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Ice [12]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered (if there's interest)
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, mild angst
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1:  I actually wrote most of this chapter (over 3,000 words) before I even started ch11. And really, I was REALLY tempted to skip ch11 and instead have this as ch11 but I had way too much planned for ch11 (NOT the smut lmao) that I really couldn’t. But then I sat on it for too long, and was unhappy with what I’d originally written so I had to rewrite and yeah… Writer’s block from hell ;____;

AN2: This banner was done by atriums 

Jaejoong is stirring the ramyun in the pot when he feels arms snaking around him, and what feels like a towel against the backs of his thighs. He is wearing a rather oversized tee shirt, so large that the neckline has slipped off his shoulder, exposing his milky white skin, and it is this bare expanse of flesh that the young man behind him starts kissing.

“So pretty.” Yunho smiles as he kisses and sucks the skin he can see.

“Why the fuck do you have a floral apron?”

“It’s my mother’s. She comes over and cooks sometimes. Do you really think I’ve worn this?”

“Well, I was wondering. But there was nothing else. Shows how much you cook huh?”

Yunho licks his way up along the bare shoulder to the back of Jaejoong neck, just the tip of his tongue, as he goes back along the same way to where the tee shirt starts, off the older man’s shoulder, and then he starts to blow on the wet trail, making the singer shiver and moan softly.

He slips his hand up a bare thigh, smirking when he finds the man sans underwear.

“I have a feeling my mother won’t want this apron back.”

“It was perfectly fine till you came along.”

Yunho latches onto that tantalizing bit of flesh in the crook of his neck, sucking a little harder now, and Jaejoong turns the stove off, dropping the ladle by the side as he turns, tugging at the towel hanging off Yunho’s hips, smirking when it drops to the ground.

“Your mother really won’t want this apron back now,” he whispers, as his lips meet Yunho’s in a soft kiss, his hand sneaking between their bodies to grab the younger man’s erection, rubbing the head against the front of the apron, against his own hardness.

“You look better in it than she did anyway.” Yunho licks at that beautiful rosy red mouth that refuses to part for him, stretching instead into a smile.

“I’m so going to tell her you said that.”


Jaejoong hums, tilting his head back as Yunho noses his way down the length of his throat since he wasn’t getting anything from that pout. He closes his eyes, smiling blissfully. “You really need to get dressed otherwise we’ll be late, baby. I’ve already made breakfast and will be very unhappy if we don’t have time to eat it.”

“Why can’t I have you for breakfast?”

“As much as I would like that, it’s half past seven, and really are you going to be able to play? I thought most athletes don’t like having sex before big games.”

“We didn’t have sex.”

“You came. I think that’s the point.”

“Twice, and I’ll be fine.”

“Come on,” Jaejoong laughs, pushing a naked and pouting Yunho away from him. “Get dressed, now.”

“Slave driver.”

“Don’t even start.”


Han Geng, Kangin, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin are staring at the crowd at the airport in horror, though out of the five men, Yoochun is the most horrified as he scrolls through something on his phone, muttering agitatedly under his breath.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

“Oh fuck is right. What the hell is going on? I haven’t seen the airport this crowded since I got caught here at the same time Hero Jaejoong was departing for some concert in Japan.” Changmin is aghast as he stares out at the veritable ocean of people between him and the departure gate. They had all already checked in much earlier, and had left to get breakfast because he had been having jjajjangmyun cravings and they don’t serve that in the VIP lounge. His hyungs, being the nice hyungs they are, offered to go with him, but really, they were all hungry too.

“That’s because Hero Jaejoong is fucking here.”

“What? Isn’t he on hiatus? The next charity concert thing isn’t for another couple of weeks yet I’m sure. Why would he be at the international departure gate?”

“I don’t know but he’s fucking here. Look.”


Yoochun shows his phone to his teammates and true enough, blurry photos of Jaejoong are all over twitter, fans updating frantically as they take the photos. This one in particular is the clearest so far that he’s found.

“God, that man is gorgeous.”

Changmin elbows Kangin in the side, shaking his head. “That’s Yunho’s gorgeous man ok. Stop perving.”

“That jacket looks familiar.” Han Geng grabs Yoochun’s phone to get a closer look, and starting a bit of a fight as everyone else wants to take a closer look too.

“What the fuck is he doing here?”

“I don’t know but if he’s flying to Japan then we are so fucked because he’ll be in our lounge.”

“Yunho!” Kangin’s jaw drops in horror.

“Exactly.” Junsu says grimly, huddled with his boyfriend as they both look intently at Yoochun’s phone that he’s managed to rescue back from their defencemen.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Am I the only person thinking this is a good thing?” Han Geng asks quietly. “It’s about time they met anyway. I’m getting stressed hiding this from him, and I don’t like it.”

“Do you really want their first meeting to be in the middle of a VIP lounge where Hero Jaejoong is probably going to be Hero Jaejoong, rockstar jackass extraordinaire?

“Surely he won’t act up with his father there?”

“Oh fuck, I forgot about Coach Kim. Oh man, can we just get on the plane and skip the lounge?” Yoochun interrupts Han Geng and Changmin, looking up from his phone and staring hopefully at Han Geng who is usually the default captain when Yunho isn’t around. Unfortunately for him, the older man is shaking his head.

“Don’t be an idiot. Yunho texted us fifteen minutes ago telling us that Coach Kim wants a meeting before we get on the plane. Are you really going to defy our captain and our coach before a big game? Nippon Cranes are the top team in the league right now and you know how important this away game is.” Changmin chides the left winger who is back to staring at his phone in increasing horror.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

The team grit their teeth, pushing their way through the screaming fan girls and squealing fan boys. Their height and bulk help, but these fans are really intense, and all five emerge on the other side slightly traumatised from having been groped and pushed and pinched and shoved.

“God, no wonder Hero is always so fucking pissed at the airport. That was horrible.”

“While I like being admired, I can definitely do without this. Kinda glad we’re in a sport that’s relatively under the radar. Yunho’s like our poster boy and I’m more than happy to keep it that way. I love him and I’d probably do a lot for him but getting my butt pinched by strangers should be where I draw the line.” Junsu grouches, staring out at the waves of people, now thankfully behind him, as he rubs his ass mournfully, not even smiling when Yoochun sidles up behind him, nuzzling his ear and helping to rub his ass too.

They are in the queue to get through to the departure hall, and all of them are feeling sorry for Hero in one way or the other because it really isn’t the best feeling in the world getting pinched and prodded.

Meanwhile in the VIP lounge, Coach Kim and Yunho are conversing quietly. Yunho had told his Coach that they had decided that perhaps the best way is to ignore each other in public, and especially the VIP lounge because Hero is definitely going to have to seclude himself in there. He had to laugh at the beaming smile his coach had given him when he told him his son was attending the game. The news of Hero Jaejoong arriving at the airport had spread like wildfire, and it so happened that his former group were also due to depart to some kpop concert in Hong Kong, and so the airport had already been crowded to begin with. When Hero turned up, the crowds shifted, moving like a single wave towards where he had been sighted, almost completely vacating where his former group were meant to arrive.

And Yunho had a felt a twinge of satisfaction at that on behalf of his boyfriend, even though he knows it isn’t very charitable of him. Those men and the company had abandoned his Jae, and well, he definitely isn’t going to feel sorry for them for the lacklustre welcome they will be getting because Hero Jaejoong also happens to be at the airport. A quick phone call from Jae just ten minutes ago confirmed that he had managed to get through the throng even though it has taken almost a good hour. The fact that he is on hiatus makes every single little sighting of him even more newsworthy. Yunho has already seen a muted brief on the morning news about his arrival at the airport, and the speculation as to where he is going, and he and Coach Kim had shaken their heads at it.

Really, it is crazy how much people crave even the tiniest thing from his boyfriend.

And he gets everything.

Yunho is feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought, not the slightest bit proud about it. In fact, the responsibility, the burden of being Hero Jaejoong’s boyfriend is something they had discussed again that morning in between a lot of dot connecting. He is not happy with Jaejoong’s perceived need to protect him, but he will let it slide this time. He can actually feel Jae changing and withdrawing into himself as they left the apartment, and he is not going to participate in pushing him away. He will give the older man his space, because he knows he needs it. Heck, he himself needs it. In the seclusion of his apartment, it felt like they can conquer the world, but out here in the open, everything is just a little bit murkier.

In all honesty, their whole relationship is moving like a blur, perhaps too fast even for him, and his head is still spinning a little. He is happy, more than happy, ecstatic even. But then reality is seeping in just a tad, as Jaejoong had not so subtly reminded him exactly who he is when he had snapped at him that morning for dawdling. Hero Jaejoong is not used to waiting for anything or anyone, and that includes his brand new boyfriend. Yunho believes the older man’s professions of love of course, but neither of them have any experience at all in something like this, Jaejoong even less than him, and it stands to reason that the rockstar reverts back to his usual defensive ways.

Yunho just has to keep reminding himself not to take it personally. In fact, he almost wishes they were still online. Things were so much less complicated online.

And now they have the public to deal with.

His conversation with Coach Kim is interrupted by horrified, wide-eyed teammates who spill into the VIP lounge practically in a heap as Junsu trips from being pushed from behind, and Yunho has to hide a smile. They all look like they have seen a ghost, and they are all looking anxiously at both him and Coach Kim, exchanging nervous looks with each other, and just behaving very suspiciously in general. He marvels at how he never really noticed how odd they had been behaving, letting the smile show because he knows it is because of Jae. He ignores their worried looks, calling them all into a huddle in that quiet, authoritative voice he has that everyone, even his wayward older boyfriend, pays attention to.

The team and Coach Kim are in the middle of discussing offensive tactics because that is where the strength of Nippon Cranes lies, in their defence, when the VIP doors blow open and a tornado comes through. A solo man surrounded by seven airport security staff. The muted roar from the crowd on the other side of the glass doors more than two hundred feet from the VIP lounge can still be heard, testament to the sheer number of people out there.

“I don’t answer to you or any one of the fucking imbeciles in the company. I am on hiatus. Do I need to fucking spell that out for you? Because if I do, then I suggest you find another goddamn job. I don’t need to give you a fucking itinerary. I don’t need to give you any details, period. Got that? I don’t even need to tell you if I’m shoving a fucking broom up your ass till it fucking happens. And even then, fuck you. You’ll find out when the handle fucking sticks up out of your mouth. Now if you call me one more fucking time, you can forget every single one of those concerts you’ve signed me up to.”

Hero Jaejoong’s voice is loud, and extremely pissed, and Yunho winces slightly, both at the words and the tone, fiddling with his phone to text the man, knowing he will see the message when he gets off the phone. Jae had warned him about his public persona, and how he needs to be the hard ass to survive, and Yunho had reassured him that he understands. He had explained about his own mother, and Jae seems to have felt a little less anxious after that. In fact, he’d called his mother just that morning while Jaejoong was in the shower for the second time, alone this time and therefore able to get cleaner not dirtier, to talk to her about it, and she told him to keep one thing in mind.

Hero Jaejoong is also your boyfriend. You have to accept every aspect of him and not judge him for it. You know what a bitch I am at work, and sometimes I do accidentally bring it home, but I don’t mean to, but it’s hard to separate out. Be like your father who was there for me regardless. Just be there for him.

He puts his phone out, taking a quick selca, ignoring his teammates staring quietly at him.

I love you, rockstar Hero Jaejoong, potty mouth and all :P


Hero hangs up, absolutely furious. How dare they ask him for a fucking itinerary. An itinerary! What the actual fuck is this rubbish? He can come and go as he damn well pleases. He is on nobody’s books, and he sure as fuck doesn’t answer to any fucking one, and they can just shove their fucking—

His angry thoughts come to an abrupt halt as he reads the message on his phone, and looks at the attached photo, breaking into a sudden smile that shocks everyone in the room, especially the team. Even Coach Kim is surprised by the abrupt change in his son, and the side glance he sends Yunho’s way reveals that his young captain is smiling to himself too as he stares at his phone.

Jaejoong doesn’t even bother looking up, sitting down in the first seat he finds, his back to the gaping team and his father, surrounded by airport security, as he texts his gorgeous young boyfriend back, taking his own selca.

How am I supposed to stay away from you? :-( This was so much easier yesterday…


Yunho smirks as types his reply and quickly sifts through the thousands of photos on his phone to find the one he wants and sending it.

This was your idea, baby, remember? My sulky rockstar, remember the apron this morning?


The team can hear the singer’s gasp all the way from where they’re sitting, but they are distracted as Yunho starts to laugh.

I can hear you laughing! Stop laughing you jerk! Oh my god what the hell was that? What? Where was that from? Jesus…do I even know you? You look so fuckable, I am really tempted to say screw everyone and just come over there right now. Dear fucking god in heaven what the actual fuck?

Yunho is still laughing when he reads the reply, ignoring the various queries from his teammates asking him what’s so funny as he texts the rockstar back.

I was helping my sister out for one of her friend’s fashion shoot. Down boy! Don’t get any ideas now… we’re in a public place :P

Fuck public. Damn you… well, how about I give you an idea as to what I want to do…

Now it is Jaejoong’s turn to smirk as he attaches the photo.

Yunho is in the middle of drinking as he opens the message, and he sprays his mouthful of water out onto an extremely irate Kim Junsy who starts jumping up and down.

“What the fuck, Yunho? You just made me wet you asshole!”

“Hey! That’s my job!” Yoochun supplies rather unhelpfully, getting a smack from his boyfriend for his troubles as both he and Yunho try and dry the center forward off.

Yunho is still busy apologising profusely to his best friend when his phone beeps again.

Do I need to come round there right now? The only person you’re making wet is me.

Yunho laughs helplessly, feeling a little giddy as he texts his boyfriend back.

Do I even want to know what the fuck you were doing in that photo? And this is all yours, baby.


Jaejoong growls, glaring at his phone as he shifts in his seat trying to ease the ache in his ass as well as the new ache in his crotch. Damn, Yunho is playing hard ball.

Happy birthday baby :P


“Oh god…” Yunho groans, sliding low in his seat. Clearly telling Jaejoong that he liked Cloud Strife was a bad idea. A very very very bad idea because what the fuck…

Fantasies are real… But this better not be my final fantasy…

You are so corny... And not by a long shot. I can be even more Cloud than that but perhaps another day. I hate to ruin the mood but all this texting is making me wonder if we met too soon because it is killing me not being able to sit with you, and yet I’m happy just talking to you like this… :-/

Yunho’s brow furrows as he replies quickly.

Perhaps… do you regret it?

Never. I’m just wishing we’d had more time to talk this through. I want you next to me, and yet I don’t and I’m afraid in all the confusion, I’m going to accidentally hurt you like I did this morning.

Don’t be a goose. You didn’t hurt me… you’re the one with the sore ass……..


Hero Jaejoong is not used to being kept waiting. It’s ok, seriously. We will figure this out.

I just want to curl up in your lap right now and forget about the world. The world sucks.

Put on your bitch face and let her rip :P

Brat ^^

Not here ;-)

Yunho, whose countenance had been serious as he types away, smiles then as he finally pockets his phone, aware that his teammates are still gaping at him, but ignoring them.

Jaejoong scowls at his phone, his annoyance from earlier coming back. This is going to really take some getting used to. He is certain of his feelings for the younger man sitting somewhere behind him. However that doesn’t eliminate the confusion within him.

Love is one thing, reality is another. And Jaejoong is still much, much, too cynical to believe that love conquers all.

In the cold light of day, surrounded by screaming fans, greedy executives and useless security personnel, it is looking increasingly gloomy from where he is sitting. The conflict going on in his mind is two-fold; between telling the world to fuck themselves, but somehow turning the Jungs lives upside down, to protecting Yunho even though the younger man insists he is more than able to protect himself and even insisting on protecting Jaejoong.

From where he is sitting, both options has its casualties.

And then there is his job. He is really starting to hate his job. Well, he supposes not quite his job because he loves singing but he hates his fucking agency. They are trying to milk every single cent they can from him, knowing full well that his contract states that he can leave whenever the fuck he wants. Unfortunately, most of the other options for agencies are even worse than his current one. He’d love to start up his own and really go solo, but he doesn’t have the time or the economic and commercial know-how to lay the groundwork.

Well, there is a new agency already set up that rightfully belongs to Yunho, and his fists tightens as he thinks about Seunghyun. He is going to rip the man a new one. Breaking his fucking finger is just the beginning. By the time he is done with the man, a broken finger will be the least of his worries.

He glances at his phone again, and the urge to text is compelling, and he gives in, feeling a need to convince his young boyfriend of his intentions. Perhaps he also wants to convince himself, because he is feeling the void next to him acutely.

You do know that I just want to protect you right? You saw what a fucking nightmare it was out there and this wasn’t even a scheduled trip! Ugh seriously, I feel like I need to go undercover or something. How is it I can go incognito in Anyang and not at the bloody airport?

The reply is quick in coming, and it makes Jaejoong sigh.

You know, a relationship goes both ways. You have to let me protect you too, and I can’t if you insist on braving the airport with useless underpaid airport security. Don’t think I didn’t see your arm being yanked so hard the hood of your jacket dropped off your head. It was on the news :-(

You mean your jacket? I can’t stop sniffing it and thinking of last night…and this morning…and this morning again… I like it when you go all neanderthal on me :P

Don’t change the subject.

I’m starting to enjoy these brief glimpses of your different personalities inherited from your parents. That first text when you saw how angry I was, is so your father. And that last text, you were definitely channeling your mother ;-)

Still deflecting, Jae… But I’ll let it go. See you on the other side I guess since your security detail…and I use that term fucking loosely, look like they’re gearing up for war.

Jaejoong smiles and pockets his phone, growling when one of the security guards surrounding him tells him that it is time for him to leave and board the plane. He will be the first passenger on it, sitting in first class and he is thoroughly annoyed about it. He’d actually also bought a seat in business class where his dad and the team will be, just in case. The airline had queried him about it, and he had thrown a fit about how the business class seats are just as, if not more comfortable than first class, and it is his fucking prerogative to sit wherever he finds more comfortable.

They had let it go. Sometimes, it does pay to be Hero Jaejoong.

The man puts an arm on his elbow and Hero Jaejoong shrugs it off roughly, turning on the well-meaning security staff, his words biting.

“Don’t fucking touch me.”

Yunho shakes his head at his boyfriend whose back is to him, as he turns to his teammates who are still in a state of shock, staring back and forth from him to the rockstar who is just now leaving the VIP lounge with his entourage.

“You’d think he’d be more polite to someone trying to help him.”

And to Yunho’s amusement, his teammates practically trip over themselves trying to defend Hero’s behaviour, explaining about how they had to fight the massive crowd outside, and how it’s understandable that Hero hates being touched. Yunho has to hide his smirk, remembering his last 15 hours. Hero Jaejoong definitely does not hate being touched.

It just depends on who is doing the touching.

His brow furrows again. Honestly, his team would do a much better job of protecting his boyfriend moving through the damn airport than the normal security staff. And this whole thing is his fault anyway. Jae is leaving the country to watch his game. He shakes his head again, mind whirling, trying to figure out how to work it out.

He is silent, as Coach Kim gathers them up, herding them through to get to the gate to board their plane.


Jaejoong is annoyed, uncomfortable and just feeling terribly out of place in his own skin. He had to force himself to bring out the natural bitchiness that has served him so well as his Hero Jaejoong cloak, and that is throwing him for a loop. One night with Yunho and it has all but dribbled out of him. Of course, he hasn’t come three times in a seven hour space of time ever, and that may have something to do with the mellow mood he finds himself in. So mellow that it irritates him when he has to summon the effort to be Hero Jaejoong. He had snapped at Yunho that morning out of habit, but there was no heat behind it at all, but he remembers the surprise in those warm almond eyes, and he had just wanted to kiss it all away.

And he did, but that’s beside the point.

He shifts again, smiling when the movement gives him a whiff of his boyfriend, and wincing because it feels like he’s got a wedgie, and it’s rubbing against his rather sore entrance. This is why he doesn’t bottom. His ass fucking hurts, and this was just Yunho’s rather slim fingers. Ok, so there were four fingers, and he was begging for it like the deprived man he is, but that doesn’t mean the younger man isn’t to blame.

He should have said no.

Yeah right.

Even he has to acknowledge that was absolutely not happening. It is a little scary how much he craves the younger man as he flicks through the photos on his phone that he has so far of the ice hockey team captain. So scary that while he sat in the cab, on his way to the airport, he had been tempted to tell the driver to turn around and take him back to Anyang. It happened five times. He counted. Every single time the cab stopped at a red light, the thought crosses his mind. There are a fuck load of traffic lights between Yunho’s home and the airport, but as fate would have it, they only met five. He wonders if a sixth would have been the one to make him leave everything and run again.

The rockstar shifts again in his seat, huffing angrily as he crosses his arms across his chest. He acknowledges that he is not really angry about the pain. He is confused and lost, and the reason for all those feelings is in the cabin behind his, and not next to him like he ought to be.

He knows this is his choice. He knows his intentions are selfless. He knows that logically and rationally that this is the best option because god knows how his fans will react, and he doesn’t want Yunho caught in the aftermath. It really is all about Yunho because Hero Jaejoong has enough armour to withstand anything and everything. The world can go fuck itself for all he cares, but they better not fuck with Yunho.

But he is only delaying the inevitable.

It was so much easier being alone.

Jaejoong snorts derisively, startling the man staring at him from the across the aisle.

When has he ever chosen the easy path? He is a hard worker, and had to fight to be where he is today, so why would he want to take the easy path in relation to what is arguably one of the best things to ever happen to him? Has he lost so much of himself that being unhappy is easier and preferable to fighting for happiness? What has become of him?

He makes his decision then.

They’re just about an hour in the air, and Yunho is in deep discussion with Coach Kim, Yoochun and Junsu about some new plays they are going to try out against the Nippon Cranes, when there is a loud commotion on the other side of the curtains that separate business class from first class.

“Get the fuck out of my way.”

“Sir, I’m sorry but I can’t let you enter another cabin.”

“I will go wherever the fuck I want. Do you know who I am? I am Hero Jaejoong, and I am a first class passenger. A first fucking class passenger. The price of my fucking seat is probably more than you make in half a fucking year, and therefore I should be able to go wherever the fuck I want on this stupid plane. Now get the hell out of my way before I make sure you regret it.”

“Sir, please calm down.”

“Are you blind? I am fucking calm. You really don’t want to see me agitated. Now get the fuck out of my way.”

“Sir, please, you’re disrupting the other passengers. Can you please return to your seat? I’m sure we can sort this out.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? I AM TRYING TO GET TO MY FUCKING SEAT YOU STUPID FUCKWIT. Do you even talk to your fucking ground staff? What sort of useless airline is this?”

Yunho’s teammates as well as Coach Kim are staring in fascinated horror at the still shut curtains separating them from the elite in the next cabin. Coach Kim knew his son was going to be on the plane, but he never imagined he would act up on it, especially with Yunho on board. Yunho’s teammates are completely clueless. No one had known where Hero Jaejoong was going, and none of the airport staff were leaking the information and therefore the fans were not able to disseminate the information, but they never guessed that he’d be on the same plane.

The business class cabin is quiet, all conversation halted, everyone looking surreptitiously at the curtain, a strange silence on the other side. The team as well as Coach Kim are dividing their gaze between the curtain, and back at Yunho who is shaking his head, a rueful smile on his face.

“He is really used to getting his own way huh?”

No one answers Yunho’s largely rhetorical question. But really, what can they say? No one denies Hero Jaejoong.

And true enough, the partition is suddenly yanked aside by an extremely irate rockstar, two flight attendants apologising profusely behind him. The whole business class cabin is riveted towards the gorgeous man who is practically bristling in indignation as he stalks down the aisle, eyes flashing darkly and full of ire.

And everyone’s shock absolutely goes through the roof, when the superstar suddenly stops right at the back of the cabin, and falls into the lap of a tall man in an aisle seat who is trying not to laugh.

Jaejoong wraps his arms around Yunho’s neck, aware of the stares, but not really caring. Not caring at all anymore. His gaze is on those warm almond eyes glinting amusedly at him. He pouts, pushing his full lips out, leaning forward to nuzzle his boyfriend’s nose, his pout capturing Yunho’s bottom lip between it, sucking gently, sneaking a quick lick, before settling back again, content for now at the brief taste he had been craving for hours.

“Fine! You win. This was the worst idea in the history of my worst ideas.”

“What idea, baby?”

“Arriving at the airport separately and pretending I don’t know you. It sucks, because every time I move, I get a whiff from your jacket, and when I shift in my seat, my ass twinges and I think of you.”

The number of loud gasps around them makes both of them look up. They had already forgotten where they were as they stare at each other, and Yunho cannot stop the laughter bubbling up his throat when he sees the completely flabbergasted expressions on his teammates who had heard Jae’s words, and the business class cabin at large who hadn’t heard his boyfriend’s relatively quiet words, but they can certainly see him sitting in his lap and kissing him.

Yunho squeezes Jaejoong’s hip, and the man huffs, shifting on his lap to get more comfortable, though Yunho’s hard thighs are not much relief for his sore ass.

Jaejoong leans into him, giving him en Eskimo kiss before turning and staring out defiantly at everyone, eyes challenging as if daring anyone to say anything. The window seat next to Yunho is empty. Empty because Jaejoong had booked it, though even Yunho doesn’t know that just yet.

Tired of everyone gawking at them, looking like oversized guppies or maybe even goldfish, Jaejoong blocks everyone out, a skill he has perfected, ghosting his lips across Yunho’s cheekbones, heading towards his ear.


Jaejoong hums, smiling as he starts licking the lobe of Yunho’s ear, before his lips move towards his favourite spot.


Jaejoong stops, drawing back, and his pout is petulant indeed because Yunho is using that tone. But he is rewarded by a beautiful smile, as Yunho leans forward to kiss him on the mouth, a sweet kiss, flicking his tongue out to taste his lips but not delving deeper, before pulling back.


“I thought you’re the brat?”

“It takes one to know one.”

“Yah! First you are your dad, then your mum, and now you’re your sister. Will the real Jung Yunho please stand up?” Jaejoong teases back, laughing as he nips at that plush bottom lip.

“Holy fuck.”

Yunho and Jaejoong both turn to Changmin who is gaping at them. It takes a lot to take the young goaltender by surprise, and for him to be that shocked, is actually quite amazing.

“What?” Yunho and Jaejoong ask together.

“Oh my god you two are already even talking in sync. Did this plane just enter the Bermuda Triangle without us noticing? Am I in an alternate reality? Did Hero Jaejoong, fucking rock god, really just obey my childish dongsaeng? I feel like we all just got trolled. Did we get trolled? We totally got trolled didn’t we?”

Jaejoong smirks as he looks at the gorgeous man who is blinking owlishly at him. If all jocks look this good, it’s no wonder there are locker room shenanigans. “I obey him when I want to. You best remember that.”

“That’s Yunho’s jacket isn’t it?” Han Geng queries quietly.

Jaejoong grins at the handsome Chinese national, flustering the man immediately as he blushes and looks away.

“You’re very observant.”

“Oh lord…” Yoochun moans, and everyone turns to stare at him. “I’m just…god…Yunho do you have idea who you have in your lap right now? I’m just…god…”

Junsu smacks his drooling boyfriend up the back of his head, shaking his head, but not really feeling offended. Micky is Micky, and he knew what he was getting into, and really, admittedly, he might be drooling a little himself.

“Not god, hyung… Jae…” Yunho says, tugging Jae further up his lap, arms possessively around the older man, nuzzling that smooth jaw.

And just like that, they both forget their audience again as Jaejoong turns to kiss the younger man. This time the kiss is much more than just a peck, and he ignores the gasps from various members of their audience as he sneaks his tongue between Yunho’s parted lips, flashing the jewel in his mouth at those watching, and they lazily duel, Yunho teasing and caressing his piercing, making both of them moan into each other’s mouth. They are back to that morning when Jaejoong had woken up being little spoon to Yunho’s big spoon. The jock had been sleep humping him, the crease of his ass already wet with precum, and it didn’t take much for him to actually wake the younger man.

A zig zag connection of dots is a skill they have both perfected that morning. In fact, they really should get a trophy of some sort for how wonderfully connected their dots are despite the twisty way they took to get there.

Jaejoong moans again as Yunho gives his piercing a particularly hard tug, moving himself, ignoring the twinges his ass makes as he lifts himself up to straddle the younger man, hands fisted in his hair, as he tilts Yunho’s head up while shakily raising up on his knees, ignoring the fact that a good thirteen people are now staring completely slackjawed at them. He pulls his mouth from Yunho’s, grinning fondly at the dreamy smile on the younger man’s face as he feels his large hands cupping his ass.

“My father will kill me if I wear you out before your game.”

He sits himself back in those strong hands, letting Yunho have some of his weight and he lets out a happy sound as the younger man starts to massage his butt.

“I’m young, I’ll survive.”

“So how’s this? I know I said I’d be more than happy to ride you in the airport lounge. Close enough?”

More gasps from around them, but both ignore it as Yunho grins and nods, squeezing Jaejoong’s ass, and the older man lowers himself back in his lap, rocking forward, their lips teasing each other’s, not deepening the kiss again, simply touching. He can feel Jaejoong’s erection which isn’t really hidden in his skinny jeans pressing against him, and it takes a great deal of willpower for him not to jerk up against that welcoming warmth. He has a vague perception of where he is and how inappropriate they are being, but apart from stopping himself from slipping his hand between their bodies, he is content to keep going as they are, his mind hazy with the simple pleasure of having the rockstar in his arms.

“Uh…Coach? Can you break them up?”

“Are you crazy?” Coach Kim is grinning from ear to ear. He is more than used to Jaejoong’s exploits, and while this is the first time he is actually present for his son’s lack of inhibitions, he cannot bring himself to feel even the slightest bit of shame. He is far too pleased about this turn of events to care about what anyone or society thinks. Perhaps his rockstar son is rubbing off a little on him.

“We’re all about to head into the various lavatories on this plane if you don’t get them to stop right now. Your team is going to be wrung out by your son.” Changmin hisses urgently, shifting in his seat uncomfortably as he watches the canoodling couple, taking in the poleaxed expressions of all his teammates.

“Yeah, Coach.” Kangin agrees, eyes not moving from the rockstar and his captain. “You want us to be full of tension and ready for a fight, not blissed out and daydreaming about your son. Our captain here might wipe our asses on the ice before the other team even gets a chance.”

Junsu is watching his boyfriend a little disgustedly, punching the man lightly in the jaw when an actual line of drool drips from the corner of his mouth. He turns to his Coach who is the only one now still staring at the couple. “Coach, this whole in love thing only works for Yunho on the ice. You have to break it up.”

“Why me?”

“Because if we do it, Hero Jaejoong will chew us up and spit us out. Don’t you know your son? He has fools for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

“You do realise we can hear you right?” Yunho’s amusement tinged voice washes over his quietly bickering team, and they all turn back towards them. Jaejoong has managed to unbutton Yunho’s jacket in the seconds that they had been arguing, and slipped his arms into it and is now snuggled rather cozily against the younger man’s chest. His eyes are still flashing, completely at odds with his body language. But his gaze isn’t directed at the rest of the team, but rather at the cabin at large who are actually on their feet and staring. Well, the all of four other passengers and three flight attendants who start shifting restlessly, unable to hold the unrelenting gaze of the rock god.

Jaejoong growls, sitting up. “What the fuck are you staring at?”

When nobody moves, he switches to Japanese, and this time the passengers start looking at each other, all moving slowly to find their seats. A rather brave flight attendant comes by, her nervousness is clear as she stutters her way throught her request.

“S-s-sir, uh, uh, y-you ca-can’t s-s-sit like th-th-that.”

Jaejoong eyes the girl balefully, straightening even more and pinning her with a level gaze. “I have no idea what the fuck you just said.”

“She said you can’t sit like this. Stop scaring everyone.”

Jaejoong turns on his boyfriend, eyebrow arched. “Excuse me? I will scare whomever the fuck I want.”

The entire business class cabin sucks in a collective breath and holds it, watching the scowling rock star and the gorgeous man he is sitting on stare at each other.

Yunho squeezes his ass, shaking his head, and lets the subject go. Jaejoong has a public persona to uphold, and Hero Jaejoong is really ingrained in him especially in public, and while he doesn’t really like it, he understands the need for it and he will not cause him to lose his armour. Perhaps the older man did have it right. Perhaps they should have kept it quiet. They are both public figures, though Jaejoong is a fuck load more public than he is, and has a feeling that is about to change.

He runs his hands up Jaejoong’s back, turning towards his team, and resuming their earlier discussion about some offensive tactics that depend on flustering the other team’s defencemen. He pulls the older man gently against him, coaxingly, aware that the rockstar is holding himself stiffly, probably once again feeling remorse at snapping at him, but Yunho really has no problem with it. They need to talk about this and soon, because he knows that twice in a day is only just the beginning.

Jaejoong is really getting annoyed. Annoyed at the whole damn world. He can’t cuddle with his boyfriend, he can’t even be Hero Jaejoong without hurting the man he is sitting on. He allows himself to be pulled into those warm arms, turning away from everyone and facing out the window at the great white beyond outside. He nuzzles against the younger man’s shoulder, body finally relaxing, as he enjoys the large warm hands rubbing soothingly up and down his back. He can hear Yunho speaking, and the rumble in his chest with his words is odd comforting, as he closes his eyes.

The flight attendant tries again, speaking to Yunho this time, interrupting his conversation with his teammates who are still distracted by the rockstar in his lap, their eyes travelling from the back of his messy hair, to the hands of their team captain disappearing up his back.

“Sir, I’m sorry but he really cannot sit like that.”

Yunho glances up at her, and then at the seatbelt sign, and he speaks quietly, but firmly.

“He hasn’t had much sleep, and the seatbelt sign is off. Doesn’t that mean passengers are allowed out of their seats? I realise this is unconventional but I will be responsible for him.”


“I am not moving him. I will make him sit next to me when the sign comes on but not a second earlier.”

Yunho’s tone is unfailingly polite, and he even smiles at the flustered flight attendant, but he is not giving in. He can feel Jaejoong’s body sinking into him, and he knows the older man is probably dozing. It is his fault they hadn’t gotten more sleep, waking the man by accident at the crack of dawn due to his proximity and then some. What follows is rather creative ways of connecting the dots.

Who knew going zig zags would be so much fun?

The team stares back and forth at their captain, and the flight attendant, and they all heave a quiet sigh of relief when she finally turns and walks away. Their eyes move back to Yunho, who picks up once again where they left off, as if it is a normal day, and that he didn’t just get snapped at by a rock star, and that said superstar is currently snuggled on top of him. They watch as Yunho brushes his lips every now and again across the tip of Hero Jaejoong’s ear, while continuing to talk quietly, discussing the game that night. His hands never cease moving, and his behaviour doesn’t change. That is the captain they all know and love. He just happens to have a rock god asleep in his arms.

The rest of the trip is uneventful, Jaejoong moving without protest into the seat next to Yunho, all sleepy doe eyes and confused pout when Yunho wakes him as the plane prepares to start its descent. The team and Coach Kim cannot stop staring at the couple, unused to seeing the singer in such an unguarded moment. All his defences are down as he tries to curl into Yunho’s side, across the wide arm rests, and then huffing sulkily when he cannot quite manage it. The sleepy smile that breaks across his face when Yunho leans over to whisper into his ear is absolutely breathtaking, and they all wonder what it is their captain had just said to the ball-busting idol.

Jaejoong pulls out his sunglasses from his jacket pocket and pops them over his eyes, closing them once again to doze. In the last few weeks, he’s been too used to getting between eight to ten hours of sleep a day that the barely five hours he got the previous night hasn’t been sufficient. He feels well rested though despite that, but catching a few more minutes where he can is a skill he has perfected borne out of sheer necessity. He can sleep anywhere, a survival mechanism needed from his earliest days as a member of a rookie kpop group. He has gone three days without sleep before, being shuttled from one show to another, one recording to the next, flying between countries, their manager picking up every single gig possible to put them out there.

His mouth twitches when he feels a warm hand slipping into his lap, caressing his thigh, but not going any higher. He can hear Yunho still discussing the game with his teammates. He hasn’t left anything in first class since he had nothing to pack anyway. All the clothes he will be wearing are in Yunho’s bags, and he feels free and light because of it. He has no concerns for now till they land.

Jaejoong’s eyes pop open as he pulls his sunglasses off, turning towards Yunho just as the younger man turns to him.

“What happens when we land?”

Yunho gazes into the shuttered eyes of his boyfriend. Jaejoong is retreating again.

“What do you want to do? Do your fans know you’re arriving in Sapporo?”

“Not that I know of.”

“If that’s the case, how about South Korea’s only professional ice hockey team as your security service?”

Jaejoong leans forward to look past Yunho at his father and three of his teammates, across the aisle. In front of them, he can see the Han Geng and Kangin trying to peer in between their seats back at them. And then he looks back at his father who is smiling and nodding.

Kangin is the first to speak.

“How tall are you?”

“Five eleven.”

“Xiah’s height then. The rest of the team are in economy so we can get away with herding you through between us. Do you have a mask?”

“I think Yunho packed one.” Jaejoong turns to his smiling boyfriend who squeezes his knee and nods.

“Ok, good. Wear it and keep the hood of your jacket up. Actually, maybe you should switch jackets with Yunho or Xiah or Micky. Actually, maybe Micky. You two look closest in build. We’ll pretend you’re the hockey puck and keep you between us. I’ll go first and bust our way through the crowd. Micky behind me. U-Know, you’re on his right, or left, whichever side you prefer to have him tucked against, and Max you take the other side. Your heights should be enough of a deterrent. Xiah you walk behind them and Han Geng will take the rear. Coach, can you organise the rest of the team to sort of spread out around us?”

Coach Kim nods, smiling at his defencemen, glancing at his son whose eyes are downcast, tracing a finger over the back of Yunho’s hand on his lap.

“Sounds good.” Changmin nods approvingly. When it comes to protecting teammates, no one is better at it than Kangin, and all of them are more than happy to defer to him.

They disembark without too much drama, although the poor flight attendant had to deal with Hero Jaejoong once again when she had come forward to tell him his security detail was waiting. He had told her to send them packing, while Han Geng explained quietly that they are his security detail henceforth. The whole don’t shoot the messenger thing is something clearly lost on Hero who takes out his earlier annoyance with the girl once again, leaving her practically on the verge of tears. Yunho squeezes her shoulder as he goes past, apologising under his breath as he pulls his irritated boyfriend who is muttering about incompetent airlines into his side.

“You are such a wretch.”

“Having second thoughts?”

“Who’s the stupid one now huh?”

“How did I manage to find the one guy who doesn’t try and kiss my feet?”

“I can kiss them, and suck your toes, and lick the arch of your pretty milky white feet...”

Jaejoong strangles on his complaints, elbowing a laughing Yunho in the chest.

As they line up to get through customs, they can hear a familiar roar on the other side, and Yunho steps closer behind Jaejoong, leaning down to whisper into his ear.

“Looks like your fans found you.”

Jaejoong simply grunts, stepping back further into the protective embrace of the taller man, leaning against him, taking what comfort he can as he steels himself to get through the mess outside.

Once the entire team is out, all 26 of them plus Coach Kim, Kangin barks out instructions once again. The 20 other team players are all gawping as Hero Jaejoong stares at their faces from under the arm of their very young team captain. Some of these men have the rockstar in all his semi-naked glory in their lockers back at Anyang Stadium, and seeing him in the flesh is causing some of them to wonder if they are losing their sanity.

“U-Know!” one of them calls out. “Your boyfriend looks like Hero Jaejoong, but that can’t be right because why would he want to have anything to do with your sorry ass?”

Jaejoong bristles, stepping forward before Yunho can say a word, standing protectively in front of the taller man, not realising his teammate is teasing him because he himself is not used to the strange camaraderie jocks seem to share.

“Who the fuck are you?”


Kangin cuts in before blood can be shed because Hero Jaejoong really doesn’t look very impressed.

“Guys, cut it out. We have to protect this man from that insane crowd that you can hear right now. If even one hair on his body is touched, I will make sure you regret it. Got that?”

“That’s really Hero?”

“Yes, this is really Hero fucking Jaejoong.” Jaejoong’s tone is sarcastic as he allows himself to be pulled back against Yunho’s side. He doesn’t protest when the man plasters a mask to his face, securing it on him.

“Remember, one fucking hair and you’ll be doing speed drills for the next two weeks.” Kangin booms out.

“Let’s do this!” Yunho calls out, anchoring Jaejoong to his side as he watches his team mates rally up around them. He has a good feeling about this.

AN: Yah… writing this was like trying to get blood from a stone. I’m also at my grandparents-in-law and they have no internet so I’m bring you this through the resilience of my phone’s 3G connection so please send some love lmao.
Tags: fic:ice, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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