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Ice [14b]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae/JaeHo
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: Btw, flat out. I had to go to work today urgently (drove 7 hours overnight), and now we have to drive 7 hours back and then we’re going away with the grandparents to their holiday home by the beach and I won’t be taking my laptop so no updates till next week probably cos we don’t get back till Wednesday. I know y’all are used to daily updates but family comes first. I’m already being a neglectful granddaughter-in-law tbh. Grandma commented that whenever she looks at me, I’m either looking at my laptop, my iPad or my iPhone TT________TT

AN2: This banner was done by atriums 

Yunho just stares at the photo. He stares and he stares because really, sadly, he doesn’t have any other choice because his boyfriend is being mean. However, in all his staring, he doesn’t notice the presence in the room. The presence of that very same ice cold beauty Hero Jaejoong who is currently holding a bottle of massage oil, and dressed simply in a pair of Yunho’s boxer shorts.

He climbs up onto the bed, astride Yunho’s hips, leaning forward to hug his injured boyfriend as the younger man lets out a terribly loud groan.

“Am I hurting you?” Jaejoong whispers against his ear, nuzzling as he fits his body against the contours of Yunho’s back. He drops the massage oil on the bed spread, and reaches out to grab the phone, smiling when he sees the photo. “Nice shot.”

“It depends,” Yunho’s voice is muffled as he turns his head and buries his face in the pillow.

“On?” Jaejoong runs the tip on his nose the back of Yunho’s shoulder.

“If you’re still mad at me.”

Jaejoong chuckles, pressing a kiss to a wing bone. “Tell me how that works.”

Yunho smiles against the pillow before turning his head to the right, his voice a little petulant. “Well, if you’re still mad at me then I hurt everywhere. If you’re not mad at me then…maybe my ass hurts a little.”

The smirk Jaejoong is wearing is wide indeed. His boyfriend is ridiculously cute. How is this the same man who slammed him up against the back board of the penalty box in a fit of passionate anger in front of the whole world?

“What happens if I’m a little bit mad at you?”

“How little?”

“Maybe worth a back rub for your imaginary aches and pains.”

“Imaginary!?” Yunho rears up, almost causing Jaejoong to tumble off his back in a pile of husky chuckles. The movement however does indeed cause his very real aches and pains to make themselves known and he groans, flopping back heavily onto his front, moaning unhappily into his pillow.

Serious now, Jaejoong slides off Yunho’s back, lying on his side with a leg still around the jock, sharing his pillow. He nuzzles into a scratchy cheek, coaxing Yunho to turn to look at him which the younger man does. He has to stifle his smile at the pout he is faced with. Jaw jutting out stubbornly, mouth pursed into a full pout, is his young boyfriend. Unable to resist, Jaejoong ruffles his dark hair, so soft after his bath, air drying naturally into fluffy waves.

“Where does it hurt, baby?”

“My back, and my shoulders. My thighs as well actually but that is a normal ache and it’ll go away soon enough.”

“Your back hurts because Ikuya knocked you onto the ice?”

“He elbowed me in the face actually, and then tripped me up and yes, I landed on the ice.”

“I’m glad I kicked his ass then.”

“We still need to talk about that, you know.”

Jaejoong smiles, hand still carding softly through the thick waves of Yunho’s hair. “I guess I know now why your name is U-Know Yunho. You say you know a lot.”

“Where did Hero come from?”

“I can’t believe you’re asking me that.”

“You know I’m not a fan.”

“You know, you know, you know,” Jaejoong mocks gently, leaning forward to nuzzle Yunho’s nose.


“I don’t know. It was some stupid construct of the entertainment company. I’m supposed to be a hero to the masses or something. To be honest, even I can’t remember what the whole point was. The important thing is, it stuck.”

“A hero to the masses huh?” Yunho speaks slowly, lazily, his eyelids fluttering close as Jaejoong’s hand gently massaging his scalp now relaxes him completely. “What’s your superpower?”

“Putting you to sleep apparently,” Jaejoong teases, smiling when sleepy almond eyes open back up, staring at him.

“Your fingers are magic.”

“So are yours.”

“I meant that innocently, I know you certainly didn’t.”

“Such a baby boy I’ve got here. My innocent little baby, oh what ever shall I do with you?” Jaejoong’s voice holds a teasing singsong lilt to it, as he rubs soothing circles around Yunho’s head with his fingertips.

“Now you’re making fun of me,” Yunho grouches, turning his face back into the pillow.

“You’re so easy though.”

Yunho turns back to Jaejoong, brow furrowed as he deliberately misunderstands. “I’ve slept with three people and done things with Changmin I don’t remember doing. I really don’t think that counts as easy.”

“I wonder what the fuck that makes me then.”

In a move that belies his aching body, Yunho snakes an arm around the older man, pulling him close as he looks into the darkness of his wide doe eyes. There is hurt and pain in there, and he wants to kick himself for deliberately putting it there, but then he also wants to know. But he won’t lie to the man.

“I misunderstood on purpose. I’m sorry.”

“Thank you for not lying to me.”

“You haven’t told me though.”

“Haven’t told you what?”

“Now who’s misunderstanding on purpose?”

Jaejoong sighs, pulling his hand from Yunho’s hair and stroking his palm down gently against the back of his head, onto his back, and rubbing up and down the warm smooth skin.

“Make a guess.”


“Why not? Everyone seems to have some number in their heads.”

“Not a fan remember?”

“How can I forget? But you liked Hug.”

“Hug wasn’t just you. It was a bunch of ahjusshis.”



“Party pooper.”


“Ok, ok.” Jaejoong switches from brushing his palm up and down Yunho’s back to running his nails up and down his spine. He can feel the ridges in parts, even though Yunho is by no means skinny. He knows his number, and it’s actually a little funny.


“Such impatience.”

“I am still considered youth so just assume this is one of those instances of the impatience of youth.”

“What does that make me?”

“I thought we settled this? You’re an ahjusshi.”

Yunho yelps as he gets a quick hard slap up the back of his head, and he tightens his arm, pulling Jae closer, leaning up to press a kiss to the now pouting mouth of his rockstar boyfriend.

“Do you think the number is in double or triple digits?”

“Jae, I don’t want to play this game.”

He sighs, trying to pull away from the younger man’s hold, but Yunho is having none of it. He even shakes his head at him.

“Alright, 68.”


“Why? Too many?”

Yunho suddenly chuckles, “Yes, but I’m going to be 69 and that’s kinda funny.”

“Who says you’re going to be 69?”

“Are you planning on wearing a chastity belt?”

Jaejoong makes a scoffing sound. “Why is it you and the whole world thinks I bottom huh?”

“I know you don’t really bottom.”

“You do?”

“Well, I guess you do sometimes, but assumptions are kinda dumb. Just because you’re honestly the most gorgeous human being male or female ever doesn’t mean you bottom exclusively.”

“Pretty face doesn’t mean pretty uke?”

Yunho makes a face. “We’re not in a yaoi manga.”

“You’ve never even read yaoi.”

“I may have looked at some thanks to you. I don’t think either of us fit whatever stereotype of bottom is.”

“Aren’t we fucked then? Two tops?”

“I never said I don’t bottom. I just said we don’t fit the stereotype.”

“So the number doesn’t bother you?” Jaejoong decides to switch subjects to something marginally safer. He can feel his cock stirring with Yunho’s matter of fact words, the warmth of the younger man in the juncture of his thighs is giving him ideas. Ideas that they can’t really see through till they’re both tested on their return to South Korea. No matter how creative their connecting dots are, it still really isn’t a full substitute for the real thing.

Plus, he really really really wants to taste the man.

Yunho smiles, rubbing his hand down to slip into the top of his boxer shorts that Jaejoong is wearing, seeing the flare of heat in the older man’s eyes as he does so. Jaejoong’s cock is nestled against his side, and he can feel it hardening and lengthening behind the flimsy cloth of his Calvin Klein underwear.

“How about that massage you promised me?”

Jaejoong moves, grateful for the distraction as he slides his body heavily over the prone younger man’s. His cock is not quite full yet, but it’s definitely getting there as he rocks his hips forward, rutting against Yunho’s ass for a few seconds before sitting up.

“I felt that.”

“Felt what?”

“Your piercing.”

“It was saying hi.”

Yunho muffles his laughter in the pillow as he stretches out his arms to the side, before slipping them under the pillow, smiling in satisfaction. Jaejoong’s weight on the backs of his upper thighs is oddly pleasing and comforting, easing the ache in them.

However, the contentment is short-lived as Jaejoong slides backward more, till he is sitting over the backs of his knees.

“What are you doing?”

The response he gets is nimble fingers slipping into the waistband of his own boxer shorts and tugging them down. Yunho has to do some squirming and maneuvering to un-trap his semi-hard cock, before Jaejoong manages to slide the boxers over the curve of his ass, and down past his thighs, lifting himself up and then slipping his foot between Yunho’s knees and pushing the underwear all the way down and off.

“I didn’t realise a back massage required nudity.”

“It’s the boyfriend special.”

“Really? But you’ve never had a boyfriend.”

“It’s a new special. I invented it.”

“Now why didn’t I think of this with my other boyfriends?”

He gets a sharp slap to a bare ass cheek, making him yelp and twist, seeing the dark glare the rock idol sends him.

“How dare you!”

“I was joking!”

Another slap.

“Not funny.”

“Now you have to rub that better.”

“How about I kiss it better?”

Yunho turns back and buries his face in his pillow, moaning lowly at the thought. He can hear Jaejoong chuckle huskily behind him, and his cock is now full and digging into the bed.


He can feel Jaejoong’s warm hands palming his ass gently, rubbing away the sting of the slaps, before travelling further up. He cannot help the whine that escapes his throat at the brief touches, but he feels Jaejoong slowly travelling back up his body, sitting once again on the backs of his thighs and his whine turns into a happy moan.

Yunho hears the uncapping of a bottle, and he tenses immediately, waiting for the cold liquid to hit his back. He’s been given massages before and he absolutely loathes those initial drops of cold oil on his back. It is so unnecessary because whenever he does it, he puts it straight onto his palms and warms them up, so why can’t his partners offer the same courtesy?

Lost in his annoyed memories, he is shocked when hot slick hands suddenly start rubbing from the small of his back, making their way slowly up his spine, the touch gentle, almost fleeting, as if giving him a hint of what’s to come.

He groans appreciatively as he feels Jaejoong leaning forward and putting his weight behind his hands at a particularly gnarly spot.

“I felt you tense. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…you’re good. So good. So warm.” Yunho moans happily as Jaejoong chuckles, straightening up and continuing his ministrations.

“That’s because it’s a warming oil.”

Yunho simply hums happily, and Jaejoong knows the implication of his words is lost on the younger man.

He pours more oil into his palm, warming it up and then sweeping it across the broad tanned shoulders of the man between his legs. He has moved a little higher so he is now sitting on Yunho’s ass, and he is thoroughly enjoying rocking over the muscular curve every time he leans forward. The tiny happy sounds Yunho is making is not helping his situation at all, his cock full and straining against the front of his boxers. The urge to take them off is strong, but he grits his teeth and resists as he digs his thumbs into a particularly hard knot behind Yunho’s right shoulder.

He alternates his touch with deep massages with his thumbs and the heels of his palms, juxtaposing it with the teasing drag of his finger tips dancing up and down the expanse of flesh. Both pull contented sounds from the younger man, which in turn makes him happy.

Jaejoong knows they need to talk. Common sense tells him that he really cannot behave the way he did every single time someone hits Yunho. Heck, it’s already getting out of hand with the death threats against Nippon Cranes. At this rate, the league might not even allow Yunho to play if this continues. He is used to being impulsive, and just acting, not caring about what people think. Even his parents haven’t really been able to shake him from this habit. To a certain extent it is because of who he is that he behaves the way he does, but he cannot hide behind it forever. He knows he is a good person deep down in there somewhere, behind all the layers of Hero Jaejoong.

He just needs to find him again.

And this young man sighing happily into a fluffy pillow is the one to do it. Jaejoong cannot ruin Yunho’s life and career because of his own uncaring behaviour. Like it or not, they come as a set. His actions reflect on Yunho just as Yunho’s will reflect on him, though to a lesser extent. He’s always been solitary, and while he knows he still answers to nothing and no one, he wants to be held accountable when it comes to Yunho.

Because it is just one more thing to reinforce that they are together.

That this relationship is real.


He is scared. That feeling is inevitable.

What if Yunho thinks it is too much? The burden of being Hero Jaejoong’s boyfriend. They discussed it briefly but it is by no means enough. But despite all his misgivings, despite all his fears, despite his instinctual knee jerk reaction to flee, Jaejoong knows that the young man will stay with him through it. He has no idea how he knows, he just does.

And he marvels at it, his gaze wistful as he stares unseeing at the mirror over the dresser.

He just knows.

Very few things are certain in his life. His career isn’t, his beauty isn’t, his talent isn’t.

But the unconditional love from his parents and now the young man under him.

Those things are certain.

He just knows.

And the strangest part of it all, is that what helps with his certainty is the way Yunho had treated him in that tunnel under the arena. Instead of cowering, instead of being pleased or proud at having Hero Jaejoong kicking someone’s ass for him, Yunho had been annoyed.

Yunho had not been afraid to show his unhappiness with him.

Yunho had been secure enough in his affections, trusted Jaejoong enough to know that he won’t run if he showed him his displeasure.

Yunho had even threatened him with public humiliation.

And in between all that, Yunho had reminded him that he loves him.

He doesn’t see Yunho staring at him with a similar smile, chin propped over his hands.

“Penny for your thoughts, rockstar.”

Jaejoong shakes himself free of his musings, leaning down to press his body atop Yunho’s, not caring that he’s getting greasy as well.

“I just want you to know, that no matter what it looks like, I’m not going to run ok?”

“I know.”

He resists the urge to say that word.


Jaejoong kisses the curve of Yunho’s ear, sitting back up to continue with the massage as his thoughts drift off once again.

Whether he likes it or not, he will have to hold a press conference. There may still be some rabid maniacal fans around, but the majority will listen to him. He is certain that Yunho had been joking about the hit squad on Kenta, but Jaejoong knows the truth isn’t actually all that far off. He’s spent the last three hours telling his agencies in both South Korea and Japan to fuck off and that he will deal with this in his own way. The only statement he has given them permission to make is to confirm that yes, he is in an exclusive relationship with Jung Yunho. He almost wriggles in delight at the thought of Seunghyun pissing in his pants at that.

He then spent the subsequent time looking at what the general feel of his fans are regarding his relationship with Yunho.

Surprisingly, probably a good majority of them are happy for him. Most of the comments run along the lines of it’s about time and he deserves to find happiness however he wants while whatever fighting he can see are from the younger female fans vehemently denying it, claiming oppa is not gay.

Well, that’s really a little silly considering he was just rather thoroughly kissed live on camera by a young, sweaty, ice hockey player who clearly cares not that it would be beamed live across the world.

A variety of fan art of them has already popped up across the various forums and SNS platforms, and he files away a reminder to share them with Yunho. The man is going to have to get over his yaoi aversion because it looks like they’re about to star in some yaoi manga.

He wrinkles his nose as he imagines that he will probably be painted as the helpless uke.


Jaejoong oils his hands up one last time, before sliding backwards, further back than he has so far since he started his massage, palms hot and slick with oil, running them heavily down the length of Yunho’s sides, smirking when the man squirms as his fingers dance across his ribs. He stops in the small of his back, right where he started earlier, massaging in small circles as he slowly moves even further down.

A quick glance at the mirror shows him that Yunho looks to have dozed off. He turns to look at the bedside clock, and it is well after 1am. He has booked the suite for two nights and they really have nowhere else to be tomorrow.

Now, to be a good boyfriend and let the young man sleep, or to be good boyfriend and wake him?

Choices, choices.

He palms Yunho’s pert ass, the muscular curve is rather enticing as Jaejoong unconsciously sticks the tip of his tongue out the corner of his mouth, licking, in and out, as he starts to massage the younger man’s ass. Yunho doesn’t move, and Jaejoong chuckles to himself, shaking his head. His super power really is knocking this man out.

His thumbs start encroaching closer and closer to the cleft, diving in and sweeping the length of the crease every time his palms go past. Within a minute or so, he has given up the pretense of being interested in any further massaging as he parts Yunho’s tight ass cheeks, stroking a thumb gently over the even tighter puckered opening he can see.

Yunho is dozing, and he slips in and out of wakefulness as Jaejoong moves lower. His last memory is of soft warm hands kneading his ass, and the comforting weight on the older man on the backs of his thighs. His body is feeling much better, Jaejoong’s hands truly are magic.

He is almost truly asleep when he feels a finger slipping into his body, and he clenches in reflex, pulling a decidedly wicked husky chuckle from his boyfriend who has clearly lost interest in massaging.

“So tight, baby.”

Yunho turns, burying his face in his pillow, biting it to keep from making a sound. Jaejoong’s finger is so slick and he can feel the man pulling and pushing it in and out slowly. A moan is torn from him though when the older man lightly scratches across his prostate. It hurts a little in the way that something is so intensely pleasurable that it hurts.

He bucks his hips a little, a silent request for more, face still hidden in the folds of the hotel pillow, mouth open against it.

Jaejoong does it again, using one hand to pull a cheek aside, while the other is buried knuckle deep, as he almost tickles at that spot in the younger man that is pulling low whines from his throat, the sounds still muffled by the pillow as he starts to squirm in distress.

“Can you get up, baby?”



“You’re sitting on me.”

Jaejoong smirks, scooting backwards, his finger leaving Yunho’s tight body, making the man groan in protest. He sits up on his knees in the space between Yunho’s legs, smacking a bare ass cheek lightly.



The quality of Yunho’s tone is different from the previous times. There is a whining neediness as he gets up on his knees that is like a direct line straight to Jaejoong’s already turgid cock, making it twitch in anticipation. He has to resist the urge to pet his own cock comfortingly because it is yet again going to be deprived, but the banquet that is laid out in front of him reminds him that zig zag connection of dots can still be fun.

Jaejoong wastes not time in leaning forward, tongue lapping at Yunho’s balls, making the younger man jerk and twitch. He grips his hands around his ass, as much as he is able with his greasy hands as he kisses and licks at the soft and smooth delicate sacs. He had been rather pleased to find out that Yunho is rather meticulous at grooming, just like him, and that Jihye showers him in expensive artisan beauty products. He makes a mental note to thank the girl as he inhales the musky scent of the ice hockey captain that is overlaid with the sweetness of vanilla, not to mention the strawberry from the massage oil.

He licks his way back up the twitching opening, tasting the edible massage oil he had managed to borrow from a smirking Micky Yoochun who had been more than happy to hand it over. His senses are full of Yunho, tongue heavy with the cloying taste of artificial strawberry flavour, but watered down by his saliva as he spits out into the younger man’s tight entrance, before his tongue scoops up at his own saliva and he plays with the opening with his piercing.

Yunho squirms again, as if trying to buck Jaejoong off, but not really. He had momentarily forgotten about the piercing, and feeling it stroke heavily at his balls, the unyielding metal a complete contrast to the soft dextrous tongue of his boyfriend is doing his head in. And then when he feels it again against his entrance as Jaejoong cups his balls, fondling them gently as he laps at his opening, Yunho can’t take it anymore.

He moves to the side, pulling Jaejoong’s mouth off him, and he can hear the man protesting before a hand smacks his ass again. He lifts his head up turning to look over his shoulder, and the sight of Jaejoong’s hot eyes on him, as well as his wet mouth and chin, is just too much. His body clenches reflexively at the sight, and he turns back, lowering himself onto his elbows, face once again in his pillow.

Jaejoong slips a still slick finger once again into Yunho’s hot passage, his head dipping to lick around the slippery digit as he starts to move a little more forcefully, circling, to make room for another finger. Yunho is far from tense, the man is oddly relaxed, and in no time, Jaejoong has easily slipped a second finger in. Yunho’s bucking and groaning as he tries to jerk out of his reach, yet not, is making for a messy ride. Jaejoong’s face is smeared with saliva and oil as he sucks Yunho’s balls into his mouth even as he scissors his fingers hard and fast.

He finally lets up, sitting back and reaching between Yunho’s legs to fist his heavy weeping cock. The urge to suck on his wet fingers, to taste the man’s essence is strong, and he almost gives in. He is distracted though as Yunho turns his face towards him, breathing a little harshly, a deep throaty whine as he begs.


“Baby…” Jaejoong raises up onto his knees, giving Yunho a few more quick pumps before letting go. He slips a third finger in, this time he can definitely feel the resistance as Yunho’s body tries to push him out, but everything has been thoroughly oiled up, and with whispers of apology, he is soon buried knuckle deep.

Yunho can feel the burn as his body stretches. He bottoms rarely, but he’s always gotten pleasure from it. He likes a bit of pain with sex, and he rarely gets it because it’s really not the kind of thing Jihyo or Donghae had been into. And it’s not as if he’s really into it, but the very few times he’s bottomed for Seunghyun had been pleasurable even though the pain was completely unnecessary. Seunghyun was a careless and thoughtless lover, and he shuts him out of his mind, focusing instead on the man who appears to be carefully prepping him.

He turns his head again, gasping loudly when Jaejoong stabs at his prostate, his entire body jerking forward. It happens again, and again, and he can barely choke out the words.

“Oh god.”

“Not god, Yunho…”


“You’re killing me here.”

“Fuck me.”


“Condom. Something. Anything. Just need you in me.”

Jaejoong had been hoping. He really had. He didn’t have to go beyond one finger to tease, but he had gone to three and now that Yunho is begging him for it, he feels just a little ashamed for playing with the young man. For making him want more than he can give at the moment. He pulls his fingers out with a slick pop, chewing on his bottom lip as Yunho whines again, lifting himself up and turning to look over his shoulder, eyes glazed with lust.


Jaejoong moves, laying his head on Yunho’s spit wet pillow and pulling the confused younger man down to him, kissing him deeply.

Yunho gets over his confusion quickly, as he presses him into the bed, caging him between his arms, his kisses forceful, groaning harshly against the older man’s mouth when Jaejoong reaches out to tug at his cock, squeezing the head before moving his hand down to wrap around his length and he starts to pump again.

“Distracting. You’re trying to distract me.” Yunho bites out.

“I’m trying to make you come.”

“Not like this. Want you.”

“But —“

Yunho cuts off his protests with another hard kiss, tongue sweeping possessively into his mouth, licking at his piercing, dueling with it, not giving Jaejoong an inch as he plunders his mouth. Jaejoong can barely breathe, and when Yunho finally lets up, he is gasping for air, sucking it in loudly as the younger man hovers over him, gazing down at him with an inscrutable look in his eyes.

“The world now knows you’re mine,” he starts, dipping his head to silence Jaejoong once again when the man parts his mouth to speak. He coaxes the older man’s tongue into his mouth, sucking on it, licking around the piercing and tugging before letting go. “Now I need you to claim me as yours.”



“Such a demanding brat.”

“Only because I have such a gorgeous…”

Yunho murmurs against his mouth, before pulling back, licking at Jaejoong’s bottom lip, nipping it, before completing his sentence.


Alright, Jaejoong is done protesting. The way Yunho says it, the breathy moan, that whining cadence, coupled with the heated look in his eyes, not to mention the memory of his warmth so tight around his fingers has him lost. He turns, and Yunho allows him to go free from the cage of his arms, as he rolls off the bed. A dark chuckle has him turning around immediately as he looks at Yunho, sitting on his heels staring pointedly at his crotch. He looks down and smiles ruefully when he sees the large wet patch in front of the tent in his boxers.

He leaves the room to head back to his though really he never had any intention of sleeping alone. He digs the condom and packet of silicon lube out of his wallet, checking the expiry dates and is unable to stop the sigh of relief as he heads back. The sight that greets him tears a groan from his throat as his rather flexible young boyfriend is face down on the bed, on his knees, but his body is low, all so low, his hips the same level as his head on the pillow, and he can see those beautiful long fingers buried deeply in his body. Yunho is three fingers knuckle deep in himself.

“Couldn’t wait for me?”

Yunho whips his head round to the doorway, a dazed smile on his face as he takes in the smirking rockstar flicking two foil packets between his thumb and index finger.

“I’ve waited my whole life for you.”

The lurch in his chest shocks Jaejoong as he feels the heat collecting behind his eyes at the guileless words of the younger man. How did they get here so fast? So fast but so right, he doesn’t care anymore. He doesn’t.

He fights the tears that want to pool in his doe eyes as he strips off the boxer shorts, walking to the bed. And of course it will be Yunho, the cause of his tears, to make him forget his tears as the young man’s eyes widen as he straightens upright, pulling his fingers from himself as he gapes at the juncture of Jaejoong’s thighs.

“I forgot about the piercing.”

“Second thoughts?” Jaejoong laughs because the expression of Yunho’s face is comical to say the least. His eyes are still cloudy with lust, but they’re also a little awestruck. He is staring, swallowing heavily, the gulping sound making Jaejoong laugh again.

“Oh god…”

“Not god…”

“Seriously, this is the perfect time to say oh god.”


“Oh god…” the words now are more moan than anything else as Yunho’s eyes don’t leave the wet head of Jaejoong’s cock with the large piercing through it. “Oh god, oh god, oh god.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, smirking slightly as he rips the condom with his teeth. He swirls his finger around the head, snagging at his piercing, which pulls a soft groan from him as he collects the slickness of his precum onto the tip on his finger, before lifting it to his lips.

Yunho, whose eyes follow his progress, moans in distress as he shakes his head, jutting his pouty bottom lip out.

“No fair.”

“I taste good…”

“Fuck you,” Yunho growls out reaching out his own hand to touch the pretty bobbing cock adorned with the heavy piercing.

Jaejoong smacks his hand away, pulling the condom out and unfurling it quickly down his length, before lifting his hand to thumb at that bottom lip he loves. “Not tonight, baby.”

They both move to lie down, Jaejoong settling on his heels between Yunho’s parted thighs as he trails his fingers down the front of the man’s torso. His other hand takes the fat pillow that Yunho hands to him, putting it underneath the man’s hips.

His fingers don’t stop moving as he flicks at the piercing, before leaning forward and down to suck it into his mouth. The clink of piercings colliding makes him smile as Yunho moans above him. He laves at the hard pebbled tip, licking, before nipping teasingly and pulling back.

He finds himself trapped though as Yunho has wrapped his legs around his back, not letting him go.

“Sing for me.”

Jaejoong smiles, trailing his fingers up to trace the curves of Yunho’s perfect cupid bow mouth.

”Don’t you just love… the feeling of my fingertips… circling your lips…”

Yunho’s eyes flutter shut, his voice hoarse, “Not those lips…”

Jaejoong feels Yunho’s legs dropping, and spreading, allowing him to pull back and sit on his heels once again, running, dancing his fingers down the man’s long torso, avoiding his cock, as he slips down to the side, fondling his balls. He rips the lube packet with his teeth, quickly smearing half the contents onto his condom encased cock, and the rest onto three fingers.

”Don’t you just love… the desire taking hold of you…”

Jaejoong slips all three fingers in slowly, and Yunho’s eyelid fly up, as they stare at each other. He rotates his wrist carefully, brushing gently against his prostate, knowing what’s to come, not wanting the man to become over-sensitive too quickly. He smiles as he feels Yunho clenching around him.

”…I can tell you do…”

The smile Yunho sends him is so beautiful he can feel the telltale prick behind his eyeballs once again.

He has never had sex like this.

He has never made love.

This man beneath him, smiling so lovingly, so trustingly up at him, is his.

His for the taking.

He pulls his fingers out, leaning over and lining up their bodies.

“I know all your favourite spots…“

He pushes in slowly, very slowly, barely moving in fact, as he leans further forward to press his mouth against Yunho’s. He doesn’t wince when the piercing pulls at the tight opening, the condom making the passing a little easier, as his head slips into the hot tightness of the younger man.

Jaejoong swallows the loud gasp from him when he is partway in, as Yunho’s hips jerk against his.

”…and tonight we will connect the dots…”

“Oh god…”

“Good, baby?”

“Oh god…” Yunho can’t even close his mouth, staring up at Jaejoong, eyes wide and a little shocked as he is slowly filled.

“Not god…”

“I think I’m going to die.”

Jaejoong cannot stop the breathless laugh that escapes him as he is finally fully seated in the man. Yunho is still looking at him in dazed wonder, and he pulls back to see if the reason for it is what he thinks.

“Oh god, I’m definitely going to die.” Yunho groans out, wrapping his legs around Jaejoong’s back to keep him from moving. “Don’t move. I’m going to die trying not to come. Please don’t move.”

The rockstar pays him no heed as he leans down, smirking, as he rocks forward once again.

Yunho’s legs tighten around him, but Jaejoong has good leverage. But to help, he drops his hand to squeeze at Yunho’s sore thigh, making the man release his hold immediately as he moves again, swallowing more of Yunho’s gasps. His body is so fucking tight he is glad he used so much lube. The drag of his piercing is sending shooting sparks radiating up his spine, and his movements speed up, pistoning forward.

Yunho lifts a leg, silently asking, and Jaejoong takes it, pushing it back as the position opens Yunho up more to him, allowing him to move a little easier as he thrusts harder and faster into the younger man.

He pulls the rockstar down for a hot open mouthed kiss, their tongues grappling as he struggles to hold on. Jaejoong bending his leg back like that is doing his head in. He loves the position, and every single fucking pass of that piercing over his prostate is causing him to kiss the man desperately because the alternative would be a lot of screaming from the intense pleasure.

It hurts, he hasn’t been fucked in so long that it really does hurt. But the pain is a different pain. The pain is overwhelmed by the love, and how much care Jaejoong had taken to prep him properly. The pain is also staving off his imminent orgasm from how brutally his prostate is being abused by that piercing.

Yunho lets go, not caring about anything except the man pounding into him. Their kisses are sloppy and clumsy as their bodies move, but their mouths don’t leave each other’s as Jaejoong moves to tug his other leg up, bending him almost double as he rocks into him, keeping his promise from not too long ago. His hands grapple at the older man’s back, nails digging into soft skin and hard muscle.

The obscene sound of skin slapping against skin, and the deep moans from two men, echo around the large hotel room as rockstar Hero Jaejoong thoroughly fucks his young ice hockey captain boyfriend into the bed.

Yunho is going mad. Everything feels like it’s about to burst. He can barely see anything, white hot curls of pleasure is dancing all over his body, and all he can do is feel, holding onto the man in his arms, swallowing his cries. The friction of their bodies rubbing his trapped cock, not to mention the intensity of each pass of Jaejoong’s piercing over his prostate pulls Yunho’s orgasm from him. The explosion is a shock to him, having been brought to the cusp over and over so many times, when the dam breaks and he is tipped over.

His hoarse shout resonates around the room as he tears his mouth from the older man’s, spraying both of them with hot streams of cum.


It is the word, not the pulsating walls of the young man beneath him around his cock that pushes Jaejoong over the edge. He practically sobs as he comes so hard tears spring into his eyes as he struggles to hold himself upright. His arms are shaking, body trembling from the force of the orgasm, vaguely aware of the panting breaths of the younger man beneath him who also seems to be shaking. Yunho’s orgasm feels really long as Jaejoong is milked dry, the clenching passage pulling everything out of him, so much so he has to pull out as every thing starts to feel over-sensitive.

Yunho whines lowly, eyes shut, as he feels Jaejoong’s body leaving his. God he is sore. Everything is sore. He’ll be lucky if he can sit in a chair without wincing tomorrow or later, whatever. He shifts, and he hears his back pop and he groans, pulling the pillow from underneath him to fling it blindly to the side. He hears a crash and Jaejoong exclaiming in surprise, but he doesn’t bother opening his eyes.

“Baby, anyone who comes in here will think I tried to trash the room.”

“What happened?”

“You knocked the lamp over. It’s now in pieces on the floor.”

“Strangely enough, I can’t bring myself to care.”

“Am I rubbing off on you already? Depraved rockstar trashing rooms with his boyfriend?”

Yunho cracks one eye open and he sees Jaejoong smiling down at him. He grins when he sees something, lifting a heavy hand to flick at the older man’s chin.

“You have cum on your face.”

“Well, there’s cum on the pillow too right by your ear.”

“I wonder who’d win a distance competition.”

Jaejoong laughs, rolling his eyes as he finishes tying up the condom and tossing it somewhere on the floor. He leans down to grab the destructive pillow, using it to wipe Yunho’s belly and chest clean, putting his hand in the pillowcase and using it as a glove to wipe the young man’s softening cock, before he wipes his own face, and then he tosses the pillow on the floor.

“Up!” He tugs at the pillow under Yunho’s head and he gets a grumble in response as Yunho lifts his head. He tosses that pillow onto the floor too before stretching out next to the now-clean jock, snuggling into his side, head on his shoulder as Yunho’s arm pulls him close.


“Well what?”

“Who’d win?”

“I don’t know but I’m sure we’ll play the game at some point though really, it doesn’t seem very fun.”

“Speaking of fun… how was the hockey game? You didn’t really comment earlier and then after dinner you just locked yourself in the other room and refused to come out.”


“I told you.”


“You can’t do that, Jae.”

“I know…” Jaejoong turns, burying his nose against Yunho’s armpit. For some reason, the man’s scent is comforting to him.

“I might have to ban you from future games.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Jaejoong counters, but there is no heat behind his words as he starts to play a tune on Yunho’s belly.

“I dare and I will. No more stunts like that.”

“Which stunt?”

“Isn’t it a little worrying you had to ask which one?”

“Ok, ok, no more threatening players.”


“I can’t promise that. I will try my best not to do it, but I cannot promise I will never do it.”

Yunho sighs, squeezing the rockstar close, turning to press a kiss against his temple.

“I guess I can live with that. You and Mum would make a good team. When I first started playing, she put the fear of god in our team, and for weeks, no one but Kangin hyung would dare to try and check me.”

“Mummy’s boy.”

“Not really. She can’t tell me what to do.”

“And neither can I, huh?”

“Well, you can persuade, and if you make logical sense, I will endeavour to bow to your wishes.”

“How flowery. How about this? Is it logical for us to hold a press conference? I need to do damage control because my fans are getting a little carried away with the Kenta and Ikuya thing.”

“It sounds so formal. I don’t really know anything about press conferences like that, but we definitely need to do something about that otherwise I might get into trouble.”

“I’m sorry, baby. I wasn’t really thinking past the fact that I wanted to break his face for hurting you…”

“Violence doesn’t solve anything,” comes the prim reply and Jaejoong sits up immediately, eyes narrowed as he looks at the stoic face of his boyfriend. He can see the telltale twitch of his lips and he smacks an open palm on the taut belly of the young captain, making him jerk and then groan in pain.

Jaejoong is immediately contrite, rubbing a soothing hand over where he hit him. “What hurts?”

“Everything is sore. If I sit funny tomorrow, I’m going to pretend it’s because of the game.”

“What? You don’t want your friends to know you got topped?” Jaejoong’s voice is a little cold as he sits up.

Yunho tugs the pouting rockstar back down against his side, shaking his head. “Don’t be an idiot. Have you met my teammates? They will be hassling me about it 24/7. I’d love some peace and quiet thank you very much. And might I remind you it was them who set up my profile, and what does my profile say about my sexual preferences?”

“You don’t mind either a top or a bottom…”


“So how was that for our first time? I can’t wait for the next first time.”

“We can’t have two first times.”

“Well, now we can. First time with a condom, and first time without.”

“Does this mean I’m number 69 now?”

Jaejoong laughs as he curls into Yunho’s side. “You are such a brat.”

“Unless you have another condom lying around somewhere, I really need to declare a moratorium on that word.”

“I thought you were sore?”

“Good sore. Very good sore. Very very good sore. Very very very —“

“I get it!” Jaejoong laughs again, poking Yunho in the side as the younger man flips him over onto his back, and nuzzling his nose along his jawline.

“Do I need to call Yoochun?”

“I doubt his condoms would fit you somehow…”

Yunho smirks as he trails his way down to a pierced nipple, circling his tongue around it as he gazes up at the grinning older man through his lashes.

“Who said anything about me fucking you?”

AN1: Ok and is it weird that I’m already fooling around with a possible sequel? Well, it’s not quite a sequel because it will be non-AU but Ice will definitely play a huge part in the fic lol. And the idea has been playing around in my head a lot mainly because of your comments so kudos to you guys who have all commented because you inspired me :P And I may or may not have already started writing it…….. :O

AN2: *COUGH* Uh… How many of you noticed the pairing addition BEFORE reading this? >>_____________>>

AN3: And oh lord this is my first time ok! I’m number 69! My first time writing something like this! It TOTALLY got away from me because I TOTALLY DID NOT INTEND FOR THIS TO HAPPEN SO SOON. First proper JaeHo ever oh god that was a little insane to write tbh because I wasn’t sure I knew what I was doing for once hahahahaha… Yunho was one helluva noisy bottom in my ear though ugh. Brat indeed istg…

AN4: And if anyone is still looking for me, my twitter is @JungYunWhore or you can follow me on tumblr at ;-)
Tags: fic:ice, nc17, pairing:jaeho, pairing:yunjae

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  • Friend-locked

    I am locking my journal due to some reader shenanigans. If you want to be added, cut and paste the following statement and questions. Please answer…

  • Random side-shot poll

    Ok, as thanks for everyone's support and comments for my fics thus far, i'm thinking of writing a random drabble/side-shot. I'm aiming for it to…

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