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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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A call for fic help!
Ok, so I haven't read fic in a million years. Ok, not a million but you know what I mean. I am going to be going away for about a month over Christmas. We're going camping with my in-laws and I need to stock up on fic otherwise I might just go nuts lmao.

So basically, dear readers, I need your help because I assume y'all read way more than I do. I have some criteria though so if you could keep your recommendations limited to that, it would be appreciated XD

Please recommend fics (any pairing within DB5K, i'm really not fussed) with the following attributes
- PG or PG13 or R rating
- Any genre is fine but I prefer fluff and really don't want angst unless well-written and NOT YunJae... i'll read angst of any other pairing
- Chaptered
- Completed
- Well-written (if it's AFF, it's automatically bad. I've yet to meet a good AFF fic)
- No crack (only crack I will read is my bl00d sister's)
- No locked fics because it's just frustrating though I don't mind comms.

Strictly NO NC17 rated fics please because i'm really not interested in reading smut. R is about as far as i'll go. I know i'm weird. I skip my own smut chapters when I re-read so yeah...

Help me, please? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top! XD

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Hi there! Big fan of all of your stories! I've actually read all of your work and I absolutely love your writing style<3

So one yunjae story that's I guess one of the more famous ones is the 40+ chaptered story Damaged by aquariuslover and it can be found here: http://aquariuslover.livejournal.com/19983.html#cutid1
There is angst but it's well-written. It was written right after the lawsuit began.

yoliheartsu above me posted about After School Activities, but the story is also posted on lj by gelisi. I enjoy that story as well and it can be found here:
http://gelisi.livejournal.com/1925.html#cutid1 HOWEVER, THE STORY IS NOT COMPLETED!

caleydoscope has a few works that I loved to read. She wrote Clair de Lune, which is romance and has YunJae with MinSu and ChunBoa as the side pairings. If you're into werewolves (I'm not into the whole supernatural thing but she pulled it off), then the story is here: http://caleyedoscope.livejournal.com/20253.html

She also wrote the Law!verse, which has YunJae, YooSu, and Min/OC. I'm particular fond of this verse because it's fluffy and also because Yunho's a hotshot law school professor and Jaejoong is his star student. Link here: http://mearii87.livejournal.com/13338.html#cutid1

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful trip! take care of yourself and happy holidays!!

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