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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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A call for fic help!
Ok, so I haven't read fic in a million years. Ok, not a million but you know what I mean. I am going to be going away for about a month over Christmas. We're going camping with my in-laws and I need to stock up on fic otherwise I might just go nuts lmao.

So basically, dear readers, I need your help because I assume y'all read way more than I do. I have some criteria though so if you could keep your recommendations limited to that, it would be appreciated XD

Please recommend fics (any pairing within DB5K, i'm really not fussed) with the following attributes
- PG or PG13 or R rating
- Any genre is fine but I prefer fluff and really don't want angst unless well-written and NOT YunJae... i'll read angst of any other pairing
- Chaptered
- Completed
- Well-written (if it's AFF, it's automatically bad. I've yet to meet a good AFF fic)
- No crack (only crack I will read is my bl00d sister's)
- No locked fics because it's just frustrating though I don't mind comms.

Strictly NO NC17 rated fics please because i'm really not interested in reading smut. R is about as far as i'll go. I know i'm weird. I skip my own smut chapters when I re-read so yeah...

Help me, please? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top! XD

//racks my head on which ones aren't R rated//

my one & only Homin rec->http://loveclouds.livejournal.com/

I guess I'll rec some of those old old authors, since you are fairly new in the fandom

http://u-knowiloveyou.livejournal.com/ is uber talented
http://were1993.livejournal.com/ -- one shots are <33

I was bawling all the way through Confessions of a broken heart-->http://sahbel.livejournal.com/

If you are looking for Yoosu do check out-->http://harvestmoon16.livejournal.com/
http://blue-solitia.livejournal.com/ (makjjang like Yoosu <3)

Do enjoy the fics dear. I'll be back if I think of some new ones.

Expectation: http://aquariuslover.livejournal.com/tag/expectations
by aquariuslover

Erm, some chapter is NC17 actually but it's really well written especially if you like Science fiction AU.

Edited at 2012-12-18 06:29 am (UTC)

Seeing those recommendations, I doubt you'd like mine... X-D Since my favorite list on THFiction.Com is... mostly darkf-fic... *LOL* But hey, anything by steinsgrrl would probably fit the bill! And I love her work to! So, check out her fic-comm, if you are in a mood for TH-fic? steins_stories

This one is really good, it's a Jaemin two-shot and I don't think it has any smut at all.
It's fluff/angst, it's more of a story of someone's life rather than any particular genre.
It's set in ancient Korea, with the whole palace setting, it's really good.

The Dragon and the Sun

I would recommend most things by be-ddelusionall, but a lot of them have smut (maybe even all of them) and some have heavy kinks, but she warns for that. She has two really, really, sweet Jaemin two-shots, though, both are AU, and the plot is really nice. /if I say anything more I'd give it all away, lol. (the first one is my favorite)

He's My Fly Boy

Defying Gravity

Wup my bias is showing these are all going to be Jaemin xD. Uh...I don't know about the next one, because it's not complete (although it's really really really close to being done). The only reason why I'm including it is because it's really really beautifully written. It's a really well done angst and it's really long so it doesn't rush through the execution and resolution of the problems the characters are going through, and it's one of my favorite fics.

If You Could See What I See

Hm I'll find more later if I stumble across them, but these are the first few that come to mind.

since you are okay with all pairing.. i'd like to recommend apocryphalic

her/his homin is very very good, and as far as i read, there's no smut... i really recommend Cycle 8 if you are into apocalypse-story-themed. and her/his writing has quite wide range of themes that you will enjoy. =)

ah but if you want fluff, i recommend her/his fried chicken and eight digit things

fluffy homin x)

Hi ^^

if you're planning to add up homin in your to-read list, beside all those recommended above, i'd recommend reading most of d fics from http://liderlig.livejournal.com/ especially those posts in their 'Advent Calendar 2012' project during this whole December.

i think so far they've got only 2 NC-17s only, the rest are rated g-r. so it's all good ^^ they've got from cheesy fluffiness to angsty homin (no minho i think)

have a try ^^

Lol I'm just going to pimp out my fic here cuz you told me to. Rape victim!Changmin non-au :)


(Double Shot) The Interview: Summary: Jung Yunho is being interviewed because of his recent announcement. Here, he opens up to our news reporter, spilling some of his deepest secrets. And he explains why he suddenly decided to make them known. But it seems the leader has nothing to hide as he doesn't hold anything back, shocking our reporter more than once. And, of course, those watching it. Oh, and did I mention, it's on international television?

http://ko-bands.livejournal.com/32212.html#cutid1 and http://ko-bands.livejournal.com/38578.html#cutid1

My Angel (fluff): http://ko-bands.livejournal.com/14776.html#cutid1

Heaven's Hell: YooMin highschool fic: http://ko-bands.livejournal.com/37804.html#cutid1

Run Down, Beat Me. Rise Up, Save Me: http://ko-bands.livejournal.com/55837.html#cutid1

Yeah I think that's it. My writing flunctuated here cuz my style has changed a lot. My Angel is the oldest, Woes of the Unwanted is the newest ^^ enjoy!

Edited at 2012-12-21 09:26 am (UTC)


EVERYONE has been so freaking awesome! Thank you so much for the recs ;-) Feel free to keep them coming though because seriously, an entire month camping with the VERY HIGH likelihood that it will rain for most of that time does not a fun holiday make and I will need something to keep my sanity.

So yeah, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and if you can think of anymore recs, feel free to spam me!

Uh and don't worry about your message being marked as spam. I can see it and unspam it.

Love y'all! ;D

well, i still havent found the other fluffy fics i like, but will just post here



there are more but i havent traced them myself XD the links tho lead to master lists filled with yunjae goodness ^^ trolololol if ever. i'll pimp my own comm here too ahahaha


oh hai :P

i'll be leaving posts every now and then so its not just one entry mmmkay?

We Were Young Gods by twicefolds : http://wry-me.livejournal.com/7461.html

Absence by twelvemornings: http://twelvemornings.livejournal.com/3063.html

Heat by blurmeese: http://baby-skies.livejournal.com/41923.html

Never Again by reunionstory: http://reunionstory.livejournal.com/4725.html#cutid1

Out Of Sequence by ephemeral_blue: http://itisonlylove.livejournal.com/37127.html

and the rest of my recommendations are here: http://jijiballs.tumblr.com/tagged/recommendations

i'll link more once i find the others <3

quirke's fic rec list (warning, some journals/links have been purged): http://quirke.livejournal.com/1317.html#yunjae

yukimiya87's entire masterlist: http://overflowingmuse.livejournal.com/497.html

little_passion's entire fic list: http://little_passions.livejournal.com/

love-cassiopeia's entire masterlist: http://love-cassiopeia.livejournal.com/

Quartermaster by ayase123: http://ayase123.livejournal.com/5660.html#cutid1

Captain and King by dokssuri: http://dokssuri.livejournal.com/42857.html#cutid1

Grace Fallen by orionsroad: http://orionsroad.livejournal.com/6374.html

Tryst by beautifulbolero: http://aisenaiaishitai.livejournal.com/6712.html

Glass Houses by itsplashes: http://epiphanybells.livejournal.com/687.html#cutid1

Boojae by orange_petals: http://orange-petals.livejournal.com/11465.html#cutid1

Sounds Like Love by loveclouds: http://loveclouds.livejournal.com/7948.html

Rooftops; where do we go from here? by cerulian_dia: http://cerulean-dia.livejournal.com/856.html

Rules; Love and Desire by krisooh: http://krisooh.livejournal.com/10011.html

Last of the Great Lovers by lunascrescent: http://lunacrescent.livejournal.com/24818.html

X Years From Now by fictionalkitty: http://fictionalkitty.livejournal.com/33262.html

We Got This Far by dystopialights: http://dystopialights.livejournal.com/10838.html

The Best Part Of Travelling Is Coming Home by preorder: http://preorder.livejournal.com/6548.html

Never Let It Pass By by siriusmoonpup: http://siriusmoonpup.livejournal.com/5049.html

Maybe Won't Get You Anywhere by preorder: http://preorder.livejournal.com/6929.html#cutid1

Sound Off by preorder: http://preorder.livejournal.com/19251.html

Swollen Ankles by haiku_tale: http://haiku-tale.livejournal.com/996.html

Over The Moon by guu_dammit: http://dbskbigbang-fic.livejournal.com/4710.html

Serendipity by tvfxq: http://jungyunjaejoong.livejournal.com/5912.html

...sorry I have been reading more on YooMin lately so that's it for now.

Edited at 2012-12-24 07:50 am (UTC)

i found a writer in AFF that i think writes pretty good stories... ^.^ you can search of "SuperBlue" i don't know whether she has an lj user or not.. but yeah, you can try and read them... ah! i think she wrote in winglin too.