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Ice [11b]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: Just picture that gif in your head as you read this… and then some OTL

AN2: This banner was done by atriums 

Jaejoong opens both eyes, tilting his head up to look at Yunho, not even acknowledging the jewelry box. “I thought we agreed?”

“We did, and I know what you said. I just saw it and thought of you, and that’s kinda how I buy presents. I don’t go looking for them, but if I see something that makes me think of someone, I know it will be an ideal present.”

“Ideal huh?”

“Guess I shouldn’t have said that. Now there’s pressure.”

Jaejoong pulls himself up, still tucked into Yunho’s side as he picks up the jewelry box. “I can’t decide if I’m happy or disappointed that this box isn’t smaller.” When the younger man laughs, is when Jaejoong realises that he said it out loud and he shakes his head ruefully, colouring slightly, and thankful that the lamp is on Yunho’s side and therefore he is sitting in the shadows. “What have you done to me? I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”

Yunho grins, his heart soaring at the words as he nudges the older man. “Open it.”

Jaejoong does, and he gasps at the sight, picking up the accessory, holding it up in the light.

“It’s a rosary necklace. I thought it would look good on you.”

Jaejoong wastes no time in dropping the necklace over his head, leaning back away from Yunho, sitting on his heels, as he models his new accessory.

“How do I look?”

Yunho swallows hard. Very hard. Hard. He is hard. Fuck. He watches the cross on the necklace swaying, the onyx beads stark against the pale skin of his boyfriend. He looks up, and Jae is looking at him oh so innocently, his dark hair still slightly damp and very tousled and he almost forgets why the fuck they’re not connecting dots that night.

“Fuck…” he breathes out, and he gets an absolutely wicked smirk in response.

Jaejoong turns to look at the clock, and notes it is just a few seconds after midnight. He grins, loving the feel of the necklace against his skin, and loving even more the fiery heat in Yunho’s eyes as he stares at him. He raises himself up on his knees, leaning forward, making the necklace sway, and he can see Yunho’s eyes trailing down his torso, following the movement of the cross. He crowds the younger man in, pressing himself forward, bracing himself on the younger man’s shoulders but not letting their bodies touch, the necklace dangling between them. He drags lips along the curve of Yunho’s ear, kissing the ripped piercing holes, breathing into his ear.

“Happy birthday, baby.”

Jaejoong leans back, extremely pleased with himself when he feels the shudder going through Yunho’s body, and he leans back, arching his pelvis forward, his cock is full and turgid and bobbing in the shadows, the piercing within it winking every time it catches the light. Jaejoong feels almost drunk, as he stretches backwards, the necklace swaying to catch onto his piercing, and the moan that is torn from his throat is loud, when he feels a hot mouth close over it.

Yunho can’t help himself. He really did try. He truly did. But Jaejoong is sin. He is made for sin. He was right, the gift is absolutely perfect for the man. The darkness against the light of his skin, the way the cross skims his abdominals, tantalising, teasing, pointing at the belly piercing, which in turn leads to even more delightful things. He has to taste the man, taste him before he dies from want.

Jaejoong is pushed back further, but like Yunho, he is more than flexible, as he leans back, unfolding his legs from underneath him, as Yunho’s mouth follows him down, not letting go at all, his tongue flicking and teasing the piercing, alternating with teasing pulls with his lips and teeth that tears a groan from deep within his chest every time the younger man does it. His head is at the foot of the bed, as Yunho stretches out next to him, laving his chest adoringly, moving on from the pierced nipple to its unadorned twin which is equally hard.

He cards his hand through the thick hair, holding the hockey player to him, moaning and writhing underneath him, legs moving restlessly on the bed, wanting more needing more.

And it is as if Yunho can hear him, his lips leaving the rosy nipple, wet mouth dragging down his body, over the ridges of his belly. He mouths the cross, pushing it against his skin, and he can feel the metal dig into him as Yunho’s hot mouth licks around it.

And then it is gone, and Jaejoong feels the loss, but it is temporary, as he feels the playful tug against his belly button. He lifts his head up, eyes cloudy and hazy with lust, and he sees the dark head by his hip, Yunho’s hand is flicking at his piercing, a naughty smile curving that beautiful mouth. Jaejoong is making needy whimpering sounds, knowing that his starved body cannot bear it if Yunho stopped, but then how far can they go?

The younger man seems to have a plan though, as he ducks his head, kissing down the line of Jaejoong’s sharp pelvic bone, nipping the thin skin stretched tight across the bone, before he gets to his favourite spot, kissing and licking. He latches his mouth over the soft bit of skin, and he sucks hard, licking even as he does so.

Jaejoong feels the pain, the suction of Yunho’s mouth is strong over the soft skin, and he knows he will be bruised, but he wants the younger man to mark him. To mark him as his. His brief moan of pain turns into pleasure, but just as he is getting into it, Yunho’s mouth leaves his body again.

He lifts himself up onto his elbows, glaring down at the smirking younger man, back in rock god status.

“Why the fuck did you stop?”

“Patience, Jae.”

“Fuck patience, baby, come up here.” Jaejoong’s voice is demanding, as his body screams for more, craving a deeper touch, needing release.

“Are you sure you want me up there?” Yunho’s smile is coy as he rubs his cheek against Jaejoong’s hard length, resisting the urge to snuggle against it. The piercing is driving him crazy and he wants to taste it. Well, why the fuck is he waiting? He dips his head, licking his way slowly up the velvet steel length, loving the musky smell and taste of the older man, before his mouth closes over the head, tongue teasing the underside of the piercing, swirling around it, making it pull, causing Jaejoong to almost come off the bed.

Yunho’s tongue is the stuff of nightmares…or dreams. Dreams. Fantasies. Jaejoong can barely form a coherent thought as the tugs on his apadravya send lightning bolts of electricity shooting through him. He is way too close to the edge. Way too close, and they’ve barely done anything. If Yunho doesn’t stop, he is going to make a complete fool of himself, coming in what? Five minutes? The man is turning him into a whimpering virgin.

He fists both hands in his hair, tugging roughly, moaning in tandem with Yunho when the man moans in pain around his cock. God, this isn’t working at all. He tugs harder, but instead of pulling Yunho off, the younger man swallows him down even more, till his piercing is rubbing against the back of his throat, and then he moans loudly, the vibrations around his cock making his toes curl, and his tugging becomes even more insistent.

“Yunho…Yunho fuck. Fuck you, get up here. No connecting fucking dots remember? Get the fuck up here!” He tugs harder, practically yanking the man off his cock, and he manages to do so, groaning when he sees the trail of saliva and precum dripping from Yunho’s bottom lip to the tip of his moist cock. The younger man is pouting something fierce, and Jaejoong has to resist the urge to laugh. “Such a pretty baby. Your mouth is so red, come up here you naughty man.”

Yunho complies, though not willingly, and he punishes Jaejoong for taking him away from his pleasure by licking his way up his body, dragging heavily over every bit of skin he can find. Licking and blowing on the wet trail as he makes his way up, making the man shiver, his body alive with sensations. He crawls slowly over the man, parting the milky white thighs of the rock star to settle between them, their cocks frotting in greeting, before he moans just as he meets Jaejoong’s mouth, because the older man’s piercing is rubbing against the sensitive head of his cock.

Jaejoong smirks against Yunho’s pliant mouth, so wet and rosy from his efforts up his body, and he sucks that full bottom lip into his mouth, cushioning it between his pouty lips, before biting down hard as he cants his hips upwards, rubbing against Yunho, trying to get more friction. He is rewarded by a deep groan as Yunho drops his hand to grip his hip tightly. Painfully. Does the man know his own strength? Jaejoong doesn’t give a fuck, enjoying the pain as he licks and nibbles on that plush mouth, his own hand fisting the back of Yunho’s head once again, opening his mouth as Yunho rocks against him, rubbing their cocks together hard and fast even as he plunders and ravishes his mouth.

The kiss is savage, teeth clicking, piercing sucked and licked so roughly, Jaejoong is crosseyed with pain and lust as Yunho tries his best to devour him. The man is larger than he is, and pressing him insistently into the bed, their hips rutting against each other, trying to get as much friction as possible. But Jaejoong still wants more.

He parts his thighs even more, wrapping his legs briefly around Yunho, stroking his ass with the arch of his foot, pushing and pulling the man deeper against him, swallowing Yunho’s moans, before dropping his legs, planting his feet firmly on the mattress. He rips his mouth from Yunho’s gasping for breath, his head swimming in need, as the rosary necklace tugs painfully around his neck, caught between their bodies. He is afraid it will snap, and he pinches Yunho’s pierced nipple hard to get the younger man’s attention.

“Need you to fuck me.”

Yunho drops his head, breathing harshly against Jaejoong’s throat, as he lifts his body up, hovering over him, ignoring the angry whine from the older man at the loss of contact.

“You know I can’t. No connecting fucking dots tonight.”

“Hands. Your hands. Remember? Will you be mine tonight?”

“Always yours.”

Jaejoong steadies his breathing enough, to be able to sing, his voice trembling a little, but it is strong. He needs Yunho. He wants the man to remember.

“Don't you just love… the feeling of my fingertips… circling your lips.”

Yunho mouth twists into a beautiful smirk as he hears Jaejoong’s breathy voice washing over him, branding him with the words.

“Do you want my fingers there, Jae? Circling…”


“I like the way you say my name…”

“Brat,” Jaejoong moans, shaking, his doe eyes huge and filled with love and lust as he watches the younger man lift his head, staring down at him, mouth curling up to one side, and he licks his own lips in anticipation, watching as that perfect cupid bow parts to breathe out the word that is his undoing.


In a flash, Jaejoong has flipped them over, Yunho flat on his back, as he stares darkly down at the stunned younger man. His smile is feral, licking his lips, the chain around his neck swaying, the cross dancing across Yunho’s body as he rocks backwards, nestling Yunho’s cock in the cleft of his ass.


Jaejoong pulls Yunho’s hands from around his waist, lifting them up over his head and pinning them to the bed as he bends down, licking at the younger man’s mouth. He doesn’t stop there though, licking down, and latching against his throat, feeling the throb of his pulse under his tongue as he bites, sucking hard, marking him as his.

Yunho tries to free himself, but is more than surprised at the show of strength from the older man as Jaejoong shoves him back, putting his weight behind the hands holding his wrists captive and pinned to the bed, dark eyes practically glowing in the light, looking so sinfully beautiful. His only adornment, the black rosary necklace, is the perfect accompaniment to the wicked glint in the older man’s eyes.

“Jae…no dots.”

“Fuck the dots.”

He nuzzles down the younger man’s face, along his furrowed brow, over his cheekbones, stroking and caressing the tip of his nose along Yunho’s skin. Yunho’s puffs of breath are fanning his face, and he just wants to inhale more of the man. He rocks his hips backwards again, lifting them so Yunho’s cock can fall forwards, underneath him, and he sits, drawing back slightly and watching in amusement as Yunho’s eyes roll up.

“Touch me,” he breathes against his mouth, as he drops his hands, freeing Yunho, and the younger man wastes no time in gripping his waist tightly, jerking his hips upwards, trying to increase the friction on his cock, even as Jaejoong sits up.

“Jae…Jae you’re going to have to be the responsible one here. I just want to plunge into you.” Yunho’s eyes are large and helpless, staring up at the singer straddling him with a devilish smile playing about his lips. This is not Kim Jaejoong, this is Hero Jaejoong, and Yunho is really close to losing it. The dark tousled hair with the deep red highlights flash in the light, Jaejoong’s lips are wet, as he grips his tongue piercing between his lips, rolling it between his teeth as he stares back at him with those deep, dark, bottomless doe eyes and Yunho feels like he is looking into his very soul. He sees darkness, but there is also light. Those eyes appear cat-like, and Yunho realises that the gorgeous man has lined his eyes. How he did not notice till now he will never know. The sloe eyed beauty riding him is a seducer of the highest order.

A siren’s smile, because it can be nothing else, the way it draws him in, and he is utterly powerless to resist, Yunho’s breathing quickens as Jaejoong leans forward, hovering over him, flicking his tongue out, as if tasting, dancing upon his lips but quickly darting away as Yunho rears up, trying to get a proper taste. Teasing, the man is a tease.

Jaejoong grabs one of Yunho’s hands from his hips, bringing it up to his mouth, licking at the fingertips, kissing each finger before he slowly slips the middle finger into his mouth, tongue swirling around the digit. He can feel Yunho’s grip on his waist tighten yet again and he starts to rock atop the man’s cock lying flat against his belly. The hardness dragging across his balls is making him insane, but he wants Yunho to go mad first.

He bites down hard on the rough pad in his mouth, and Yunho jerks in response, eyes widening slightly.

He thoroughly wets his finger, popping a second into his mouth too just for the hell of it. He knows he can probably take two fingers without proper lube, and Yunho’s fingers are slimmer than his own. Beautiful really.

Jaejoong spits on Yunho’s fingers one last time, making sure they’re thoroughly wet, before he pulls them out, leaning over, lifting his ass up brushing his wet lips across the younger man’s.

“Fuck me,” he whispers darkly.

Yunho needs no further coaxing, hand slipping between their bodies, his oversensitive skin feeling the caress of each pass of the cross like it is a hot, hot brand. He finds Jaejoong’s clenching entrance easily, slipping past his balls, fondling them lightly with his thumb and forefinger, marveling at how smooth they are. He reaches up with his other hand, pulling the older man down for an open mouthed kiss as the tip of his middle finger breaches that tight ring of muscle, swallowing his moans, kissing them and replying in kind, as he works his long middle finger into the tight passage. Jaejoong’s body is so tight and incredibly warm, and Yunho curls his finger, rotating it slightly till it brushes that spot, and he gets a gasp against his mouth for his accuracy.

He tightens his hold around the back of Jaejoong’s neck, deepening the kiss as he moves his finger in and out of that sweet entrance, coaxing the opening to widen a little, to take his second finger. As he tries, Jaejoong whimpers into his mouth, arms shaking, barely able to keep himself upright.

Jaejoong wrenches his mouth from Yunho’s placing a shaky hand on his chest as he pushes himself gingerly upright. He can feel Yunho’s fingers buried deep in his body and it hurts, just like the other day, but the man is gentle, even as he pushes in and out, both fingers curling and stroking at that spot within him that makes his entire body tremble with need. He makes to move off Yunho’s lap, and the man tries to stop him, but he doesn’t have enough leverage, and Jaejoong manages to move so that he is now kneeling by the side. He grabs Yunho’s neglected cock just as the younger man grabs his, and they both moan in tandem, their hands working over each other’s hot length.

He desperately wants to taste the younger man, but he knows Yunho won’t let him, so he won’t even try. His fist tightens over the substantial length of the other man, and his eyes glaze over, staring at it, imagining it entering his body. He doesn’t have too much of a problem picturing it because Yunho’s large hands are definitely a positive affirmation of that myth about cocks and hands, and he can feel every fucking inch of those long slim fingers filling his tight body. A body that hasn’t been fucked in a very long time.

Jaejoong rarely bottoms even though he may look like one, all beautiful and feminine, and he actually normally tops, but for Yunho, he will be whatever the fuck the younger man wants him to be.

He is shaken from his thoughts when he feels Yunho’s thumb flicking across the piercing in his cock, his other hand not faltering in the slightest as it plunges into his hot, practically virginal body, it’s been so long he might as well be one, slipping and hitting his prostate at every single pass.

“Are you ambi…ambi…” Jaejoong gasps, unable to get the word out. His breath is coming in quick pants and he can see the smug look in the younger man’s eyes.

“Ambidextrous? Yes, baby.”

The man is fucking talented with his fingers, and Jaejoong rocks his hips with his hands, reaching down between his legs to hold onto Yunho’s wrist, holding it still so he can fuck himself on it, impale himself. He wants another finger, but without lube, he feels it might be one finger too many, and he’s much too close to want to worry about lube. Yunho’s length is so thick and firm, and the way the man’s body is stiffening, he knows he isn’t far off either, and he works his hand faster, pumping, flicking his palm up over the head and dragging it back down, wrist twisting on each upward motion as Yunho’s hips start to move too, pumping into his hand.

Yunho’s grip tightens over Jaejoong’s slick length, his mouth is parted, eyes hazy with lust as he stares at the beautiful cock in his hands. He watches in fascination as more and more clear liquid spill out from the slit, and he thumbs it roughly, feeling the older man twitch, but he doesn’t falter even as Jaejoong grips his wrist painfully, the awkward position is starting to make his fingers ache, but he doesn’t care. He knows the man is close, and he curls his fingers, even as Jaejoong rides his hand.

He twists his hand, flicking his thumb across the piercing again, mouth twitching when Jaejoong’s moans deepen into growls. He glances up, and the hot eyes devouring him, releases his inhibitions, as he starts to speak.

“You like that don’t you? You like your piercing being played with. Rubbing against something. I bet you want to rub it against me…inside me…tell me Jae… do you want to fuck me?”

“Y-y-yes. Fuck. I don’t know. Your cock… I want you in me, but I want to be in you too. Fuck you, what are you doing to me?”

Yunho flicks against the piercing again harshly, making the beautiful man arch, thrusting his cock forward even more. His own release is close but he wants Jaejoong to come first.

“Imagine you’re fucking me. That piercing dragging inside my tight body. So tight, just for you, Jae. I almost never bottom, but I want to feel that fucking piercing in me. Punishing me… punishing that spot within me with every drag. Like this.” And he curls his fingers again stabbing and scratching at Jaejoong’s prostate, and the man screams, coming suddenly and violently, the hot spurts hitting Yunho in the belly and chest, as he comes hard.

Jaejoong body clenches so tightly around Yunho’s fingers he can’t even move them, and in his orgasm, Jaejoong’s hand continues to squeeze and tug at his own cock, no finesse, no rhythm, but he is so close anyway. He stares up at the older man’s beautiful face, eyes clenched shut and mouth parted, his hips canting up into Jaejoong’s still tight grip. He watches as Jae opens his eyes, looking down at him, eyes blazing with satiation, a deep throaty whisper falling from his lips.

“I want you to fuck me so hard, I can’t walk. Can’t walk baby. Imagine watching your cock disappearing into my body,” Jaejoong’s voice is low, as he starts to pump again as his own body shudders, coming down from his high. He can see his fluids painting the younger man’s abdomen, and he wants to lick him clean. “I want to lick every inch of you, swallow that lengthy cock down, I want you to fuck my mouth till tears roll down my cheeks, and I’m going to love every second of it. Every fucking second.”

His hand works faster, flicking and thumbing the slit hard, wanting to lean over and bathe his own face in cum.

“Come for me…”

Jaejoong pulls Yunho’s fingers from his body, his knees are shaky and wobbly, but he bends over, bracing himself as he bends over, nuzzling into Yunho’s balls, licking and sucking the soft sacs gently, while his hand still works furiously over his length.

“Come for me…”

And he sucks a delicate sac into his mouth, just as Yunho shudders over him, grunting as his orgasm washes over him, spurting cum all over his own body.

Jaejoong lets him ride out his orgasm, sucking and licking, nipping his inner thigh, even leaving a mark as Yunho, cards a shaky hand through his hair, tugging him up.

He lets go of that nice patch of skin, all rosy and red on Yunho’s inner thigh, as he slowly crawls his way back up the younger man’s body, rosary necklace swaying tantalizingly the whole way up, before he settles himself against the man’s side, face buried in his throat as he licks the sweat along his neck.

Jaejoong is sated, and sleepy, but he cannot stop licking the younger man, lazy kitten licks along his throat, as he curls into him. Their bodies are sticky with cum, but neither care. Well, Yunho’s body more than his own, and he can feel the cool onyx against his skin, tumbling against it as he shifts. He moves to pull it off, hearing Yunho murmur when he does so.

“You are not very good at being responsible. That was a zig zag connection of dots.”

Jaejoong smiles, blindly dropping the rosary necklace onto the bedside table, hearing it land safely before he turns and nuzzles himself completely under Yunho’s chin, mouth still working, languidly licking whatever skin he can find. He cannot taste the man yet, but he can most certainly taste whatever he can get.


“My name sounds absolutely delicious coming from your mouth.”

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were ready to go again.”

Jaejoong smiles as he licks his way back up that strong throat and scratchy jaw, before he meets dark almond eyes, shining with love and twinkling with amusement. He pouts, jutting his bottom lip out, before slipping his tongue between his pillowy lips, still tasting the musk of Yunho’s skin on them, and it makes him incredibly happy.

“I can definitely go again, but you have a game later today baby.”

Yunho pulls up the sheets, rubbing his sticky chest and belly with a corner, before tossing it aside and pulling Jaejoong closer, almost on top of him. Jaejoong is back to being tucked under his chin, thigh thrown across his torso, and he hauls the man up more, on top of him. The older man lifts up his head curiously, gazing down, even as he rotates his hips gently on top of him.

“Do you really want to go again?”

Yunho pushes Jaejoong’s sweaty fringe from his forehead with a finger, stroking and caressing the man’s forehead, moving his hands to his head and massaging gently when the singer moans happily in response, dropping his head, lazily mouthing his piercing as Yunho continues his ministrations to his head.

“Yes, but that’s not why I pulled you on top of me. You’re too far off to the side.”


“What have you done to me?”

“Same thing you did to me.”

“Speaking of the game…”

“…Do you want me to come?”

“You already came,” Yunho smirks, unable to resist, getting a more determined tug to his nipple that makes him yelp in response.


“You really don’t wanna go there, Jae.”

“I like living dangerously.”

“Clearly,” Yunho squeezes the older man, feeling a rush of affection for him, before he continues. “I’d love for you to attend my game. Though I don’t know if this is the best game for it to be your first. Nippon Cranes are fucking brutal on the ice.”

“What do you mean?”

“There is always blood on the ice when we play them. Whether theirs or ours. Its inevitable. There is always blood, and I don’t know how you’d react.”

“As long as the blood isn’t yours, I don’t give a fuck.”

Yunho makes a tsking sound, pressing a kiss to the top of Jaejoong’s head. “And what if it’s mine?”

“Then I’ll make them bleed.”

“You can’t do that, baby.”

“Watch me.”

Yunho shakes his head ruefully, choosing not to argue with the rockstar. He knows that tone.

“So how are we going to do this? We’re taking the 10am flight again and we’re supposed to meet in the VIP lounge by 9am at the latest. Are you going to take that flight?” Yunho pauses, shaking his head. “No, that’s a dumb question. That’s the only flight you can take if you want to make the game.”

“Can I borrow your phone?”

“Do you have to move?”

“I can make a phone call from your chest, silly man.”

Yunho reaches for the phone by the bedside table, handing it silently to Jaejoong. The man makes his phone call, despite the late hour, the airline has a 24 hour service and well, Kim Jaejoong turns into Hero Jaejoong on the phone, amusing Yunho. He skims his fingers up the singer’s side, playing a tune, pretending his ribs are the piano keys, but the older man’s squirming causes the idea to backfire on him when his cock starts to perk up interestedly at all the movement over it.

When Jaejoong hangs up, he throws the phone off the bed, dragging himself up quickly, and pressing a deep open mouthed kiss to Yunho’s mouth. Sucking on the cheeky younger man’s tongue. Flicking his piercing against his upper palate almost painfully, before he withdraws, lifting his head, his pouting cherry lips are the very picture of decadence.

“You truly are a brat. I’m sure the stupid man on the phone thought I was masturbating or something when I accidentally moaned in his ear. He started fucking stuttering.”

“Why masturbating?” Yunho leans up to try and lick at that beautiful mouth, and when denied as Jaejoong ducks his head, he wears his own pout, pushing his bottom lip out, and looking like an adorable spoiled child indeed. “Why not fucking?”

“I suppose that really wouldn’t be too hard to believe huh? Hero Jaejoong calling up Korean Air while being fucked into the bed by his boyfriend.”

“Mmmmm boyfriend huh?”

“Well, you’re certainly not my trophy wife. You’re richer than I am!”

Yunho starts laughing then, holding the older man tight as he turns to the side, and they snuggle, plastering themselves to each other, their hands just idly running up and down each other’s backs as their eyes start to droop. It is late, and they both have an early start.

“So shall we go to the airport together? Do you need to get clothes from Anyang? It’s just an overnight trip. You can borrow my clothes if you want. I have some tight jeans that will probably fit you that don’t fit me anymore, though you’re definitely going to have to wear a belt because your waist is fucking tiny.”

Jaejoong sighs then. His fans are crazy. Insane. He has no idea how they will react to him dating. And dating a man at that. He is sure a lot of them harbour some secret hope that he’s going to fall in love with a fan, thanks to that dumb interview he gave when he was hungover.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

Yunho eyes crack open, seeing Jaejoong’s worried ones, and he ghosts his hands down to the man ass, stroking and kneading gently, smiling when he gets a smile for his efforts.

You’re naughty.”

“I know.”

“How about we go to the airport separately this time and see what happens? I think it’s probably best if we pretend we don’t know each other in public for now.”

Yunho’s heart sinks, and the words spill out before he can stop them, his voice quiet. “I don’t want to be a dirty little secret again…”

Jaejoong grabs Yunho by the jaw, his grip painful as he stares at the upset man, mentally cursing Seunghyun to purgatory. No, purgatory is too good for him. Perhaps he should sic Mrs Jung on him. He has a feeling her ways of dealing with trash like that would beat even his own imagination.

“That is not why I’m doing this ok? I would be more than happy to ride you in the middle of the fucking airport lounge and tell everyone to piss the fuck off. I just need to figure out how to do it. I hate the way my agency spins crap. We are doing this on my terms. And the last thing I will ever want to do is hurt you ok? You know this.”

“I know…” and Jaejoong’s words do help alleviate the pain in his heart, but he still cannot help but feel that perhaps it is he who has been found wanting.

“Baby, look at me.”

Yunho draws his eyes back to Jaejoong’s, seeing the older man looking extremely serious, his gaze is unflinching and piercing, and he has to suppress the pulse that runs through him at the unrelenting gaze of those huge beautiful eyes. This is a man who can make you jump off a bridge if he really wanted you to. He is that compelling.

“I love you. I’ve never said this to anyone. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever said it to my parents. I am going to fight for you, even if it means fighting my fans and company alright? I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m trying to protect you.”

“I know…”

“Do you really?”

“I’m U-Know Yunho,” he tries to joke, but is cut off by a warm mouth to his lips, as Jaejoong kisses him better. When they finally break apart, Yunho speaks, “I can protect you too, you know? It’s not a one way street. If your company gives you issues, my parents can just kick them out of the building.”

Jaejoong laughs, a joyful sound in the bedroom, snuggling even deeper against Yunho, trying to perhaps burrow his way right into the man. He wants to be as close to him as possible, as he smiles.

“No one has ever tried to protect me before. I don’t doubt that you can somehow.”

Yunho’s eyes flutter shut at the words, his mouth working as he drowses.

“How do I live without you?”

“I hope you never have to find out.”

AN1: And you know what? I actually didn’t intend for ANY smut to be in here… but Jaejoong and that necklace just broke my fucking brain and if he broke mine, there’s no way Yunho would be able to resist that… And I wrote this at work btw, in the boardroom, while people blathered on… I even managed to keep a straight face. I’m quite impressed with myself OTL

AN2: Also, no clue when the next chapter will be up because I am busy as fuck this week. We are moving out of our home this Friday and I still have a million things to pack, plus work, and all that jazz and just ugh… It’s a nightmare. So yeah… I will try my damndest to get at least the next chapter out this week somehow, because I’ve already written 3,000+ words of it while at the conference… Yes I wrote ch12 before ch11 lol!

Tags: fic:ice, nc17, pairing:yunjae

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