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Ice [13]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, mild angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: Jaejoongieeeeeeeee… Ugh. I’m having trouble writing because all I see in my head is Jaejoong and nobody else. Well, ok with Yunho but I can’t write a story with just them. Ok maybe I can but not this story. Ahhhhhhh and if there are any ice hockey enthusiasts reading this, please forgive me OTL And I threw away like over 2,000 words because I was seriously unhappy with it. I’m still not quite happy but if I sit on this any longer, you’ll be waiting another week for an update and I really can’t have that, can I? ;-)

AN2: This banner was done by taigrin and the pretty edit of Jaejoong that you'll find here was done by valicehoney ;-)  

“Fucking hell, how did they all know you’re going to be here?” Yoochun’s face is pressed to the tinted windows, rubbing his hand on the back of Junsu’s head which is pressed against his belly because he is pinning him to his window seat, as he stares out at the massive crowd that currently has their bus trapped. They are moving at a crawl, as about 10 airport security staff surround them, trying to push the crowd back.

Jaejoong shrugs disinterestedly, once again straddling Yunho in the front seat of the bus. He knows he is in full view of everyone outside, but he really doesn’t give a crap. He has a mask on, his hood is up, and they cannot see a damn thing. For all the world knows, this is Micky the Sneaky on U-Know Yunho’s lap since he is wearing the man’s jacket.

Oh hell no.

He sits up then, frowning, before unbuttoning the jacket he is wearing, tossing it over the back of the seat, smirking when he hears a yelp as it lands on Yoochun’s head. He pushes his hoodie back, tugging off the mask as he moves off to the side, into the window seat, one leg curled under him, the other laying rather proprietarily across Yunho’s lap. He pulls off the hoodie, feeling Yunho’s warm hand around his waist, tugging his teeshirt down as it rides up as he squirms himself out of the top. He bunches it up, and slides it behind him, into the small of his back as he leans against the window, staring challengingly at Yunho who has his eyebrow raised.


Yunho grins, holding up both hands in surrender. “Nothing.”

Jaejoong huffs, crossing his arms across his chest as he runs his boot clad heel on the inner seam of Yunho’s jeans, and he smirks when the younger man shifts. He glances out the front window, seeing the hordes of people and the multitude of flashes going off and he suppresses the urge to get the driver to open the door so he can yell at all of them to get the fuck out of their way.

His fans are weird. The ruder he is to them, the more they love him. There are not many rock stars to come out of South Korea, and he is by far and large the most popular. Even in Japan, where J-rock is far more established, his following is almost cultish. It helps that he is fluent in Japanese, and has released even more Japanese albums and singles than he has Korean, prompting some deriders to call him a traitor.

But then it just adds to his image. The rocker who truly doesn’t give a fuck about anything and anyone.

“I’m tempted to give them the middle finger and see what they do,” a voice chimes in from the back, and Jaejoong identifies it as belonging to Kangin, and he laughs.

“Go ahead!”

“Don’t you dare, Kangin.” Coach Kim speaks up, sending a look at his son. Beyond the A team, the other twenty players still don’t know that he is the father of the pouting rock star who is currently crawling back into Yunho’s lap.

Jaejoong is settling himself backwards in the ice hockey jock’s lap so he can see the crowd that has yet to be dispersed. They are almost out of the car park, and he can actually see news vans now. News fucking vans. What the actual fuck? He rests his feet against the barricade in front of them, almost bending himself double because of the limited space. He is comfortable though, and it shows when he stretches his arms above his head, letting out a contented sigh that only someone who knows him will recognise.

“My, my, aren’t you a flexible little rock star,” Yunho can’t resist as he whispers into Jaejoong’s ear, slipping his arms around that ridiculously slender waist. The ear that is not on the side of his coach on their left. He is grateful for the older man being in his lap actually because the flashes from various cameras is blinding him despite the sunglasses he has on. The walk through the airport was a nightmare. He has never seen so many people at the airport in his life and the chanting was deafening. He felt like he was in the middle of a football world cup final, and yet he knows there can only have been a couple of thousand people. But these couple of thousand people are used to getting daily updates of Hero Jaejoong, not the almost complete radio silence apart from his controversial performance at the Tokyo Dome charity concert. And thus, their enthusiasm more than makes up for the lack of numbers.

His team is slightly battered coming through the airport, some of the reserve players getting their clothes tugged. One of them lost two buttons off his blazer, but that looks like the only casualty. The fortress around his boyfriend had been impenetrable, Kangin’s “Destroyer” face bulldozing through everything and everyone. He is definitely not someone anyone wants to try and get the better of despite the lure of the gorgeous rock star behind him. The attacks come in from the sides more than head on, but Hero Jaejoong manages to leave the airport and get onto the waiting bus in ten minutes rather than the usual 30-45 minutes.

Yunho’s reward for his innuendo laden comment is Jaejoong gyrating his hips determinedly backwards, rubbing himself down hard into Yunho’s burgeoning erection, gritting his teeth against the dull ache but at the same time craving more. He has extremely good leverage, putting more weight behind it by placing his feet flat against the barricade and pushing back. Yunho is pinned, and the rockstar knows it as he lets out a throaty chuckle, before rocking in his lap once again, completely ignoring the flashbulbs still going on outside the bus.

All he can do is groan and grip the man’s hips, his hands tight around that slim waist.

“Ok, ok, I surrender. You win.”

“But this game is fun.”

“Not for me. Plus I have practice and an actual game later not to mention the warm ups and everything.”

“Oh so now that matters? What happened to the man who wanted to go one more round this morning?”

“That man is crazy!” Changmin, who is walking to the front of the bus to talk to the Coach overhears Jaejoong’s last remark. Both Yunho and Jaejoong turn, and he has to struggle to school his features under the unflinching gaze of the rock star. The man’s glare is direct and extremely disconcerting. This is a man used to people jumping to do his bidding with just one look, and Changmin has the horrible feeling it will probably work on him.

“Max, right?”


“You don’t happen to be the goalkeeper, do you?”

“Tender, baby. Goaltender.” Yunho murmurs, nuzzling into the back of his neck.

“It’s a fucking goal, and things go in it. Goal keeper, goaltender, same thing.” Jaejoong once again goes back to prickly idol, and yet again it doesn’t faze Yunho as he just wraps his arms around his waist squeezing tightly as he nips at his nape. He turns to look up at the tall man who is still standing, quirking an eyebrow. “Well? Are you the goal person or not?”


“I knew it!”

“Knew what?”

“You like them pretty don’t you?” Jaejoong turns back to Yunho, dismissing Changmin once he has his answer. The young man simply stands there bemused, unsure whether there are any further questions coming his way as the canoodling couple start to bicker.


Jaejoong flicks a rude thumb in Changmin’s general direction. “Him. Gorgeous as hell, and also the one who sucked you off.”


Changmin can’t even react, mouth dropping open as the rest of the team hears the rather carrying voice of the singer, and the catcalls start up at the back of the bus, all the way to the front. But Jaejoong, used to loud noises, doesn’t even bat an eyelid.

“No more drunken blowjobs otherwise I might accidentally cut off his drunken balls.”

“What?” The young goaltender finally finds his voice but it is more of a strangled choke as he backs away, finding his seat again.

“Personally, I’d concentrate on the fact that he called you gorgeous, and forget about the fact that he just threatened to emasculate you.”

“Forget at your own fucking peril.” Jaejoong’s tone is not at all amused as he glares around the seat at the left winger who had spoken up, who raises his hands in surrender, cringing back against Junsu who is shaking is head and rolling his eyes at his useless boyfriend, shoving the man off him.

“Jae, that happened over a year ago!”

“So? I had a good long look at your team.” Jaejoong twists to turn back to gaze down the length of the bus. “Yes, every single fucking one of you, and I’m not sure how it happened but clearly the ugly stick didn’t come anywhere near you guys.”

Over twenty men start to hoot and holler at the rockstar’s words, prompting him to finally stand up, pushing his sunglasses down his nose, glaring over the rim. Within a minute, the bus is silent.

“I really need to learn how to do that,” Coach Kim mutters under his breath, causing Yunho to snort, and Jaejoong to almost crack a smile. Almost.

Pleased with the response, he turns to climb back into Yunho’s lap, only to find that the younger man has moved over, feet on the seat as he leans back against the window, hugging his knees. Somehow he has managed to fold his tall frame into the seat.

“Now who’s the flexible one?”

“U-Know is plenty flexible,” a voice shouts out from the back, making Jaejoong turn once again to glare into the depths of the bus.

“I don’t want to fucking know how you know that.”

“Chill, rockstar,” Kangin speaks up, raising himself from his seat to send his own glare to the back of the bus. Yunho rules the team, Han Geng keeps them in check when necessary, but Kangin makes sure everyone else toes the line and stays behind it. “We have physical fitness tests and U-Know always aces the flexibility test. Him and Geng here are the only ones who can bend way past their feet and they’re the tallest in the team too. All of us can barely touch our toes and Micky here will be lucky if he can get past his knees. U-Know can kiss the floor between his legs.”

“Can he just?”

Three words, but oh so full of decadent promise when coupled with that suggestive arch of his eyebrow and the wicked twist of his lips as he drawls the words out, his voice low and husky and just oozing sex. The entire team groans collectively, pulling a husky chuckle from the rock idol still standing in the aisle at the front of the bus.

“Jae…” Yunho’s voice is a whine, but his boyfriend ignores him.

Jaejoong eyes the defencemen. He is definitely feeling a measure of affection for the man, and he wants to confirm if the affection is warranted.

“You’re the one who broke Seunghyun’s face.”

It wasn’t a question but a statement, and the entire bus falls silent again. They have now left the car park and are on the highway to drop off the team at the hotel. The good thing about Japan is that while it might get a little crazy at the airports, stars rarely get chased around in vehicles unlike in South Korea.

“I wish I’d broken more than just his face.”

“I’m still pissed that he didn’t tell me about it. Pretend you didn’t hear me saying that if I see him alone, he probably won’t be able to walk when I’m done with him,” the normally quiet and even-tempered Chinese national’s voice is cold as he speaks up from next to Kangin.

“No kissing, Jae.”

Jaejoong does smile then as he turns to a now pouting Yunho. “What about a hug?”

“A hug’s fine.”

And to Kangin surprise, he suddenly finds himself hauled up into a quick hug by the extremely fragrant rock idol. The man smells amazing, and he is still swaying on his feet, eyes shut blissfully, long after the shorter man has moved away. He only sits down when Han Geng pulls him back into his seat. However, he is suddenly back on his feet just as Jaejoong settles into his own seat.

“Hey! What do you mean no kissing? He wanted to kiss me?”

Yunho leans up to glare over the back of his seat as Jaejoong slides down in his, stifling his laughter.

“No, he fucking well didn’t.”

“Yes, I did.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Come on, boss! You get him forever. Can’t I have a teeny tiny kiss? That moron gave me skinned knuckles and god only knows what else.”

“That’s your own bloody fault.”

“I don’t like you.”

“I don’t like you either. Stop perving on my boyfriend.”

“I like you just fine!” Jaejoong calls out, just for shits and giggles.

“I like you too!”

“Cut it out!”

“Since when did you turn into a possessive fucker?”

“Since my boyfriend happens to also be a possessive fucker. It takes one to know one.”

“I am not possessive!” Jaejoong protests.

“YES, YOU ARE.” The entire bus choruses out, making the rockstar burst out laughing, which in turn sends chuckles going round the bus. Chuckles even from his father, but not his boyfriend who is still pouting.

Yunho sits back down, arms crossed and huffing loudly. He is not really annoyed. He is happy actually that Jae is engaging with his team, even if it’s just to threaten them or to make fun at his expense. However he sits normally this time and in the blink of an eye, he finds himself once again with a lapful of rockstar.

“I love you,” Jaejoong whispers against his pouting boyfriend’s ear as he snuggles into his arms.

“I love you, too.”

“Oh Rockstar-sshi,” a singsong voice emerges again from the back and Jaejoong rolls his eyes, as Yunho tightens his grip on his waist.

“Don’t go,” Yunho nuzzles against his cheek.

“What the fuck do you want?” Jaejoong yells out instead, staying where he is.

“Can we have a song?”

“Do I look like a goddamn jukebox to you?”

“Awww, come on hyung!”

“Hyung?” Jaejoong mouths to Yunho who starts to chuckle.

“They’re sucking up.”

“Oh hyuuuuuuuuuuuung,” another voice joins in, and Yunho’s laughter is causing Jaejoong to bounce rather uncomfortably in his lap. He pries the man’s arms from around him, standing up in a huff.

“Two fucking lines. You get two fucking lines.”

A chorus of whining starts up from the back, but Yunho sits up in his seat this time. Jaejoong doesn’t turn to look at his boyfriend but whatever it is that he looks like manages to silence everyone again.

Jaejoong clears his throat, tugging off his sunglasses to stare down each and every one of the players that he can see. His eyes linger on some more than others, and by the time he is done, everyone is dead silent, averting their gazes.

He takes a deep breath, and then lets it rip.

”Kakenukero hikarini michiteru, kibou okureru bashou… Tsuyoi kazewo kitte…”


The entire team seems to have gotten over Jaejoong’s rock god status pretty quickly, taking him automatically into their fold because while the man is caustic, sarcastic, bitchy and oftentimes unnecessarily rude, they can see the genuine affection he shows towards their team captain. Being jocks and used to trash talking, they can all see past the bullshit, and take Hero’s rather prickly personality in stride, just the way their captain does, not taking it personally and letting it wash off them like water off a duck’s back.

Right now, fourteen of them are seated around the singer, explaining the game to him as the A and B team battle it out on the ice in a half match.

The speeds they get up to, especially Yunho on the ice is freaking Jaejoong out just a little bit. He’s already seen a couple of rather hard collisions as the B team forwards have the misfortune of coming up against the Assassin and the Destroyer. Jaejoong understands where those nicknames come from and he’s already seen some accidental blood shed as players get boarded. No one has been able to touch Yunho though, and as he watches, he realises that the other team can barely touch Xiah and Micky as well. Ice hockey is a full contact sport but for some reason, the forwards are avoiding it as far as possible, changing directions abruptly, even ducking and swerving to go out of their way to avoid contact where possible. It helps that they are so fast.

“Why are they playing like that?”

“U-Know’s idea. The other team’s defence is pretty brutal but they depend on contact. They are fast, but not as fast as those three. They depend on injuring the other team actually if I’m being honest. Their goaltender has served over a hundred minutes in penalties and that’s a fuck load for a goalie. They are also fucking arrogant, and U-Know wants to play with them.”

“Play?” Jaejoong’s eyes don’t leave the ice as a laughing Yunho scores yet another goal. They are up 7-0 with only three minutes of the final session left.

“Because they are arrogant, he wants to throw them off balance. Essentially skating out of their reach, mocking them I guess. He wants to get them flustered and then they will make mistakes.”

“Isn’t that dangerous? Kinda like baiting a bull or something.”

“This sport is dangerous. You can’t avoid it. But don’t worry. Yunho is the fastest skater in the history of the league.”

“What about Xiah and Micky though?”

The team, whose feelings are warming towards the cold rocker, melt even more at his words, as they all exchange glances.

“They’re pretty fucking fast too. Plus, they’re veterans. They’ve been playing for a good decade and know all the dirty little tricks. Micky isn’t called Micky the Sneaky for nothing. They give as good as they get. Don’t worry.”

“Easier said than done,” Jaejoong mutters under his breath.

He has his own skates on, and when his father blows the whistle to end that session, he immediately stands to skate out towards the sweaty right winger currently conversing with Kangin. He takes the roundabout way though, skating the perimeter of the rink, getting his legs warm, before he comes to a screeching halt in a shower of ice in front of his boyfriend. Everyone watching starts to hoot and holler once again, and Jaejoong has to hide a smile. He has not been surrounded by this many men in so long, not since his trainee days, and the level of testosterone definitely takes some getting used to. He’s signed quite a few gloves so far, and he finds it hilarious that the team that will be playing tonight will have his name all over their uniforms. He is pretty sure a Hero Jaejoong autograph is not standard issue in the AL.

“Hey,” Jaejoong murmurs. Kangin merely smirks and skates away immediately, while Yunho tilts his chin up.


Jaejoong fiddles with the straps on his helmet, managing to get them unfastened before pulling it off. Yunho’s hair is damp with sweat, and he definitely has a case of helmet head which Jaejoong finds incredibly cute as he reaches up to ruffle his hair.

Yunho tries to duck out of the way, batting the older man’s hand away. “Don’t! I stink!”

Instead of replying, Jaejoong fists the collar of his jersey with both hands, tugging him down for a hard kiss. The noise the rest of Anyang Halla make is extremely loud as it echoes around the empty venue, but the two men on the ice ignore it. The hoots only get louder when Yunho pulls off his gloves, dropping them carelessly to the ice as he slips his arms around his boyfriend, hands grazing the tops of his ass, before dipping down and cupping them, drawing Jaejoong tight against him.

“Get a room!”

“The locker room is close!”

“Shower sex! Go, go, go!”

“Don’t wear him out, rockstar!”


Jaejoong is in full disguise, but he has a feeling it isn’t working. He has heard his name several times now from the people around him. He is sitting as close to the Anyang Hall team box as possible, opting not to sit in the VIP area because he takes comfort in being around the players who had been more than kind to him earlier that afternoon. He is still extremely appreciative of the wider team in general for their efforts at the airport, and he had briefly toyed with the idea of offering them jobs as his security because they seem to be better at it than his actual security staff. It makes him wonder yet again if his company purposefully allows the odd fan through to touch him, to get a reaction from him, and create more controversy. He really would not put it past them.

Cynical Jaejoong is cynical.

Being in the entertainment industry for as long as he has, being cynical comes easily because nine times out of ten, he is right, and the one occasion he isn’t, is usually because he wasn’t cynical enough. The thought of leaving his agency keeps popping into his head more and more frequently. He finds himself thinking about it almost every time he isn’t thinking of Yunho, which admittedly isn’t often, but it happens enough times for him to start thinking seriously about it.

Both he and Yunho have had several missed calls from Seunghyun in the last couple of hours. No doubt because news has broken that they are together and the man is perhaps panicking. Well, let him fucking panic. Jaejoong would like nothing better than for the man to sit in his own piss quaking in his fucking boots wondering exactly what the fuck is in store for him.

He logs into his Twitter account as he waits. It is an anonymous account, and he definitely has better things to do than to look up stories about himself, but he is curious because Seunghyun’s calls aren’t the only missed ones he’s had so far. It doesn’t take him long to pull up an article.



Speculation is rife as netizens are abuzz with the news that Hero Jaejoong was seen this afternoon in Sapporo in the arms of none other than Jung Group heir apparent, Jung Yunho. The rock icon had first created waves when he had appeared unannounced at Incheon this morning, the singer’s signature pout identifiable immediately by his legions of fans as he just about brings the airport to a standstill. News leaked within the hour as to his destination, and Chitose airport found itself at a standstill less than an hour before the scheduled flight was due to arrive.

What follows surely confirms that rockstar Hero Jaejoong is dating South Korea’s ice hockey sweetheart Jung Yunho. Anyang Halla, wearing their easily identifiable team blazers formed a solid wall between Hero and the crowd of over three thousand to have swarmed the airport. The small group, headed by Kangin the Destroyer, Anyang Halla’s vicious defenceman, plowed through the ocean of fans to get to their bus. Hero Jaejoong was seen wearing a team blazer belonging to Micky the Sneaky, but despite the heavy shades and the mask on him, fans were still able to discern who he was. Hero was tucked securely into the side of the youngest captain in the history of Anyang Halla and the AL, Jung Yunho.

Everyone is curious as to how these two met in the first place and if Hero Jaejoong really is dating the young sports star or if this is just another one of his many flings. Though as far as flings are concerned, his taste has definitely improved for U-Know Yunho is considered a prime catch in East Asia. He is affectionately known as “the walking jackpot”, because winning him would be like winning the lottery.


U-Know Yunho on the ice at the home game last week


U-Know Yunho with goaltender Max Changmin in the background at a charity ball hosted by Jung Group late last year.


U-Know Yunho performing at a charity event in Tokyo several years ago

Is this handsome young man really dating the scandal prone Hero Jaejoong? The rock superstar is arguably a god in his field, but really, is he good enough for the darling of South Korea?

We have approached Hero Jaejoong’s agency, Anyang Halla’s public spokesperson as well as the press team at Jung Group. All have declined comment save for the last.

”Jung Group is in support of any action Jung Yunho chooses to make.”

What this means is anyone’s guess. U-Know Yunho’s previous relationships have never been endorsed this publicly by his parents, and there is talk about this being a publicity stunt by both parties. Hero Jaejoong is in desperate need to repair his image after the alleged suicide attempt from two months ago, and there is speculation that Jung Group are seeking to widen their influence into the entertainment industry.

A marriage made in heaven or hell? We wait with bated breath.


Marriage? Darling of South Korea? A walking jackpot? A fucking publicity stunt?


What the actual fuck?

Jaejoong stares at his phone, scrolling back up to read the rather long article from start to finish again, pausing at the photos of his boyfriend, marveling at how at ease the man is in any of the hats he is wearing, be it captain of Anyang Halla, tuxedo-clad heir to Jung Group, or hip hop dancer for a charity event. He lingers at the last photo, lips quirking at the longer than fashionable hair and the lines of his lean body.

What of his new hat though?

Boyfriend of Hero Jaejoong.

How did one sighting equal marriage? And publicity stunt? That shit really fucking pisses him off. He hates it when tabloids assume things because they never ever get it right. He has no clue what Yunho’s family must be thinking right now, and he itches to call his boyfriend to ask.

But he is also itching to just leave.

And as if Yunho can read his mind because his phone beeps just then.

Please don’t run…

Jaejoong’s brow furrows, unsure what to make of the message.

Aren’t you assuming the worst of me right there? How are you no different from everyone else?

Yunho sits down heavily on the bench in the locker room. He is completely decked out save for his gloves, as he bites his bottom lip, texting furiously back.

I’m not assuming the worst. I’m pre-empting. However, I just looked at it from your point of view and you’re right, it can be construed as such although I really didn’t mean it that way.

I don’t like your tone.

“Fuck,” Yunho exhales, gripping his phone, looking up at the concerned expressions of his teammates. “I need to get out there.”

“You can’t. You know you can’t.” Junsu speaks, sitting next to him and putting a hand on his knee. “We can send someone out, but you can’t go to him.”


“Call him.”

Yunho stares at his best friend, and then he presses his speed dial. Jaejoong is number 5, behind his parents and Junsu, ahead of his sister and everyone else. The phone rings and rings, and goes to voicemail.

He tries again.

And again.

And as he attempts to make the call for the fourth time, a message comes in.

It’s too noisy and I can’t leave my seat. I’m not going anywhere right now but you and I really need to talk.

“Fuck, I’m an idiot.”

“You’re not an idiot. You just have no idea how to deal with a man like Hero Jaejoong.”

“Yes, I do. I do know how to deal with him. I fucking know and yet I still fucked it up.”

“Fear does that.”

Yunho glances at his best friend who is looking at him cautiously.

“I’ve seen the articles, and most of them are about how he isn’t good enough for you. I know you read the same articles and he definitely read at least some of them. You’re afraid he’ll run.”

“He won’t run.”

As if on cue, his phone beeps.

I can feel you panicking from way over here. I thought I’m the running sort? Should I start worrying about you? Where did this photo come from?

“Damn, he saw that article. The one with the whole darling of South Korea bullshit. What the fuck? Since when was I the darling of South Korea?” Yunho queries his teammates as he texts back quickly, attaching another photo.

I’m not going anywhere. And that photo was from a National Cancer Charity drive, maybe about five or so years ago. This one is more recent.


Jaejoong stares, and then he smiles, texting back.

It seems age hasn’t done a thing to you. Nice pants ;-)

Yunho chokes, looking at the photo once again and chuckling ruefully, shaking his head. His teammates don’t question him, content to watch and make sure their captain and his boyfriend are ok.

It hasn’t done a thing to you either. How long ago was this? And yeah, nice pants back at you ;-)


Jaejoong grins behind the mask he is wearing, unconsciously sucking on his bottom lip as he replies.

Over four years ago… I don’t have any more photos. We need to remedy this.

Send me a pretty one and I’ll send you some love back ;-)

The rockstar is now chewing industriously on his lower lip as he scrolls through the myriad of photos on his phone. He sees one that actually makes him chuckle loudly, choosing it to send. That should give his boyfriend something to think about.


Yunho stares. He stares and he stares. And he swallows hard and he stares again. His teammates are curious, and surprisingly, he allows Junsu to take the phone from him. The centre forward lets out a long low whistle as he stares at the screen before passing it along.


“My phone, please.”

“Trust you to prefer men, but to get the most beautiful man ever who makes even Ara pale in comparison.”

Changmin scoffs at Yoochun’s words as he hands the phone back to Yunho after it’s gone round to all five of them. “If you think Ara was pretty, you need your eyes checked. Hero Jaejoong just about eclipsed every single fucking female I have ever seen. What say you to some friendly competition?”

His tone isn’t serious, but Yunho glares uncharacteristically at him as he flicks through his own photo albums.

“Don’t even think about it.”

“And you tried to deny you’re possessive?”

“No, Jae tried to deny it.”

“Same thing.”

Yunho doesn’t respond as he finally finds a photo he is happy with, a tiny smirk playing about his lips as he sends it.

You just ruined any future relationships for my team. No one can compare to you from either gender. Here’s the love I promised.


The reply is almost instantaneous.

Why are you sharing your love with the whole fucking world!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

You really need to stop looking at my pants.

That’s the only damn reason you sent that fucking photo. Admit it.

Yunho laughs, making his teammates smile in relief as they all stand, gearing up to play one of the most important games of the season. Yunho trails after them, texting, smirking to himself as he gets someone purposefully in trouble.

One more for good measure. I gotta hand over my phone after this. I love you. Oh and btw, Changmin took the photos… :P



Jaejoong is literally on the edge of his seat. The game is just about to go into the final period and Anyang Halla are leading 2-0. Yunho scored both goals, much to the anger of the Nippon Cranes back line. Their goaltender is becoming increasingly reckless, taking cheap shots at any player he can get. Yunho has already been tripped up once, and it had taken a tremendous amount of willpower for Jaejoong not to scream bloody murder when his boyfriend crashed heavily onto the ice. What had saved the goaltender’s hide was the fact that Yunho had gotten up almost immediately, wearing a smirking grin. He hadn’t been joking about playing with the defencemen, and even Jaejoong’s novice eyes can see the other team start playing increasingly dirty in order to gain an advantage. Micky has already been subbed out after a high check slammed him into the boards, and he had been taken out due to risk of a concussion. Xiah had proceeded to play with a fury, setting up both of Yunho’s goals for him, both points coming within five minutes of Micky being taken off the ice.

That had been at the start of the second period.

This is now the third, and Jaejoong can feel it in his gut that something bad is about to happen. His hands are clenched as the official drops the puck to start the game, and Yunho immediately snatches possession, flying across the ice. He is chased down by both defencemen and the Cranes’ own centre forward, and Jaejoong has all but ripped his mask off in agitation as he sees what can only be terrible collision of some sort at the other end.

The crowd is on their feet as Junsu is left open. Kangin and Han Geng are both in hot pursuit of the skaters that look ready to smash Yunho in a three way, when the captain suddenly veers off away from the goal, skating in an arc around the pursuing five skaters, around his own backline. The sudden change in direction confuses the other team as two of them narrowly avoid smashing into each other. They do get smashed instead by Kangin and Han Geng coming up behind them, straight into the boards to the left of their own goal, causing the crowd to roar.

It is far too late for the remaining Nippon Cranes player who tries to chase after Yunho as he sends a long pass to Junsu who catches the puck, scoring easily through a backhand deke. The cheers are shortlived though as the Nippon Cranes goaltender charges out in anger, slamming straight into a victorious Junsu, knocking the centre forward flat on his back.

Yunho is there first, hauling the goaltender off his best friend, practically throwing the man back into his own net, anger holding his body rigid. Jaejoong can practically see the fury rolling off his boyfriend, his face no longer twisted into a smirk, his eyes gleaming dangerously as he is now out for blood. He is flanked almost immediately by Kangin and Han Geng, and even the Nippon Cranes defencemen know better than to try anything funny. The officials are circling, while Yunho kneels down on the ice next to Junsu.

The chanting starts from the Anyang Halla box, and even though this is a home game for the Nippon Cranes, the cheers swell.

“Xiah Junsu! Xiah Junsu! Xiah Junsu!”

After what feels like too long, Junsu grabs hold of Yunho’s hand as the young captain hauls his friend back upright. They confer quickly, and it appears to Jaejoong that Junsu must have just had the wind knocked out of him, rather than him hitting his head the way his boyfriend had. A quick consult with the officials confirms it as the match is restarted with Junsu still playing.

This time, the puck is snatched away by one of the Cranes’ frontline, whizzing away across the ice, managing to get a pass off to his teammate just before Kangin slams into him. Play continues because the hit was a legal one, even though the man is literally spun into the corner of the ice rink. What comes next though shocks everyone as instead of taking a shot on goal, the Nippon Crane centre forward skates full tilt into Max Changmin. The crash is spectacular and the anger from the Anyang Halla box is not to be underestimated as everyone roars to their feet, shouting profanities, screaming for blood, and banging their sticks against the board.

Jaejoong knows one thing about ice hockey, and that is there is some sort of unwritten rule that goaltenders are meant to be exempt from physical contact but clearly unwritten rules are meant to be broken. When the Nippon Cranes player moves away, the only thing left is the puck in the back of the net, along with Anyang Halla’s young goaltender in a crumpled heap.

Play is halted yet again and everyone is on their feet. Jaejoong has lost his mask by now, climbing up and standing on the back of the Anyang Halla player box. He glowers ferociously at the two security guards who come up to tell him to come down, daring them to say a fucking word. Both men recognise him instantly and leave him up there, though they do station themselves behind him just in case. Yunho and Kangin are crouched around their goal, and despite the obviously injured man still lying unmoving on the ice, attention shifts to him when the people around him realise he is there.

The noise starts, his name a slow murmur, raising in crescendo, till the players on the ice all start to look around.

“Hero! Hero! Hero!”

Jaejoong is livid. Why the fuck are people calling for him when Max is lying injured on the ice?

He watches as Yunho gets up, pulling off his gloves as he grabs the player that had skated into Changmin, and he starts to throw punches.

The chants grow, and the cameras are now on him as he can see himself on the large screens high above the centre of the skating rink. Only he can turn the tide now, and he starts to stomp, his eyes on his furious boyfriend exchanging punches with the Nippon Cranes player.

Stomp, stomp, clap.

Stomp, stomp, clap.

He feels like a damn monkey or something, but this is ridiculous. His eyes never leave his boyfriend, his jaw clenched tight, eyes gleaming malevolently as he glares out onto the ice. Everyone is looking at him now.

Stomp, stomp, clap.

Slowly the crowd starts to follow.

Stomp, stomp, clap.

“U-Know,” his voice is low, barely above his usual speaking voice, but the players in the Anyang Hall box hear it, as they smirk, taking up his call at the clap.

Stomp, stomp.


Stomp, stomp.


Instead of a clap, Jaejoong changes it to a fist in the air. And the crowd follows instantly, and by the second refrain, U-Know’s name is echoing around the full capacity venue. Three thousand voices shouting as one, not for their own team player, but for the boyfriend of the rock god they worship.

The two men exchanging blows are finally pulled apart by the officials and their teammates, and Jaejoong’s eyes finally leave his boyfriend as he sneers at the other player. He can see a bloodied nose and what looks like a cut above the other man’s eye, but he really doesn’t give a fuck. Yunho himself is sporting a cut lip and Jaejoong sees red as he points at the bloodied up player on the ice. The man responsible for hurting both Yunho and Max Changmin.

The shouts and cheers die slowly, as even the officials are silent, watching the blazing eyes of the rockstar.

The two commentators up in the booth are having a field day. While ice hockey is exciting, this is definitely far more exhilarating. Hokkaido is in love with Hero Jaejoong. In fact, Japan is in love with Hero Jaejoong because he was the first star to have scheduled sold out charity concerts throughout the country with all proceeds going towards earthquake relief. He had gone up against his own agency because of it, and the dispute had landed in court, though it was finally settled out of court with no one except the parties really knowing the details of it.

“Hero Jaejoong, rumoured boyfriend of U-Know Yunho has just turned this arena into one of his rock concerts.”

“Rumoured? I think we pretty much just got confirmation. The singer is absolutely furious, and has somehow rallied the entire crowd behind U-Know Yunho, who has just finished using Imamura Kenta as his punching bag.”

“Wait, wait, what’s going on now? What is Hero Jaejoong pointing at?”

“I believe he is pointing at Kenta. Yes, he is pointing at Kenta. I wouldn’t want to be the forward right now, Hero looks like he is about to hit something or someone.”

“U-Know Yunho looks like the winner of that fight though. Kenta is far more bloodied up than the captain who has definitely earned himself a penalty for that punch up. Max Changmin is being attended to on the ice, and it looks like he’s landed on his ankle wrong. He is being stretchered off now as we speak, though our cameramen appear to be far more interested in U-Know’s boyfriend right now.”

“I don’t think Hero Jaejoong cares who won that fight. Folks watching at home, we are coming to you live from Kushiro Ice Arena with a full capacity crowd that is utterly silent as they watch rock idol Hero Jaejoong who is…oh my god he just threatened Kenta.”

“Folks, if you’re listening on the radio, Hero Jaejoong just slid his thumb across his throat while pinning Kenta with what can only be described as a death look. The rockstar is not at all happy and Kenta is the target. The crowd has started shouting again, chanting Hero’s name, as both Kenta and U-Know are sin-binned.”

Jaejoong wastes no time, scrambling down from his perch, the crowd yelling his name, ignoring the claps on his back by the various Anyang Halla players as he picks his way through them, to climb over the barricade to the small penalty area. Yunho has been given a five minute penalty and five minutes is plenty. The game can barely restart because the crowd is on their feet screaming, watching the progress of the rockstar who is unimpeded by anyone. No one dares to get in his way, not even the officials.

“What the fuck was that?”

“Get out of here, Jae,” Yunho growls out, not bothering to turn around as he throws his helmet and hockey stick into the corner of the box. He is staring out onto the ice, at the empty space in front of their goal, watching as Son Hyun-Je, the B team goaltender skates into place.

“Was that fucking necessary?”

“Get the fuck out of here, Jae. I’m still pissed as hell.” Yunho’s voice holds a clear note of warning, which his boyfriend chooses to ignore.

“Look at me.”

“Fuck you. Get out of here.”


Yunho whirls around, and Jaejoong has to suck in a breath. He has never seen Yunho angry like this, and the man is glorious in his fury. His eyes are blazing with anger, his jaw taut with tension, the veins in his neck popping out starkly, and the potential for violence is still hanging in the air between them. And that busted lip, with the trickle of blood down his chin makes him look even more dangerous.

“Get out, Jae.”

“Make me.”

The crowd gasps in unison as U-Know Yunho suddenly bursts forward, snatching up the rockstar by the lapels of his hoodie and slamming him against the backboard. Hero Jaejoong is lifted clean off his feet, wrapping his legs around the ice hockey captain’s waist as the younger man forces a brutal kiss on him. A kiss meant to punish for defying him.

Forget the game, nobody even cares about that anymore as the video screens high above the crowds are all of a bleeding U-Know Yunho pinning Hero Jaejoong against the boards, and kissing him angrily.

Jaejoong can taste blood, and he knows it is not his. He’s had the breath knocked out of him when Yunho slammed his back against the board, but the utter exhilaration at feeling so alive with the angry virile young man between his thighs has just made him forget where he is and who he is as he struggles to kiss Yunho back.

The younger man is having none of it though, slanting his mouth harshly over Jaejoong’s thrusting his tongue into the rockstar’s mouth and just taking. Taking and taking because he needs an outlet for his residual anger and frustration at what just happened on the ice. He can vaguely feel his boyfriend tugging his hair, hands fisted in the back of his head, but he knows Jaejoong is willing because the man’s legs are tightening as much as he can around his waist.

When Yunho finally pulls back, he slips a hand between them, rubbing his thumb across the bottom of Jaejoong’s swollen lip tenderly, resting his forehead against the man he has pressed up against the boards. Their breathing is harsh, and they don’t speak for a few seconds as they calm their racing hearts. His anger is almost gone, spent against the mouth of the gorgeous older man wrapped around him. He moves his hand down to try and pull Jaejoong’s legs from around his waist, but the his boyfriend grunts in protest, squeezing him again, and Yunho runs his hand along his outer leg instead, caressing his thigh as he speaks quietly against his mouth.

“I told you to get out, Jae…”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Jaejoong’s words hold a double meaning, and he knows the younger man knows it when he feels the smile stretching across those cupid bow lips still pressed lightly against his.

“You just outed us to the whole world.”

“I think you did that all on your own.”

“It wasn’t me who got the crowd chanting my name. And I’m pretty sure Kenta is thinking you’re about to send out a hit squad after him.”

Jaejoong grins, tightening his hand in Yunho’s hair as he starts to lick at the younger man’s parted mouth, teasing playfully as Yunho sticks the tip of his tongue out to catch each lick as it passes, ignoring the roar from the crowd when he does so.

“I told you this was a bad game for your first.”

“You did, didn’t you?”



Yunho smirks, pressing a quick kiss to Jaejoong’s mouth to keep the older man’s mouth shut as he breathes out his reply across those beautiful red lips, so swollen from his kisses, and tainted with his blood.


Up high in the commentators booth, two men are sitting and gaping at their screens.

“Folks…I think we can confirm exclusively, live from Kushiro Ice Arena, that U-Know Yunho is indeed dating Hero Jaejoong.”

AN1: Ok so I don’t know if any of you noticed but this fic has so many characters omg. This is the first time I’ve written something with what feels like a million people in it. Sleeping Beauty was central around YunJae, everyone else was pretty secondary apart from Jiyool. Jejuko had JaeChun and HoSu and that’s pretty much it. Slept So Long was YunJae + demon lmao! See where I’m getting at? I think this fic has more characters than all my previous fics put together. And suddenly I’m freaking out about it OTL (And hilariously, little_passions commented on this phenomena the other day in the first chapter of Ice… great minds think alike? :P)

AN2: Jaejoong killed me with Maze. Just flat out killed me. Two goddamn fucking lines and my brain turned to mush and I just had no hope of recovering… I couldn’t even write. This is all his fault!!!

AN3: And yes, I am moaning over angry Yunho………………….. God…
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