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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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It feels like everyone and their grandmother are trying to add me on Twitter. When I got home from the convention on Saturday night, I had 36 follower requests. THIRTY-SIX. That's just crazy. I don't recognise anyone, so if you really want to be added or whatever, please leave me a comment here and tell me what your twitter name is and why I should add you.

I'm not being picky. I have a locked account for a reason. If you only want to follow me because of my fics, then I suggest you just follow my tumblr account - beeswaxing.tumblr.com

My twitter account really isn't that exciting lol.

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/what are you saying your twitter account is plenty exciting
/reason we're...friends! \o/
/awkwardly commenting on a post I shouldn't comment on ^.^
hello sorry i've been mia for so freaking long the quarters started up again and UGH SO MUCH STUFF TO WRITE AND SO LITTLE TIME V__V
I PROMISE THOUGH i will start writing my spazz essays on ICE (behind...100 other people O.O) and yes...i shall spazz all over the place and be awkward but it's okay. ^.^
okay it's almost 3am I should go to bed.
But yeah, Hi. and I'm sorry ;A;

No, it's not! Lol! It really isn't. I don't find it exciting. I just RT interesting people whose accounts are all unlocked anyway.

I know how you feel re so much stuff and so little time ugh... I'm exhausted as hell after this nightmare weekend. And now I have to pack because we move out of our home on Friday. FUN TIMES.


Oh god... what even is this TT__________TT

LOL I followed u on twitter coz u're one of my fave author.. ^^
and ur tweets are sooo exciting for meee.. ^^
i'm not stalk u on twitter but when ur name appear on my twitter's home somehow that's just refreshing.. ^^
i'm also like having an overseas friend.. =)

P.S : sorry for my fail grammar.. my english isn't that good soooo.. hope u'll understand.. ^^

oh no! *run,adding your hubby nicki* XD

ahaha i do follow you. but i don't mind if you don't follow me. :) i'm happy though you dont lock your lj acc and it's enough hehehe


I think everyone stalks you on twitter so that they can get some reaction from you about your fics ^^

I find it amusing reading your conversations and posts about people's comments of your fics.

Also, I get heads up when you have posted ^^Y

You don't have add me back on twitter.
I tweet randomly and most of the time I am backtracking at least 15 hours.

perhaps it is not a good idea to advertise your twitter account.

I think I have added u to my tumblr account but I hardly ever ever go there. ^^;;;;

Wait, am I suppose to give you my twitter account? I think you added me as I can see your tweets but I don't see you on my follower list. LOL

Edited at 2013-01-21 02:45 pm (UTC)

That depends on what you mean by exiting... You really are quite hilerious to follow, and we don't even share fandoms much! X-D

I actually just attempted to follow you again. So i am not one of the 36. but may be 37th ~
i swear I followed you once before, and even had short twitter convo's with you (when you went on road trip), but then i think you went private on twitter and i lost ya :(

It's me~ Mimi~ (play on Mario... /dodges dork brick/

Every now and then, i throw up comments about fics i've read (and reread) and like to share the great ones i've read with others to read as well. If the author's have a twitter, i mention them :) because comments are food for the writing soul, right :) so comments that don't get seen by you is like wasting food!! (ok i'm exaggerating/dramatizing). :)

Hope you add me XD

Hi, I did send a follower request and hadn't realised i was meant to message you beforehand >.<
I just saw 'beeswaxing' pop up on my tlist and i just kinda spazzed, and wanted to follow you...I have been reading your fics for like ages....way before you started with sleeping beauty...I think it was when you posted the first trophy wife one-shot..anyways you always mention how twitter is somehow involved in your writing and i am intrigued...you are one of my FAVOURITE authors and yeah now i am just rambling like an idiot -_-

Sorry! Hopefully this was good enough message? :3

hehee.. my username is msnerdsays. i hope u will approve me cos i really wanna know u :DDDDD n i really hope u will write about ur personal life one fine day...

Twitter unfollowed you again...
I don't get it. But i put in another request.
PS: I am still resisting reading Ice. I have a feeling i won't last much longer...


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