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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Family Tree
I decided to do this because I think some people are getting lost in all the children running around lol. And tbh, i'm getting a little lost too OTL

Sleeping Beauty !verse
Yunho - Feb 6 1980
Jaejoong - Jan 26 1993
Jiyool - Aug 1 2011
Jaeyoung (JJ) - June 21 2013
Yoochun + Junsu - Nov 11 2014
Changmin - April 1 2016
Wedding anniversary - Sep 21 2012

Trophy Wife !verse
Yunho - Feb 6 1977
Changmin - Nov 11 1992
Yoona + Minah - Jan 1 2013
Wedding anniversary - Dec 11 2010

Yoochun - Jun 4 1977
Jaejoong - May 26 1992
Hyunjoong - Oct 31 2012
Seunghyun - Sep 1 2013
Youngbae - Aug 17 2014
Wedding anniversary - Jun 5 2010

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Only Jiyool was already born lol wish I could read trophy wife but sadly my mind doesn't accept other couple besides YunJae, even YooSu can't get me hooked. :(

i'm like this too! it makes me sad that i can't read good fanfics because the thought of homin together just doesn't click... yoosu is okay... but imagining yunho with changmin honestly... makes me want to barf... and it frustrates me cause i want to read the trophy wife series but i cant :'(

True!!! I wish my mind has filter and changes HoMin's names to YunJae's when I read LoL

:D the trophy wife series is VERY GOOD! it took some time for me to filter & change but now i dont even do it... i tell myself, it's just for this series! Yunjae is my otp, they are so right togehter, but the homin comms have been so active that you cant help but be exposed to some very well written homin... but TROPHY wife is super good!! read it read it :)

lol! i like how you're able to think that it's just for the series :) you've got great will power my friend :)

your userpix is so cute:) i love chibi yunjae

thanks! i found it on google i think. i don't know who made it but credits to them :)

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