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[9c] Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Title: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU, mpreg
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It’s been four weeks since Changmin left and Yunho is running out of time. A letter from Changmin’s divorce attorney arrives, sending Yunho to the remotest place he can think of out of desperation and the need to hide from a reality he is not ready to face. But even in the most desperate of places, hope remains.

AN1: Stare at the gif and remember it when you get to the bedroom scene… Or you can keep flipping back up… This part is also nicknamed “Seobangnim” :P

AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O I made the LJ post limit by the skin of my fucking teeth omg...

Changmin stays out longer than necessary, opting to have his meal with the women instead of taking it back to the cottage, making up the excuse that Yunho is busy exercising. Unfortunately for him, that is the completely wrong thing to say because he gets about fifteen more minutes than necessary of the virtues of “exercising” together. Apparently, being active together makes for an easy labour. He honestly has no idea if these women are just making things up at his expense or they know that Yunho and him are not really in accord and they’re trying to meddle in their friendly elderly way.

When one of them starts talking about positions again is when he calls it quits. Admitting defeat to himself, as he hastily mumbles about how Yunho must be starving by now as he gathers up the bento boxes that they have prepared for them, almost rude in his hasty goodbyes.

When did little old Japanese women become so… explicit?

The drive back in uneventful, although Changmin’s belly is rolling and coiling deliciously, because the woman had said just enough to send his imagination into overdrive in his severely deprived state. His gaze wanders off to the beach as he approaches the house, and what he sees almost causes him to slam his foot down on the brakes.


His husband is jogging along the beach, cap and headphones on, which means he is probably completely oblivious to his audience. His is the only car on the road, and so he feels no guilt in slowing down to keep up with the jogging figure. What makes Changmin snarl though is the fact that his husband is topless, and he can fucking see the man jumping in his shorts from all the fucking way over here.

Which means the gaggle of giggling teenagers, both male and female, on the beach can see it too.

He has no idea where the kids have come from, and really, if they’re way out here at this time of the year, they’re probably older than teenagers. Probably older than him in fact. But their tittering is definitely very teenager-esque.

He sees Yunho round a sand dune and drop out of sight. The teenagers who had been following his progress, stop and start to turn back. Changmin is suddenly grateful for Yunho’s money because the reason they don’t follow is because that part of the beach is private property. However, he can no longer see his husband either, and so he guns the engine, racing back to the cottage to give the man a piece of his mind.

Changmin doesn’t bother with the food, stalking into the house, cock at half mast, precum already dampening his underwear. That makes him even more annoyed as he storms all the way through to the back door which is wide open. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees what is waiting for him on the deck out back.


Cap and headphones are still on though the cap is now on backwards. His husband’s back is to him as he does push ups on the deck. His feet are raised off the ground, toes resting on one of the outdoor chairs. It gives Yunho’s body such a glorious angle as to make Changmin moan low in distress. The sound escapes him because he knows Yunho cannot hear him. He watches as the man makes perfect form push ups, the muscles in his back flexing and rippling beautifully, almost dancing, like an incredible work of art. The sweat trickling in the dips and valleys of his back elicit a whimper from the teenager, his mouth dropping open against his will as he licks at his lips.

His eyes move to his arms, and he starts to gnaw on his lower lip. The lines of his biceps and triceps are starker than Changmin has ever remembered them to be. The muscles bunch, straining with every push. Yunho is not giving half measures with his workout. His husband looks hard.

Very hard.

And speaking of hard…

His hands scrabble behind him, finding purchase against the wall and he leans back, everything suddenly feeling extra tight. His throat is parched and constricting as he struggles to draw in a full breath. His skin is feeling way too tight. That vest the village woman made for him is feeling suffocating. His shorts are much too tight. Much, much too tight.

And his husband is completely oblivious to his pain, blithely continuing with his exercise, though it seems he is at the very top of his endurance as he starts to grunt with each push up. Changmin has already lost count past thirty, surprised he even manages to count that far. His eyes are drinking in the sweaty and wholly masculine form of his husband, wondering how the fuck he ever justified calling him old man when the man is clearly anything but. He’d bet his husband can run circles around the kids further up the beach from earlier.

Hell, apart from swimming, Yunho can run fucking circles around him and he was damn near fighting fit before getting pregnant.

Age really is just a number.

He is staring blankly at his husband, body too aching to pay attention anymore because it just invites more pain, not realising that the man has stopped. His nose is suddenly assaulted by a fresh wave of male. It is a sweet, musky tang, one that just about has him panting like a bitch in heat.

Really now? Like a bitch in heat? He is a bitch in heat.



Changmin looks up, his jaw snapping shut with a loud sound that makes him wince as he takes in the curious expression on Yunho’s face.

Yunho hasn’t bothered wiping off the sweat. His headphones are dangling around his neck and Changmin can hear the music pounding from it. The cap sitting backwards makes him look at least a decade younger, not to mention the youthful flush of exertion on his face from the exercise, and the twinkle in his eyes. Changmin doesn’t want to ask why Yunho suddenly looks much too amused, figuring he will both love and hate the answer.

They stare at each other for about a minute, Changmin trying to will the stiff breeze to blow a little harder, to cool his overheated body. He wants to put a palm on his chest to calm his racing heart, but he dares not make any sudden movements. He doesn’t trust himself.

Yunho simply waits patiently, expectantly. He rotates his neck, cracking it as he quirks a questioning eyebrow at his silent wife.

Changmin has finally noticed exactly what it is that is pounding out from the expensive headphones.

“Interesting choice of song.”

TVXQ’s Getaway.

His husband is playing hard ball. Really, really, really hard ball. He stifles a groan as he shifts imperceptibly, trying to ease the ache between his legs. The memory that assails him from the song almost makes his eyes cross with lust, and he knows Yunho remembers it too. He is really suddenly very, very glad that he chose to wear briefs instead of boxers; one of Yunho’s mere handful of the type of underwear.

“It’s my favourite.”

A soft mewl escapes Changmin’s throat at his words, and Yunho smirks then, his mouth twisting beautifully as he reaches out a hand to trail a finger up his wife’s bare arm. He can feel the goosebumps sprouting as he makes the slow upward ascend. Changmin’s skin is soft, and he isn’t smacking his hand away. That speaks volumes.

His stubborn wife is cracking.

Just as his finger reaches the top of his shoulder, Yunho pulls away, dropping his hand as he steps back. He almost laughs as Changmin’s features twist in consternation, mouth opening and shutting but nothing coming out.

“I’m hungry. You took awhile getting the food. What did they make this time? Is it hayashi rice? They promised me korokke yesterday. I know you love those so I hope you at least let me have one. Have you eaten?”


Changmin stares bewildered at his husband who is suddenly looking extremely excited, but not over him. Yunho wants his bento box right now?


What the fuck?

Yunho waves his hand in front of his wife’s bemused face.

“Yah, Changmin-ah. What’s the matter?”

He watches as his wife shakes himself, soft confused Bambi eyes meeting his, and he almost gives in.


In the split second that he contemplates giving in, he receives a sharp punch to the shoulder, and then a howl of pain.

He looks up to see Changmin now scowling, shaking his fist as if in pain, glaring at Yunho’s offending shoulder.

“What the fuck, old man?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that? Why did you hit me? What was that for?”


Changmin turns and storms right back into the house, his face now resembling a thunder cloud rather than Bambi from a moment ago.

“Don’t walk away from me when I’m still talking to you.”

Changmin stops dead. He grits his teeth, turning slowly to meet the amused eyes of his husband.

“Yes, you royal fucker?”

“I’m not much of a fucker am I, since I haven’t done any fucking in over a month?”

Changmin wants to scream. He really does. Yunho rarely swears and when he does, his brain goes straight to his cock, and well, let’s face it, it was there long before Yunho started swearing. He takes a deep breath, trying to summon whatever supermodel training he still has left to stare at the older man as if he’s a disgusting smudge on his thousand dollar boots.

“I don’t have all fucking day. Spit it out. What do you want?”

“I don’t spit, I swallow.”

“FUCK OFF, ASSHOLE.” Changmin does shout then, changing his stance, reaching down to tug at his crotch because the pressure is driving him mad. He cannot even remember what they’re talking about. All he knows is that Yunho is trying to get to him and he’ll be damned if he lets the insufferable fool win.

Yunho lets out a sharp bark of laughter. His eyes wander down the length of his wife’s torso, and he can see Changmin’s cock straining at the seam of his shorts. He is thoroughly amused now.

“I think you need some help.”

“I don’t need any help from you.”

Yunho drops his gaze meaningfully, staring blatantly at the bulge in his wife’s shorts.

Changmin is really damn fucking close to punching the smirk from his husband’s face. He knows exactly what Yunho is staring at, and he doesn’t give a fuck if Yunho has finished talking to him or not. He is so done.

He turns around, impotent frustration lacing every step as he storms away.

Yunho starts laughing then, knowing full well his wife can hear him. He hears the telltale slam of the screen door, and he wonders how long the frame is going to hold up. At the rate that Changmin stomps in there, venting his pique on the inoffensive door, he wouldn’t be surprised if it breaks within the week.

He knows exactly why his wife is throwing a tantrum. A cranky Changmin is one thing. But a sexually frustrated Changmin is a thing of beauty. The teenager vastly prefers instant gratification, which amuses him because he enjoys teasing the younger man a lot because of it. He has a great deal of patience which only comes from age and experience, and it is from this reservoir that he digs up enough willpower to stay away from his infuriatingly stubborn wife.

He chuckles as he heads back out to the car to retrieve his late lunch. He’ll let his young wife stew for a bit. Then maybe he’ll give in and take him out of his misery.



Yunho shuts the back door, checking all the windows and securing them. The stiff breeze from earlier is turning into a bit of a gale, and the house is shaking a little from the random gusts of wind. He isn’t too worried, the house itself is over a hundred years old and has seen its fair share of storms. He is a tad worried about his wife though.

Changmin hasn’t emerged from the bedroom all afternoon. Well, he might have when he’d left the house to get some provisions but he doubts it. The man can make wilfulness and stubbornness an Olympic sport. It is almost dusk, and as he cuts up a plate of fruit, he wonders if he’s pushed the teenager too far.

He has passed by the bedroom several times, but there is not a sound from within. He imagines perhaps that Changmin is pleasuring himself, but then he discards it almost immediately. His brat of a wife is not one for self-gratification, claiming it does nothing to slake his lust. Even when pushed to the edge, he’d rather scream his displeasure at being made to wait then get himself off.

Strange boy.

Yunho does not want to enter their sleeping quarters without Changmin’s consent, but the quiet is a little unsettling. He pauses outside the bedroom, the plate of bananas and sliced oranges seems like a rather pathetic offering to the man who is carrying your children.

He takes a deep breath, figuring the worst that can happen is that he gets the plate of fruit thrown at his head. He’s actually quite resigned to that fact, although it does make him smile. He enjoys Changmin’s displays of defiance.

He has dressed carefully, still sans underwear because he really did forget to pack them. He is in loose track pants, the material falling rather interestingly around his crotch, molding against the clear evidence of his attributes. He is wearing a grey wifebeater that is snug on his now leaner frame. He feels a good deal younger since reuniting with his wife, attributing the feeling to exhilaration of being around the one person whose opinion and love matters the most to him.

Yunho nudges open the door a crack, pausing to see if anything gets hurled at the frame. When all is silent, he pushes it further apart to find Changmin lying on the bed, turned away from him, knees up, almost as if he is trying to curl forward into himself. He can tell from the way his shoulders move, that the teenager is asleep.

The sun has now set, and the room is mostly shadow, but Changmin has left the bedside table lamp on.

The light on what is normally Yunho’s side of the bed.

He pads quietly into the room, placing the plate of fruit on the table. The clink of the china against the table top jerks Changmin awake though, and Yunho freezes as the younger man turns, blinking in the light, looking remarkably young with his ruffled hair tumbling into his sleepy chocolate eyes as he tries to focus.


Yunho has to suppress the groan at the tone. His wife’s sleepy innocence will be his undoing. Call him a lecherous old wolf, he doesn’t care. Changmin’s age is a massive turn on for him, and with the teenager looking so young, his face almost entirely eyes as he blinks away the sleep, his brow furrowed slightly as if trying to figure out what is going on, Yunho is lost.

He slips quickly into the bed, getting under the covers as Changmin turns back away from him. He scoots closer, only to be stopped by his wife’s cold voice.

“I’m not that sleepy, old man.”

Yunho is torn between laughing and groaning. His cock is already at full attention, tenting his loose pants rather spectacularly, and his wife is still being a stubborn git.

“I brought you some fruit.”

“Bribing me?”

“No, feeding you.”

“Bribing me, then. What did you bring?”

“Bananas and oranges.”

“Huh…how far did you have to drive to get that?”

“Not far.”


“I’ve never lied to you, Changmin-ah.”

There is silence as he watches the teenager shift restlessly, still turned away. He hears the sigh in the younger man’s voice when he speaks.

“I know…”

All is quiet in the bedroom again. Yunho settles back against the headboard, content to be this close to his wife. Changmin hasn’t let him get this close for any length of time since he arrived, and he will take what he can get. His erection is drooping slightly, but the proximity to his wife is doing wonders, and so it doesn’t actually go away completely.

Changmin suddenly lets out a sharp gasp that has Yunho hovering anxiously over him immediately.

“What the matter?”

Changmin merely shakes his head, his eyes clenched shut. And then he gasps again, and this time Yunho forceably turns the teenager onto his back. He can see both of Changmin’s hands cupping the underside of his belly, and Yunho’s heart starts pounding in a bad way.

“Changmin, talk to me!”

Instead of responding, Changmin shakes his head again.


His wife’s eyelids fly up, annoyance marring the beautiful brown eyes he knows so well. Annoyance rather than anything else, and Yunho is a little perplexed not to see his own worry reflected in his wife’s eyes.


“Stop shouting. I’m not deaf.”

“Then tell me what’s wrong!”

“You’re still shouting, old man.”

Yunho growls, carding his hand roughly through his hair because his wife is really exasperating.

In that time, Changmin lets out yet another gasp, more controlled and softer this time but it’s a surprised gasp. Yunho is on his knees, crouched over his wife, trapping the man within the cage of his arms, his face inches from the scowling teenager.

“Changmin. So help me god, tell me what’s going on before —“

“Before what?” Changmin interrupts.

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“Come on, you can do better than that.” Changmin’s tone is lightly mocking, goading.

“I get the feeling you want me to complete that sentence.”

“I’m just curious. No means yes, and yes means no with you now so who knows what else has changed.”

“Insolent brat. I told you it’s not like that.”

“Then tell me.”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Try me.”

“How about I show you?”

Tired of the games, Changmin’s impertinent tone in the face of Yunho’s worry for his wife finally tips him over the edge.

He knows there can’t be anything really wrong since he does not read worry in Changmin’s eyes at all. Who knows, perhaps the gasps are just a way for the brat to taunt him. God knows he wouldn’t put it past the teenager.

Yunho captures Changmin’s wrists, pinning them above his head, his deprived body stretching out alongside his now squirming wife’s, their bodies aligned and pressed together. He lifts a leg and clamps a heavy thigh over both Changmin’s legs. His hands are large, and he holds the teenager captive easily with one hand while the other trails down along the younger man’s cheek, narrowly avoiding being bitten by angry teeth as Changmin tries to rear up and buck him off.

“Get off me!”

“I’d rather get off on you.”

The howl of anger from the teenager is practically musical. Yunho is sure it is in tune and on pitch.

“Will you just fucking stop with finding something dirty in everything I say? Just stop, ok? It’s not funny, it’s not cute. It’s just goddamn fucking annoying. How old are you anyway? You sound like a horny teenager.”

Yunho moves his leg up a little higher till it comes in contact with Changmin’s erection. He presses down against it pointedly as he eyes his furious wife.

“I’m not the horny teenager here, Min-ah.”

“I sure as hell don’t sound the way you do.”

And then Yunho feels it just as Changmin gasps again.

They both stare at each other, Yunho in surprise, and Changmin in defiance.

“Did that…”

And it happens again before Yunho can complete his sentence. Changmin rolls his eyes, his tone utterly disgusted as he lifts his head to glare down at his belly.


“Hey! Don’t speak to my children like that!”

“Oh so they’re your children again, now?”

“They’ve always been my children.”

“Your memory is a little foggy isn’t it, old man?”

Yunho stares down at his wife’s wide annoyed eyes, and he lets go of his wife then, pulling away and rolling to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. His feet are planted on the floor as he hunches over and rubs his face, carding his hand through his hair. He was right, Changmin is definitely not going to let him forget this.

Changmin watches Yunho move away, feeling the loss of his presence pressed to his side acutely. His eyes follow Yunho’s movements, admiring the way his shoulder muscles move as he crouches, elbows to his knees as he seems to stare at the floor. He turns his head to stare at the ceiling, letting out a breath when he gets a particularly sharp jab to the ribs.

“Fucking hell, alright ok? Alright? I can’t win this.” Changmin’s hisses under his breath at his offending belly. Yunho doesn’t move though, and he knows it’s time to give up.

He pushes himself up on his elbows, moving sluggishly to sit on his knees. It’s not so much the movement that is difficult, because it really isn’t. He’s just reluctant to give in. However, the more inaction he gets from his husband, the more he forces himself to keep moving.

Yunho is glad he is facing away from his wife, because he is unable to hide the huge beaming grin that threatens to split his face in half when he feels arms slipping around him, and Changmin’s nose nuzzling the back of his ear.

Score one for him.

Yes, he wasn’t really upset. He knows Changmin’s jabs are just a result of him being frustrated and lashing out at anything he can. And Yunho is an extremely convenient dart board. While he still feels guilty, he knows, especially now with the way Changmin is rubbing his nose against the back of his neck, that the teenager has definitely truly forgiven him. He cannot erase what happened, but he can definitely make sure it doesn’t happen again.

As he hugs his husband, his own words resonate in his mind. Changmin's strong sense of self-awareness finally cuts through the confusion of the last few days. The seeming irrational behavior of his not to want to give in to Yunho. Holding him, and feeling the babies kick hard, jolt him into clarity.

He finally understands why.

He may have forgiven his husband for hurting him, but deep down Changmin is still afraid. And he desperately needs his husband to assure him that he believes in him.

Believes him to be true.

Believes in them.

He calls out softly, his heartbreak in a single laden word.


Yunho doesn’t respond though, content to feel Changmin’s hot breath caressing his neck. He can feel the gentle curve of his wife’s belly trying to fit against his unyielding back, and the soft huff from the teenager when it doesn’t really work. Then he feels it again, it’s a very gentle nudge, but from a very strange place. He moves away then, sitting up against the headboard, legs spread.

He gazes at his wife who is still sitting on his knees in the bed, a hand on his belly, blinking at him silently. His long eyelashes are almost shadowed against his cheekbones in the sparse lighting. The teenager looks amazingly young and so very beautiful.

He crooks his finger Changmin, smirking slightly, expecting an eye roll, but instead he gets uncertainty. He can see the cloud in his wife's beautiful deep brown eyes, as the teenager stares at him unwaveringly, eyes wide and glistening. His lush mouth is turned down in an unconscious sad pout, and his gorgeous, haughty, aloof, ice cold ex-supermodel wife is suddenly looking vulnerable. It is the uncertainty that snaps something in his mind.

He has seen it before.

He remembers the only time he has ever seen that look in Changmin's eyes. It was on the day they met. When both had acted completely out of character. In that instance before their bodies were irrevocably joined, Yunho read uncertainty in the younger man's soulful eyes. He didn't know why then, although the answer became clear soon enough after Jaejoong's ear piercing shriek of anger at finding them.

But now?

Yunho drops his hand, lowering his gaze slowly to the gentle swell of Changmin's body. The way his hand seems to be protectively held against his belly.

And he gets it.

He gets it, and slowly his vision swims. Changmin's softened features, less angular due to some natural weight gain, are disturbed by a film of tears. The almost heartbroken pout kills him, the tears that have filled his eyes finally spill over.

He doesn't notice it though, but Changmin does.

He cannot help the soft sound of surprise that leaves his lips when the first tear slips out. His hand tightens reflexively over his belly.

Yunho never cries.


It's like the world has gone mad, all twisted upside down and he is in a strange reality.

His husband never cries.

But he is crying now as he stares at him, and Changmin can read deep regret in his eyes.

Changmin wants to resist, but he acknowledges that this war is over. Too emotionally drained to fight, too much in love to watch the older man hurt, desperately needing comfort himself, and clearly his children want their father, he gives in. He crawls the short distance up the bed to Yunho.

He kneels in between his husband's legs, and moves to cup his cheeks with both hands, wiping away the tears with his thumbs. Yunho's eyes widen and Changmin can see the shock in them. He shakes his head even as Yunho opens his mouth to speak.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I doubted you in that brief moment of insanity. You may never forgive me for it, and I can't fault you if you don't. But know that I will spend the rest of my life making sure it never happens again."

Changmin's hands loosen as his husband sucks in a shaky breath, before continuing.

"I know you've always been mine, and only mine. I know it, Changmin.. Please believe me."

Now it's Changmin's turn to try and fill his lungs with air. He drops his hands and his husband's face falls, the beginnings of despair creeping into his wet almond eyes. Unable to form a coherent thought, he chooses to show his husband instead.

Turning around in the space between his legs, he settles himself in the V, leaning against the older man. The second his back comes into contact with his husband’s chest, he relaxes. All the tension of the past few days leave his body as he snuggles backwards into the older man.

Yunho reaches round his wife, kissing his ear as he is finally able to place both hands on the gently swelling belly of the five months plus pregnant teenager. He buries his face in his fragrant hair, inhaling deeply as he mouths for the last time that night…

“I’m so sorry.”

He smiles when Changmin places his own hands over Yunho’s, lacing their fingers together and then moving his hand a little higher on his hard belly. Just as they come to a stop, he feels a nudge against his palm, and this time it is he who gasps.

“Your daughters are saying hello.”


“Yes, old man?”

“I love you.”

The response Yunho gets is a tightening of Changmin’s fingers around his own. They let the silence fall between them as Changmin moves their hands slowly over his belly trying to chase the little nudges the twins are making. When his wife finally speaks, it is definitely not what Yunho expects, but it is so very Changmin.

“If you make me cry from your sappiness, I am going to kill you.”

“How about I make you cry from ecstasy then?”

“Oh dear god, are we not done with that yet?”

“Hardly,” is the only thing Yunho manages to say before he frees his hand from Changmin’s hold to turn the teenager’s chin towards him, capturing his lips, almost moaning at the contact. Changmin does moan though, and he swallows it, even as his tongue delves in, tasting and taking his wife.

Yunho feels and lets Changmin turn, sensing the younger man is back on his knees as he is pressed back against the headboard. The teenager has the higher ground, and Yunho allows it for now. Their desperate mouths don’t break contact at all as he runs his hands up and down his wife’s side, slipping underneath the soft vest he is wearing to caress the hot skin underneath.

Changmin’s hands are already working fervently to unbutton the vest, and he all but tears it off when done, leaning down against his husband, holding himself upright with his hands on the older man’s shoulders.

Yunho manages to wrench his mouth free, ignoring Changmin’s whine as he draws back to look at his wife. The teenager is upright on his knees, his nipples like hard pebbles as Yunho runs his eyes over his wife’s slightly different body. Changmin really is as big as Jaejoong, but he also isn’t. The teenager’s long body makes the curve not as accentuated, but the way he is swaying gently on his knees pushes his belly out a little further, and Yunho smiles softly as his eyes raise back up to meet his wife’s.

But before he can speak, Changmin does, his voice holding a note of warning.




Changmin is on the verge of tears. He really hates crying. He hates crying in front of others even more. And he is perilously close to losing it. He knows what Yunho is about to say. He speaks volumes with his eyes as his loving gaze caresses his body. He doesn’t need to touch, yet Changmin can feel him deep in his soul. He needs his husband to be his husband now. His lover.

He sits on his heels, reaching out to tug at Yunho’s wife beater but the older man beats him to it, stripping it off quickly. He gets out of bed then, pulling off his track pants. His cock is not yet fully turgid, and Changmin quickly leans forward to get the hardening appendage into his mouth. He moans loudly, just from the feel of having his husband in his mouth once again, and he can feel his cock twitch in his pants. Yunho’s answering moan is like music to his ears as his husband fists the back of his head and pulls him off gently.

Surprised, Changmin gazes up, only to have push him back, unfolding his long legs and maneuvering his shorts and underwear off. As he lies naked under the hot gaze of his husband, he sees a smile curling on the edges of Yunho’s cupid bow mouth.

He moves over slightly to make room for Yunho who stretches out beside him, a hand trailing lazily up and down Changmin’s deprived body, leaving goosebumps wherever he goes. He can feel his cock hardening painfully with every skip of Yunho’s fingers over him. The twins are quiet now, and he is grateful.

Yunho drops his hands lower, just under the swell of Changmin’s lower abdomen, skipping past the needy cock, kissing away Changmin’s whiny protest as he fondles his balls gently. His wife parts his legs willingly, giving him more access and he nips at that pouty mouth. Changmin is licking and sucking at his lips, trying to get more leverage, but Yunho is pressed against his side, not allowing him to rear up.

His fingers finally slip lower, and he circles the puckered entrance teasingly, as he allows Changmin to suck on his bottom lip. His wife’s legs drop open even wider, Changmin’s needy moans are reverberating against his mouth and the teenager nibbles at him. He is starting to move much more, and Yunho knows it is a matter of time before his wife decides enough is enough and takes control.

On another occasion, he might let him.

But not today though. Today he wants his wife writhing underneath him.

He pulls his mouth away, smirking when Changmin protests the loss yet again. The teenager’s hips are canting upwards as he tries to rub his entrance against Yunho’s stationary finger between his legs. Three other fingers are playing lightly at his soft delicate sacs, and he knows it is driving his wife crazy as the skin starts to tighten, his balls drawing higher into his body. Changmin hasn’t found release in weeks, and he knows the man is not far off at all.

He lifts his hand up, and this time Changmin’s growl is loud, as he stares disbelievingly at Yunho with his liquid brown eyes. Eyes so dark with lust. There is no more apprehension or uncertainty, and for that Yunho is grateful.

“Patience, little one.”

He knows how Changmin hates it when he does that, but surprisingly, his wife simply stares at him, waiting. Yunho grabs the teenager by the chin, his musky scent permeates the air between the two of them, and Yunho’s mouth actually waters at the smell. He tilts Changmin’s face away from him, nuzzling along his jawline till he meets his ear.

He drops his hand, wrapping around his wife’s weeping cock, drawing out a long, low moan from the teenager.

"Do you remember your first time Min-ah? I remember it well. That soft gasp of shock when I penetrated you with my finger. How you were screaming into the sofa as I fucked you with my tongue.”

Yunho’s voice is low and husky, hot breath washing over Changmin’s sensitive ear, rippling across his overheated skin. The words inflame him as he is transported to a time over two years ago.

“I still remember how you looked when you wrapped your beautiful mouth around my cock for the first time. I thought I was going to come right then, as you gazed up at me with your ridiculous Bambi eyes. I really should have known how young you were. Maybe I knew, and didn’t care.”

Yunho’s hand pumps as he speaks, his words are breathy, more air than sound as he nips and licks at the curve of the teenager’s ear. Changmin is moaning and squirming restlessly now, moving his head, trying to get away from Yunho’s hot mouth, and yet not. Every time he pulls away, he immediately comes back for more.

“You were so beautiful, and so young. God, you were young and I didn’t know exactly how young. Those dirty little words spilling from your mouth as you rode my face. Let me hear those words.”

His hand tightens around Changmin’s shaft, movement speeding up as his wife starts twisting and writhing in earnest. Soft mewling gasps spill forth from his pouty mouth.

“Let me hear them, Min-ah.”


He nibbles the delicate curve of Changmin’s ear, making the teenager shiver, his entire body shaking.

“You can do better than that.”

Changmin shakes his head, thrashing slightly as his limbs tense, his orgasm is imminent, and he can barely form words let alone what Yunho wants. His body is so desperate that he really cannot formulate any coherent thought. Yunho’s hot words in his ear are driving him insane. It’s like the feelings from that day, and the feelings from today are all meshing into one, and his entire body is a jumble of heightened emotions and senses. He is close to exploding.

But Yunho’s hand slows down, just as the teenager is about to come, and he yells his frustration, tears springing to his eyes as his body gets to the brink.

“Tell me what I called you.”

“Fuck you, please…”

“Changdola… come on, play with me.”

“Damn you.”

Yunho makes to pull his hand off completely, and Changmin almost snarls.

“Ok, ok.”

Yunho once again wraps his hand around the turgid length, his long fingers playing and fiddling, before tightening his grip and fisting it once again.

He pumps twice, then he pauses.

Changmin’s eyes are clenched shut, mouth open, a soft gasp escaping when Yunho moves his hand again. This time it is hot and quick, a rhythm his husband knows well.

“What did I call you Min-ah. Tell me or I will stop.”


Yunho makes a tsking sound, but he doesn’t stop.


“P-p-pretty baby.”

Changmin’s is so close once again. Skirting the edges of release as Yunho fists him masterfully. He remembers how infuriated he was when the man had first called him that, but it also brings forth a tumble of memories. Memories of Yunho’s wicked smirk, the smirk of a very experienced much older man. And he is as lost now as he was back then at seventeen.

Yunho smirks, licking at his wife’s ear again, before singing huskily into it.

“Smile, oh pretty baby…”

Changmin comes with a gasping scream, hand clutching hard at Yunho’s hard thigh as he decorates his own chest and belly with hot cum. Had he not been pregnant, he would have shot himself in the face, his orgasm that explosive.

Yunho can feel the hot splashes of Changmin fluids on him, and he continues to pump, milking the teenager till a soft, moaning cry for him to stop is heard.

He lets go of the still-hard length, leaning up to kiss his wife’s open mouth, the teenager still panting hard, eyes still squeezed shut. He smiles as he moves back, shifting downwards, licking a trail from Changmin’s sharp jawline, down his neck and over a painfully hard and sensitive nipple. The way the younger man’s chest contracts when he flicks the tip of his tongue against it pulls a dark chuckle from his throat. He moves lower, laving lovingly over the gentle swell of his wife’s belly, before he finally reaches the underside.

He groans as he tastes his wife’s essence, licking the teenager clean, stroking at his upper thighs as he goes. By the time he finishes, Changmin is once again hard and turgid against his chin. He licks at the smooth velvet head, wrapping his lips around the tip and sucking lightly. He is rewarded by a keening moan as Changmin tries to move under him.

“Fuck me.”

Yunho smirks, crawling up the length of his wife’s body.

“Fast or slow?”

“I don’t care. Just fuck me, please.”

“Fuck? Really, Changmin-ah?”

Defiant brown eyes blaze at him, and Yunho shakes his head, chuckling again as he leans forward to wrap his lips around a now-flat pink nipple, coaxing it into hardness as Changmin arches upwards, trying to press further into his mouth.

His nipples puckers up so quickly and painfully under Yunho’s very calculated assault that in no time, Changmin is fisting the bedsheets and squirming around once again, rubbing his thighs together, trying to ease the ache between them. The emptiness in him that needs to be filled.


“Such an impatient brat.”



Yunho looks up, his eyes taking in the wicked smirk that is slowly curving his teenager’s mouth. The brat is really playing for keeps now. He feels his wife card his hand through his hair, fisting the back of his head, tugging him upwards. Yunho is temporarily lost, his brain having been turned to mush by a simple word from the conniving minx. But really, can he blame the younger man? He was not playing fair earlier either.

Their mouths meet, and the kiss is fierce, harsh, as Yunho plunders the wet heat of Changmin’s welcoming mouth. Their tongues tassle, Changmin forcing his tongue into Yunho’s mouth almost brutally despite being in the lower position. Yunho allows him dominance for a few seconds before chasing his tongue back into his mouth, licking and caressing his wife’s hot mouth.

Changmin can’t stop the deep almost constant whimpering sounds he is making in his throat. He can taste himself on Yunho and while he has never cared for his own spunk, it tastes glorious on Yunho and he wants everything he can get. He fights to lick and suckle on Yunho’s tongue, reveling in the taste, loving that he knows his husband enjoys it too.

They kiss for long moments, before Yunho finally pulls away, gasping, staring into the siren eyes of his beguiling teenage wife.


The word is like a hot brand across his lips as Changmin breathes the word out. The look in his eyes is beckoning, teasing, and Yunho falls into his trap.

“God, you are a fucking brat.”

Changmin hums in reply, a sly smile curving his lips as he stares at Yunho through heavy-lidded eyes.

“No lube, but the village women gave me some massage oil.”

Yunho blindly reaches for the drawer of the only bedside table, rummaging till his hands close over a glass bottle. He licks and nips teasingly at his wife’s lips even as he searches, talking to the teenager.

“Why did they give you massage oil?”

“They were being kind. At least that’s what I thought at first. But after listening to them talk, I’m wondering if they had an ulterior motive.”

Yunho laughs against Changmin’s mouth, completely aware of what the teenager means, having been subjected himself to the lewd elderly women. He hands the bottle over to Changmin who uncaps it. He offers three fingers, smiling when his wife arches his eyebrow.



Yunho leans in, kissing Changmin once again, making the teenager spill some oil over his belly instead of his waiting fingers. He swallows the brat’s complaints as they try again, succeeding this time.

Changmin parts his legs helpfully as Yunho once again reaches between his smooth tanned thighs. He finds the contracting entrance easily enough with the tip of his middle finger. He moves his mouth once again to the side, back to Changmin’s previously despoiled ear, kissing it as he speaks.

“You still haven’t told me if you remember your first time.”

Changmin’s response is a groan that tears deep from within his chest as Yunho slips his finger into him. A litany of oh fuck are the only words to escape his lips for awhile yet as his husband continues with his hot , hot words of searing shared memories.

“I remember you begging for more as I sank into your welcoming heat. Your walls were so tight, as tight as they are now.”

Yunho’s words trail off into a groan of his own, as Changmin’s body fights the intrusion, even as he sucks him in deeper. The vice like grip around the single finger gives him pause. But Changmin’s encouraging gasps as he pulls out, circling his finger around the entrance as he preps the way for a second finger keeps him going.

“Virgin walls that were made to sheathe my cock. You were so tight I could barely breathe. I think I fell in love with you then without knowing it. The way your body hugged mine was unlike anything I had ever experienced.”

Yunho is having a hard time breathing now as the second finger breaches that tight opening and into the clenching passage, hot and slick with oil. He lifts his head as Changmin turns towards him, eyes glowing in the light, mouth parted, lips red and rosy from the punishing kisses from earlier. His wife licks his lips, before uttering his kryptonite once again, their eyes never leaving each other’s faces.


Yunho groans, leaning forward to nip almost painfully at that inviting mouth before pulling back once again, his fingers scissoring gently, completely fascinated by the play of pain and pleasure across his wife’s face as he does so.

“You stole my heart as you writhed under me. In all your gaucheness, I should have known you were not of age, but you were such a mouthy brat. So terribly haughty, with that impenetrable veil of contempt for anything and everything except Jaejoong. I wanted you for myself. I wanted to break that insolence, but the joke's on me isn't it? I would sooner break my own hand before I'd break your spirit.”

Changmin’s body is on fire, and his heart feels like it’s about to burst. He never knew Yunho remembered this much detail of their first time. He remembers it all, for obvious reasons, but he never thought the older, much more sophisticated and experienced man did. At the time, he thought he was just an easy fuck, convenient, at the right place at the wrong time. He still has no idea why he did what he did that wonderful summer day. Perhaps something deep inside him responded to Yunho’s taunts.

He responded alright, he wants Yunho even more now than he did then, and he really wanted the man back then.

He parts his legs even more, hips now rocking with Yunho’s fingers which are now pulling out of his body, and he knows his husband is about to fill him with three.

“You kept fighting me and I kept falling. That fight we had on the plane. Remember that one? I realized, as you slept snuggled against me even though you had gone to sleep absolutely furious with me, that I loved you.”

Yunho presses an apologetic kiss to Changmin’s parted mouth, swallowing the pained moan as he slips three fingers into the tight channel that has not had Yunho within it in over five weeks.


“Please…fuck oh my god fuck, please.”

Changmin shakes his head as Yunho pulls back, fingers still buried deep in his ass as he watches the man sit up next to his body.

“You do it.”

Changmin winces as he moves with Yunho buried knuckle deep in him, reaching for the bottle of oil, pouring out a handful, not caring about spillage as he caps and tosses the bottle aside before smearing the contents of his hand on Yunho’s neglected and waiting cock. Feeling cheeky, he pumps his husband’s thick length quick and fast, twisting his wrist and rounding up over the head just the way he knows the man likes it. He can feel Yunho’s response in the way his hand speeds up between his legs, matching Changmin’s movements. His hips rock as he plants his feet firmly against the mattress, tilting to meet Yunho thrust for thrust. The pain is still there, but the pleasure is so much more.

“Brat.” Yunho manages to choke out as he rips his fingers from Changmin’s tight body, satisfied with his wife’s angry shout as he does so. Brilliant, dark, defiant eyes, hot with lust and need narrow on him, as Yunho pulls away from Changmin’s talented hand.

He grabs two pillows by Changmin’s head, as he moves to kneel between his wife’s spread thighs. The view he gets almost makes him swallow his own tongue, licking his lips, looking at the glistening pink opening, as he maneuvers Changmin’s hips onto the pile of pillows. However, his wife suddenly sits up, shaking his head, licking his lips as he knocks the pillows aside and off the bed. His eyes rake down Changmin’s smooth body as the teenager gets on his hands and knees, back arching downwards as he presents himself to Yunho.

The older man does groan then, rubbing his oil slick hand up and down Changmin’s ass, squeezing and kneading the soft curves, feeling the muscles underneath. He wants to bury his face in that inviting cleft, tasting and licking, till his wife is screaming, but his cock has other ideas, and the brat is now looking at him over his shoulder, eyebrows raised in challenge.

“Seobangnim…” the brat purrs.

Yunho raises up on his knees, slapping an ass cheek, pulling a howl from his wife who bucks backwards instead of away, dark eyes flashing still in challenge.

He shakes his head at his wilful wife, lining up their bodies, rubbing the smooth and swollen head of his cock against the puckered entrance, not pushing in just yet.

“You will always be a brat, but I promise you this. No matter how much of a little shit you are, no matter how much of an insufferable wretch you can be, no matter how much of an indomitable nag you are, I will still love you. But you have to promise me something too. You have to promise to forgive me when I am clouded by the insane need to possess you. You are mine, Changmin-ah.”

Changmin’s litany of fuck you at Yunho’s teasing and his words turn into a muffled, drawn out scream as he drops his head, biting hard into the pillow as Yunho pushes carefully into him


Changmin’s insides are burning, his body is aflame, but all he can hear in his head is Yunho’s almost triumphant declaration.


His body is adjusting, the angle is not one that gives him the most pleasure, but it is the best way for him to take all of Yunho’s substantial length. He is so full, it is as if it is his first time all over again. He rocks forward lightly, swaying on his knees, his belly almost kissing the bed as he pulls off Yunho’s thick cock, feeling the drag of his skin around the length acutely. He feels Yunho’s hands tightening on his hips, and he turns his head, cheek against the pillow as he moans out the word he knows will drive Yunho insane.


Damn the brat. Damn it. Yunho is lost. Really he is. There is not a subservient bone in his wife’s body, not a single one. Not even in his little toe. But that word, calling him that is like code between them. Changmin is giving himself up for Yunho to take what he will. And take he does.

His hips snap forward, his groan is met by his wife . Changmin is face down against the pillow, a low muted scream dragged from him as Yunho fucks his wife into the bed.

However, after a couple of minutes, he realises this is really not how he wants it to be. He pulls out, Changmin immediately wailing at the loss as he turns, eye flaring.


“Up. Here. Now.”

Yunho snaps the words out, gesturing for Changmin to come to him as he sits on his heels. The teenager stares a little perplexed at him, before a slow smile forms around his lips and he straightens up, walking backwards on his knees till he hits Yunho’s chest.

He immediately fists the base of his cock, finding Changmin’s entrance easily, before pushing in. The changed position immediately nudges his wife’s prostate and he feels the teenager shudder in his arms, a choked gasp escaping his lips.

Yunho wraps an arm around the young man, caressing his belly as he leans forward to whisper hotly into his ear.

“I remember how you looked when I entered you for the first time. You were trying to be all cool and sophisticated, but when the time came, you suddenly looked your age.”

He pulls out slowly, before pushing in, his strokes long and measured, teasing Changmin as he slides across that spot within him. Not hitting it dead on, content to prolong their pleasure and drive the teenager mad. His hands are roaming his wife’s front, pinching his nipples harshly even as he strokes and soothes the swelling evidence of their union. He never stops talking, enjoying the way Changmin shivers in his arms every time he breathes into his ear.

“You were so beautiful, but you are even more beautiful now, yeobo.”

At the endearment, Changmin groans, turning his head, reaching behind him to find purchase for his hand behind Yunho’s neck, holding his husband tight as they ravage each other’s mouths. There is no finesse in their kissing. They just want to taste, to devour, they simply want each other.

Yunho’s long measured thrusts finally speed up, becoming shallow and faster, stabbing at Changmin prostate and making the teenager scream fully into his mouth, and he swallows every single sound gladly. He drops his hand, cupping his wife’s lower abdomen tenderly as he feels the slap of his cock against the back of his hand. He moves to grab it, fisting the velvety length, the contrast between soft and hard is incredible.

A litany of profanity is spilling from Changmin’s mouth now, his lips and tongue slipping and sliding against his, hot and wet, licking and tasting whatever bits of skin he can find. Yunho drops his head, latching onto the curve of his wife’s long neck, tasting sweat. His wife smells so intoxicating, his head is swimming. He bites, even as his hips speed up even more. A hand is holding tight to Changmin’s hip, while the other starts pumping his cock.

He licks his way back up, kissing that beautiful ear again.

“Yeobo… I’m not going to come till you do baby.”

All he gets is a throaty whimper, Changmin’s hand tightens painfully in his hair, their bodies now rocking together, managing to find a smooth rhythm despite the slightly awkward position.

“Remember how you were begging me to move. When I found out how old you were, and what you were, I was still balls deep in you. I wanted to pull out and run. But you turned your face and looked at me with such a beautiful imploring expression, completely at odds with the fiery teenager who had threatened me when we first met. I was intrigued.”

Changmin’s whimpers are turning into short gasping moans, the hot words searing his very soul. Yunho is rocking hard and fast into him and he feels every single thrust. The fires that started earlier are now raging throughout his body, every single part of his skin feeling so over sensitive. Yunho’s words, coupled with his touch is bringing him closer and closer to the brink. It is so intense that he is almost afraid to let go.

“You had me then like you have me now. I’m as much yours as you are mine.”

And the dam burst, Changmin unable to hold in the scream as he comes so hard he literally goes blind for a few seconds, unseeing, trusting his husband to catch him as he falls.

Changmin’s orgasm is so strong, his body clamping down so incredibly hard on Yunho that the man actually groans from the pain of it. He stops moving, holding his shaking and shuddering wife tight as he comes slowly down from his orgasm. Yunho is very close, but he cannot move.

“Seobangnim…” Changmin breathes out for the last time that day, that week, that month even.

The word is an aphrodisiac, and Yunho lets go, Changmin’s contracting body finally pulling his orgasm from him. He drops his face against his wife’s sweaty shoulder, muffling his hoarse shout against the damp skin, mouth working to lick and suck as he rides his own orgasm out.

“Oh god… I really need to lie down. Everything hurts.”

Trust Changmin to ruin the moment.

Yunho chuckles tiredly against his wife, pulling out carefully. He maneuvers them both gently onto the bed, trying to avoid any damp spots, but really, not caring all that much. Changmin groans heavily as he turns towards Yunho, dropping heavy limbs across his husband’s prone body.

“I feel so unfit.”

“You’re beautiful.”

Changmin scoffs, his fingers running up and down Yunho’s hard body.”

“Are you alright? What hurts?”

“You’re not seriously asking me that? I thought you’re smart old man, and yet time and time again you say things that make me question your intelligence.”

And his snarky brat is back.

Yunho simply closes his eyes, smiling to himself.

He really would not have it any other way.

AN1: Alright so… I had A LOT of Changmin from Paradise Ranch in my head while writing this part. It took me something like 6-7 weeks to get to ep8 of the damn show and it’s because I couldn’t deal with Changmin’s face OTL When he is upset, I want to break things. So yeah… sorry for the maybe fail!smut. I was trying to write it when all the Yawang shooting stuff came out at the ice hockey rink and I could barely form a coherent thought let alone write ;;

AN2: I almost titled this Seobangnim lmfao. Also, I have a feeling I just pushed whatever YunJae readers I had that ventured into this series to the limits of their endurance…….. I don’t blame you if you abandon me after this point but it was nice while it lasted ;;

AN3: Hehehehe I don’t normally do this, but the next one shot will be a flash back to JaeChun’s wedding day :P If you remember from the first or second shot of this series, that’s the day Yunho and Changmin first met ;-) However, I am going away this Thursday for a month so I don’t know when it’ll be up but I’ll try my best if we miraculously meet civilisation while camping. So in the meantime, leave me some love for this monster of a “one shot”. It’s 23,000+ words all up OTL

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