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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Ice [5]
Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: Alright so I was actually gonna skip the day after thing and jump ahead in time… but then I decided not to lol! And my MIL is the editor of a paper and she will cry at my attempt at an article lmao. And also, uh, PLEASE REMEMBER MY JOURNAL IS 18+… Proceed at your own risk lmao!!! Also, barely made the LJ cut off because crazy word count OTL

AN2: This banner was done by atriums 

IceCollapse )

All I need to say is BRILLIANT! xxx

thank you for this wonderful update,^^

I like these regular updates so much! You're really awesome!

And the chapter was as enjoyable as always!

I'm really happy the news completely changed the team's opinion on Jae and now they seem really supportive of the budding relationship of those two! It was amusing how they watched both Jae texting/calling Yunho and Yunho's reaction at the receiving end too!

But it seems fate doesn't want them to learn about the other's identity yet... neither the team didn't dare to reveal what they put together nor Jae's mother was able to draw Jae's attention to the players (okay, we know she wanted to show him Yunho) on the TV when they sat together so now I'm even more curious how long they will keep up this enigmatic relationship and whether they will meet in person when and how they previously planned it or accidentally... : D

the photos just sent me over the edge!!

/leaves my jaw open

Omggggg omggggg THAT piercing OMG
I'm actually very incoherent right now. ....

I saw that you posted the chapter this morning, and I read it only half though because a lady was looking at my phone and reading what I was reading while I was on the bus and wtf o.O however i'm glad that i stopped reading LOL i think if the lady would have seen the picture with the ... "apadravya" ... ;0; she would either look at me and judge me hard OR she would have just stood up from the seat LOLOLOLOL

the chapter was great, BUT ;0; i want them to meeeeeet already ;-; aslkdjlsakjdlksa i can't wait for them to sex up ;0;

and i love the relationship that the hockey team has. <3

my god... i can definitely tell yunho is wet LOL~ jaejoong is one sexy bitch! XD and urg at those moments they could have seen each other!

Ok..the last one was....mmm...well, the last picture was....mmm....what can I say....😲

trust me i i close my eye when i scroll down!!hahah the pic is to much for me to bear!!hahha fuck jae were in jail it is all becoz of seughyun!fuck i hate him!well if i were jae i will broke all his finger so that he won't touch anyone anymore!!

aarrggghhh!whenever they talk to each other..whether via phone or email they will got hard on!!hahaha the whole piercing thingy is so fucking hot!!hahaha...i hope jae didn't have that kinda of piercing!!ahahaha
please umma not that piercing!!haha

hot damn..
and they haven't even met each other!/face palms

i can't believe they still don't know each other in real life.i mean outside of their chatting life..i bet it's gonna be THE BOMB once they know each other face to face.heh./smirk

You are killing me with all this teasing... X___x

That Apadravya thingy looks reallllllllly painful. I sorta cringed when I saw that. I mean, doesn't that hurt like a mothaf*cker? And what if it gets jammed whilst having sex.... OK sorry, my mind is just wondering about the technical difficulties one could expect wearing such a trinket:)
I was laughing and sniggering at the airport scene as well about your silly attempts to put in song titles. I really hope you will do that more often:)
hehe, now I'm gonna lure my bf into googling 'apadravya'
*evil smirk* hey you put me up to this ;)

when i see you used the Jaejoong's photos i said "awww so cute!" but when it's come to last photo O_o. i have to remind breathing to myself again and again. thank u

Oh god, this was so funny. I love the way you write in this fic! You had me jumping around the whole kitchen just by seeing there was a new chapter^^
Thank you for sharing this!

OMG LMAO this chapter made me spazz, squeal, gasp, and laugh like crazy XD
I think my jaw dropped down the 6 floors of my building when I saw the picture of the piercing, I wasn't expecting to get a visual bwahahaha x'DDD (what if he really has one there? God, it looks painful)
The two of them are so horny lol I can't imagine how it will become when they'll get together in real life, not just online. But they're going to have a big shock XD Can't wait for it~
You're teasing a lot with that by the way. The dinner, now Jaejoong on the newspaper, on TV while being the phone with Yunho, Yunho on TV as well akjdhfdghf so much frustratioooon!!! I want them to meet but I like the fact that keep everything online/on the phone at the same time, argh.
Great chapter again~ ^^