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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Ice [5]
Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: Alright so I was actually gonna skip the day after thing and jump ahead in time… but then I decided not to lol! And my MIL is the editor of a paper and she will cry at my attempt at an article lmao. And also, uh, PLEASE REMEMBER MY JOURNAL IS 18+… Proceed at your own risk lmao!!! Also, barely made the LJ cut off because crazy word count OTL

AN2: This banner was done by atriums 

IceCollapse )

You really make me speechless.... really......
P/s: I know I keep smiling by my self while reading....

Way to give me a heart attack you she-devil. You know my mom was here a minute ago...... O_o
And this is so fucking perfect. Trust Yunho for being so oblivious while the other are all knowing. And this fic made my day :D

you're dear the biggest teaser at allllllll

the suspens is killing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ i need them to know who they are sexting already hahaha...i lol'ed at "sexting", never knew such a word existed but it is definitely appropriate for what they were doing :))


and omg that photo of a pierced _____ o.O i cannot unsee.. LOL

This is so fucking real, it's been a while since a story made me smile like this. And Jaejoong's percings, ohohoho if I was a man my pants would be soiled!

Keep up the good work! I'm excited fot your next update (;


But then I remember that he's a bish

and Yunho is the cute innocent guy

and poor thing is going to be perverted by Jaejoong's sinful mind




...........and I lot of this please

because Jaejae needs that before some


or should I be more explicit?

I am in love with this fic. The way you make the team act and react around Yunho and with everything that is happening is perfect. I love how they are falling for each other and the fact Jaejoong doesn't realize he is. And his piercing. That looks painful on both ends. You are a very skilled writer. Thank you for updating so quickly. I jumped for joy in the middle of the store I work at, but i didn't get to read it til now. I can't wait for more. :D

just so you know, i'm reading this fic backwards. from here. i honestly didn't think it would be this good. really!
i am sorry for umm.. ummm... a bit.. ummmmmmm .. underestimating the idea. i mean, ice. hockey player. rockstar. what's so good about all those full of testosterone areas...
anyway... ! i feel blessed now that i finally read it! just because i found the warning : you may read things appropriate only for adults .. or something like that, in this chapter's title. so, it ticked on my curiosity.
i forgot you're the queen of intense smut. hahah!!! and so i read chapter 5. and it was interesting. and funny!
and i read backwards. XD ! on to the chapter 4b! and 4a.. and so on.
i love you dear author-sshi. as always.
though the concept of a 6years older Jaejoong and the possibility of him asking to top Jung is a little .. too real.. i mean, please lemme keep pretty Jaejoong be the eternal bottom in my beautiful yunjae tralalaland. hehehehh... but this is your kingdom, i will just enjoy it my best.

God damn it…cock piercing seriously? U screwed me >< and that is so sexy!!!
I like how they keep their relationship going. Honesty yet still keeping spaces until it comes to an appropriate time. I think that is needed in every relationship. Even though you are husband and wife, space is somewhat important.

Now I really wanna know how they would react when they know who each other is, but Coach Kim'sreaction makes me curious the most >

This is a damn arousing chapter and the damn last pic!

damn how oblivious can yunho get??
and jaejae is such a tease it's fun reading their conversations LOL
i wish they can already meet soon! xD