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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: My Family
Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: My Family
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

AN1: I’ve got a bit of a writer’s block… Ok it’s a massive writer’s block and I’ve been sitting on this drabble for a few weeks so I thought I’d finish it :O

AN2: Un-betaed and i'm posting from the road cos we're on our way to grandparents. Borrowing OH's internet cos my phone is DEAD.

The exercise is a simply one, given to every third grader who goes through the exclusive international private school that the Jungs attend. It is always the final assignment before the winter break, and a favourite assignment in the Jung household. There are currently four pieces of drawing paper with neatly printed writing on them pinned permanently to the notice board in the kitchen.

Choose a member of your family and write a few lines about them.

Jiyool age 9 years 4 months

I found out on my 9th birthday that my Mama is not my real Mama. My real Mama died when I was a baby and I don’t know my real Mama. Is it wrong that I don’t love my real Mama? I love Mama lots and lots and I can share it with my real Mama maybe. Mama loves me very much because Daddy said he wanted to be my Mama even though I didn’t come from him and Daddy. That’s the best kind of Mama because he chose me. And he even gave me another baby brother because I wished for one. I like the number five, and I wanted one more brother and Mama gave me a baby brother and his name is Minnie ball and he’s four years old and he eats A LOT. Mama is the best at cuddles. Even better than Daddy. I love Mama cuddles. My favourite photo of Mama and I is when I was a baby and sleeping inside his hoodie. I remember Mama carrying JJ, Chunnie, Susu and Minnie like that but I like that photo because Mama carried me like that first. I love my Mama.

- Jiyoolie

JJ age 9 years 6 months

Yoolie is my big sister. Yoolie looks just like Daddy and I look like Mama and people always say we are very pretty. Does that mean Daddy and Mama are pretty? Yoolie is the best sister because she lets me draw with her crayons and play with her favourite dolls and she never ever yells at me like she yells at Chunnie and Susu and especially Minnie who is very naughty. She always asks me to sing to her before we sleep because she says I sound like Mama and it makes her happy. I love my sister because she loves me so much and always holds my hand when we cross the road and shares her chocolate milk with me that she gets because she’s in 5th grade now and they get chocolate milk in break time. She dances prettily too and I can’t wait to go to her recital later.

- Jung Jaeyoung but everyone calls me JJ

Yoochun age 9 years 1 month

I have a twin brother. Being twins is special because we do everything together. I don’t like soccer but I play it because Susu likes it, but I think Mama wants me to stop because I get sick. I know Susu doesn’t like our piano lessons much but he always smiles and sings with me when I practice my songs. Daddy helped me write a song for him and JJ will help me sing it because she sings better than me. I was going to give it to him for our birthday but I was sick so I will do it for Christmas instead. He sings like JJ and they sound so nice together but if I have to choose, I will always choose my Susu. I want to be with Susu forever and ever and ever. And also Yoolie and JJ and even bratty Minnie ball who is not really a ball. I hope he forgets that I kicked him because he’s as tall as me now.

- Jung Chunnie

Junsu age 9 years 1 month

Yoochunnie is my favourite because he is my twin brother. He always helps me with my schoolwork or when I cut my knee when I fall playing soccer. I love soccer but I might stop playing because it makes my Chunnie sick when he plays it with me and I don’t want him to be sick. I can play with Minnie but he prefers to swim. I guess I can play on my own but it’s not the same. I can sing with Chunnie and with JJ instead and maybe I’ll get better at playing the piano. Mama says I’m much better now. Their singing always makes Daddy and Mama smile and I like it when they smile. Yoolie has the prettiest smile. Chunnie is my best friend and I love that he is half of me.

- Jung Junsu and I am also JJ but that’s my sister so you can call me Susu

Changmin age 8 years 8 months

Why can I only write about one family member? I have a big family and I don’t think it’s fair that I cannot write about all of them. I think this is stupid and I will talk about all of my family if I want to.

When I grow up, I want to be just like my Daddy. He is tall and handsome and everybody listens to him. Even Mama who never listens to anyone. Daddy says I’m just like Mama like that. Daddy is very cool and lets me have cookies when Mama isn’t looking.

Yoolie noona is my big sister and she is making me call her noona now. I don’t like calling her noona because it sounds weird. Noona. Noona. Noona. Noona. See? Weird. She’s weird for making me call her noona when I’ve called her Yoolie for so long. She is my Yoolie!

JJ is my second big sister but she’s so small, she’s shorter than me! She’s in 6th grade now and she is the best singer in school but she is very short. How did someone so short have such a big voice? Susu has a big voice too but he’s taller than her. I have weird sisters.

Chunnie and Susu are my twin brothers. Today, Chunnie held my hand and took me to the bathroom when a 5th grader kicked sand in my eyes at break time and couldn’t open them. I was trying not to cry but it hurt real bad and Chunnie was so angry with the boy that he punched him. Susu blew out the dirt for me and helped me wash my eyes. They are the best big brothers even though Susu is a little soccer crazy and Chunnie kicked me when I was a baby because he thought I was a ball. That’s not good right? Should I kick him back? Is it too late for revenge? Mama might not like it.

Mama is the best at cuddles. Mama is also very beautiful and I think Mama gets more beautiful every day, especially now that he’s fat. Yoolie says Daddy made Mama fat, and that we will have more babies in the house because every time Mama gets fat, a baby appears. I thought I was the baby in the house? Why do we need more babies in the house? But Mama looks like an angel, so maybe being fat is good and babies are good? I must ask Daddy because it’s his fault Mama is getting fatter. His tummy is like a ball and Daddy is always touching it and Mama gets prettier when he does. Does this mean Mama is a ball? Mama ball?

I’m not sorry this is so long. I HAVE A BIG FAMILY!

- Jung Changmin (not Minnie ball!)

Jaejoong smiles as he pins the fifth piece of paper on the notice board. He feels warm arms snaking around him, a low voice against his ear.

“That boy really is a brat, just like his Mama.”

“Well, Mama ball apparently.”

“Mama ball huh?”

“Well, you have to admit, the brat’s got a point.”

“You’re not that big.”

Jaejoong turns, arching an incredulous eyebrow at his lying husband. “You want to say that straight to my face?”

“I’d rather say it straight to our daughters.” Yunho grins, dropping to his knees and kissing Jaejoong’s rather large belly. He is 7 months along, and being monitored weekly because this is a very high risk pregnancy. When they found out, it was far too late to even consider any other alternative, not that either of them would have gone with that alternative anyway, even though the doctors had said late termination was a smaller risk than keeping the babies. Jaejoong shouldn’t have been able to conceive again, not to mention carry a baby to term after Changmin, but their entire family and life has been a series of giant miracles so what’s one more?

Or two…

AN: I miss them ;_________;

Omg Changmin is the best \o/

wow! the hoodie has become such a cult thing in the Jung clan..
haha.. Little Minnie sounds so much like Changmin and is totally adorbs <333
As usual, you make me wish for Yoosu twin-cest <3

This chapter was soo cute! Just the image of baby Minnie being so fat he looks like a ball is adorable!! XD

Omg there's only a 5 months gap between Changmin and the twins and the twins and JJ is that even possible? O.o

LOL! This is when they were all in 3rd grade. They're not in 3rd grade at the same time. The ages are their age during the assignment which is given just before the winter break in December.

Family tree with birthdays here - http://beeswaxing.livejournal.com/38364.html

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I really miss the Jungs :). when i saw your ipdate and its SB drabble i feel happy keeke. i love this family. and the kids are grown up now. so what is the name of the youngest? girl or boy? kekeke and omooooo Minnie calls Jae mama ball XD hahha it's hilarious.

I freaking miss this family. Gah! Crying!

Twins! Yay! Gosh darn this was so cute! Cute, cute, cute! It is SO like Changmin to be snarky like that; I can totally see him writing whatever he wants while sort of sticking to the directions.

I love them so much! >.< so so sweet! Ahaha, JaeJae's pregnant again, minnie ball is going to have baby sister or brother :*

OHMYGOSH ! sleeping beauty drabble . . crying . . miss this family . . ok gonna run to readddddd

Awwww...they are making a soccer team...lol.

OMG I love them too :D
I miss them sooooooooooooooooo much

aww another babies on the way >< i really love reading sleeping beauty and all the oneshots and drabble are so cute ^^

i miss them too!!!!!! :') thanks for the update!!! tbh, i really waiting for ur updates. its like, i'm addicted to ur fics! so, thanks again for ur wonderful fics!

i love this whole verse period and the drabbles are just the cutest. and they are so heartwarming.
i wish there would be a sequel but its what you want.
all them kids :O that's a lot. i mean damn! it just seems crazy to me danm that's a lot of kids.
i loved all their projects but minnie's is the best XD

ohmay jae umma pregy again . nother drable please or one shot maybe . story about jae pregnancy . . please .please