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Ice [14a]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, mild angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: I officially have no idea how long this fic is going to be. I thought I had an idea, but clearly I don’t lol. Oh well, stay on the train for the ride if you want but feel free to hop off if it gets too long for you ;-) I’m already over 120,000 words!!!!!! IN LESS THAN ONE FUCKING MONTH!!!!!! OH MY GOD.

AN2: This banner was done by taigrin 

Jaejoong is sitting in the locker rooms waiting for the team to come back in. He had been banished there by his father who clearly looked much too happy to be annoyed enough with him to have sent him to “time out” but there you have it. Apparently Hero Jaejoong is too damn distracting and the team, down two players, needs to concentrate on the remaining fifteen minutes or so of play left. Seriously, what can happen in fifteen minutes that has relegated him to sitting in a locker room alone scrolling through his phone at the veritable explosion of news on every single SNS platform he can see.

“U-Know Yunho” and “Hero Jaejoong” are both top trending topics on Naver, Daum and Twitter even though the kiss surely happened barely twenty minutes ago. He can barely keep up with any of the tags, and Tumblr is a huge mess of videos and stills from the live telecast by viewers at home.

Both his South Korea phone and his Japan phone have been ringing off the hook. He muted both ages ago, and as he picks up both now, he grimaces, seeing 37 missed calls on the Japanese line and 29 on the South Korean line. His personal line only has one missed call and that is from his mother and he’d called her back immediately, laughing when he was greeted by an ear piercing squeal.

So he has the blessings of his parents and supposedly Yunho’s parents as well. He would love nothing more than to check because he really is just brazen like that, and as he fiddles with his phone, he realises that he can actually ring a member of Yunho’s family.

When he had emailed Jihye the selca they took directly from his personal email, she had replied, and in her signature was her phone number and SNS details. He quickly flicks through his emails to find her reply, and within a minute, is ringing her using his South Korean line.



“Yes, who is this?”


He is cut off by yet another ear piercing squeal, which has him practically flinging the phone away from his ear. What is it with females and squealing? He can hear a ridiculous amount of babbling coming from the phone but he dares not put it to his ear yet as he speaks into the mouthpiece.

“Jihye, if you don’t calm down I’m going to hang up.”

The babbling continues.

“Jihye! I can’t hear you because you’re too loud and I’m not going to put my phone to my ear till you calm the fuck down.”

He can hear her shrieking, and then silence. He tentatively places the phone to his ear, and he can hear her speaking to someone else.

“Mum! Mum! Oppa 2 is on the phone! He called me! No, you can’t talk to him yet. I want to know what happened to that stupid man who stupidly got himself injured. I’m going to kill him for making me break my ipod.”

Jaejoong sighs, wishing he’d brought his bluetooth headset. Who knows how long he’ll be on the phone.

“Oppa 2?”

“Yes, Jihye.”

“Is Changmin ok?”

“I don’t know. He’s still with the medics. I’m in the locker room. Is the match over yet?”

“Are you not watching?”

“I got kicked out after that stunt I pulled.”

“Who would dare kick Hero Jaejoong out?”

“My father,” comes the rueful reply and his mouth quirks when Jihye commiserates effusively over annoying parents. In the middle of it, she shrieks again into his ear, and he has a feeling she must have gotten a smack from her rather scary mother.

But he was wrong.

“Oppa just got hit by that brutish defenceman. Sakata Ikuya I think. Number 15.”

“What!” Now it’s Jaejoong’s turn to shriek as he stands up immediately, heading out, only to find his way blocked by a tall goaltender on crutches by the name of Shim Changmin.

“Where are you going?”

“Yunho just got hit by some asshole.”

“And what were you planning on doing about it?”

“Break his face.”

Changmin eyes the angry rockstar and he shakes his head, chuckling. “Man, you are going to be breaking a lot of faces if you’re going to freak out every time someone hits Yunho. This is a full contact sport emphasis on the full fucking contact. Injuries are absolutely inevitable.”

As they stare each other down, they are both suddenly aware of loud shrieking coming from the phone that is still in Jaejoong’s hand, and he palms it off to the surprised younger man.

“Here! The call’s for you.”

Changmin stares perplexed, but he puts the phone to his ear.


The wince on Changmin’s face and the deathly glare he sends Jaejoong’s way makes him forget about his ire momentarily as he watches the young goaltender get his ear blistered by an extremely irate and upset Jung Jihye. He has to hide a chuckle as Changmin is unable to even get a word in edgewise, the grimace on his face growing more pronounced by the second as he hobbles his way into the locker room to find a seat on the bench. Why the goaltender doesn’t just hang up strikes Jaejoong as rather telling, and he smirks as he uses the opportunity to slip out. As he walks down the corridor, turning to head through the tunnel and out to the arena, raucous voices can be heard, and the familiar clomp of skate guards.

Jaejoong stops instead, to see who is coming down, and is relieved to see the Anyang Halla players slowly emerge one by one. They are all conversing, but they slowly peter out as they notice him. They’re all oddly quiet, grinning from ear to ear as they all walk past him, bowing as they go, some greeting him, but none actually stopping to talk to him. These are the reserve players and Jaejoong lets them pass.

As they disappear round the corner into the locker rooms, he hears a new group stomping down the stairs. Expecting it to be the rest of Anyang Halla, Jaejoong takes a step forward, only to stop short when he sees Nippon Cranes instead. Immediately his countenance changes, his body language exudes an instant fuck off vibe not to mention his face. Unlike Halla, the Cranes are all glaring at him as they go past, but none dare say a word to him. They do a pretty good job of staying on their side of the tunnel though.

Jaejoong stares each and every one of them down, his gaze cold and completely closed off, almost contemptuous. He doesn’t look away even once, all the Nippon Cranes players that file past him lose the staring match. Well, it really wasn’t much of a match to begin with. The bleakness in Jaejoong’s gaze is something that needs to be seen to be believed. It is utterly cold, and each player involuntarily shudders at the ice in his eyes.

Yet again, these are the reserve players.

Jaejoong is starting to get impatient, and he really wants to go up to the Arena and see what the fucking hold up is, when that familiar clank down the stairs starts up again.

“This better be them,” he murmurs to himself under his breath, but clearly today is not quite his day as Nippon Cranes once again emerges.

These men are loud, and clearly pissed off, but once again, like the earlier two groups, their conversation slowly grinds to a halt as they catch sight of the rockstar leaning deceptively casually against the wall in the tunnel leading to the locker rooms. Jaejoong has discarded his sweater, and is simply in his black hoodie, and tight black jeans with his steel capped industrial boots. His arms are crossed as he once again eyes them all up and down. He is not the slightest bit pleased to see Kenta immediately moving to the back of the group of six, presumably trying to hide from him.

A man in the number 15 jersey yanks on his collar, practically spitting at his teammate in his anger.

“Why the fuck are you hiding? Don’t be such a fucking pussy. Look at him. Fucking pansy.”

Jaejoong merely quirks an eyebrow, as the team files past, four of the men averting their gazes, while the sixth in jersey number 15 as well as the goaltender both glare malevolently at him. As he stares them down, he remembers Jihye’s words from earlier.

“Oppa just got hit by that brutish defenceman. Sakata Ikuya I think. Number 15.”

Jaejoong pushes away from the wall, not caring that the man has a good five inches on him in his skates, not to mention the man really is rather large. Built like Kangin but looking more like a bulldog compared to the handsome Anyang Halla defenceman, brutish seems to be the perfect word to describe him.

“Oh, look, the pretty boy wants to play. Wanna give me a kiss like your boyfriend baby? I don’t care who the fuck you are. Sluts all look the same in bed.” Ikuya leers, looking at his teammates who keep walking, not wanting to be part of the confrontation. His sidekick, the goaltender is the only one who laughs.

“I don’t fuck dogs.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, I don’t fuck dogs. And I sure as hell don’t fuck deaf talentless dogs who use cheap tricks to get ahead in life.”

Ikuya growls in anger, lunging for the rockstar who neatly sidesteps him, sticking out his foot and tripping up the man instead. Jaejoong remembers Yunho’s tactics in dealing with this particular team, and he smirks as the man goes flying.

Seeing his friend go down, the goaltender too throws caution in the wind and makes a dive for Jaejoong, but he too comes to the same end, though he crashes headlong into the wall instead. Their equipment is making them clumsy off the ice, and Jaejoong is more than able to defend himself.

Ikuya is the first back on his feet, his face red with anger as he once again lunges for Jaejoong who yet again, sidesteps and trips him up.

“I am going to fuck you up so badly you fucking piece of shit. Of course you’d fight like a fucking girl. How many cocks have you had up your ass huh? Fucking slut.”

This time Ikuya comes up swinging, throwing a fist at Jaejoong who dodges it, and almost casually flips the man, throwing him off over his back. Ikuya has at least 50 pounds on the slim rockstar, but that makes absolutely no difference as Ikuya finds himself flat on his back with a solid boot lodged against his throat.

Jaejoong has an audience; Nippon Cranes on one side, the goaltender having crawled to his teammates, out of the way of the rockstar and the imbecile of a defenceman, and on the other side at the foot of the stairs, just in time to hear Ikuya’s crass words as he takes a swing at Jaejoong and the aftermath, is what remains of the Anyang Halla A team, Yunho standing at its forefront.

The rockstar takes no notice, crouching down, leaning his weight behind his boot, in a move reminiscent of a night not too long ago. That memory pisses him off even more, and he doesn’t let up as he puts more weight behind his heavy boot.

“I don’t give a fucking crap what you think of me. Call me all the fucking names you want, I couldn’t care less because you are absolutely nothing to me. But if you fuck Yunho up, I will make sure you pay for it.” Jaejoong pauses drawing back slightly, allowing the man to attempt to suck in some air, before leaning forward again. “This right here? This is me teaching you a lesson. How do you like being pinned by this pretty boy huh? I can do it again and again and again. If I see any of your dirty fucking tricks on the ice again, I will fuck you up so badly you won’t even know your fucking name by the time I’m done with you.”

He straightens, stepping away, drawing his foot back and kicking the prone man hard in the ribs, before he turns, sending a withering gaze down at Nippon Cranes.

“And you lot. Fucking pussies. You didn’t even try to help your teammate. What kind of fucking team are you?”

He turns his back on them, finally noticing Anyang Halla, and Yunho at the head of it. He ignores the smirking men behind his boyfriend because Yunho looks far from happy. He walks around the still prone Ikuya, heading towards the potentially rather unwelcoming arms of the young ice hockey captain.

“No kiss for me?” Jaejoong asks as he stops in front of Yunho, tilting his head back to gaze at the serious face of the younger man.

“I’m not sure you deserve one.”

“When has that ever stopped you?”

“You can’t do this, Jae.”

“I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Are we really going to do this here?”

“It can wait.”

Yunho grabs Jaejoong’s hand, only to have the rockstar shake him off. He tries again, and it happens again, and he sighs.

“That move on Ikuya? It won’t work on me and you know it. Either you hold my hand now and behave, or I’m going to haul you over my shoulder and you can yell all the way down this tunnel and make more of a spectacle of yourself than you already have.”

“Fuck you.”

“Jae, I love you. My legs hurt, my head hurts, and I need to check on two injured team members. You can get mad at me about this later, but please, just come with me.”

In the blink of an eye, Jaejoong’s behaviour does an about turn when he finally notices the cut on Yunho’s temple. How he didn’t notice he will never know, but he makes a distressed sound as he immediately leans into the tall captain’s side, reaching up to brush away his hair from his sweaty forehead.

“What just happened?” Kangin blinks at the couple in front of them. Nippon Cranes have long cleared the tunnel and it is only them left in it. Yunho and Jaejoong are now walking slowly ahead, the rockstar tucked firmly against the side of the slightly injured captain of Anyang Halla, carrying his hockey stick and helmet for his boyfriend.

Junsu chuckles, shaking his head as the three of them start walking after the duo. “I think Yunho has a battle on his hands.”

“Who do you think will win?” Han Geng asks, his eyes not leaving the vertically cuddling pair.

“That’s the beauty of it. There doesn’t have to be a winner, but the fights will be a sight to behold.”

“My money’s on Yunho.” Han Geng grins as he sees his captain press his mouth against the top of Jaejoong’s head just as they round the corner.

Kangin shakes his head. “Have you seen Hero pout? He’d make anyone do anything for him with that mouth. Granted he never pouts at anyone but Yunho, but damn…”

“Our captain is made of sterner stuff, hyung. He’s learned a lot from his previous relationships.” Junsu counters, smiling when he can hear Jaejoong’s rather carrying voice wash back on them as he chides Yunho for not leaning against him. Apparently, just because he’s slim, doesn’t mean he isn’t strong.

“Say, you know, I always assumed Hero would bottom in this relationship but after that little stunt he pulled flipping Ikuya like that, I don’t actually know if he really is the bottom type.”

“Didn’t he say his ass hurt this morning?” Han Geng reminds his teammate.

“Oh yeah…” Kangin wrinkles his nose disappointedly. “I think it would be cool if Hero topped.”

“I really have no idea why we’re discussing my best friend’s sex life in the middle of the hallway. Let’s not, ok?”


Yunho is slumped face down on the bed, thoroughly exhausted. Everything hurts. His head doesn’t hurt anymore, but that’s about the only part that isn’t hurting. He’s had an earful from his sister about letting Changmin get hurt. Is she crazy? He can’t watch her damn boyfriend 24/7. Of course, the second he says that, she starts shrieking at him denying any sort of relationship but really, who gets mad at their own injured brother for something beyond his control? And didn’t he already beat Kenta up for it? Seriously, that little brat is too much.

They are staying at some random hotel. Even he doesn’t know where he is after their first hotel had been swamped with Hero Jaejoong’s fans, so he figures if he doesn’t know where he is than hopefully they’ll be able to at least sleep in peace. Coach Kim and most of the rest of the team are catching the first flight back. Changmin and Yoochun are not allowed to fly just yet, needing to go to the hospital tomorrow to be cleared. Yoochun doesn’t appear to have a concussion, but he’s badly banged up with bruises everywhere and a couple of scalp lacerations. Changmin has a twisted ankle and several pulled ligaments in his left leg from landing on it funny when Kenta plowed into him. It really could have been worse, but it isn’t and the physiotherapist is certain he’ll be fine in a couple of weeks. They will still miss him for the game next weekend, but that will hopefully be the only game he misses. Yoochun is potentially missing that game too, but the trainers are optimistic. Junsu on the other hand, not so much.

He is extra exhausted after playing referee between his best friend and the left winger. Perhaps Junsu dating a team member really wasn’t very forward thinking of him, but then who is he to cast stones on their relationship? The spat had been about Yoochun insisting he is fine, while Junsu insisting that he isn’t. The lover’s quarrel is all too reminiscent of the one he had with Jaejoong in the arena tunnel that he cannot help but sympathise with his best friend. He’d have been more than happy to commiserate with him in the hotel bar along with Kangin and Han Geng since both Yoochun and Changmin aren’t allowed to drink, but he had been unanimously voted out of the tribe. Apparently, he is way too high profile at the moment and they all just want a quiet drink to unwind.

Well, that was an hour ago. He grumbles into the pillow, too sore to move to look for his own wayward boyfriend. Jaejoong had been mostly quiet, eyes sparking every now and again, nostrils flaring as the team recounts the match, fire shooting into his eyes every time someone mentions Yunho getting hurt. The team seem to have noticed though, as everyone eventually changes the subject to the rocker’s rather obnoxious display of star power in the arena. He has a feeling that when it comes down to it, in a battle between himself and his boyfriend, even he won’t be able to call which side his team will fall on. Somehow, the older man has managed to gain the adoration of his entire team, and Yunho isn’t quite sure exactly when it happened.

It could have been the bus.

It could have been his prowess on skates that no one knew about.

It could have been the way he practically turned the home crowd against their own team.

It could have been the way he schooled Ikuya.

It could have been the bar tab he’d offered to pick up.

It could have simply been because he is Hero Jaejoong.

Yunho can understand why the man’s fans are so rabid. Jaejoong inspires insanity on various levels. The man can evoke all sorts of extreme emotions, and play you like a fucking harp, fiddling at your strings, and make you dance to his own tune. Yunho really cannot imagine anyone else being able to do what Jaejoong did in that arena.

He can still remember it. The arena had been vibrating with so much incredible energy, harnessed by one solitary man.

Stomp, stomp, clap.

Stomp, stomp, “U-Know!”.

And the desperate hunger he felt for the man out there on the ice as he brutalised his mouth in front of thousands upon thousands of people. The way Jaejoong calmed him just by being there, taking on his anger, and returning it with passion. The line is so hazy that Yunho isn’t sure if there was one to begin with. He had wanted to take Jaejoong whole, and had they not been in the arena, he really has no idea what would have happened. A man can only resist so much when a temptation as sinful as Hero Jaejoong is sitting there ripe for the plucking.

He groans, shifting, rummaging for his phone. There was an article his sister sent him earlier that he hasn’t had a chance to open. He could have looked at it in the tub while he soaked his aches and pains away, but his boyfriend had ignored him when he’d called out to him, and Yunho being Yunho decided to just sulk in the bath by himself. They are in a two bedroom suite, and Jaejoong hasn’t emerged from his room since he disappeared in there almost three hours ago. Even texting hasn’t managed to draw the man out, and Yunho is a tad too tired to go and appease the rock god who is far too used to people jumping to do his bidding.

Yunho from several years ago would have been more than happy to let Jaejoong have his way.

Heck, Yunho from a year ago probably would have been happy with that.

But Yunho knows this rockstar. He knows how much he hates the yes men that surround him, and he knows how much he hates it when people are being fake around him. He also knows that Jaejoong needs, no he wants stability in his life. The only times Yunho has ever really been stable is at his work, both as captain of Anyang Halla and also as the heir to Jung Group. His personal life has always been a bit of a mess because he feels like he has to suppress that other side of him. He has really never truly been himself till Jaejoong.

And now, he’s not sure if that was the right way anyway. He can be playful and sweet, but he also knows when to be serious and firm, and Jaejoong clearly needs someone to take him in hand. The rockstar is just a tad more wild than Yunho had imagined him to be. Really? Making the universal sign for a slit throat to Kenta out there in front of thousands and then practically strangling Ikuya in the depths of the arena was surely a little much? He appreciates the sentiment behind it, but he really can’t have his boyfriend threatening every single player in the AL.

Jaejoong’s overprotectiveness is extending to his fans though. He has already read mixed comments about him dating the man. The ones thoroughly against it are the ones who still have the completely delusional view that their oppa is going to marry them one fine day.

Yeah, right.

Even his sister, a rather rabid fan herself, has never been stupid enough to even consider that. Of course, she has been playing cat and mouse with Shim Changmin for several years now so perhaps having a real life person to distract her from obsessing so much about an unattainable rock star helps.

The Nippon Cranes bus had been vandalised in the parking lot of the Kushiro Arena. The scary thing about it is that this is their home ground. Their own backyard. And when push comes to shove, in a choice between the perceived approval from Hero Jaejoong for their actions, and their loyalty to the home team, the clear winner is the rock idol.

Both Kenta and Ikuya have already received death threats on the Nippon Cranes fanclub home page which had been hacked that night too.

Really, what the fuck has he gotten himself into?

He opens the email from his sister, head still on the pillow as he props up the phone on it.

Mum and Dad are rather pleased about oppa 2’s antics at the game. They even stomped along with him! Do you know how embarrassing that was? I’m just glad we were home and not out. That would have been catastrophic. Mum says he’s a keeper and to tell you that if you need anything to let them know. Anyway, I found this article which is possibly the only nice one I’ve seen so far. Everything else is just full of lame speculations and stupid predictions about how long your relationship will last. Really? Don’t people have better things to do? Ugh!

And btw, even more awkward, is that Dad was totally whooping when you slammed him against that board. How did we get parents like this? Did we do something wrong to be incarnated into this family? Dad practically dragged Mum out of the room when the game finally ended. AND NO PRIZES FOR GUESSING WHAT THEY WERE DOING.

I am scarred for life, seriously. You need to send me to therapy. I can feel issues coming up for the rest of my life. The long-suffering invisible sister-in-law of Hero Jaejoong.


Oh and here’s the article :P It’s not a well-known tabloid or anything and I think the title of the article is a typo but I liked it and maybe you will too…at least enjoy THAT PHOTO :P I know I am…(and pretending he’s not kissing you because I DON’T NEED YAOI IMAGES)



More shocks today as Hero Jaejoong comes out with his boyfriend U-Know Yunho in grand style befitting the rock god. At an away game in Japan tonight, if you had just switched the channel at the right time, you would have been forgiven for thinking that you had somehow landed on the MTV channel rather than the local sports channel. Hero Jaejoong turned Kushiro Ice Arena into a mini rock concert, while his boyfriend engaged in the time-honoured tradition of fisticuffs on the ice at the Asia League Ice Hockey play offs tonight. Anyang Halla beat Nippon Cranes 4-0, but it is not the game that is on everyone’s lips but rather the brief interlude at the start of the final period.


U-Know Yunho, youngest captain in the AL, had been furious when his goaltender was deliberately hurt by the Nippon Cranes centre forward Imamura Kenta. Pictured here at the re-start after serving his five minute penalty for the subsequent punch-up he instigated. And what a penalty that was. Hero Jaejoong joined him in the sin bin, to the crowd’s roaring approval.


The kiss captured live on camera that resounded around the country and beyond, there is no doubt exactly to whom U-Know Yunho belongs to. Or perhaps whom Hero Jaejoong belongs to because that kiss had been one of possession. Lasting almost the entire duration of U-Know Yunho’s five minute penalty, the kiss brought Kushiro Ice Arena to a complete standstill as the crowd gawked at the couple who very clearly look like they belong together. Far from being embarrassed at such a public show of affection that was broadcast live internationally as far as Canada, both U-Know and Hero showed absolutely no sign of regret at sharing that kiss with the world. Perhaps there will be more to come. We cannot say for sure if this will be repeated but it will be safe to say that no other couple in East Asia is going to inspire as many fantasies as these two will in the days to come. The tall and gorgeous young captain of Anyang Halla and the ice cold beauty that is Hero Jaejoong. The unlikeliest couple on paper, but on screen and in real life?


AN1: Drove 7 hours overnight to get to Court this morning, and then we have to drive 7 hours back so yeah ugh... Part b is up, just go up top and click next cos i'm lazy to link it :P

AN2: Can someone please tell me who did that YunJae edit? Because I have no idea. With all the nonsense of the last few days, I wouldn’t be surprised if people are removing their credits tbh, but if you do want to be credited, let me know and I’ll add it to my AN up top.
Tags: fic:ice, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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