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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Ice [10]
Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, mild angst
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: You guys, I wanted to kill people. The fucking venue had THREE toilets. THREE toilets for over 200 people. Do you have any idea how fucking ridiculous that is? I had to bloody call the Portaloo company because NOBODY thought about it ugh and had to order like five more toilets. Good grief… If any toilet humour spills into this, you’ll know why :-/

AN2: This banner was done by taigrin 

IceCollapse )

Of course it counts! An update! On Saturday! Thank you!
I really like how Yunho go through with his family & Jaejoong. But now curious bout what Jihye have to say. And god damn when will they talk about Seunghyun! LOL.

VERY surprised!!
omg, you really love us, don't you?
and we love you so so so much more!!

soooooo hillarious,,, I love the Jung Family XDD

love this.. u are awesome and tq for the update in the weekend..

I love Bird ;A;
Gah <3
Thank you for the update!
I was surprised <: Happy~ Yunho and Jaejoong are just so sweet together orz <3

omg! i thought youll be busy this weekend? i love you nicki!

the blue fucking room is so funny and meeting the jungs, they are so adorbs! and i got curious on what.may jihye gonna say to their parents…
wow the ending is a total cliffhangercockblockingsmut but im not complaining dear, take your time and.goodluck on the event!

whoooaaaa thank u.. ^^
u've surprised me w/ this.. perfect for my weekend.. =)

I love Jung family.. they're so warm welcoming Jae..
and I love yunho's bedroom in his apartment.. *wink wink*

oh my gawd i really didn't expect this update! i thought we had to wait til tuesday, so imagine my screams of joy when i saw you updated .-.
after every chapter i try to put in words how much i love it and what i love most about it, but all that i ever get out of my brain is asdfghjk
i'm hoping i'll be able to put it in words after the final chapter.

it was a really sweet surprise on saturday night :) . even in your conference you still made it. oh well i do expect that smut but hey ... i love this more. i just wanna know what will jihye say to her parents about seunghyun. as for the smut let your muse grows wild
:D but not to much since yun has his match tomorrow keekekeke oh well i wanna know the boys'reaction if jae watch the game hahahaha and ehmm the lovely mark XD .... i love this sentence about trust and yesterdays about perfect. would you allow me use this for printing in a bag or something? and i plan to sell the bag. it's ok if you are not allow me then i won't use it. :) thank you so much.

thank you for the fast update^^ they do complement each other..^^ i love how yun's parents aren't judgmental..now i'm awfully curious regarding seunghyun...

Counted! definitely counted.

The Jung scenes were absolutely adorable! lol! bananas in pajamas. XD

Btw, super thank you for the update, it so made my day after a sleepless night and a whole day of masters class. Reading this while listening to the TVXQ Catch Me in HK concert is heaven. <3 <3 <3

P.S. bring on the songs. I still can't get over with connect the dots, though! ^^

AN UPDATE OMG ILY♥ Awww Glad that Mrs Jung managed to get Jae to open(?) up to her :') Its really heartwarming seeing them all teasing Yunho although they just met Jaejoong (With the exception of Jihye) Thank you for all the awesome chapters you share with us! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

this is such a surprise..
my yunjae feels.. i really love how you portrayed them here!!!!!!
and woah yunho has a game, if jae will go..lol. can't wait for the reactions of geng,min,su,chun,kangin.:)
thanks for the update!:)

I haven't read it yet but thank you. Omg!

oh shit. I commented on the wrong spot & then deleted that comment like a noob- so here goes comment#2

i want to glomp mrs. jung!! for someone who is wary of strangers, her welcome into the family is like a godsend~ no doubt jae felt right at home..

i want to glomp jihye too.. she is such a fucking brat- i LOLed so hard at "oppa 2 is as hot as fuck..." AND the yaoi references.. ♥♥♥♥♥

i love the songs btw. didnt realise the significance of this one- but Love in the Ice and Connect the Dots have become my jam..

thank you! and see you later ^_^