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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Post -Apocalyptic #khunfession
Lol! I thought about this yesterday so I figured i'd share heh.

I actually prefer to write HoMin smut lmao. Shock! Horror! But it's true. Yesterday's drabble was soooooo going to go down the hardcore porn path but I really didn't want it to. I'm resisting my urge to write porn for HoMin left right and centre. 

Now, before anyone accuses me of being a HoMin shipper, I really am not one. It's just that Changmin's personality in The Trophy Wife series is pretty close to my own. So close in fact that there is one scene in the drabble yesterday that was played out on the couch in my office last night with my husband lol. So much so, I thought he had read my fic hahaha. The whole cat and dog thing, honestly it's my marriage. People who don't know my husband and I, if they see us bickering, they always think we're on the brink of divorce or something. My husband has always been very Yunho-esque. All my Yunho characterizations are a mixture of actual Yunho and my husband lol. The cheesiness especially is all my husband omg but I can totally see Yunho being a cheesy dork so it works. My husband also has the EQ of a goat and so he says the damndest thing without thinking how it might sound. And then belatedly goes oh... OTL

So yeah, the reason why I haven't written much HoMin lately is because every single one shot I write ends up in the porn department and my storyline always goes eh... what storyline. Plot? What Plot? But then I actually started the Trophy Wife series as a way to get rid of feels... it was always meant to be largely porn hahaha but then I felt bad for my YunJae readers who are also trying to read my HoMin. 

And I cannot unsee Min as having flashes of sweetness. You can see it IRL so I don't see why he always has to be a ball-buster in fics ;-) I'm pretty sure he hides behind his snark but that's just my opinion and i'm a Jung stan so what do I know? :P

Jaejoong's personality is really not in tune with mine apart from the bouts of randomness hehe so getting into his head *cough* for the smut is hard. But let's just say One Shade of YunJae was VERY easy to write lmfao. ISTG I love that fic way too much. And most people don't. 

So there! That's my #khunfession hahahaha. I wonder if any of my readers have any deep dark fandom secrets they want to share hahaha :P


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i was expecting some Nichkhun lol XD

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