimes feel so hyperbola, but in a cool way.

The long chaptered and completed fic is called "The Bookstore Lovers."
The short (3-shots) chaptered and completed fic is "Yunho and Jaejoong."
The long chaptered yet still on-going is "A Truth Without Love"
here is her masterlist: http://yunjae-mochichi.livejournal.com/7937.html
some of them is angsty...but I guarantee you, it is SUPER well-written. ehe~ I hope my standard is reach your standard >///<

AH! and this by chaebol. most of her writing is horror and mystery genre...and NC-17 but really...the thrill is so cool and kind of amusing. I don't know, but I can assure you that the NC-17 scene will not bother you. not that it's so hot or not hot, but it is a part of the thrilling sensation of this fic "Hotel 0" >>> http://chaebol.livejournal.com/972.html#cutid2


Alrighty, some good fic recs...

Anything by mearii87 at caleyedoscope

  • Happiness Is is my all time favorite fan fiction ever. It's a very creative AU that is symbolic and just sweet and the fluff sdngksdhgb. ;; mearii87 has one hell of a fertile imagination that just leaves me in pure awe.
  • law!verse (link to PDF download) is another really good fic about Yunho being a lawyer and Jaejoong his top student with a crush on him, lots of drama and fluff and even babies. (It's not mpreg, lol.) It also has a sequel equally as amazing. ^^
  • Clair de Lune, is fucking amazing. Werewolves and fluff and romance and dominant!Yunho. Tension. Perfection. I usually don't reread fics often, but this one I think I've reread about 4 times. ._.;; It's just...that addicting. Like candy. :D It has a MinSu focused sequel that is just as sweet and addicting and fluffy kdfngsdhgdg.
  • Fleeting Glory. :D :D :D This is not a YunJae fic, but rather focuses on the F4 friendship (Jaejoong, Hyunjoong, TOP, and Yoochun) with Zhou Mi/Sungmin, Boa/Yunho, Jiyong/Seunghyun, Changmin/Kyuhyun side pairings. :D Amazingly inventive space AU fic about the moon exploding and its dust that has become necessary for modern survival. I honestly haven't finished reading it because it's just so good I don't want it to end. ._.;;;

shigai at spokes_man is also another extremely creative writer. Her grammar can get really wonky, but I've found that sticking it through makes for an awesome read. :D

  • Imbroglio: AU with some angst, takes place in a kind of dystopic city, but has a happy ending. ^^
  • Song of Autumn: a Matrix theory based AU, lots of drama and ot5 feels but an overall yunjae fic with a happy ending.

Anything by baileymoyes and willowwing. They sometimes post in neh_sarang (Bailey usually) but willowwing mostly posts to her own personal journal.

  • Shifting Moon (link to PDF). A lovely little AU about Yunho and Jaejoong as animal spirits and they can shift back and forth. Some smut, drama, and lots of romance. A kind of fighting against the odds theme. Very spiritual and lovely.
  • Baby Love: a lovely AU with model!Yunho and recluse!Jae that are brought together by a baby. Cute, fluffy, light smut.
  • For A Price: au fic that I don't remember reading but it was written by baileymoyes so I'm throwing it on this reclist. Pretty sure I've read it already, tho. :o Probably some smut...

Totally second this. I love these writers too.

second part of my comment, first was marked as spam bc of links. :( boo

And, of course, for HoMin fics I recommend everything by glitterburn, vaguelynormal, and enigmaxempress (the latter 2 both post at equiilibrium.) Unfortunately they tend to write fics that are usually NC-17 but I shall pic out the R and below ones for you. XD

oh how sad is it that I can only find a couple of fics from them that aren't NC-17... OTL hahaha

um. I'm just going to stop here since my reclist took up 2 comments. n_n;;;

Re: second part of my comment, first was marked as spam bc of links. :( boo

OH OH OH AND GENIUS BY BEXY BECAUSE IT'S GENIUS 8DD There is very light smut at the end, but IT'S SO WORTH THE READ 8D

sigh, why is nobody recommending you chibi fics???