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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[9a] Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Title: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU, mpreg
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It’s been four weeks since Changmin left and Yunho is running out of time. A letter from Changmin’s divorce attorney arrives, sending Yunho to the remotest place he can think of out of desperation and the need to hide from a reality he is not ready to face. But even in the most desperate of places, hope remains.

AN1: Written hurriedly in the pockets of time I could find. Long one-shot is long... It jumps around quite a bit and I wasn’t sure what the best way to deal with the time jumps so I italicized whatever isn’t happening right this second. I suggest you read this slower than you’d normally read my stuff otherwise it might just get really confusing. Heck, I even confused myself…

AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O Although this whole debacle IS TOTALLY JUNG'S FAULT!

Yunho is packing slowly. However despite that, his clothes are still placed haphazardly in his bag, unused to packing for himself. The pang he feels is so familiar now that he scarcely flinches anymore.

Changmin would have packed his bag for him.

Changmin would have folded his clothes neatly so the lines in his pants lay perfectly, and his shirts are not creased.

Changmin would have made sure his clothes matched with his accessories; cuff links, tie, tie pin, wristwatch.

Changmin would not have placed his shoes randomly at the bottom of the suitcase and thrown everything else over the top of it.

Changmin would have remembered underwear, although Yunho hasn’t quite realised his inadvertent omission just yet.


Yunho stops packing, walking towards the window of their bedroom to stare out at the lights twinkling outside. The sprawling city of Seoul seems to mock him with their cheerful light, winking yellow, red and white, illuminated by street lamps as well as the various windows and cars dotting the streets below.

Changmin has been gone for four weeks.

Yunho is running out of time. He has sent messengers, and been in touch with every single contact he can think of, to help look for his missing wife.

But it is to no avail.

Day in, day out. Night after night. The news is the same.


He is on no uncertain terms, wholly unwelcome at the Park mansion. Jaejoong had threatened Micky with divorce if Yunho does not bring Changmin back to him. Apparently, his wife has not even been personally in touch with the blonde spitfire apart from his initial message, and Micky’s life is in turmoil as well because of this.


”You really need to find him. Jae has even kicked me out of our bedroom. He is practically inconsolable, and thus it manifests into a fury I have never ever seen the likes of. Everyone is utterly terrified of him. Even more so than they used to be. At least he was somewhat reasonable in his demands previously, but now? He fired a maid for bringing him warm water when he asked for tepid water. You tell me, isn’t tepid water, warm water?”

“He probably meant room temperature water.”

“That’s not the point. I have to bribe our staff to stay working for us. I’d honestly give them a holiday if I wasn’t worried that Jae might accidentally hurt himself or our baby in one of his fits of rage. The point is, my wife loves your wife and he wants him back and when Jae doesn’t get what he wants, all hell breaks loose as you very well know.”

Yunho winces inwardly at the memory of the day after Changmin had left. The press had had a field day though not from the news of his wife’s disappearance. His anger is nothing compared to Jaejoong’s and that is saying something indeed.

“Don’t you think I want my own wife back?”

“I know you’re trying. I’m just relaying a message of sorts. My life will be hell till your life is fixed. Now tell me, what do you need me to do? Everything I have is at your disposal. Just don’t tell Jae I’m helping you because he wants to kill you, and I think he will kill me too.”


That conversation happened a week after Changmin had gone missing.

Yunho also remembers how he found out his wife had left him.


”Changmin-ssi called me yesterday afternoon.”

Yunho, barely able to think straight let alone focus on anything in particular, simply mumbles into the phone, presumably asking the man on the phone to continue. In his hungover haze, he can barely even recognise to whom he is speaking to.

“Sir, are you able to understand me?”

Giving up any pretence of knowing what the fuck is going on, Yunho simply rolls onto his back with a grunt, the phone to his ear, growling out a negative.

“This is Kwon Jiyong, one of your lawyers.”

Yunho’s brow furrows. Didn’t the man say Changmin called him? Why would Changmin call a corporate law firm?

“I don’t understand.”

“Your wife, sir. He called yesterday afternoon. I’ve been trying to get you hourly since his call to me and it is only now that you’ve picked up the phone. He would like me to pass you a message.”

Yunho closes his eyes, turning his body slowly, wincing at the room spinning lazily around him thanks to his overindulgence the previous day. He places the phone on his cheek, balancing it there as he tries to concentrate on his words despite the confusion that is slowly adding to the haze in his mind.

“Why would my wife call you?”

“Um…he wanted a lawyer.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Sir…he wants a divorce.”


Yunho places a palm flat against the glass of the window, staring out into nothingness, unseeing, as he remembers the pain that shocks him out of his hangover. He remembers the events of that afternoon as it unfolds in slow motion in his mind. He had been so furious at his wife that he had let him go because even though he had let Changmin hit him, his own strength would have done far more damage to the teenager than had been done to him. The urge to hit him had been so great, he had to let him go. Despite the anger, the hurt, the pain, and everything all mixed up into the chaos in his mind and heart, Yunho had a sound enough mind to let his wife go.

Love had made him let Changmin go.

He cannot remember how he’d found his way back to his car that day, but before he knew it, he was sitting in some unknown pub drinking in a corner booth. If anyone asked him to point the pub out today, he would not have been able to do so. He was that out of it.


”You look like you’ve had a hell of a day.”

Yunho lifts his head up at the husky voice, surprised to find the owner of said voice is a very petite blonde woman. She looks to be of unspecified Asian descent, and she speaks Korean with an accent which he correctly concludes as Japanese.

“I’m trying to forget today. Or the last week even. Maybe the next month too.”

“Mind if I join?”

Yunho shrugs, gesturing vaguely at the opposite booth, watching dispassionately as the attractive woman slides in across from him. He waves a hand to the bartender, who quickly comes over to take her order and Yunho’s request for a double shot of scotch, neat.

The woman eyes the half full bottle of soju still sitting in front of Yunho, before lifting amused eyes to his.

“Planning on making a meal of it?”

“I’ve had it for breakfast and lunch. Dinner seems like a good idea.”

Her laughter is throaty, sexy even, a rather deep sound for such a beautiful and tiny woman. If Yunho had been so inclined, he’s not entirely sure if he would say no to anything she might offer.

“Dinner? It’s barely tea time. Much too early for dinner…”

She leaves it hanging, waiting for him to fill in the blank.

“Yunho. Jung Yunho.”

She offers a slim hand, pale and delicate, a very expensive watch winking in the light. Yunho takes her hand, a little surprised at her firm handshake.

“Kuu. I’m visiting from Japan. My Korean is rusty so please forgive me.”

“No problem.”

Yunho switches easily to Japanese, now himself amused as she raises a delighted eyebrow. He answers her question before she can ask it.

“I conduct a lot of business in Japan. It’s useful to speak it. Plus, my wife tends to switch to Japanese when angry because apparently it is easier to swear in Japanese without making it seem like you’re swearing, and barely anyone here would understand you.”

Yunho misses his slip, mentioning Changmin is almost second nature to him even despite their fight, and it takes him a few extra seconds to realise what he has said. Kuu’s expression and question is what gives it away to him.

“Where is your wife now?”

Her question is soft, as she sits back, nodding to the bartender who has just arrived to place their drinks in front of them.

Yunho doesn’t reply, picking up his glass and tossing the entire contents back, feeling the almost painful burn down his throat, before he replies.


He sighs, his breath misting the window as he stares out into the night. He had ended up talking to the woman for hours. It was her and the bartender who had poured him back into his car, and she had taken him home, leaving him at the door to his penthouse with the concierge of his apartment building, kissing him on the cheek and wishing him good luck.

Anyone watching would have jumped to conclusions, and as luck would have it, some opportunistic paparazzo had been in the vicinity that night.

To say Jaejoong had been angry would have been an understatement, when photos of him and Kuu were splashed across the front pages of the tabloids the next day. If the man could throw fire balls, half of Seoul would have been laid to waste under scorch marks. Yunho had spent almost an entire day trying to convince his best friend’s furious pregnant wife that he hadn’t cheated.

Which is truly ironic considering what had just come to pass the previous day.

It is also through Jaejoong’s formidable anger and the words that he hurls, that Yunho realises that Changmin had not told his best friend anything.

Not the fight he’d had with Yunho.

Not the horrible words and accusations that had been hurled at his young head.

Not that he had asked for a divorce.

Not even that he had left.

Absolutely nothing.

It is as if the inseparable former supermodels had not even spoken.

The memory of Kuu-chan’s questions to him that night make him feel sick once again with remorse.

Has he done anything to make you think he is cheating on you?

Does he love you?

Do you love him?

Has he ever lied to you?

Do you trust him?

Is your marriage really like your friends’?

Do you think it’s fair to compare him to someone you barely know?

The more questions she asks, the more Yunho realises how many different kinds of fool he is. A fool might even be putting it mildly, and it takes a complete stranger, a beautiful compassionate woman to make him aware of how badly he has fucked up this time. The more she asks, the more he drinks. The more he wants to forget what a gigantic ass he had been. And even as he drinks, he remembers still thinking about Changmin. How upset the teenager will be with him. How, despite his unhappiness at Yunho’s overindulgence, he will still sit by him on the bed, placing a cold towel on his head and allowing Yunho to nuzzle into his side.

He rarely drinks, but when he does, and especially when he is “entertaining” with business partners, he sometimes overindulges. And since his marriage, Changmin has always been there to scold him for it, his mouth working overtime, but his hands are always soft in their ministrations. His bark has always been worse than his bite. He will bitch and complain and sometimes even gloat over Yunho’s hangovers, but he always tries to ease it somehow, balancing his harsh words and loud voice with a gentle hand carding through Yunho’s damp hair as he sweats out the alcohol.

Yunho had been so drunk out of his mind that night that he doesn’t notice the empty apartment, and the cold sheets where his wife should have been.

He had been too busy trying to placate Jaejoong to really internalise Changmin’s message. His hangover, though mostly gone, had left him with a pounding headache for the rest of the day. Coupled with Jae’s incessant screeching which he felt duty-bound to stay and listen to since he brought the whole fucking mess on his own head, Yunho hadn’t had much time to think about whether his wife had been serious.

He remembers the lurch in his chest when he gets home that night to an empty apartment. He rings his lawyer then, half hoping the phone call that morning had been some awful nightmare, but no. Not at all. And just as he hangs up, his phone rings again, this time it is Micky, confirming that Changmin had indeed left him.


”What have you done? Jae just received a message that looks like it circumnavigated the fucking globe to get to him. Changmin says he’s left you? I swear to god man, you better go into hiding. Jaejoong’s anger earlier today is absolutely nothing to what he will do to you if he sees you again. I had to call his doctor to sedate him.


And from there, Yunho has spent tireless hours trying to find his wife. He knows the teenager is alright because in Changmin’s note to Jaejoong, he had told his best friend how he will communicate with them. On every third day, the bottom right ad in the “wanted” section of the classifieds will hold two lines of a memory specific to the two young men. A memory that only Jaejoong will know about. And if the memories stop coming, then something has gone wrong.

Yunho lives for the covert phone calls from Micky to confirm that the random lines in the newspaper are from his wife. He is terrified of the day they will stop coming.

The days merge into nothing for him. He barely eats. He drowns himself in work, all the while running investigators ragged trying to find his wife.

”He says that you can find him at home.”

That cryptic clue from Changmin has been driving Yunho absolutely insane. This apartment is his home. Surely it is. Changmin was born in Seoul, this city is his home. He had gone as far as searching out his childhood home, and every single place Changmin has ever lived in his lifetime, and had come up empty handed. He had even looked into Jaejoong’s family home, knowing that Micky’s wife’s family had taken Changmin in.


His wife has no family or relatives that he knows of, so Yunho is at an utter loss. He barely spends any time at home, unable to face the emptiness because everything reminds him of his wife. Everything reminds him that his time is slowly running out. Each day that passes brings him inexorably closer to the inevitable.

And this morning, a letter arrives from a reputable divorce attorney, simply stating that she has taken instructions from Changmin to open divorce proceedings on 8 October since 7 October, the actual date a month from when Changmin left falls on a Sunday, and to inform Yunho that “my client” wants nothing except a straightforward divorce, and a trust fund set up “for your daughters” that no one will be able to touch except them when they turn 21.

The pain of that letter is compounded by a hazy memory of part of his conversation with Kuu-chan that night, her face utterly disbelieving as she speaks.


”After all you’ve told me, I cannot believe you questioned the parentage of your children. I’ve never met this man and yet from your very own words, I know he could never have done whatever it is you think he did. I know you’re hurting, but what about him? Imagine how he feels? He is carrying your children and you questioned that?”


Yunho’s time is almost up. In desperation, because he has absolutely no intention of letting Changmin go through with this, he has decided to go into hiding himself while he figures out how to find his wife. Since there is no allowance for ex parte proceedings, if he cannot be found, nothing can be done.

He still harbours hope for a reconciliation even if he passes the due date, but he really does not want his first meeting with his wife since that horrid afternoon to be across the table in an austere boardroom with their lawyers next to them like enemies about to do battle. He needs more time to find his wife, and to find that time, he is going to have to go into hiding.

Yunho finally turns away from the window to resume packing. He stares at the open suitcase, the clothes in a messy pile, and he just sighs, closing the lid and zipping it up. He honestly doesn’t care what he wears. Clothes are simply a necessity. He is more worried about the state of his house when he gets there because he has been unable to contact the caretaker to the holiday cottage in Iwami. However, that isn’t all that important either.

He turns everything off, leaving the cold apartment to catch the red eye to Osaka.


Changmin is strangely at peace. It must be his surroundings because despite everything, he feels extremely calm. He is exactly 21 weeks pregnant that day, and has obviously missed his scheduled 20 week appointment at the doctor. He briefly wonders what excuse Yunho had given her for his absence. He knows Dr. Eri will probably blister his ear when he gets back, but he isn’t worried. He can feel that his twins are doing fine, especially the way they’ve been kicking. He has popped even more since arriving, his pregnant state is now much more evident that the kindly village women have taken to giving him lots of food and special “health” drinks whenever they come past. He suspects a lot of them actually go out of their way to go past the house, but he doesn’t question them. Their easy-going nature and ready smiles are rubbing off on him, and he is oddly content.

A couple of them have asked after Yunho, especially since their caretaker had had to leave due to a family emergency in Hokkaido, but Changmin dodges their questions easily enough especially since they are much too polite to press him further. He doesn’t want to lie to them, and he figures saying nothing and changing the subject is for the best.

He is up early enough to catch the sunrise, strolling along the beach, one hand holding his Kindle and the other on his belly. The days are getting shorter and colder, the autumn breeze ruffling his darkening hair as he walks, taking care not to get his feet wet. There is a towel tucked under his arm, and he actually has a destination in mind. He sings to himself, a song that seems to be his new brain worm and no matter what he does, he cannot seem to be rid of it. Perhaps he doesn’t want to.

Bogo sipda, nae sarang, nae nunmul gateun saram…

Changmin has spent many mornings underneath the old cherry blossom tree, watching the waves lap lazily at the sand. The way the water slowly creeps up as the tide comes in, and how it shies away when the tide goes out. Changmin has seen it all in the four weeks since his self-imposed isolation. He sits here and reads to his baby girls for hours till the heat from the midday sun and his growling tummy pull him from whatever adventures he is currently in the midst of.

Right now, he is reading 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

He doesn’t really think they can hear him, but in the off chance that they somehow can, he is trying to find all manner of interesting and engaging things to read in the hope that it will erase that awful fight he’d had with their father.

He is no longer angry. Perhaps he was initially, but the moment he stepped into that little holiday home that is barely even a third the size of their penthouse apartment, it feels as if all his worries slip away from him. The twins dancing a jig within him also helped, as they manage to thoroughly distract him for the first three days as he talks to them, heartened by the response he gets from them through his voice whether reading, talking or singing.

The usual tossing and turning for about a week because Yunho isn’t by his side happens, but slowly, sheer exhaustion finally knocks him out, and he sleeps for almost 24 hours before being able to fall into a slightly restless sleep of 4-6 hours a night. He is by no means happy, and he is both physically and emotionally running practically on empty, but he keeps going for his girls. He eats dutifully, especially the simple yet delicious food prepared by the locals even though he is never really hungry anymore. He eats to make sure the babies are alright, not wanting to put them in harm’s way through any action or inaction on his part.

They are growing daily, and he can feel his body stretching and accommodating their increased movements and size. The aches and pains that usually bring about a complaint to his lips, is a welcome feeling this time round.

It reminds him of their father.

Every time they move, he pauses to talk to them. To tell them of some short random memory he has of Yunho.

Usually it is a soft complaint coupled with a wry smile as he recalls how exasperating the older man can be. He tells the girls of his messiness and his forgetfulness and also of his seeming ignorance. But sometimes his voice is almost wistful, his eyes wide open as he sees through his mind, Yunho’s tiny smirk and amused eyes as he teases him. He tells them of how patient their father is with him, even though he can be a huge brat. In fact, he laughs when he tells them to give their father hell when they grow up just to see how the man deals with three brats.

But any mention of the future usually makes Changmin a little sad. A faraway look entering his eyes as he stares out to the vast Sea of Japan, wondering if there will be a future for them.

He cried the day he wrote the email to the lawyer, not wanting to go through with it, but he feels like Yunho needs a bit of a push. Why his husband hasn’t found him is a mystery to him. He remembers that sunny afternoon over five months ago like it was yesterday. One of the first slips he had made to a rather clueless Jung Yunho about how he really feels about his husband.


”I wish we could live here forever.”

Yunho quirks an amused brow at his wife who currently has a hand on his head keep his cap in place thanks to the strong sea breeze. It is warm, and the air has pungent tang to it, and humid enough that he can practically taste the salt from the sea. It is unseasonably warm, practically feeling like the height of summer even though it is only the end of spring.

“Really? You want to live here where the toilet breaks down every second flush, and it gets so hot some nights that opening the windows only brings mosquitoes and not air. Where your designer clothes would probably get ruined from too much salt and sand, and your hair messed up because of the water. What about your friends? I cannot imagine Jae lasting even an hour before he starts demanding air-conditioning and food that doesn’t consist of fish and squid. You really want to live here?”

Changmin turns to his husband, a rare softness in his eyes as he takes in the virile older man sitting on the deck in basketball shorts and a tank top. His muscles are evident, flexing every time he moves. Yunho almost never dresses like this in the city. His knee is raised, and his foot resting flat on the chair he is on as he lounges back, his cupid bow stretched into a wide grin, eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses. His hands are clasped behind his head, his hair rumpled and still slightly damp from their swim an hour ago.

A race that Changmin had won.

It is a place where Yunho never gets the strange look in his eye at any of Changmin’s outfits. And right now, he is not wearing much. Back in Seoul, or any other metropolitan city really, had Yunho seen Changmin dressed like this, even if it is for a photoshoot, a certain darkness enters his eyes that makes the supermodel shiver although he never ever shows it. Sometimes Changmin dresses just so, to get Yunho riled up, and he then capitalizes on their almost guaranteed rough coupling later on. He knows Yunho is possessive, but it is as if that inclination disappears when he comes here.

This place washes away any bad traits that they have, and this includes Changmin’s propensity to assert dominance where possible, and to hide behind a wall of porcupine quills made up of well-placed words, and sarcastic jabs. Here, he is happy to be the docile wife, basking in his husband’s attention.

He pulls the cap off his head, tossing it carelessly onto the outdoor table as he walks up to his husband, wearing his own smile and not much else. He is wearing one of Yunho’s shirts, but it is unbuttoned, as are the loose boxers he is wearing. Boxers that also belong to Yunho, so they are hanging dangerously low on his slim hips.

Changmin nudges at Yunho’s knee in an unspoken request for the man to drop his leg, which he does. He moves to sit astride Yunho’s lap, pulling Yunho’s sunglasses off his nose and putting them on, making the older man chuckle.

“Is there anything you have on that is yours?”

“Everything I am is yours.”

“Is it now?”

Changmin is relieved that Yunho chooses to tease him, rather than looking deeper into his inadvertent slip of the tongue. He smiles, wrapping his arms around Yunho’s neck.

“Everything that is yours is also mine though.”

Yunho lets out a sharp bark of laughter at that jaunty statement, jolting Changmin slightly in his lap.

“Now that is true. And what do you want now?”

“I want a home.”

The words come out before Changmin can stop them, feeling a little too relaxed, his guard is pretty much almost down completely. If he doesn’t watch himself, he’ll be blurting out “I love you” before night falls and he most definitely cannot have that. The urge to be the prickly supermodel rears its head but he stifles it, ignoring his mind’s automatic defence when anything gets just a tad too sappy and uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to ruin the atmosphere of this place with well thought out words designed to prick, and knee-jerk defensive behaviour which are his usual shields.

“What do you mean?”

Changmin, thankful once again that his husband is a giant lump when it comes to anything vaguely emotional, simply shakes his head.

“Nothing, really. I feel like I’m home here. This feels like home.”

Yunho chuckles again, leaning forward to dip his head in the hollow of his teenage wife’s neck, licking at the base of his throat.

“This is your home if you want it to be, Changmin-ah.”


Changmin shakes himself from his memories, and is just about to take a seat under the tree when the sound of a car coming up along the beach road distracts him. He turns, hidden from view because he is on the sea side of the large tree, as a black BMV SUV rocks up the unlaid road. It shows how much use the road actually gets when a storm of fine sand is blown up as it passes. The windows are heavily tinted and Changmin cannot see into the vehicle, but he pays it no mind, already forgetting about it as he turns back to settle himself under the tree. The car is unfamiliar to him, and there are other more luxurious holiday homes further along the coast so he thinks nothing of it. He doesn’t have much time this morning anyway, having skipped breakfast, and he knows the twins will start kicking up a storm soon.


Yunho had opted to drive to Iwami rather than take the train despite his car problems. He hires a suitable car for his purpose because the Acura MDX, the AWD he normally uses to drive to Iwami, is overdue for a service. He had left Osaka before the sun came up, having been unable to sleep that night. The drive is relatively event free, the roads being clear so early on a Saturday morning. It will be exactly a month tomorrow since Changmin had left him, and his time runs out on Monday. But now that he is in Japan, heading towards a sleepy seaside town in the off season to a place hardly anyone knows about, he is starting to feel a little more cheery. Cheery that it will at least give him some more time to find his wife.

He speeds all the way, barely watching the empty road as his mind turns once again to the fight with Changmin. Ironically, both Kangin and Yesung have made up with their wives. In fact, Teukie had given birth prematurely two weeks ago, and a paternity test had confirmed Kangin as the father. Both young wives had goaded their husbands because of neglect, and both husbands, Yesung in particular, had jumped to conclusions just like Yunho. Ryeowook was not having an affair with Kyuhyun, he was tutoring the boy who is struggling in music. The young man is a trainee in the largest entertainment company in South Korea, and while he had been accepted on his vocal talent alone, he cannot read nor play music. Ryeowook was giving piano and musical theory lessons to both the 20 year old Kyuhyun and 18 year old Taemin.


That’s the unknown boy who had been hugging Changmin. Yunho had also found out in the course of the last few weeks that he is Minho’s childhood sweetheart, and they have known each for almost a decade. He is naturally affectionate, and likened to a cheerful little puppy by everyone. Not even his haughty teenage wife is immune to the younger man’s need for affection from anyone and rejecting him would be like kicking a puppy, and thus, Changmin allows Taemin free rein to exercise his tactile nature.

The guilt and remorse practically strangles him as he drives. The tendrils of regret have been tightening around him over the last four weeks and he allows them to bind him, knowing he deserves the pain. How he had lost all his sense that afternoon is still eating at him. He has not touched a single drop of alcohol since then, even though not partaking can be considered rude by some when he has to meet with clients and business partners. He just doesn’t care.

He barely pays attention to where he is going, and is quite surprised he hasn’t ended up in a ditch somewhere with the way he has been driving. Before he knows it, he is pulling up at the house. His stomach growls as he hasn’t eaten in hours, and he is not looking forward to foraging for food himself especially since he has been unable to get hold of the caretaker which means the house is going to be bare of food. He probably should have stopped along the way to buy some provisions, but thoughts of Changmin had consumed his mind during the entire drive, and food is just about the last thing to occur to him.

Yunho looks up from the driveway as the car rolls to a stop, and his mouth drops open.

Yunho stares.

He stays in the driver’s seat, not moving to get out of the car as he gapes at the house.

There’s nothing wrong with it. Not really.

All the windows are there.

All the doors are there.

But the windows are all open, and he can see the curtains fluttering in the cool sea breeze.

He can also see part of the clothesline on the back deck.

There is a hoodie, an old band tee shirt, a pair of swim shorts and a huge beach towel swaying gently on the line.

Everything belongs to him.

Yes, including the shorts.

The towel is actually a rather obscene chibi one that Micky had given them as a joke wedding present. It is custom made and huge, with a naked chibi Yunho and a naked chibi Changmin on a bed holding pillows on one side of the towel, and them kissing atop a wedding cake on the other side. He has the non-obscene chibi side facing him and the caption underneath reads:

Even in the most perfect marriage, there will be times when you’re bound to argue,
so to keep these times as pleasant as possible…

And he knows what caption on the obscene side reads.


Yunho chokes, coughing loudly, not realising he had been holding his breath. He hasn’t seen that towel since the day Changmin stared at it with a slightly affronted look on his face, muttering about lecherous old men as he folded it away, placing it at the very bottom of the linen cupboard.

Changmin is here.

AN: This oneshot is actually in two parts sorry ;; and part 2 will be up some time this week. I’ve written most of it but I’ve got some stuff to deal with due to an unexpected death (gotta deal with police, coroner, funeral place, family etc). I promise to have it up by Friday. Also, my four week holiday has been postponed because of this and I won’t be leaving till next week probably… Happy New Year’s Eve.

Part 2 - You're not winning this one, brat.

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Yunho getting stoned drunk and letting the paparazzi catch a picture of him with a lady is like so typical.
However, he is really fortunate to have met Kuu-chan.
I think without her counsel it might have taken him longer to realize things and still be pissed off with Changmin.

Sometimes, there is no need to search to hard for something.
All you need is to think rationally or logically and follow your heart.
I think Yunho had through things carefully, he might have realize sooner where is Minnie's "home".

Minnie...I hope you realize too the rash decision that you made.
When you realize that Yunho is at your "home", try not to be a pain in the ass but kinder towards him. He loves you just as much as you love him.
I am sure the babies miss their Daddy too.

Jaejoong behavior is a typical mother bear.

I cannot wait for the second part.
I wish you a Happy New Year.
Hopefully tonight you will have a good evening compared to the day you have been through *hugs*

Thank you. I've been busy since then trying to sort stuff out but it's all good.

Lol I really would like to see a showdown between Jaejoong and Yunho over Changmin hahahahaha. I think that would be hilarious to see cos Jae isn't the slightest bit afraid of Jung.

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