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Love In The Ice [1]

Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered (if there's interest)
Genre: Non-AU, angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: Shameless I tell you, shameless! Hahaha well, this fic is actually mainly thanks to all of you who have commented. Several of you on multiple occasions said that Ice was like watching a movie, or that you wished it were a movie etc etc and then someone called JYJCYW on Twitter commented about how it would be cool to read a fic about YunJae being cast in a drama together and well, all your comments plus that idea I saw seemed to mash perfectly in my head and well, here it is. Oh and btw, I wrote all this in the middle of writing ch14 of Ice… OTL

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…

AN3: And lastly but most importantly, CHECK OUT THIS POSTER FOR ICE CHAPTER 14 OMFG!!!!!! Ok, so I’m just a little bit enamoured by it that I’m probably going to be posting it everywhere lol (hence why it’s on this chapter). I don’t have a poster for this fic yet so I wanted to slot this in so y’all can kiss it like I did hahaha! The newspapers totally slayed me… TOTALLY. Credits are on the poster ;-) She did a fan-fucking-tastic job.


He cannot stop turning the page.

Yunho has been sitting on his couch for a good three hours now, reading the rather thick bound script that he had found on the coffee table. There is a scribble on the front cover, under the title Ice.

Talk to Yunho.

He has no doubt his manager has left it as the handwriting belongs to him. The company has been in discussion with him lately about taking on another drama and while he is still really not all that confident about his acting skills, they have assured him that they will only sign him up to one if he is completely happy with the script.

His only condition is something he feels rather strongly about, and that he does not want to be the lead actor. Give him a secondary part, heck, even a cameo but no more leads.

Yunho smiles wryly as he remembers this condition, pausing in his reading to stare at his feet, speaking quietly to himself and wishing Changmin still lived with him. He just wants someone to talk to that isn’t management.

“Can I do this?”

The script in his hands feels heavy as his eyes are cast down onto it again. He flips back to the first few pages, where the character descriptions are.

Male Lead A

- Ice hockey captain age 23
- Born with a golden spoon in his mouth, the only son of a very rich family.
- Openly gay
- Carefree and easygoing in his personal life, serious and determined at work
- Unlucky in love

Notes: Must be able to ice skate well. Actor should be at least 6 feet tall and very good looking to legitimately be able to appeal to both young and old audiences. Age range 20-30 though an older lead is preferable because he must be able to be convincing in taking Male Lead B in hand. Consider an idol due to singing and dancing requirements. There will be male/male love scenes and actor must be able to feel comfortable executing these realistically.

That last sentence had given him pause.

He turns the page to look at the description of the other lead.

Male Lead B

- International rock star age 29
- Only child coming from humble beginnings who fought his way to the top
- Emotionally unstable and disconnected from everything
- Cold and closed off to everyone except his parents.
- Openly bisexual

Notes: Must be an idol because singing and performing scenes are vital. Acting experience is a must whether in a lead or secondary role. Must be at least two inches shorter than Male Lead A. Must be able to portray cold emotions very well. It is vital that this role is filled by someone who will appeal to both males and females. Age range 25-35. There will be male/male love scenes and actor must be able to feel comfortable executing these realistically.

Yunho is barely halfway through the script, but he is already interested enough to want to call his manager to set up a date to discuss this. He knows of some male/male movies already, and even some dramas, but none quite like this. The main difference is that surprisingly, both of the lead’s families are for the idea. Supportive even. Something that is almost completely lacking in today’s society both on film and in real life. Heck, he should know. Because of his parents, he is so far in the closet he might as well be in Narnia.

Can he risk it though? The circumstances don’t really parallel his own life, but it’s a little too close for comfort. He can already imagine what his parents will say. But what of Changmin, the only other person who will be affected by this?

He picks up his phone, and presses the speed dial for the young man.

“What do you want?”

Yunho rolls his eyes at the grouchy greeting from the other man. Typical Changmin.

“Are you busy?”

“Hyung, I’m an idol, when am I not busy?”

“It’s our day off today.”

“Which means I’m busy memorising script, practicing dance moves, looking through interview questions, making sure to watch what I eat so I don’t break out for the photoshoot tomorrow, reading—“

“Ok, ok, I get it!” Yunho laughs as he cradles the phone on his shoulder while flipping through the script again. “Can you spare a few minutes for me now?”

“It depends.”

“Manager hyung left a script in my apartment, and I’m thinking of expressing interest in it.”

Changmin freezes on the phone, quickly pausing the game he is playing, gesturing silently to Kyuhyun to wait, as he gets up to disappear into his bedroom, shutting the door behind him. His voice is lightly mocking, though he hopes Yunho won’t be able to pick up on the slight shakiness he is feeling.

“Are you sure you want to sign up for another drama? You weren’t particularly happy about Heading To The Ground.”

He hears the other man let out a loud sigh, as he stretches out on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, his phone to his ear as his heart starts to beat an odd rhythm.

“This isn’t a drama. Well, maybe it is. It says it’s going to be six episodes long or something. I guess a little like that BBC Pride and Prejudice show.”

Changmin rolls his eyes, as he shakes his head at the reply he just got.

“Seriously? You’re comparing this to Pride and Prejudice? Pride and fucking Prejudice? Hyung!”

“What? I liked that show…”

“Oh my god… nevermind. You’re an idiot. Forever an idiot. So what is it do you want to talk about?”

“Should I do it?”

“Do whatever you want. Management are more than happy to bend over backwards for you right now, you know that. Our tour has sold out everywhere months in advance. Trust me, they will say yes to whatever you want.”

“But the plot is a little…”


“Well, it’s a gay love story.”

Changmin’s fists his hand, nails digging into his palm. He is having second thoughts all of a sudden, but he manages to speak, glad his voice is unwavering.


“What do you mean and? Shouldn’t you be more surprised?”

“I’m not prejudiced. Why should I be surprised?”

“You’re not?”

“Hyung, what the hell? We haven’t lived together for a few months but it looks like all the intelligence in the apartment left the building when I left.”

“Stop that. I’m serious. I know what people have said about me, and if I play this part, it might make it worse.”

“You need to stop trying to please everyone, and just do what feels right for you. It’s been a fucking decade. You deserve to do something that you want to do and not what you perceive the public want you to do, or what the company prefers for you to do.”

Yunho chuckles at the impassioned speech by the maknae.

“Stop laughing, and tell me about the script.” Changmin quickly changes the subject, slightly embarrassed at his outburst.

Yunho immediately starts speaking, outlining the roles, and then going into some detail about the plot. He expresses his amusement at the way they meet, briefly going off tangent and wondering if maybe he can get away with something like that in real life. The more he talks, the more excited he gets, and by the end of the half hour, Changmin is more than sold on his own idea.

Yes, the script was his idea.

He had orchestrated it so that their manager hyung would come across the script for the new series, and then somehow planting the idea of Yunho being good for the role into his head, making sure the man thinks it is his idea and it was not Changmin who had caused the seed to germinate. The entire cast has already been chosen, contracts signed even, but the Male Lead A role has yet to be cast because no one who has auditioned has managed to be convincing on the ice, nor have they had any chemistry at all with Male Lead B. Well, basically everyone who has auditioned has ticked some of the criteria, but not all. The important part of being able to take Male Lead B in hand is the one giving a headache to the producers. In a rather strange move, they had cast Male Lead B first, extremely happy with the man chosen for the role that they were willing to delay production till the perfect Male Lead A was found. Several other pairs of actors who expressed interest would have suited Leads A and B but the producers were adamant at keeping the man already cast as Lead B and thus, the search for the perfect Lead A continues.

Changmin chews on his bottom lip, as he pays vague attention to Yunho’s excited babbling on the phone. He knows this is one hell of a dirty trick to play on his hyung. But the man has not been truly happy for years, not since the split, and Changmin is getting tired of watching the man bury himself in work, and forgetting to live. He had lived once, and he had thrived, but circumstances had not been kind to them, and everything he knew and loved fell apart in the space of a few short months. Changmin has long forgiven, though he hasn’t forgotten, but he has a feeling Yunho hasn’t done either.

It was Yoochun who had called him about the script, telling him about the plot and who had been cast. While listening to his hyung’s tentative words, it had dawned on Changmin that the hurt went both ways. He had resented the other three for leaving at first, but seeing them thrive doing what they truly want, despite all the odds against them, made him feel proud of them. Holding onto anger and the perceived betrayal was not enough to shake off the love he still feels for the three older men, and his pride at what they have achieved.

He remembers part of the conversation with Yoochun.

”Hyung, you want them back together don’t you?”

“Jaejoong hyung hasn’t been the same. He goes through the motions, but his smile rarely reaches his eyes, and I feel guilty for it. I’m sure he still feels something for him, because every time we even mention Yunho hyung, he closes off and goes off drinking with some male friend or other. I don’t even know what he does anymore in his spare time. I barely see him, or should I say, he barely tries to make the effort to see us.”

“What if it makes them hurt even more? I’ll never forgive you if Yunho hyung ends up worse than before. He didn’t leave his bedroom for a week when you guys moved out. And then after that, Jaejoong hyung’s name was like poison. He doesn’t show it, because he knows that a large part of whatever was left of our fandom are made up of people clinging to the idea of YunJae, and in his insecurity, he keeps it going.”

“I doubt anything can make them hurt more than they already do.”

“Do you think they still love each other?”

“I know Jaejoong hyung does. The only reason I’m feeling strongly enough about this to go ahead with it is because the night before his fan meeting for his new album, we had all crashed at his apartment, and I had gone into his room to find something to wear, and he had been asleep. But he was crying in his sleep and kept calling for Yunho hyung. I sat with him for half an hour, I couldn’t stop my own tears. When he finally woke up, he asked me why I was there and where Yunho hyung was. I didn’t know what to say. And then he must have gotten back his senses because he turned cold, and told me never to tell anyone what happened again, and he kicked me out.”

“I’ve caught Yunho hyung doing the same…”

“How recently?”

“He bought hyung’s album. His earphones may be allegedly noise-cancelling from his point of view, but sitting next to him on the plane, I can hear it well enough. I pretended to be asleep, and I know he was crying behind his mask and sunglasses.”

“So are we doing this?”

“I guess there’s not much more to lose than what we’ve all already lost.”


“Don’t, hyung. I’ve made my peace with it. This is about hyungdeul not us.”

Changmin is shaken from his memories by Yunho’s slightly irritated voice.

“Changmin? Changmin-ah! Did you fall asleep on me? Yah! Changmin-ah!”

“Stop shouting. I heard you just fine, I was thinking.”


“How your schedule will be with filming this series.”

“So you think I should do it?”

“I think that I have never heard you this excited about a project in ages. And although I know you’re still worried about being able to carry the show as a lead actor, I think you’ll be fine because the character of the role you’re thinking of is close enough to your own personality that you probably don’t have to act that much. Kinda like mine in Paradise Ranch I guess.”

“Wow…you really were listening.”


“What about the gay love thing?”

“What about it? Our society needs to know that frowning on it is not the only damn way to act. It is possible and plausible for a family to care more about the happiness of their child than the perceived embarrassment or whatever. Seriously, shouldn’t someone’s love for their own child, their own son, their only son for that matter be stronger than what strangers will think? I don’t know about other people, but personally, as long as my child was happy, everyone can just go fuck themselves.”

Silence on the phone, and Changmin winces inwardly at yet another impassioned rant from him. Seriously, he is trying to be cool and chill about this, but he really really really wants Yunho to do it and it’s messing with his objectivity.

“Everyone thinks you suck with children, but you’d make a great father.”

“Coming from the man every child loves, I’ll take the compliment.”

“So…what were your thoughts on my schedule?”

“I think it’ll work. It might be a little tiring for you on some days, but the concert dates are far enough apart. Why don’t you call manager hyung now and set up the audition?”

“Should I tell my parents?”

“Why? It’s not really any of their business. I hate to point this out, but the last time you consulted your parents on anything to do with our work, it didn’t exactly turn out that great.”

Yunho winces, knowing exactly what Changmin is implying. The last, and strangely, only time he had asked his parents for an opinion, was when all five of them were going to file the lawsuit against their company. After speaking with them, only three ended up going ahead with it, and look where it has gotten him?

“Point taken,” Yunho’s voice is colder than intended, but he hates the memory. He hates himself for hating it. He hates Jaejoong for going ahead with it, even after he told him that he couldn’t join him. He hates himself for hating Jaejoong for choosing his freedom over him. He hates himself for wanting to cage the man he loves with him, just so they can be together, despite knowing how unhappy the older man had been. He loathes himself for all the selfishness that bubbles up within him whenever Jaejoong is concerned.

And the thing he hates the most?

He hates that he still loves Jaejoong despite the years trying to pretend the man doesn’t exist.

If you love it, let it go, and if it comes back to you, you know it was meant to be.

Is that how the stupid saying goes?

Yunho didn’t let Jaejoong go, he had cast him out. He had thrown the man out of their bedroom, and refused to watch him leave when the three had to move out of the apartment. He had chosen to punish the man for leaving him, cutting off any and all contact, and in the end, who did it end up hurting more?

So many times he had wondered if they would still be together had he not acted the way he did. He knows it would have to be out of the public eye of course, but he knows they would have found a way. Jaejoong had tried to call and contact him for almost a year after they moved out, and every call and message had come through, but Yunho ignored them all. Cutting Jaejoong out of his life so permanently was like he had severed himself in half, and he is pretty sure it wasn’t the better half that remained with him.

When the calls stopped, when the messages stopped, when Jaejoong stopped, is when Yunho started really hating the man.

Why did he move on when Yunho hasn’t?

Why did he stop calling?

Has he replaced him already?

Why isn’t he still fucking hurting?

He doesn’t realise he’d accidentally hung up on Changmin, so lost in his hurt and pain.

Changmin sighs, staring at his phone. The door to his bedroom cracks open and Kyuhyun pokes his head in.

“Everything ok?”

“I don’t know…only time will tell.”

If the Super Junior maknae thinks anything weird about the cryptic statement, he doesn’t comment on it. Changmin is back to staring at the phone, and he backs out quietly, leaving his friend to it.

Changmin fiddles with his phone some more, trying to figure out whether to call or text, and in the end, he decides texting might be easier.

He’s going to audition.

The reply is very quick in coming.

It’s about time. Hyung is getting a little agitated at the delays.

What are his chances?

If you-know-who doesn’t step in and stop it, it’s going to be a shoo in. Hyung told me the main issue is casting a believable lead opposite him whom the viewers will believe can control him. The age difference of the characters is six years, and even a 30+ year old actor withered under his gaze, not to mention practically broke his ankle on the ice.

It’s going to be weird… if hyung finds out he is the opposite lead, he might back out.

Really? I don’t know if he will…

I’m starting to have doubts again.

They never resolved anything. Jaejoong hyung tried for over a year to get Yunho hyung to talk to him, and nothing. There was no clean break, and hyung has been left hanging. What is Yunho hyung like?

Changmin frowns. He knew Jaejoong had tried to contact Yunho on multiple occasions but he didn’t think the man had ignored him completely. Suddenly his doubts are going away again. He is really starting to get a little irritated by all the emotions within him thanks to his two hyungs who really just need to a good punch each and then thrown into a room together and locked up for a week. He is a hundred percent certain that any and all issues will be resolved then. They can both be as mad at each other as humanly possible, but once forced into the same space, they can never stay mad at each other for long. Yunho has always been able to coax Jaejoong out of his sulks and Jaejoong is the only one that can sort the leader out under any circumstance.

But what of their current situation?

The split wasn’t truly any of their faults. They had gone into it together, but because of his conversation with his family, Yunho decided not to go ahead with it. Changmin understood and opted to stay. He had been surprised that Jaejoong had chosen to go though, but again, he also understood.

He’s not sure if Yunho did. The man took what he perceived as a betrayal, extremely personally from what he could see.

They continued on for months after the lawsuit was filed as if nothing was going on, but the tension between the two oldest members had been palpable. He had been home when Yunho had literally thrown Jaejoong out of their shared bedroom in a rage, a behaviour completely unlike the rather stoic leader of TVXQ. It was Changmin who had to carry a weeping Jaejoong into Yoochun’s room. He has never seen Yunho that angry ever, and he knows he probably never will unless it has something to do with Jaejoong.

Those two evoke the most extreme emotions and behaviour in each other. He remembers the time Jaejoong had burned Yunho’s leather jacket. What the fuck had that been about? There’s jealousy and then there’s just too much. Or the time Yunho had glared a hole in one of the staff members for daring to speak ill of Jaejoong. It wasn’t even a big issue, but Yunho had barely been able to contain his ire, and the poor man had cowed and left scurrying for cover. Jaejoong’s inability to control his eyes when it comes to Yunho had always been a problem and while Yunho is better, he really isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

Changmin has never met a couple so right, and yet on certain levels, so wrong for each other. They each bring out the best and the worst in each other, though thankfully, it is usually more of the former than the latter.

But it has been over three years since they had last shared the same room, and he is a little apprehensive as to what might happen. But really, any emotion from Yunho beyond what he’s shown thus far would be welcome.

His phone beeps again, interrupting his thoughts.


He hasn’t moved on. I’m sure he’s in denial that he has. This is going to be our best worst idea ever. If they both want to kill me, I’ll blame you. If they both want to thank me, I’ll take credit for it ^^

Still the bratty maknae through and through. I miss you.

You just reminded me to go check out your drama. Say hi to Junsu. I have a feeling we might be seeing or at least talking a lot more in the weeks to come.

Let’s hope we come out of this in one piece.

I’ll be happy if Yunho and Jaejoong hyung came out of this intact… I don’t care about me.



“Am I seeing things?”

“No, you’re not. Trust me, I even called his manager to double check and yes, U-Know Yunho of TVXQ has asked to be considered for the role of Baek Do Hoon.”

“Do they know who the other lead is?”

“The manager told me he only found out today, but the CEO had personally told him to let it happen.”

“U-Know Yunho is gold right now. Maybe that’s why they are letting it happen.”

“So is Hero Jaejoong. A man who can sell 100,000 copies of his first solo mini-album in two weeks is gold in my book.”

“This is either going to be the best show in the history of South Korea, or it’s going to be the worst.”

“I guarantee the ratings will be through the roof regardless of how good or bad it is. Their fans have been desperate to see them together for so long. Though one thing strikes me as odd.”


“His manager told me not to tell him that Kim Jaejoong is the other lead.”


“I think they need a successful drama for U-Know Yunho as well. Heading to the Ground was a disaster on a few levels, and SME is known for milking their idols for all they’re worth. The press for this casting alone would keep them in the headlines for a week, even weeks. Plus they have their upcoming world tour and the sell out Dome tour so any publicity would be welcome.”

“Do you realise what this means?”

“We can have an actual Tokyo Dome scene?”

“Imagine that…”

“Imagine their fans oh my god. We’re going to have closed sets otherwise we won’t be able to film a thing.”

“So what do I tell his manager? Do we call him in for a screen test?”

“Are you mad?! Just tell him he’s cast. We’ll schedule the script reading for next week.”

“I have a good feeling about this.”

“I have a feeling that this is just going to be the start of something that will go down in the annals of history.”

“It will be epic.”

AN1: As always, do let me know if you want me to continue! My first chapters are always feelers to see if there will be interest. Like my title? I thought it was kinda appropriate although I know there must be several thousand fics with that title :P And well, tbh, this is like one hell of a fantasy for me… imagine if this were actually true? Well, it doesn’t have to be Ice cos ANYTHING is fine. I will die. Talk about ultimate fantasy… OTL

AN2: Also, I really don’t intend for this fic to be more than 10 chapters if I do write it… so yeah… Famous last words? I hope not hahahaha :P Also, updates for this will probably be slow-ish (by my standards so maybe once a week) cos I’ll be writing it in between Ice.

AN3: Oh and um the only two kdramas I have watched in full are Rooftop Prince and Paradise Ranch. I’m taking artistic license once again (which is why I made it a mini-series rather than a straight up movie or kdrama) so I’m once again going to be making things up along the way… What's new huh? XD

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