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Ice [9b]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, mild angst
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: See you on the other side of the weekend (though not till Tuesday because it’s a long weekend here OTL)

AN2: This banner was done by taigrin 

Yunho had barely been able to get out of the house. By the time Jae had finished singing, his parents were also in tears. Forget his sister. She was long gone.

His mother’s words are bouncing around in his head.

Don’t let him run.

Will Jae try and run again? Like he did last Thursday?

He has no idea, but he is going to chase the man to the ends of the earth if he tries.

He pulls up at Anyang Stadium. He is ten minutes early, but he doesn’t think it matters. Jae had insisted on making dinner and bringing it, and Yunho had been more than happy with that. He has Jihye’s present in one hand and his hockey stick in the other. His skates are slung around his neck, a puck in his back pocket and small box in his front pocket. He feels a little loaded down, though nothing is actually heavy. It is more an emotional heaviness with each item.

He can hear the sound of someone skating as he walks in. The familiar scratch across the ice brings a smile to his face. He can recognise that Jae is once again lining up for a jump, from just listening to the way the blades are cutting across the surface of the ice. He cannot see the rink just yet, as he pauses in the tunnel staring up at the steps that will bring him up level with the ice, and its occupant.

Yunho bites his lip to keep from laughing when Jae lands his jump and hoots loudly.


He pushes away from the wall he is leaning against, taking the steps two at a time, finally above ground, but he takes care not to look at the ice. The silence is telling, and he knows Jae has seen him. He walks along the perimeter of the rink, to the part of the bleachers where he usually sits during practice. He drops everything he is holding next to him, and unwinds the skates from around his neck.

Jaejoong is mesmerised as he watches the tall young man weave his way around the bleachers, looking like he has a goal in mind. He is wearing a bulky blue jacket, and he appears to be carrying a few things. His brow furrows, shaking his head at what he sees, his mouth pulled into a rueful smile when he sees the wrapped box in his hand.

Yunho is very naughty.

And Jaejoong rather likes that. He likes that Yunho is his own man, and is not intimidated by him.

But then again, he has no idea who he is.

He watches as Yunho tosses everything onto the bleachers next to him, before he starts to put on his skates. He remembers what the man said about tying them, and he skates over, gliding quietly across the ice, the sound almost soothing when the blades meet the ice.

He stops at the barrier, looking over it casually, as if it is just a normal every day thing to be skating in Anyang Stadium at 7pm in the evening, and being nosy about a fellow skater sitting on the bleachers.

He wrinkles his nose as he looks at Yunho’s skates. No wonder he can’t lace them. They’re pretty intense looking skates.

Definitely not figure skates, the blades are all wrong.

Not racing skates either, but close enough.

“Need help there?”

Jaejoong’s voice washes over Yunho’s bent head, as he fiddles with the laces, and he smiles.

He straightens, still smiling, an eyebrow cocked questioningly, as he looks up, finally seeing Jae’s face.

A face free of makeup, lips curled slightly in a smile, but the pout cannot be detracted from, his mouth is still the centrepiece. And then his eyes move up, taking in the beautiful smattering of pretty moles, and he resists the urge to chuckle. The man hassles him about his one mole when he has several.

Only on Jae it shouldn’t really be called moles.

Beauty marks.

That’s a more appropriate term, as his lips twist slightly, changing from a smile into a smirk. A rockstar with beauty marks.

He looks up again, into the most enchanting pair of eyes he has ever seen. Free of makeup, they are even more beautiful to him. Luminous. They are shining with emotion, and Yunho thinks he knows what that emotion is, because he is sure his own eyes are shining with the same emotion.

He nods to the empty seat on his left.

“I can’t tie my skates. Can you help me?”

Jae lets out a throaty laugh, dark and husky, sexy as fuck and Yunho can feel himself responding just to the sound, but he tamps it down. This is definitely not the time. He looks up to see a familiar smirk, the arch of Jae’s eyebrow is high as he looks at him, before skating off to the gap in the rink to get to him, walking as confidently on the ground in his skates, as he does when he is gliding on the ice.

Jaejoong sits next to Yunho, just as the man shrugs off his thick jacket, exposing his clothes underneath. The act of taking off the jacket has given him a whiff of the man, and he smells edible.

Actually edible.

He smells like iced lemon cake.

Jaejoong sniffs approvingly, closing his eyes, inhaling deeply, before opening them and quirking an eyebrow at the younger man.

“I didn’t make dessert but it seems like you are dessert.”

And just like that, whatever ice there was is broken as Yunho starts to laugh.

“Oh, Jae. Only you would say that. Only you.”

Without thinking about it, he slips an arm around the smaller man, squeezing him into a breathtaking hug, all the while still chuckling and shaking his head. He doesn’t notice Jaejoong’s shocked expression, and the shy smile that suddenly falls across the older man’s face.

He leaves his hand resting loosely around Jaejoong’s waist, as he bends over to tug at one of his laces.

“My teammates would have said why the fuck do you smell like food?”

Jaejoong laughs then, a softer, gentler sound, compared to earlier as he slips off the seat, kneeling in front of Yunho, batting his hand away as he starts to thread the laces through properly.

Yunho’s breath catches in his throat, as he stares at the bent head of the older man. He sees his fingers are free from adornments, and the box in his pocket feels like it is burning a hole through it. He swallows hard, coughing slightly, and Jae looks up at him through his lashes. The man probably doesn’t mean to look so inviting but seriously, everything about Jae just screams sinful for some reason.

Perhaps it’s because he knows who he is.

But perhaps it really is a natural part of Kim Jaejoong.

He’s really more inclined to believe it’s the latter because Jae oozes sex through email, text and especially on the phone. He is sure he doesn’t mean to be that way, but there he is.

Jae’s hands still work as he looks up at him.

Yunho knows he’s in trouble when the older man smirks.

“Like the view?”

“V-v-view?” Oh lord, he is stuttering. This is great.

Jaejoong sweeps his tongue across his bottom lip, purposefully flicking out his piercing, trying to hide his smile when Yunho’s eyes widen, and his eyes focus on his mouth. He felt oddly shy earlier in Yunho’s embrace, and now out of it, he feels a little less nervous. He’s not sure why, but teasing the man is relaxing him. The banter they have online, he wants it back somehow.

“You got me on my knees pretty damn fast.” Jaejoong’s voice is low, finally dropping his gaze as he starts to knot the laces at the top of Yunho’s skates. His mouth purses as he concentrates, semi-aware that the younger man still can’t take his eyes off him.

Yunho’s mind has blanked out. Flirting had been much easier online. Now, faced with this beyond gorgeous man who is on his fucking knees, practically between his legs is really doing his head in. He blurts out the first thing that comes to mind.

“I think I might die if I don’t get to kiss you now.”

Jaejoong is in the middle of lacing up the second skate when Yunho’s bewildered whisper hits him. He looks up just as Yunho bends his head, and his mouth is parted in shock when warm lips meet his cold ones.

The kiss is chaste. Oh so chaste. Yunho had just wanted a taste, hoping that it will help get rid of his nervousness. And it does in a way, because Jae is still gaping at him when he draws back, and he has to chuckle at the older man’s expression. He looks poleaxed.

Good, at least he’s not the only one struck dumb.

“I’m sorry. I’m nervous as fuck and you’re just sitting there, on your knees, pouting at me and well…I was hoping I’d be less nervous after I kissed you.”

Jaejoong licks his lips, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth as he sits back a little, head cocked, trying not to smile. His hands keep working on Yunho’s skates while he speaks.

“I wasn’t pouting.”

“Could’ve fooled me.”

“Did it work?”

“Did what work?” Yunho is having some serious trouble staying focused.

“Kissing me. Are you less nervous?”

“Not really.”

Jaejoong makes quick work of the top of Yunho’s second skate, tying it securely, before standing up quickly, mouth once again twisted into a smirk. However the smirks for Yunho are not the same as the smirks Hero sends out to the masses. The latter smirks are sardonic, cruel even, and tinged with a fuck load of scorn and disgust at the world at large. They may be sexy sometimes, but it is always calculated, and there is no emotion behind them.

The smirks for Yunho are the smirks of a man amused with his adorable boyfriend. They convey affection, in Jaejoong’s own way. And they are definitely sexy, but only for the young man blinking owlishly up at him.


Jaejoong steps closer, nudging Yunho’s knees together, and spreading his legs so that Yunho’s legs are between his.


And he sits down straight onto Yunho’s lap, seeing the flare in the man’s eyes as he automatically wraps his arms around him, his large hands crossed loosely in the small of Jaejoong’s back.


Jaejoong leans in to nuzzle Yunho’s cold nose.


He leans back lifting his hand to stroke a finger down the side of Yunho’s face, skimming across his cheekbones and down to his mouth, smiling when Yunho closes his eyes and leans into his touch.


He rubs his thumb along the bottom of Yunho’s plush lower lip, biting his own lip when Yunho’s tongue darts out to lick at it, before hastening back into his mouth. A quick look up into those dark almond eyes reveals a heat that makes Jaejoong shiver, and Yunho’s hands to tighten around him in response.


Jaejoong leans forward, slipping his arms around the younger man’s neck, till their lips almost meet, but far enough so he can stare into Yunho’s eyes without getting crosseyed.


He breathes the word out, his breath washing over Yunho’s mouth and the younger man lets out a soft groan, before he closes the distance and their lips meet once again.

This kiss is just a tad less chaste than the first.

Their mouths slant slowly over each other’s, soft tentative inquisitive little kisses, till Jaejoong is unable to resist sucking and nibbling Yunho’s bottom lip, making the younger man moan and tighten his hold, pulling Jaejoong higher up into his lap, a hand firm against his hip while the other rubs up and down his back, trying to press the man in his lap closer into him. Their tongues sneak out, stealing quick little tastes but nothing deeper, as they find their way together.

Their natural inhibitions disappear, because they know each other. Deep down, they recognise each other. For Yunho, it is Kim Jaejoong not Hero Jaejoong sitting in his lap, and for Jaejoong, this is the sweet jock that made him act like himself in front of thousands upon thousands of people at a live telecast, not to mention the millions watching at home. The man that made him realise that if he keeps hiding behind Hero Jaejoong, he will never be happy. The man that gave him the courage to reach out and take what has already belonged to him, instead of running away.

They know each other emotionally, now are just getting to know each other physically.

Yunho parts his mouth, and Jaejoong sends his tongue searching into his inviting warmth, stroking and massaging against Yunho’s and flicking his piercing, rubbing it against the roof of Yunho’s mouth, making the hockey player groan in response. One hand is fisted tightly in Yunho’s thick hair as he seeks to taste as much of the younger man as he can, delving deeply into his mouth.

He sucks on Jaejoong’s tongue, the piercing making the kiss feel like he’s never kissed before. The feel of it clicking against his teeth, and rubbing him in places he never knew could make him excited, adds a whole new dimension to the kiss as their tongues tangle. When Jaejoong moans into his mouth and starts rocking insistently in his lap is when he pulls away gently.

Alright, perhaps a smidgen lesser than a tad less chaste.

Their foreheads are pressed against each other’s, their breathing a little harsh as they struggle to regulate it, both their eyes are clenched shut.

Like before, Jaejoong recovers first, lifting up his hand to slip his fingers between their faces, tracing the contours of Yunho’s mouth as he nuzzles his cheek. He can feel when the younger man’s lips stretch into a smile, and he replies in kind, but he doesn’t open his eyes, simply feeling, as he sings softly, lips gently caressing Yunho’s sharp jawline.

“Don't you just love… the feeling of my fingertips… circling your lips.”

Yunho’s chuckle is deep, as he flexes his hands on Jae’s hips, squeezing him. “I thought we agreed he wasn’t referring to these lips.” He parts his mouth to suck in a fingertip, flicking his tongue against it, and smiling around it when he hears Jae’s soft gasp.

“Brat…” Jaejoong breathes out, ghosting the tip of his tongue along Yunho’s jaw, liking the slight scratchiness he can feel, mouth twitching into a smirk.

The reply is very quick, and Yunho knows Jae had set him up for it, but he is helpless to deny the man. This is neither the time nor place, but he cannot help the single word that spills from his mouth in a hoarse aching whisper that sends a shiver right through Jaejoong from the tip of his finger still captured between Yunho’s beautiful mouth, right down to his toes encased in his tight figure skating boots.


Jaejoong groans, ducking his head quickly to bury it in the crook of Yunho’s neck, inhaling that dessert fragrance deeply, trying to ignore the heat in his face. He doesn’t get flustered. Hell, he makes people flustered. And for Yunho to fluster him so intensely even when he absolutely knew that was coming is truly incredible. His heart is beating so hard he wonders if Yunho can hear it.

Yunho is trying not to laugh. He is affected by the man in his lap, and feeling a little lightheaded, not to mention the pressure in his groin is rather intense, but Jae’s reaction not to mention his constant sniffing of him is amusing him for some reason. As Jae buries his face deeper into his neck, his lips twitch, the urge to tease so strong, and he gives in, singing quietly.

“I know all your favourite spots…”

Jaejoong’s moan is long, and low, the words hitting him right in his heart, and between his legs. He is right there. Right there at his favourite spot, and he lifts his face slightly, kissing that spot just under Yunho’s ear, his lips marking the man as he sucks lightly, before nuzzling his nose along the rough jaw, trailing his wet mouth down his throat. He is pleased to feel Yunho’s pulse jumping erratically at the base of his throat, and he kisses that spot, licking it heavily, before slowly kissing his way back up that long strong neck to Yunho’s lush mouth, and pressing a rather forceful kiss against those soft lips. He draws back, smirking when Yunho groans, his eyes cloudy, lips tugged into a rueful smile.

Well, they’re two for two. Jaejoong tried to tease Yunho and it backfired on him. Yunho did it back and it totally backfired on him too.


“I’d love to sit here all night, but if we don’t move, the dinner you made will probably be ruined.” Yunho has no clue how he managed to say that long sentence about something so mundane without stumbling over his words. His heart is still at a gallop, which is a really odd feeling considering he is a top class athlete. But he likes it.

Jaejoong smiles as he plays with the collar of Yunho’s teeshirt, making as if to stand up, but Yunho’s hands on his hips stays him.

“You have to let me go first.”

Yunho’s smile is sheepish as he drops his arms, and Jaejoong has to laugh at it, leaning forward to press a quick kiss to his nose as he holds onto his shoulders, using him as a prop to stand. He is really trying not to show that he is feeling a little unstable.

“You’re so cute.”

Yunho’s nose wrinkles at Jae’s words, bottom lip jutting out as he pouts up at the older man who just laughs and steps to the side so he can stand. He gets to his feet slowly, probably looking like a novice on his skates because he is feeling rather shaky. He is really glad he is wearing tight-ish jeans because his boner would probably poke someone’s eye out. His eyes widen in surprise as he flexes his feet in his skates.

“Fuck, you laced these tight.”

“I’m always tight.”

“Oh god…” Yunho all but groans out as he stares at the shorter man. He watches that beautiful mouth curl up to the side as Jae smirks.

“Not god, Yunho…Jae…”

He shakes his head at him, “If you don’t stop I’m going to throw you over my shoulder kicking and screaming.”

Jaejoong’s smirk widens. “I don’t doubt I’ll be screaming.”

“Kim Jaejoong!”

“I like it better when you call me oppa.”

If there was a wall handy, Yunho would definitely be banging his head against it. But since there’s no wall, he has to do the next best thing.

He face palms himself, mumbling behind his hand, almond eyes wide and staring into the older man’s laughing doe eyes. “Oh dear god, what am I going to do with you?”

Jaejoong is about to retort in a salacious manner, but a rather loud growl from Yunho’s tummy stops him, and he changes his mind. “I’m going to ignore that because I just heard your belly grumble, but just so you know, you’re making it way too easy.”

“Where’s dinner?”

“Looking at you.”

“Jae…” Yunho purses his lips, shaking his head again. He cannot believe the man is real. That they are real. This is them online, but in real life instead, right now, face to face. He was right, and his heart is singing.

Jaejoong decides not to tease anymore, but the younger man really makes it way too easy. He’s just so adorable that he really just wants to take him home and present him to his parents.

Ok, hold up. One step at a time.

But the thought has already entered his mind, and it has shocked him, because he has never ever in his entire life wanted to bring home anyone to his parents.

“Calm down, baby,” he starts, the words not just for Yunho but for himself too. “I made you my mother’s ginger chicken broth but it’s on the opposite side of the rink. You can have it if you make it there.”

A beautiful smile breaks across Yunho’s face. It is highly mischievous, and Jaejoong can feel yet another tug in chest.

“Last one there is a horny old goat!”

And to Jaejoong’s shock, Yunho turns crisply, LEAPING over the barrier between the bleachers and the ice, and skating off in the blink of an eye. He doesn’t even have time to reply, getting onto the ice in a much less boisterous manner, and skating at a more sedate pace after the younger man, knowing there’s no way in hell he can catch up. Not in his current skates anyway.

He grins as Yunho comes to screeching halt, a shower of ice cascading in a wave from the blades of his skates. The younger man is smiling broadly, clearly feeling immensely proud of himself.

By the time Jaejoong joins him on the bleachers, he already has the tumbler of broth open and is carefully pouring it out into the bowls that he’s found. He smiles when Yunho empties it, and gives him the slightly fuller bowl.

“No baby, you have it. You deserve it after making sure there was no other option but for me to be the horny old goat.”

The beaming smile Yunho sends him, tugs at his chest again, and Jaejoong almost claps his palm over his heart in an effort to tell it to calm the fuck down. But he doesn’t, sitting across from Yunho instead to serve the rice that he has brought.

However, clearly the younger man is starving, because Yunho doesn’t even wait for spoons, simply lifting his bowl to his mouth, and drinking the soup.

One swallow.

Yunho’s eyes widen.

Two swallows.

His mind is working furiously.

Three swallows.

He puts the bowl down, licking at his lips to catch any stray drops, staring at his bowl in wonderment.

Jaejoong hands him chopsticks and a spoon silently, as well as a bowl of rice. Yunho looks a little stunned.

“Is my cooking that bad?”

Yunho looks up, scooping some rice straight into the soup bowl, and feeding himself thoughtfully, chewing on the tender pieces of chicken and mushrooms.

“You made this? Yourself? From scratch?”

Jaejoong’s brow furrows slightly as he takes a sip of his own soup. It tastes fine too him. It tastes great actually.

“Yeah, I did. I spent a good four hours over it! It’s my mother’s recipe and she uses lotus root and red ginseng in it which not many people do. You can’t replicate it unless you actually know my mother, and even then, you probably can’t. I’m pretty sure no one else can make it this way. Why?”

Yunho shakes his head slightly, finishing his bowl in about four mouthfuls before he stands up.

“Stay here, I want to show you what I do.”

“There’s another tumbler of soup!”

“I’ll definitely be back for more of your soup. But…I need you to think about something.”

“Think about what?”

“Think about what your parents occupations are.”

And with that cryptic statement, Yunho once again leaps over the barrier, skating back to the opposite end, leaving Jaejoong sitting with his warm bowl of soup staring after him confusedly.

The man re-emerges with a hockey stick, and he drops the puck in his hand to the ice, and off he goes, deke-ing across the ice at top speed, all around the rink.

Jaejoong’s mouth falls open.

Yunho doesn’t falter at all, almost casually keeping control of the puck, switching from his left to his right hand as he turns, skating at an incredible speed. He is literally using the entire rink as his playground, his turns sharp, the waves of ice shards every time he stops to change directions is almost poetic. The only sound in the large stadium is the sound the puck makes as it hits his hockey stick, and the sound his blades make as he streaks across the ice.

After a couple of rounds, he finally skates up to the goal post, barely pausing as he takes the shot, the puck slamming into the back of the net as he raises his arms up triumphantly. And automatic response even though this isn’t a game as he almost lazily slows down to a halt right in front of Jae who is staring wide-eyed at him, his bowl of soup on the bench now, his elbows on his knees as he leans forward, his hands clasped in front of his mouth.

“I think Fate is trying to tell us something.” Yunho finally speaks because Jae doesn’t seem capable of doing anything apart from blinking at him.

Jaejoong’s mind is racing, trying to think about his parents and their odd behaviour over the last few days, and especially the words of his father that didn’t make sense at the time.

”He won’t run."

Yunho drops his hockey stick over the barrier, telling Jae once again, “Stay here, I want to get something.”

Jaejoong can’t move, as he watches Yunho skate away. The man is more than skilled on those blades. He wasn’t kidding when he said he could out-skate him. His brow furrows slightly as he sees Yunho approaching him again, this time with a wrapped gift box.

He’d forgotten about that box he noticed earlier. Didn’t he say no presents?

He watches as Yunho stops on the other side of the barrier, leaning against it, elbows resting on the tops, the box between them by belly. He really is tall.

“My parents gave me my present early. Want to know what they got me?”

Jaejoong simply nods mutely, eyes darting from the box and then back up to Yunho’s face.

“They bought me a five bedroom house in a gated community here in Anyang. I checked the map, and it’s not far from here, maybe 2-3 minutes drive tops. If there’s a game at the stadium, I’ll be able to see the fireworks.”

Five bedrooms? That new gated community that is two blocks over from his parents house? Fuck…how rich is this man?

Yunho fiddles with the lid of the box, taking it off and dropping it carelessly to the ground. Jaejoong bends over to pick it up.

“But you know what? I received another gift that trumps their present.”

What present could possibly trump a freaking house?

“Can you imagine that? A gift that beats a house? And it came from my baby sister. My baby sister managed to beat a gift like that.”

Jaejoong’s heart starts to thump painfully in his chest. Suddenly he doesn’t want to know what Jihye gave Yunho, because he already knows what it is. He watches as Yunho extends the box in his hand out to him.

“She gave me this.”

Jaejoong doesn’t want to look. He really doesn’t want to look. But the soft look in Yunho’s eyes is making him want to cry, and in an effort not to break down in a sodden heap, he looks down as he takes the proffered box.

Nestled in thin, red, tissue-like paper, is the photo he autographed for her.

He stares at it, tears clouding his vision. Unwanted tears, but he cannot stop them. His mind turns back to the last hour or so, how Yunho had been exactly as he had been online. The Yunho he had come to know.

The Yunho he had grown to love.

And his Yunho had known who he is the whole time, and had not behaved any differently.

“Don’t run. Please don’t run.”

Yunho’s words are an aching whisper, and Jaejoong looks up to see the young man who had been smiling happily not fifteen minutes ago, looking somber and worried. His face pale in the bright lights, looking much younger than his almost twenty four years.

Jaejoong sets the box to the side carefully, as he stands. The bleachers are actually not level with the ice, so he is eye level with Yunho. He doesn’t stop the man when he brushes away at the stray tears on his cheek, leaning into his touch instead.

“I love you, too.”

Yunho stands there, stunned, as he stares at the heartbreakingly beautiful face looking back at him, those moist lips saying the words he never ever thought he’d hear. He never thought he’d hear back this soon anyway. He closes the gap, pressing his mouth against the older man’s and exhaling in relief. He feels Jae licking at his bottom lip and he draws back slightly smiling, even as he continues to brush away the tears still leaking out of those wet doe eyes.

“I think you have a thing for my lip.”

Jaejoong’s mouth quirks.

“I have a thing for your mouth. It was the only thing I really fixated on over the last few weeks, which is why I identified you so quickly when I saw you last week.”

“Promise you won’t run away again?”

“I promise.”

“Cross your heart and hope to die, poke a finger in your eye?”

Jaejoong lets out a sharp bark of laughter, stepping back a little, but not far as Yunho’s arms are now around him, not letting him go.

“Are you sure you’re turning twenty-four and not four?”

“I’ll be anything you want me to be.”

“Will you be mine?”

“I’m already yours.”

“I know…” Jaejoong’s voice is tinged with marvel as he stares at the small handsome face smiling at him. How did he get so lucky? Does he really deserve him?

As if able to read his thoughts, Yunho speaks up.

“Remember what I said? You’re perfect for me. Not to me. We’re perfect for each other in all our imperfections.”

“And now I think you’re 44 instead of 24.”

Yunho laughs, leaning forward to kiss Jae’s nose, causing the older man to wrinkle it cutely.

“You’re a silly old goat.”

“I thought I was the horny old goat?”

Yunho coughs, clearing his throat as a rather rated visual that just flitted across his mind. “Uh, if we want to finish dinner, we better not say anything like that.”

Jaejoong arches an eyebrow, smiling coyly. “But I thought I’m your dinner and you’re my dessert?”


The singer starts to laugh, stepping back and looking over his shoulder to make sure he’s not sitting on boxes or bowls, tugging Yunho’s arms from around him as he moves back to sit.

“Come on, then. Finish up and we’re going home.”


“Yes. I want to scare my parents for being sneaky little shits. I’m sure they knew who you were, especially since the weekend. I think it’ll be fun to toy with them for a wee bit.”

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re a little shit, too.”


They spend the next hour exchanging stories about their family and friends, and by the end of dinner, they both have a reasonably clear idea of what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks or so. It’s annoying to be the main players in this whole thing but the last to know anything, but both agree that it actually worked out for the best.

Though somehow, Yunho conveniently forgets to ask about Seunghyun.

They are in Yunho’s car now, driving to Coach Kim’s home when Jaejoong tells the younger man to stop.


“Remember? I want to mess with my parents. It’s a little hard to mess with them if I turn up in your car.”

“So what are we doing?”

“I’m going to go home in a huff, and pretend I’m angry and storm up to my room. Trust me, I’m very good at pretending I’m mad.”

“I don’t disbelieve that.”


“Not touching that.”

“Oh really?”

“Unless you want me to turn up at your door with a raging boner we are stopping this right now.”

“You mean you’re not hard yet? I sure do suck.” Jaejoong purrs, breaking into laughter when Yunho slams on the breaks.

“You’ll be the death of me.”

“Well, I have played death, and I’ve been told I make a good vampire. I’m sure we can work something out. I’m very good at sucking.”


Jaejoong laughingly waves his hands as Yunho does look a little distraught. “Ok, ok, I’ll stop. But you have to know that you really make it way too fucking easy.”

And then a smirk breaks across Yunho’s formerly turned down mouth. “And how do you know I’m not easy on purpose?”

“Now who’s the ass?”

“You are.”

They both start laughing again, only silenced when Yunho wraps a large hand around the nape of Jaejoong’s neck to pull him in for a languid kiss.

When they finally break apart, Jaejoong is breathless and smiling.

“You do know that if I turn up at home with rosy, thoroughly kissed lips, that it’s not really going to help our deception?”

“Alright, alright,” Yunho grumbles good-naturedly. “What are we doing again?”

“Each other?”


“Ok, fine! Party pooper. Anyway, I’ll storm home and then you can turn up five minutes later looking morose or something. They know I’m meeting you at the stadium since my dad dropped me off so you turning up so quickly after me shouldn’t be too suspicious.”

“And then what?”

“And then you’ll see.”

“What? What kind of prank is this if I don’t know what’s going on?”

“It’ll be fine. Just be really unhappy and morose. See you in five minutes or so.” And with a quick kiss, Jaejoong exits the are, dashing across the small field to get to his parents’ home on the other side.

Yunho watches as he fades away into the distance, not driving away till he sees the man enter the house, before he starts to drive around the block for five minutes before heading to Coach Kim’s.


Coach Kim and Mrs Kim are shocked from their television drama when the front door bounces open, slamming against the door stopper loudly. They both sit up, looking at each other anxiously, as they hear the door slam loudly, and angry footsteps coming towards them.

Jaejoong comes round the corner, mouth turned down, shrugging off his jacket angrily as he throws himself onto one of the armchairs.

Coach Kim and Mrs Kim exchange anxious looks before turning back towards their visibly unhappy son, red-faced, breathing hard as if he’s just run a mile.

“Um…what’s happened?” Coach Kim asks carefully.

Jaejoong sends a baleful glare his father’s way, huffing as he stands.

“Remind me never to date again. I’m done with dating.” And with that, he turns, storming up the stairs to his bedroom, cringing because really, his acting is so bad it’s not funny. He’s too busy trying not to laugh that he had no idea what to say. He didn’t want to lie though, and so he said what he did. Yunho and him are not dating. They’re just together.

They just are.

He slams his bedroom door just for good measure, before collapsing on his bed and laughing into his pillow. He is giddy. Just totally and completely giddy.

Coach Kim and Mrs Kim stare at the stairs where their son had just disappeared up. They sit in silence, both feeling desolate, when the doorbell rings. They exchange looks, and both get up to answer the door.

An upset Yunho greets them, and Mrs Kim especially has to fight to stop her tears of disappointment from showing.

“What’s the matter?”

“Can I come in?”


Yunho walks in and heads straight to the kitchen, going to the fridge to grab a bottle of beer. He cracks it open and chugs the entire contents without pause, much to the shock of Coach Kim and his wife. He drops the bottle with a loud bang on the table, burping loudly, before turning to the stunned couple, and apologising.

“I’m sorry. I’ve had one hell of a night. I don’t think I’ve ever had another night like this in my entire life. I need to sit and reflect.”

And with that, he moves to the breakfast table, pulling out a chair and dropping heavily into it. He bends over, dropping his head onto the table top, groaning loudly as if in distress. His back is to the kitchen door where Coach Kim and Mrs Kim are still standing gaping.

Mrs Kim moves first, going straight to the stove to dish out some soup from the pot Jaejoong had made earlier, sticking it in the microwave to heat for Yunho.

Yunho keeps his head down, trying not bang it on the tabletop because he feels just a little guilty. Jaejoong is the brat, not him. Such is the life of an only child who also happens to be a rockstar who gets his way a tad too much it seems.

He hears the chairs opposite him being dragged and Mrs Kim’s soft, motherly voice speaking to him.

“Here. I heated some soup for you. It’ll make you feel better.”

He straightens up then, watching the older couple carefully, seeing that they’re looking a little strained. He bloody hopes Jae knows what he’s doing. He accepts the bowl of soup gratefully, and starts to eat.

The soup really is fucking good.

Halfway through, he hears the kitchen door open but he doesn’t turn. He chances a glance up at his coach and his wife, and the sheer horror on their face is a little comical and he chokes on his soup. He leans back, pushing his chair away from the table, watching as the older couple’s eyes get bigger and rounder. How did he not notice that Mrs Kim’s eyes and mouth are pretty much identical to Hero Jaejoong’s?

He can sense Jae is close, and he pushes his chair back a little more, just in time too as he suddenly finds himself with a lapful of snuggly rockstar in a hoodie and skinny jeans. Jae has apparently taken the time to shower because he smells fresh and wet. Yunho cannot help himself as he ducks his nose into the crook of the older man’s neck and inhaling, before licking at the droplets still clinging to him, making Jae giggle.

Coach Kim and Mrs Kim are gaping. Gaping. They cannot close their mouths if their lives depended on it.

Jaejoong looks over at his parents and well, if poleaxed needed a photo in the dictionary to illustrate the word, his parents’ faces would be absolutely perfect.

“Mum, Dad, I’m going out. Don’t wait up cos I’m probably not coming home.”

Yunho pauses his casual licking at the words, drawing back and looking up at the older man.

“You’re not?”

“We have a new house to christen.”

“We do?”

“It has five bedrooms…”

And all the blood in Yunho’s body appears to have gone south, as he swallows hard. He nudges Jae, manhandling him till he is seated astride his lap instead of sideways, and then he stands, making the older man laugh at the sudden movement, his legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

He turns to look down at the still gaping older couple, a wry smile on his face.

“Thanks for the soup, Mrs Kim. I’ll see you at the airport tomorrow morning, Coach.”

And with that he strides out the door, with a rockstar pretending to be a koala around him, both of them chuckling the entire way as they leave the house, completely wrapped up in each other.

AN1: Lol, I’m sure most of you notice that I tend to go very fast in my fics… it’s because I’m a fast kind of girl lol. I’m all about immediate gratification XD I know not everyone has the same experiences I do, but I write from my own personal experience and I know it is plausible. They know more about each other at this point in the story, than my husband and I did about each other when we got married :P

AN2: Is this considered cockblocking? LMAO. As Jae would say… Calm down, baby ;-)

Tags: fic:ice, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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