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Ice [3]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: Spent most of the morning in hospital OTL It’s fucking windy here… like over 100kph (60+mph) and a cyclist got blown by a strong gust of wind into me and I ended up with a lacerated scalp and mild concussion last night. OH couldn’t wake me up this morning so I ended up in hospital. I’m fine btw. I think I was just tired or something. I really don’t remember… I wrote pretty much all of this while in hospital so be kind cos I think there's a lot of mistakes but I have a headache and don't want to re-read :(

AN2: This banner was done by taigrin 

Five men stare in silence as Yunho practices breakaways with Changmin. All their jaws are hanging slightly as their team captain scores yet again, prompting Changmin to lift his face mask and pull off his helmet in utter disgust. He hurls away the offending piece of equipment, his face red from exertion, as he trudges off the ice. Yunho is hooting loudly, taunting the aggravated goaltender with fighting words, hockey stick raised triumphantly in the air as if he just scored the winning goal as he skates happily around the perimeter of the rink. Changmin flips him the bird as he throws himself onto the bench, staring angrily out onto the ice.

Yunho had just scored ten for ten.

No one has ever scored ten for ten in practice.

Changmin is way too good. Well, normally he is.

Junsu, the current top scorer in the league only made three goals past him during this drill. Yoochun barely managed one, Kangin and Han Geng none. And yet, Yunho, their flailing team captain, scorer of a grand total of zero goals in the last five matches against goaltenders of far lower quality, just wiped his ass very thoroughly on the ice.

“What the fuck is going on?” Changmin spits out angrily as his team mates along with their coach stare silently at the lone figure still skating around the rink as happy as a pig in mud. Every time he skates past them, he taunts them with crude words and airy insults to their manhood.

“I’m not sure, but whatever it is, I want a piece of it.” Yoochun doesn’t take his eyes off his captain as he speaks to the rest of the silent team.

“Did something happen between yesterday and today that I missed? That’s the same man who tripped on his skates yesterday right? The one currently attempting a double axle in his hockey gear? Han Geng can you please grab him before he hurts himself.” Coach Kim instructs his oldest player, watching as the Chinese national silently skates off, grabbing a very exuberant Jung Yunho.

Changmin immediately gets up, moving to sit at the very end of the row next to Kangin.

“Make him sit at the other end because so help me god I want to punch that smug look off his face.”

“Aren’t you happy he seems to be back in form? If we had a game today I think he would have crucified the other team. Remember the game against Oji Eagles where he scored five points? I think he would’ve been able to do better than that today.”

“Happy for him and the team, yes. But my ego has just taken a fucking beating and I’m feeling fragile so make sure he stays over there otherwise there will be blood on the ice.”

“Fragile? You?”

“Shut the fuck up, hyung.”

“Touchy touchy.”

It is actually a fairly good indication as to exactly how annoyed Changmin is with his performance when he lunges at Kangin.

“Break it up!” Coach Kim shouts, extremely unimpressed by his players’ behaviour.

Han Geng and Yunho arrive just as Junsu and Yoochun break up the almost-serious tussle between their young goalie and their brutish defenceman.

“What’s going on?” Yunho pulls off his helmet, his face now serious as he eyes the slightly wild look about Changmin’s eyes and the annoyance in Kangin’s. “Hyung?”


“I’m sorry for being an ass but I’m just really excited. I feel like I can win anything today.” Yunho suddenly beams, and the six older men cannot help but smile. Their young team captain is definitely behaving his age today, perhaps even younger. His excitement and exuberance reminds all of them of when he had first joined the team, blazing through the ranks immediately. He had single-handedly, with his ridiculous natural prowess, control and ambidextrous ability with the hockey stick, not to mention the sheer speed he has on skates, brought them to the top of the table by mid-season. Yunho is unbeatable on breakaways. No other goaltender has ever come out triumphant against Yunho on a breakaway except for Changmin, and clearly, that is at an end too. They would have easily won the title his rookie year had it not been for Go Ara.

Five of them suddenly exchange looks. Junsu speaks first.

“So Yunho, what did you do last night?”

“Last night? We went out for dinner after practice. By the way Changmin, did you superglue my laces together? I could barely get them undone when I got home.”

The goaltender simply huffs, glaring at his captain, not answering.

“What did you do after that?”

Yunho takes off his helmet, leaning his hockey stick against the wall as he eyes his best friend. He has an idea as to where this is going. He doesn’t want to acknowledge that his performance on the ice is directly co-related with his personal life, but clearly it is.

He woke up that morning greatly refreshed despite having barely three hours of sleep. He hardly ran into a wall, actually outrunning everyone that morning as they did warm up laps around the stadium. Even Junsu, who normally outdistances him, though not by much. All their drills had gone over without a hitch, and he actually enjoyed being extra rough on the ice, body checking with enough determination that even Kangin praised him for it.

And it’s almost impossible to impress Kangin when it comes to something like that since he gets his nickname from his ability to destroy the opposing team’s forward line.

So really, where did all this energy come from?

Yunho clears his throat, narrowing his eyes cooly at the six silent man waiting for a response from him. He straightens, drawing himself up to his full height. He is six foot three, the tallest on the team, followed by Han Geng and Changmin at six foot two, then Kangin and Yoochun at an even six feet. Junsu, the resident pocket rocket is five foot eleven. Coach Kim himself is just a smidgen over six feet. Apart from him and Han Geng, all his other team players are seated, and he looks down his nose at them. He is not being rude. He just needs to draw the line somewhere, albeit temporarily. For some reason, he doesn’t want to share “Jae” with anyone just yet.

He looks over his shoulder pointedly at the large digital clock on the screen high above the ice rink.

“We still have forty-five minutes of practice left in this session. I want everyone doing passing drills till I say we’re done. We’ll start with swing drills. Xiah, Micky, Kangin up first. Geng playing goalie on the other side. Five rounds then Kangin swap with Geng. Another five rounds then swap again. Changmin, I don’t want a single goal entering your net. Micky, I want you to try that backhand deke shot you’ve been practicing if the opportunity comes up.”

Six faces stare back at him, and Yunho puts on his game face.

“Get the fuck off your lazy asses and get on that ice now. If I don’t like what I see, we will be doing transition drills till you’re skating as if you just got fucked in the ass for the last hour. Now fucking move.”

Kangin gets up immediately, a half smile on his face as he skates past his captain, clapping him on the shoulder as he goes. He is closely followed by Junsu who does the same, Yoochun who smirks at him, and then Changmin who just stares at him. Han Geng turns to look at his captain, merely arching an eyebrow before he too turns and skates off.

The drill starts immediately, everyone in position as Changmin passes the puck to Kangin who starts them off. Kangin to Micky then Micky to Junsu who tries to score against Han Geng. They loop and whoop around the rink, in their element as they skate at high speeds on the ice.

Yunho and Coach Kim watch the drill in silence for awhile. When Kangin skates over to swap with Han Geng, Coach Kim finally speaks to his silent captain who is watching his team mates closely to find any weaknesses in their passing.

“Are you alright?”

Yunho doesn’t take his eyes off the ice, smiling when Changmin saves yet another attempted shot by Junsu.

“I’m good, Coach.”

“You seem more than good to be honest. This is the best I’ve seen you play in months. Your directions on the ice are decisive, your attacks and breakaways are flawless, your speed incredible and your defence is impenetrable.”

“Are you saying I don’t normally play like this?”

Coach Kim is silent. Sometimes in his position, there is the need for little white lies in order to keep morale up. He rarely has to do it, and never has to with the young captain of Anyang Halla because the man values honesty above all else. The man himself is almost painfully honest. Not brutally, because he can be tactful, but he does tend to speak his mind. He knows Yunho’s time on the ice will run out thanks to the stipulation by his parents in his contract. They are very supportive of their only son’s choice of vocation, but expect the young man to fulfil his responsibilities to the family company as well. Unlike the rest of the team, Yunho has two jobs. Team captain of Anyang Halla, and intern to the Chief Financial Officer of his family’s import/export company. The CFO also happens to be his mother.

“I haven’t seen you play like this since you were dating Seunghyun.”

Coach Kim really didn’t want to bring up the man, but it really is true. He played very well while going out with the sports writer Song Jihyo, and also with Donghae, a sports injury specialist. He first saw this magic in Yunho when he scouted the young man, and he was dating Go Ara then. The bloom of young love perhaps? And then with Seunghyun, the young man next to him learned of another type of love, and he was absolute magic on the ice.

Yunho remains silent, and Coach Kim decides to clarify his point a little.

“Actually, that’s only partially true. You played the best when you were with Seunghyun, but today, your playing even surpasses the time then.”

“What are you trying to say, Coach? Stop beating about the bush.”

Yunho’s voice carries no hint of what he is thinking or feeling, and Coach Kim finds it remarkable how the cheerful, even playful young man can turn so serious and implacable. He had taken a chance with Yunho, making him captain when he was going out with Jihyo. The only other person with the inherent leadership abilities that Yunho is naturally gifted with is Han Geng, but the man is not dynamic enough to be a captain that the crowds can get behind. The novelty of having such a young and good looking captain has made their team very popular, and support increased exponentially, not to mention the sponsorship deals.

“I hate to ask because it’s none of my business…”

“But you’ll ask anyway.” A smile creeps into Yunho’s voice. He respects Coach Kim greatly, viewing him as a second father as his own is pretty much absent most of the time because of work. He knows his father loves him, but he doesn’t see it much. Coach Kim on the other hand, although a firm man, is someone he sees almost daily, and thus, being as young as he is, naturally looks up to his coach as a surrogate father.

Coach Kim hears the smile in Yunho’s voice even though he doesn’t see it because his face is still turned to the ice, and this fortifies him to continue.

“Are you dating?”

“Is my playing really that different when I’m dating and when I’m not?”

“It’s not so much different. You still skate as fast, you still pass as well, but you can’t seem to finish. You are in the game, but yet you’re not. I’m not sure how to explain it. It’s like a part of you is missing out there on the ice when you’re not in love. It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever come across but after almost six years of seeing you play, I can’t help but see the connection.”

Yunho frowns at Coach Kim’s words. In love? Surely it’s much too soon. Sure, he’s never actually had such a thorough first conversation with anyone he’s been interested in without being distracted by a need to impress, a little posturing perhaps at the start, an automatic wall up “just in case”.

But with Jae last night it was easy. The older man was not pushy, his lightly teasing manner appealed greatly to Yunho. They talked about music, movies and books. Superficial things, safe topics, but it also made them realise they had more in common than it appeared on the surface. Talking to him was like talking to a long-lost friend. Their age gap never came up, and Yunho felt like he was talking to an equal, not a man six years older than him. With Seunghyun hyung, he had definitely felt the age difference, but not so much with Jae. The man never once rubbed it into his face the way Seunghyun hyung had, and Yunho appreciates that a lot. To be honest, he’s actually finding it hard to believe that Jae is 29. The way he speaks is the way someone much younger does. Someone closer to Yunho’s age. Maybe even younger. He doesn’t doubt that Jae is telling the truth about his age though, because why would he lie? Alright, so there are good reasons to lie on a site like that, but it appears that both of them had been set up by well-meaning friends and family, and Yunho doesn’t sense anything but truth in the words that he reads. Maybe he is being a little too trusting with a stranger he has never met, but he chooses to give the man the benefit of the doubt.

Coach Kim waits patiently for a response, but he is also a little sad. All the signs are there, he really didn’t need to ask, but he wants, no he needs, confirmation. Why couldn’t Jaejoong have come home a day or two earlier? Why just yesterday? He tastes the bitter tang of disappointment, because he was convinced his son would like Yunho, and vice versa. Yunho’s family is rich enough to not care about Jaejoong’s money or infamy, and they had been supportive of his relationship with Donghae, although not so much with Seunghyun. He had been hoping to introduce the two later that night, as the team normally dines with him and his wife every Thursday. He trusts his team with his son’s real identity, although he hasn’t spoken to Jaejoong about it.

But he is clearly too late. He can see it is too late. So it is all moot.

“Yo, U-Know!” Yoochun suddenly calls from the ice, “let’s try some plays, bitch.”

Yunho chuckles, shaking his head as he secures his helmet and grabs his hockey stick. He turns to his coach smiling.

“I don’t know if I’m dating. It’s a little complicated, but I did sort of meet someone, and I like the way it’s going.”

And with that, he skates off to join his teammates on the ice, directing them into a new drill.

Coach Kim is briefly distracted by his phone going off, and he checks it to find a text message from his son.

I won’t be home for dinner. I’ve got to sort out the apartment and agency stuff so I’ll eat in Seoul before coming home. Don’t wait up.

He sighs. Clearly, fate did not mean for his son and Yunho to meet.


Jaejoong wakes up just before noon. The sun is shining cheerily into his room, and for the first time in months, not counting his stint in rehab, he is not waking up with a hangover.

Or a stranger next to him, overstaying their welcome and needing to be kicked out.

He stretches out languidly, before suddenly bolting upright in consternation, remembering that he has a lunch time meeting with his manager and representatives from the agency to hammer out the details of his hiatus. Yesterday, he would have been fine with a straight up hiatus, no appearances, no interviews, absolutely zip.

But after talking to Yunho, he suddenly feels invigorated, as if injected with energy, and the idea of doing nothing for the next six months no longer appeals. He showers and dresses quickly, flying down the stairs to find his mother already making dinner. He is running very late, so he just presses a quick kiss to her forehead before running out to the garage to retrieve his car. He has the vague notion that she had been trying to tell him something in between the bear hug he gave her, but he shrugs. She can always get him on his phone.

He gets to the agency almost half an hour late thanks to some heavy lunchtime traffic. As he gets out of the car, he squares his shoulders, narrowing his eyes as his mouth twists into a sneer. He pops sunglasses on, zipping up his leather jacket, a hand casually dipped in one pocket as the other holds his bag.

His mask is up.

Hero Jaejoong enters the room without bothering to knock, tossing his duffle bag onto the boardroom table before throwing himself into the nearest chair with an irritated huff.

“You’re late.”

“Do I look like I care?”

The executive’s face twists in annoyance, but he tries to smooth it over quickly. Hero Jaejoong is their biggest meal ticket, the biggest star of their agency in fact, and he well knows it. The man is rude, self-absorbed, cold and completely uncaring, but the fans love him despite his shortcomings. His voice is like an angel when he wants it to be. An angel who wears leather and studs and is prickly as hell. And at other times, his voice is the very essence of sin, completely at odds with the heartbreakingly beautiful face.

Hero Jaejoong is a chameleon of the highest order.

He takes in the tight black jeans that end in steel capped industrial boots, the artfully worn leather jacket worth millions of won, the shades that are still perched on that nose they paid for, and the unhappy twist of the man’s full lips and mentally prepares himself for a fight. The agency wants the rock star to perform in a few charity concerts, to counteract the effects of his supposed attempted suicide. These concerts are to raise awareness for bullying in schools, cancer, and also for orphanages across the country. Yesterday, when Hero had left the photo shoot, he had smirked at his manager, saying “see you in six months” so he is definitely gearing himself up for a fight.

“Have you had lunch?”

“Are you stupid? This is a lunch meeting. Why the fuck would I have eaten lunch before coming to a lunch meeting?”

Hero’s voice is dripping in scorn as leans back in his chair, drumming his fingers impatiently on the table. He is surrounded by fucking imbeciles.

“I’m sorry, I was just trying to be polite.”

“Well you failed, idiot. Where’s everyone?”

“I told them to wait in their offices till you got here because we weren’t sure if you were actually going to turn up.”

“You assume far too much. I don’t have all fucking day unlike all of you pathetic office types. It’s 1:10pm now, and I have things to do. We are ending this at 2:30 whether you are done or not. Understood?”

“But it’s you who was late…” the executive mumbles under his breath, but clearly he was heard because a perfectly tweezed eyebrow raises high over the rim of Hero’s Tom Ford sunglasses.

“Excuse me?” Hero rips off his sunglasses, pinning the unfortunate executive with an unrelenting gaze. His eyes are cold, and angry as he takes in the now cowering man. “Care to repeat what you just said?”


The eyebrow goes up again.

The man stands up hastily, bowing way past ninety degrees as he backs slowly out of the room, muttering about getting everyone else so the meeting can start.

“Don’t come back without food,” is all Hero says as the man disappears almost at a run.

“Fucking hell…” Jaejoong drops his sunglasses onto the table top, rubbing his face tiredly with both hands, before carding them through his dark hair as he hunches over slightly. He straightens up after a minute, popping his sunglasses back on as he leans back in his chair and stares at the empty room.

He is so tired of all this. Ten minutes as Hero Jaejoong and he wants to go running back to Anyang, crawl into bed, and email Yunho.

A soft smile, completely at odds with the hard man from earlier, grace his lips as he remembers the gorgeous young man from last night. Yunho is like a breath of fresh air. He doesn’t sense any guile from the man, and he really should know better than to trust someone over the internet who could be a serial rapist trawling dating sites for all he knows, but there’s just something about Yunho that rings true. After the slight awkwardness after Jaejoong’s admission about being naked, they fall into an easy conversation about menial things that are significant in the greater scheme of things.

Jaejoong now knows that like him, Yunho cried when Dumbo tried to get to his mother in that cage, and that “Baby Mine” was the first English song they both knew how to sing. He also knows that Yunho enjoys reading comics, and that he taught himself English and Japanese through reading them. Strangely enough, Yunho claims never to have read yaoi, and had blushed (in a reply email) when Jaejoong had suggested some for him to read which made him stifle his howling laughter in his pillow at midnight. The man really is too cute.

He also knows that he likes Yuya Matsushita, admiring the way the man dances and also liking the way he looks. Jaejoong had been tempted to say that a lot of people think Yuya is a younger version of him, but he stops himself. He also knows that Yunho is a jock. There were no specifics, but Jaejoong assumes he plays basketball because of the photo, his admission to what he wears to bed, and also his height.

His height.

Now that sends a shiver coursing through Jaejoong. He loves tall men, but they are hard to come by, and Yunho is a good four inches taller than he is. The perfect height really. Jaejoong can mentally envision himself next to the broad, and handsome young man whose proportions are absolutely mouth-watering, and the idea of being tucked against his side, under his arm appeals greatly.

Maybe a little too much.

They both hate romance movies, Yunho finding them boring and Jaejoong because he doesn’t believe in love, though he doesn’t say that, going with boring as well. He knows that Yunho is smart, majoring in economics and mathematics which prompted Jaejoong to tease him about being the quintessential Asian. He had admitted to Yunho that he was a high school drop out and never went to college, expecting the younger man to look down on him, but Yunho doesn’t appear to care, saying that studying is not for everyone and if it wasn’t for his familial responsibilities, he would probably be happy playing sport forever.

He had been curious then, trying to find out a little about Yunho’s background and so he asked him about the type of car he drives.

The man drives an Audi R8. He even sent a picture of it with the license plate scrubbed off.

Sexy car for a sexy man. Either being a jock pays well, or Yunho is already pretty wealthy. When asked the same question back, he had to use his dad’s car, because really, how many high school drop outs drive a Lamborghini? He feels bad for the deception, but it’ll open a line of questioning he is not prepared to answer. And besides, it’s more like a half truth than an actual lie as he fully intends to utilise public transport or the family car while staying in Anyang.

His pleasant thoughts are interrupted by bustle as several people enter the room. The executive from earlier, along with the Vice-President of the agency, as well as his manager. They are followed by two girls carrying trays of food that they start laying out on the table.

Hero Jaejoong puts his mask back on, as everyone looks at him as if they expect him to start throwing chairs around or something. Oh well, it’s a useful image to uphold because it gets things done. When he says jump, they jump.

An unhappy Hero makes it bloody fucking unpleasant for anyone within a fifty foot radius of him.


Mrs Kim eyes the polite young man sitting on her husband’s right with a casual eye, but internally she is appraising him.

She knows all the players of Anyang Halla well, the A team especially so. They had housed Kangin for a couple of weeks when his girlfriend had kicked him out. Nursed Yoochun back to health when he had caught the flu from hell two seasons ago and his family were all away in the States. Helped Han Geng with his visa issues when his previous team had let it lapse, making him illegal unknowingly. Encouraged Junsu to pursue his college degree when he believed himself too stupid for it. She even tutored him in his first year. And fed Changmin. Feeding Changmin is like an occupation in itself, which is why Jaejoong had found her cooking dinner at noon.

Speaking of Jaejoong, her eyes slide over to her husband and she arches a meaningfully questioning eyebrow towards Yunho, nodding in his direction. She watches as the man stands up, excusing himself from the table, gesturing for her to follow as they go into the kitchen.

“You were describing Yunho weren’t you?” Mrs Kim is forthright, and not about to beat about the bush on this one as she looks at her sheepish husband.




“Don’t yeobo me you silly man! Yunho is six years younger than Joongie! What were you thinking?”

“That they’d suit?”


“Come on, you have to admit, that while Yunho is playful, he is also very serious about what he does whether in sports, in his work, or his love life. The man is stable, with a good head on his shoulders and besides, if the tabloids are right, is absolutely what Jaejoong would be attracted to.”

“Couldn’t you have at least tried to look for a girl?”

“Are we still doing this? Tell me, are there any girls you can think of or imagine with our Jaejoong? Someone he can respect and love? I have wracked my brain. Looked at countless celebrities even, and the conclusion is an inevitable one. Our son is far too headstrong for any female to manage.”

“And you think Yunho can manage him?”

“I think Yunho can bring our Joongie back. The boy we knew before the entertainment industry swallowed him whole. But it’s all moot anyway.” Coach Kim’s voice is actually sad, and his wife latches onto it, feeling sorry for whatever it is that has upset him as she rubs his forearm soothingly.

“He’s found someone.”

“Really? He’s dating already? Yesterday you were complaining about how the boy tripped on his own skates and today you’re telling me he’s found someone?”

“Well, he says it’s complicated, but yeobo, you should have seen him on the ice today. He was incredible. Absolutely incredible. I almost wept with how beautiful he was skating and playing. That should tell you something since the only time I’ve ever cried over anyone skating was Joongie when he was twelve.”

“So he really is taken?”

“He says he doesn’t know if he’s dating, but whether or not he actually is, is no longer the point. I recognise that spark in him, that magic. His heart is gone.”

“Just as well Joongie isn’t home then. I wouldn’t want our son to fall for an unavailable man.”

“I just wish the fates were kinder to him. He deserves happiness, and I really believed Yunho would be good for him.”

“Maybe we should make sure they never meet. I don’t think I can stand to see our son’s heartache.”

“Perhaps…or maybe Yunho will fall for him.”


“Ok, ok, I’m sorry. It’s just, I had my heart set on it.”

“It’s Jaejoong’s life, not ours. Don’t mess with Yunho’s as well. Leave him alone with whoever it is he loves.” Mrs Kim pinches her husband’s arm, making him whine. But then a sudden thought enters her head and her mouth drops open. “Does this mean you think Joongie is a bottom?”


“You wanted him with Yunho. There is no way in hell that man bottoms for anyone.”

Coach Kim is whining in distress now, clapping his hands over his ears, shaking his head childishly at his wife. “Not talking about this. Not talking about this. Not talking about this.”

The young man in question being spoken about is trying to surreptitiously sneak a peek at his phone under the table right that minute. He felt it go off, and everyone who has that number is seated at dinner with him. He supposes it could be his family too, but they never bother him unless it’s an emergency. Which means it may possibly only be one person.

Guess who?

Yunho breaks into a brilliant smile, managing to catch the attention of Han Geng seated opposite him, who elbows Kangin, who in turn elbows Changmin, who kicks Junsu opposite him, who elbows Yoochun, who quickly looks over Yunho’s shoulder, just in time for the man to flip his phone face down in his lap as he’s done typing a response.

“Who was that?”

Yunho merely hums, unable to hide the smile as he tries to fill his mouth with food so he doesn’t have to answer.

“Yunho, why are you holding out on us, dongsaeng?” Kangin says in a sing song voice, laughing when his captain gives him the middle finger while still shoveling rice into his mouth.

“I recognise that flush.” Changmin notes as he stares at their youngest team member. “It is the flush of new love.”

“Fuck, you’re right.”

“You owe us, kiddo. We let you torture us out on the ice today, the least you could do is send us a crumb as to why you are practically glowing.”

Yunho simply shakes his head, smirking around the ends of the chopsticks sitting in his mouth.

“Come on!” Junsu’s tone is whiny as he leans his head over the table, past Yoochun to gaze imploringly at his best friend.

Suddenly all the other four men do the same, blinking exaggeratedly as they flutter their eyelashes at the thoroughly amused young man.

A loud beep from Yunho’s lap sends the entire table into an uproar as Yoochun tries to grab it, and Yunho drops his bowl and chopsticks unceremoniously on the table as he tries to save his phone. Han Geng and Kangin are both out of their seats as they head Yunho off, to prevent him from escaping as he clutches his phone tightly to his chest, glaring around the table at his childish hyungs.

“Stop it! Fuck, how old are you guys?”

“Older than you, so you have to respect us and tell us what we want to know. Who’s that?”

“None of your beeswax.”

“What does that even mean?!” Junsu mutters as he too gets up to stand behind his best friend. Only Changmin is still in his seat, eating, completely unperturbed. He wants to know about Yunho’s new love of course, but he also loves Mrs Kim’s cooking, and since he only gets that once a week, only a fire would move him from his seat.

“It means none of your fucking business thank you very much. Coach! Coach!”

Four heads whip round in the direction of the kitchen, and in that split second, Yunho escapes. His speed on the ice is legend, but he is also very fast on dry ground, and he is already halfway up the stairs by the time anyone thinks to chase after him. He enters the first door he finds, slamming it shut and turning the lock, laughing as he leans against it, sinking down to the floor.

He doesn’t bother with the light, knowing exactly what is in the room. He sleeps over sometimes when practice runs late and he is too exhausted to drive back to Seoul. His teammates are always willing to drop him off, but he doesn’t like leaving his car behind, so he sleeps over at Coach Kim’s house. Of course, he doesn’t tell Changmin that Mrs Kim makes the best kimchi fried rice for breakfast ever and that’s really the main reason why he stays over. He lives alone, and cereal for breakfast is unappealing when he can have rice.

He swipes his password on the front of his phone, and opens the text message.

Wow, you sure know how to break a guy’s heart.

Yunho hadn’t had time for a long reply earlier at the table, so he had simply typed, “IDK, who?” This time he has more time, and he settles in against the door, tummy churning happily.

Sorry, Jae. I’m having dinner with my teammates and they’re being nosy fucks so I had to type fast. I didn’t want to keep you waiting.

He holds onto the phone, blinking in the darkness apart from the light emanating from his phone. The reply is quick in coming.

Ah, my heart is mended. I’m having dinner too and bored out of my mind. I wish I’d gone home for dinner. I miss my mother’s cooking.

Why didn’t you then?

I had a few things to take care off. Hopefully there’ll be leftovers because I’m pretty sure she was cooking bulgogi stew when I left the house.

You live at home? And what a coincidence! I had bulgogi stew for dinner!

Pathetic huh? I’m turning 30 next month and I live at home. Nah, it’s just a temporary thing while I figure out what to do with my life. And really? Wow, I’m jealous. I’m at some Italian restaurant. I don’t even like Italian food.

Not pathetic at all. Home is always the best place if you need to sort yourself out. I’ve gone home for some periods of time just to regroup, but I’m usually chased out by my baby sister. She’s hideous to live with.

Oh? I wonder what it’s like to have a sibling. I’m an only child.

It’s a nightmare, trust me. She’s sweet and cute and I’ll probably kill anyone who breaks her heart but god, she is a brat.

Takes one to know one. In this case, I’m pretty sure both of you are cut from the same cloth. Literally.

Are you calling me a brat? O_O

Yes. ^^


Oh my god, please no. If I never hear “oppa” yelled at me ever again, it would be too soon.

I was trying to imitate my bratty sister, but clearly I failed. Why would anyone yell oppa at you anyway? O_o

Damn! Jaejoong frowns at his phone. He’s given up on his dinner, excusing himself from the small group who consider themselves his friends. Whether he considers them his friends is another matter altogether. He heads out front, calling for his car as he replies, hoping to distract Yunho.

Mmmmm… I wouldn’t mind hearing you yelling oppa at me ;-)

Yunho chokes on air as he stares at his phone. His mind just went straight to the gutter whether he wants it to or not. He swallows hard, his heart racing, his palms getting sweaty again. What the hell is he supposed to say to that?

As he sits and stares, his phone suddenly rings, scaring the fuck out of him as he drops it with a yelp. He picks it up gingerly, staring at the great big “CALLER ID BLOCKED” blinking on the screen. He doesn’t know anyone with a blocked id. He contemplates whether to answer it or not, knowing that there is a high probability that it is Jae.

He did give the man his number, didn’t he?

What was he expecting from it?

The phone finally stops ringing. And he stares at it in consternation. It remains silent, and he feels bad, wondering if Jae thinks he just got rejected. He opens up the message box to reply to the text. Dropping his head and banging it against the door when he sends it. He is horny. Thanks, Jae.

Somehow I think it’ll be you doing the yelling ;-)

Jaejoong lets out a relieved chuckle when he sees Yunho’s reply as he pulls out onto the street. Ringing him had been impulsive, and he’s actually not surprised that Yunho didn’t answer. And deep down, he is glad he didn’t. His speaking voice is not really similar to his singing voice, and lately, he hasn’t been on many programs because they have to edit way too much out thanks to his rather liberal use of profanities, but you can’t always be to sure. He doesn’t think Yunho is a fan, the man’s taste in music leaning more towards jpop and rap than rock, saying it’s just “noise”. He hasn’t quite decided yet whether he is feeling insulted about that fact.

Oh really? What makes you so sure?

Yunho groans. He is surprised no one has broken the door down yet and hauled him out. He staggers to his feet, body suddenly aching from the brutal practice session earlier that day. He makes his way blindly in the dark towards the bed, collapsing into it, utterly surprised to find it unmade.

Not just unmade, it smells divine.

Oh fuck, someone is staying with the Kims and he just practically broke into the room. And whoever this person is, smells incredible.

He is unable to help himself as he buries his nose into the pillow, inhaling deeply. It does nothing to help his boner, making it worse in fact, because he can absolutely imagine Jae smelling like this. He recognises the scent. It is Missha’s new signature scent for men and he has a bottle of the same fragrance in his room thanks to his sister. He doesn’t really like the way it smells on him, but it smells ridiculously good here.

He pulls his phone out, typing quickly.

Tell you what. If you smell like Missha’s new fragrance for men, I’ll be your willing anything.

Jaejoong actually has to pull over as he stares at his phone. How the fuck did he know? It’s not even as if it is a well known fact since he actually endorses a rival brand. But his parents know he likes Missha and had bought him the scent as a Christmas gift.

Ok, no more games. I actually had to stop and pull over because I am wearing Missha’s new fragrance, and you just made me squirm in my seat.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

Yunho hops quickly out of the bed, ducking into the attached bathroom to splash his face with cold water. He does quite a bit of splashing, and rearranging of his underwear. He needs to get home. Now.

I need to ditch my friends and go home. You’re right, no more games. Will you be online later?

I’ll be online in half an hour or so, if I manage to drive...


Yunho cards his hand through his hair as he stares at his reflection and too bright eyes. He is so screwed.


AN2: I am not cock-blocking ok? It’s too early! They need to calm the fuck down :O And omg all of your comments. I’m gonna go read them after my nap :O

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