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All skin and no shame

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A call for fic help!
Ok, so I haven't read fic in a million years. Ok, not a million but you know what I mean. I am going to be going away for about a month over Christmas. We're going camping with my in-laws and I need to stock up on fic otherwise I might just go nuts lmao.

So basically, dear readers, I need your help because I assume y'all read way more than I do. I have some criteria though so if you could keep your recommendations limited to that, it would be appreciated XD

Please recommend fics (any pairing within DB5K, i'm really not fussed) with the following attributes
- PG or PG13 or R rating
- Any genre is fine but I prefer fluff and really don't want angst unless well-written and NOT YunJae... i'll read angst of any other pairing
- Chaptered
- Completed
- Well-written (if it's AFF, it's automatically bad. I've yet to meet a good AFF fic)
- No crack (only crack I will read is my bl00d sister's)
- No locked fics because it's just frustrating though I don't mind comms.

Strictly NO NC17 rated fics please because i'm really not interested in reading smut. R is about as far as i'll go. I know i'm weird. I skip my own smut chapters when I re-read so yeah...

Help me, please? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top! XD

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Alrighty, some good fic recs...

Anything by mearii87 at caleyedoscope

  • Happiness Is is my all time favorite fan fiction ever. It's a very creative AU that is symbolic and just sweet and the fluff sdngksdhgb. ;; mearii87 has one hell of a fertile imagination that just leaves me in pure awe.
  • law!verse (link to PDF download) is another really good fic about Yunho being a lawyer and Jaejoong his top student with a crush on him, lots of drama and fluff and even babies. (It's not mpreg, lol.) It also has a sequel equally as amazing. ^^
  • Clair de Lune, is fucking amazing. Werewolves and fluff and romance and dominant!Yunho. Tension. Perfection. I usually don't reread fics often, but this one I think I've reread about 4 times. ._.;; It's just...that addicting. Like candy. :D It has a MinSu focused sequel that is just as sweet and addicting and fluffy kdfngsdhgdg.
  • Fleeting Glory. :D :D :D This is not a YunJae fic, but rather focuses on the F4 friendship (Jaejoong, Hyunjoong, TOP, and Yoochun) with Zhou Mi/Sungmin, Boa/Yunho, Jiyong/Seunghyun, Changmin/Kyuhyun side pairings. :D Amazingly inventive space AU fic about the moon exploding and its dust that has become necessary for modern survival. I honestly haven't finished reading it because it's just so good I don't want it to end. ._.;;;

shigai at spokes_man is also another extremely creative writer. Her grammar can get really wonky, but I've found that sticking it through makes for an awesome read. :D

  • Imbroglio: AU with some angst, takes place in a kind of dystopic city, but has a happy ending. ^^
  • Song of Autumn: a Matrix theory based AU, lots of drama and ot5 feels but an overall yunjae fic with a happy ending.

Anything by baileymoyes and willowwing. They sometimes post in neh_sarang (Bailey usually) but willowwing mostly posts to her own personal journal.

  • Shifting Moon (link to PDF). A lovely little AU about Yunho and Jaejoong as animal spirits and they can shift back and forth. Some smut, drama, and lots of romance. A kind of fighting against the odds theme. Very spiritual and lovely.
  • Baby Love: a lovely AU with model!Yunho and recluse!Jae that are brought together by a baby. Cute, fluffy, light smut.
  • For A Price: au fic that I don't remember reading but it was written by baileymoyes so I'm throwing it on this reclist. Pretty sure I've read it already, tho. :o Probably some smut...

Totally second this. I love these writers too.

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