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Drabble: 2+2=Trouble

Title: Trophy Wife Drabble: 2+2=Trouble

AN1:  Jaejoong’s two boys and Changmin’s two girls… You know there’s going to be trouble :P

AN2: Also, for those unaware, part two of Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word is up here

Changmin enters the Park mansion, acknowledging the maid who takes his thick winter coat with a nod, and immediately heading up the huge curved staircase towards the “children’s wing”. He has just finished his final exam, his nose scrunching as he remembers the brutal first year Economics paper. He is studying part time at Hanyang University, just dipping his toes into college so to speak, still unsure as to what he wants to do yet. Yunho has been encouraging, and Changmin has been enjoying it, but he is definitely changing his mind about Economics. He scowls at the thought of a low grade and mutters to himself about having an old man for a husband who waxed a little too enthusiastically about the subject. Economics is not a subject for a just turned 22 year old! Not this particular 22 year old anyway. Hell, he was 21 for most of the year.

He makes a disgusted sound as he strides down the wide hallway, a little surprised at the silence. He checks his watch and notes that it isn’t quite time for the children’s afternoon nap, so the silence is a little disconcerting. He turns at the end of the hallway and enters the first door on the left.

Jaejoong looks up from his Kindle, a wide smile across his face that stutters a little on the edges when he takes in his best friend’s grumpy expression.

“Exam didn’t go so well?”

“Next time Yunho tells me how wonderful economics is, please remind me to punch him in the gut.”

Jaejoong has to suppress his laughter. Changmin’s tone is completely disgusted as he pulls off his scarf, draping it on the back of the couch before slumping heavily into it, stretching out, his long limbs covering most of the expansive four seater couch. Changmin grunts loudly as he stretches, disturbing the feeding toddler who pulls off, and looks around for the source of the noise. Jaejoong immediately moves him over his shoulder, not bothering to button his shirt up, just tugging it closed as he gets up and drops the baby on Changmin’s chest.

“There, let him cheer you up.”

Changmin, who has closed his eyes, cracks open an eye when he feels the weight on his chest. Youngbae, the Park’s third son is four months old and very alert, and apparently, still hungry because he starts squawking and nosing around Changmin’s chest, causing him to cringe and Jaejoong to cackle. Changmin picks up the baby, holding him in midair as Yoochun’s eyes stare back down at him. The baby’s mouth is working, licking at his moist lips, tasting milk but unable to feed, and he starts to cry.

“You suck, Jae.”

“I sure do,” comes the cheerful reply and Changmin groans.

“There’s a baby present!”

“So? It’s not like he can understand us and he can understand innuendo even less.”

“You still suck.”

“I’m tired of feeding. Joongie and Hyunnie would feed for fifteen minutes and then they’d be happy for at least an hour or more. This one needs to feed for an hour and then he’s happy for fifteen minutes. What did I do to get this child?”

Changmin finally sits up, propping Youngbae on his shoulder and patting him. The baby’s cries are shrill, but in the changed position, he starts to calm down. The younger man glares at his friend who is nonchalantly buttoning up his shirt, and staring back at him with a decided pout.

“No one told you to have a third so quickly. Eleven months between each child. Really Jae? Really?”

Jaejoong gazes pointedly at Changmin’s belly. His best friend is only just showing, even though he is already well into his sixth month, carrying one baby this time instead of two.

“Well, I had to catch up with you didn’t I? Othewise how will our kids get married!”

“Who says I want my girls to marry your boys?”

“Aha! So number three is another girl?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Why aren’t you telling anyone? This is ridiculous.”

“You’ll find out in February just like everyone else.”

“But I’m your best friend! I swear if Yoochunnie knows and he’s holding out on me…”

“He’s not.”

Changmin rests the infant in his arms on top of his belly, and the little baby whom he thought had fallen asleep immediately goes snuffling in his top again.

“Seriously, you need to feed this baby.”

“I’m tired.”

“Don’t even go there. I have two hungry monsters.”

“Are you still feeding them?”

“Not really…” Changmin has the decency to blush as his friend stares at him with a rather amused expression on his face.

“Is that a yes or a no?”

“It’s a not really.”

“Yes, then.”

“It makes them sleep quicker,” Changmin interjects, trying to defend himself. He has been assured that it is reasonably normal for babies up to age two to still feed. In fact, in some cultures, milk is the main diet of a child up till that age. As it is, the twins barely come looking for him anymore anyway. The only reason he’s a little embarrassed is because they had done it last night after not doing it for over a week.

“The bottle is your best friend.”

“Not theirs though. They hate it.”

“I know,” Jaejoong sighs mournfully. “Mine too.”

The two best friends stare at each other, Changmin now standing as he starts to pace around the room, trying to coax the baby to calm down and to burp. Perhaps he isn’t hungry, and it’s just a little wind. And then Jaejoong starts to laugh. Changmin stops and stares, but his friend has just gone off into peals of laughter, silencing his son with the racket he is making.

“What’s so funny?”

“You. Your girls are so attached to you. I have no idea how they’re going to cope with a sibling. My boys are well used to sharing me but your girls are possessive as hell.”

“It’s Yunho’s fault.”


“He’s possessive as fuck.”

“Don’t we all know that.” Jaejoong rolls his eyes, remembering a few choice instances where Yunho had gone off the deep end over his gorgeous wife.

Changmin’s huffs, pinning Jaejoong with narrowed eyes. “You’re one to cast stones. Your possessiveness is legendary.”

The shorter man merely waves an airy hand, gesturing for Changmin to pass him his yowling son who refuses to quieten down, resignedly unbuttoning his shirt again.

Changmin watches as the infant starts sucking hungrily, before meeting Jaejoong’s eyes and asking the question that had been on the back of his mind since he got there.

“Don’t you think it’s too quiet?”



Jaejoong gets up, holding Youngbae carefully as he leaves the room, Changmin trailing bemusedly behind him.

“Did you seriously forget about them?”

“Bae was fretting so much that I didn’t notice it was so quiet.”

Both young men enter the large playroom two doors down, and stop dead.

Two giggling little girls are now blue. Blue, white and green to be exact. Changmin’s jaw works, but not a sound comes out as he stares in horrified fascination at the transformation of his little angels. Jaejoong is in a similar state of apoplexy, staring in disbelief as his older son chases his crawling baby brother around the room with a large brush dipped in red paint.

Seunghyun, the Park’s middle son is squawking as he tries to get away from his brother. The little round toddler can walk, but he’s a much faster crawler and so he crawls around the formerly pristine room, streaking the wooden floors red, and blue everywhere he goes. His face is covered in paint, and so are his palms as he crawls around the room, his giggling older brother chasing determinedly after him.

“Yunnie! Yunnie! More red!”

“Park Hyunjoong!”

Jaejoong finally finds his voice, startling everyone in the room, including Changmin.

Youngbae pulls off, blinking up at his Mama with wide eyes. Jaejoong takes the opportunity to hand the surprised baby over to Changmin who takes him without protest as the indignant man bears down on the oldest child in the very young group.


“Mama?” The little boy suddenly looks unsure of himself, dropping the paintbrush in a hurry and hiding his hands behind his back. He keeps glancing over at the twins who are seated, mouth gaping as they stare at Jae.

“What happened here?”


Minah stares at her friend, and then back at his angry mama, and then at her twin sister. Her mouth has formed a pout as she shakes her head, hiding her face behind green hands.

“Look at your brother!”

Little Hyunjoong drops his eyes to see his perplexed brother, streaked mostly in red staring back at him.

“He’s red, Joongie. Your brother is red.

Changmin bites his lip. His once over gaze over his daughters confirm the fact that their clothes are beyond repair. Their hair has somehow managed to remain untouched, and he is glad he wrangled them both into pig tails that morning despite their loud complaints because had their hair been loose, no doubt he’d be trying to wash paint out of it.

He glances back to the fuming Jaejoong, knowing his friend is more angry with himself for not keeping a closer eye on the children than he is with the mess. He reaches out a hand, squeezing Jaejoong’s shoulder, reminding him of that fact. He almost smiles when he sees his friend’s shoulders relax slightly, as the older man turns his face to rub his cheek against the back of Changmin’s hand.

Jaejoong’s voice is tired when he finally speaks, but there it not much heat behind it.

“Joongie, go find Tiffany noona and tell her to get you ready for bed.”

“B-but, Mama.”

“Don’t but Mama me baby boy. What did I tell you about playing with those paints without me?”

The toddler curls over, his hands over his face as he starts shaking his head in remorse.

“Mama, sorry. Joongie sorry.”

His voice is mournful and muffled, and even though neither Changmin nor Jaejoong can see his face, they can hear the tears suffocating his voice. Changmin’s lips quirk, no longer annoyed at the mess his daughters are in. The little brats are barely two years old, but they are taller than Jaejoong’s Hyunjoong who is already tall for his age despite being a premmie baby. The boy is almost three months older than the girls, but somehow he always ends up sucked into their naughtiness. Changmin has no doubt that his baby girls are the source of mischief, and Hyunjoong is ever the willing gentleman, eager to fulfill the whims of his playmates.

“Apologise to Changmin. You made his girls dirty.”

“M-M-Min. Joo-Joo-Joongie is so-so-sorry.”

Tears are slowly rolling down poor Hyunjoong’s cheeks as he looks up, and Changmin’s heart breaks for the little toddler as he stutters and stumbles through his apology. He steps forward, crouching down by the contrite little boy, kissing the strangely clean kid on the cheek and hugging him close, squishing him with his baby brother that is already in his arms.

Maybe it’s because he is pregnant again.

Maybe it’s because he really hates to see children cry.

Maybe it’s because he feels a little guilty because he is almost a hundred percent sure that Minah started the whole mess.

Or maybe it’s all of the above.

He scoops up Hyunjoong, standing up with a grunt. Immediately, his daughters stand, running to him, but they are stopped short by Jaejoong.

“Mama! That’s my Mama!”

“Joongie, that’s my Mama!”

The two young man exchange looks, Changmin acknowledging Jaejoong’s I told you so expression. He pastes a cold face on, turning to look down at the little brats who are fighting to get out of the circle of Jaejoong’s arms.

“Minah, Yoona, enough.”

“But, Mama!”

Echoing his friend, Changmin speaks. “Don’t but Mama me. You’ve both been very naughty. Taeyeon unnie is going to help clean you up, and then you’re going straight to bed.”


“Nap time.”

Both girls start crying then, no longer struggling, recognising when their Mama means business. Strangely, Changmin doesn’t feel as bad about them crying as he does about Hyunjoong. Perhaps their guilt has something to do with it. He turns to his friend.

“I’ll take Joongie to Tiffany and send Taeyeon here. Are you alright with Hyunnie by yourself?”

“I’ll be find. You don’t want me to take Bae?”

Changmin rubs his chin against the top of the sleepy infant’s head. Hyunjoong is patting his baby brother’s arm gently, almost absentmindedly.

“No, he’s fine. I’ll see you in the other room.”


It is almost fifteen minutes before Jaejoong comes back into the room with Seunghyun drowsing in his arms. Youngbae is sound asleep on Changmin’s shoulder. He watches as the older man sits carefully next to him on the couch, letting out a sigh when his son doesn’t stir.

“Are they in bed?”

“Tiffany and Taeyeon assured me ten minutes ago that they had put the three of them to bed.”

“What took you so long?”

“Hyunnie had paint IN his bellybutton and ears. I don’t even want to know how it got there. He cried himself to sleep. I had to scrub a little hard to get it off.”

“Isn’t it meant to wash out easily?”

“When diluted, yes. Not concentrated like that. Tiffany and Taeyeon are cleaning the playroom right now.”

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“My girls dragging your boy into this mess.”

Jaejoong makes a scoffing sound as he slides lower on the couch, but he doesn’t reply.

The two young men stare off into space for awhile before a soft chime from Changmin’s phone breaks the silence. Some carefully wriggling manages to free the phone from the tight pocket of his jeans, revealing a message from Yunho asking about his exam, and also telling him that he and Micky will be home earlier than usual. Within the hour in fact.

“Good. How about we leave the kids with our husbands and we go out for an early dinner?”

“Even Youngbae?”

“There are bottles in the fridge. He’ll survive. After all that excitement, I need a tiny break.”

“Sounds good to me. I need to forget about the damn exam because Yunho’s text just reminded me why I’m probably going to punch him instead of kiss him when I see him.”

“You’re so bloodthirsty.”

“Whatever. I wanna check on the girls. Coming?”

Jaejoong struggles upright with a grunt, his 15 month old toddler not budging at all, clearly dead to the world.

“Yeah, can we drop the boys off first though?”

“Of course. Lead the way.”

The transfer from arms to cot goes surprisingly well, the two younger Park children are clearly exhausted, barely flinching as they leave the comfortable arms of Changmin and Jaejoong. The two men then stroll the short distance to the twins’ bedroom. Changmin’s girls are such a fixture in the Park household that they have their own room. However, upon entering it, the two young men are a little horrified to find the cots empty.

“Uh… Jae… I don’t see my children.”

“Taeyeon told me she put them to bed!” Jaejoong looks around incredulously, even bending over to look under the cots.

Changmin tries to calm his racing heart, trying to think this through rationally. His girls climb out of their cots on a fairly regular basis at home, so much so that he and Yunho have given up trying to keep them in. Their long reach and agile limbs makes it almost impossible to keep them contained in any room short of bolting the door shut. Many a morning, he has found himself with twins trying to fit in between his and Yunho’s bodies.

“I don’t know why you bother leaving your girls with me. First, their clothes are ruined. And now my staff has lost them.”

“I don’t think they’re lost. Come on.”

Changmin exits the room quickly, striding down the hall to another door.

Hyunjoong’s room.

He opens the door carefully, poking his head in, and the sight that greets him makes him smile. He feels Jaejoong worming his way under his arm, and he lets the man through, slipping an arm around his best friend’s waist, dropping his chin on his shoulder. They stand there for a few seconds before Jaejoong starts to move. Changmin, suddenly feeling a little clingy, keeps his hold on the older man and they shuffle together into the room.

Soft snores echo around them.

The two young supposed trophy wives stare down at the little race car bed. In the middle is Hyunjoong, sound asleep on his back, sandwiched by twin girls. Minah is holding her sister’s hand, her face buried against the little boy’s shoulder. Yoona is on her back, mouth wide open, a little too reminiscent of her father, her snores the loudest of the three of them.

“Cheeky brats.”

“Why do you say that?”

“They’re separated by Hyunjoong willingly, but god forbid I try and separate them.”

“Stubborn, just like their Mama.”

“Shut up.”

AN: I have NO inspiration whatsoever when it comes to boy names… hence why Jae’s drinking partners have turned into his sons lmao. I wonder what Tabi would have to say about this lmao. And well, the fourth guy is Yoochun and I can’t very well call his third son his husband’s name so Big Bang comes along OTL
Tags: drabble, pairing:homin, pairing:jaechun, pairing:jaemin, series:the trophy wife

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